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John Podesta – Back with Barack

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Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that Barack Obama is bringing back former Clinton White House Chief of Staff – solicitor and CEO – John Podesta as an advisor. Podesta also served as Co-Chair of the White House Transition Team following Obama’s election as President.

However there appear to be several areas of significant differences of opinion on major issues between Obama and Podesta. Among the areas of disagreement, as listed in an article posted by Time’s Zeke J. Miller, are major issues such as:

Drone Secrecy, NSA Spying and yes – you guessed it UFOs.

Even the most casual observer of the wild world of Washington politics would wonder why Obama would bring Podesta’s brand of disenchantment on major tactical issues back into the White House squadron of minds. On the surface, this seems like Barack is leaning into a right hook.

Is Podesta sticking to his guns when he made public statements in 2002 at The National Press Club in Washington DC against the White House by stating: “It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.”Watch video for the complete Podesta statement.

Podesta also wrote the foreword to UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record a book by Leslie Kean that rose to number 29 on the NY Times Bestseller list.

The litany of pro-UFO statements made by Podesta goes on – seeming like an invasive venom that Obama is either ignoring or embracing for some unknown reason. It simply does not make sense that a US President – latched into a regime of secrecy – would employ the offices of a high profile public advocate of the UFO/ET issue. Then again when has American politics ever made sense?

Many questions arise from this surprising appointment of Podesta as an advisor. Podesta’s work and leadership as CEO of the Center for American Progress have engendered many sharp edged criticisms among his researchers and writers about the direction of democracy under the current administration.

Does Podesta’s appointment signal a new approach to Obama’s poor and constantly eroding public image? After all, this is the season of giving; this appointment would be a gift of immeasurable value to a President whose popularity is little more than a vanishing star.

Does this appointment signal a new approach to Obama’s exceptionally poor record on government secrecy and transparency?

Is Podesta’s appointment the first of several harbingers heralding Obama’s administration is in trouble – sensing it is on the road to a one term Presidency and that something needs to be done – now – to rescue the floundering White House tycoon?

Finally – does John Podesta’s political resurrection, including his palpable and reborn influence, mean the UFO/ET Disclosure movement has found a voice within the White House intelligentsia?

It comes as a rare and peculiar twist of fate that Podesta’s historical rebuke of the US policy of secrecy and silence on the UFO/ET matter originated from the very same hallowed institution that hosted the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure sponsored by American disclosure activist Stephen G. Bassett and Canadian entrepreneur Thomas Clearwater this passed May – yes – at ‘Disclosure Central’ – otherwise known as The National Press Club in Washington DC.

Being this close to Christmas, this apparently joyous news just might be the perfect gift to those advocating the birth of government disclosure of the UFO/ET issue.

Make no mistake – Podesta’s star is certainly rising – but will it shine on the UFO matter and give rise to renewed hope to those who follow disclosure … and the star?

As aired into the ether of Radio Land by a legendary UFO enthusiast, radio host and broadcaster – countless numbers of times – “These are strange days… indeed.”

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Why do you think John Podesta was brought back into the Obama White House?

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