Australian Kelly Cahill’s UFO Abduction Story Still Stirs Passions

Article by Matt Neal                                  September 26, 2020                                  (

• August 7, 1993, Kelly and Andrew Cahill were driving through Narre Warren IN the Gippsland region of South Australia (east of Melbourne, Victoria) to a friend’s house. Along the way, Kelly noticed five or six large orange spheres lined up in a row inside a some kind of horses’ paddock enclosure. When they arrived at their destination, her husband and friends, and eventually even Kelly, laughed it off.

• But driving home on the same road at about midnight, Kelly and Andrew again saw the same lights ‘hanging above the road’. “I could then see that the orange lights were really windows (on a craft that she assumed was a horses’ paddock) . . . I could make out figures standing behind the portals,” writes Kelly. Then the object flew off ‘at incredible speed’, then again, they saw the object with the orange windows sitting to the side of the road. Kelly says that it was then that the couple’s memory went blank. Their car had travelled several hundred meters down the road without them knowing.

• In the days and weeks that followed, Kelly claimed to find strange marks on her body, including a small triangular wound below her bellybutton. She began experiencing stomach pains and night ‘visitations’ from tall black-hooded figures with glowing red eyes.

• Later, through hypnosis, Kelly learned that her husband had pulled the car over to get a better look at the ‘brightly lit object in the paddock’. Further up the road, another car had parked, its occupants standing at the edge of the field. A tall thin figure appeared in front of the (craft) and Kelly heard in her mind the being’s thoughts: ‘‘Let’s kill them’’. More beings appeared, unleashing an energy force that knocked Kelly to the ground as she screamed to her husband: ‘‘They’ve got no souls! They’re evil! They’re going to kill us!’’

• Bill Chalker of the UFO Investigation Centre in Sydney contacted Kelly Cahill. Chalker alerted a Melbourne group of paranormal investigators called Phenomena Research Australia [PRA], led by then-director John Auchettl. Auchettl interviewed Kelly many times and examined the scene of the alleged sighting near Eumemmerring Creek. He placed an ad in local newspapers in an effort to find the occupants of the second car. Remarkably, they got a response. The story from the second car was identical to Kelly’s account, but went even further, detailing experiences inside the mystery craft where they were strapped to a table and examined by the beings. The other woman also had strange marks on their bodies including the same triangular wounds near their navels.

• The PRA discovered that a third car driven by a local lawyer was witness to the ‘Eumemmerring Creek Encounter’, whose story lined up with the other witnesses. The researchers began prepping an exhaustive 300-page report that promised to reveal the truth.

• Eventually, the Australian media got wind of the story. Kelly appeared on current affairs TV show Today Tonight, and her story ran in newspapers and magazines. By 1996, Kelly was a big name on the UFO conference circuit. With every appearance, Kelly unveiled new tidbits from PRA’s forthcoming report. She published a popular book. But by 1998, Kelly had disappeared from the scene. Still, none of the other witnesses –including her now ex-husband Andrew – came out publicly to back her story. And the PRA’s extensive report was nowhere to be found.

• Aside from a brief moment of interest in 2016 when Kelly’s case was mentioned by Fox Mulder on The X-Files reboot, the Eumemmerring Creek encounter was lost to posterity. In 2020 there was still no PRA report. Auchettl hinted that ‘it was possible the PRA’s report might still come out, but not soon’. Auchettl said that “the case was so good”, however, that the report “is worthy of release.” “[But] we won’t release it [now] because once we release our report, then we become the focus of the case,” as they could not locate the witnesses to the encounter. “[S]o if we release anything, all the focus is going to be on us. We’ll get hammered.”

• Auchettl said that when Kelly and her husband began to ask for information to be taken out of the PRA report, and they refused to allow the publication of medical and psychological reports to back up their stories, the original 300-page report was whittled down to an unusable ‘100 pages or so’. Also, when Kelly went to the media and other UFO groups in early 1994, it ‘‘muddied’’ the case.

• The Sydney investigator, Bill Chalker, still believes Kelly’s story but regrets handing the case over to PRA in 1993. “There was a lot of bad blood that’s passed between them and me as a consequence of their role in this case,” said Chalker. “I’ve seen a lot of information that suggests [the investigation] was carried out … but unfortunately they didn’t [want] to share the material.” “This was an extraordinary lost opportunity.” “It was frustrating that such a promising case was caught up in a situation where the group involved (PRA) chose not to make their data available.” Chalker said that UFO enthusiasts had a right to feel disappointed by PRA keeping their research secret. “I can understand the reaction from various members of the UFO research community.”

• As for Kelly Cahill, she dropped off the radar around 1998. In the early 2000s, she called Chalker and sent him ‘three large archival boxes’ of files, and left the country. She is now back in the Latrobe Valley in Gippsland, the same region that her ‘‘encounter’’ happened. She did not respond to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s request for an interview. “She really wanted to …put all this behind her,” says Chalker. When she realized that she was going to be the only one that was going to go public on this, and that the PRA wasn’t backing her up, she felt less confident about being the constant contact point on the case, and backed away from the media spotlight.

• While it’s unclear how Kelly Cahill feels about it all today, for a lot of UFO enthusiasts her case is either the one that got away or, worse, another one that never really was.


If her story is to believed, on August 7, 1993, Gippsland woman Kelly Cahill saw a UFO and beings from another world.

As detailed in her in 1996 book Encounter, Ms Cahill’s case had all the hallmarks of the classic alien abduction story of the era – lost time, strange spaceships, bright lights, inhuman creatures and inexplicable marks on her body.

But her story had something other alien visitations didn’t – independent witnesses who could potentially back up her story.

Along with her then-husband Andrew, who was in the car with her on that fateful night on Melbourne’s south-eastern fringes, there were reportedly four other people in two separate cars who would be able to verify her otherworldly claims.

Kelly Cahill’s drawing of the beings

Because of its multiple witnesses, the incident was hailed as the “holy grail” of alien abduction stories by UFO

                  Kelly Cahill

researchers and enthusiasts.

It was the one with the potential to provide definitive proof, once and for all, that the truth was out there.

Cult TV show The X-Files even referenced the case in an episode.

But 27 years on, the truth about the so-called Eumemmerring Creek encounter is anything but clear.

A detailed report into the claims was never released, the other witnesses never came forward publicly, and Ms Cahill disappeared from public view.
So was her ‘encounter’ a missed opportunity, or just another UFO hoax?


‘Hooded figures with glowing eyes’

              Bill Chalker

According to Ms Cahill, she and her then-husband Andrew were driving along the Belgrave-Hallam Road in Narre Warren on that fateful winter’s night in 1993.

They were en route to a friend’s house when Ms Cahill saw in a paddock a row of five or six large orange lights on a ‘distinct circular shape . . . like nothing I had ever seen before’, she wrote in her book.

When they arrived at their destination, her husband and friends, and eventually even Ms Cahill, laughed it off.

But about midnight, driving home on the same road, she and Andrew apparently saw what she believed to be the same lights ‘hanging above the road’.

early Kelly Cahill interview



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When Frederick Valentich Disappeared Did He See a UFO?

Article by Bee Heim                                August 19, 2020                              (

• In 1978, Frederick Valentich was a 20-year old Australian who was training to become a commercial airplane pilot. He had 150 hours of flight time and was allowed to fly at night. But it was not an easy road for Valentich. He consistently failed his commercial license examinations. He also had been involved in a couple of air incidents – straying into controlled airspace above Sydney, and twice deliberately flying into a cloud, which was illegal in his aircraft.

• On the evening of October 21, 1978, Valentich was attempting a training flight over the Bass Strait, between the Australian mainland of Victoria and Tasmania, piloting a Cessna 182L light aircraft. The exact path of the flight was approximately 125 miles from Moorabbin, Victoria to King Island, Tasmania. At 7:06pm Valentich radioed Melbourne Flight Service to let them know that an unidentified aircraft was following him. The Service informed him that radar was showing no traffic near him at the time.

• Valentich insisted that a craft with four bright landing lights was flying 1,000 feet above him. He described the craft as shiny, metallic, and with a green light on it. He kept reporting the craft’s movements for five minutes, saying that he believed that the pilot of the craft was “toying” with him. He described the craft as “orbiting” around his plane. Then Valentich reported engine trouble. Officials asked him to identify the other aircraft. The only thing Valentich could say, and these were his final words before he was cut off by a metallic, scraping sound, was, “It isn’t an aircraft.”

• The authorities assumed that Valentich’s Cessna crashed. An air and sea search was conducted in the area where Valentich last reported his coordinates, but nothing turned up. The matter was turned over to the Australian Department of Transportation, but its investigation came up empty as well. Witnesses reported seeing planes landing or flying overhead, but no one saw a crash. Eventually, Valentich was presumed dead and the case was closed. Five years later, in 1983, an engine cowl flap from the same kind of plane Valentich was flying washed ashore on Flinders Island. Serial numbers on the parts were in the ‘same range’ as Valentich’s Cessna as well.

• Valentich was actually a believer in UFOs and worried about running into one while out flying, according to his father. A Victorian farmer would later claim that he saw a UFO on his property the next day, with Valentich’s plane sticking out of the side of it “leaking” oil. A Victorian UFO group, following up on the lead in 2013, could not identity the farmer,

• Forty years since the incident, the case has never been solved, although it continues to fascinate and haunt people. Was it a real UFO encounter? Or did Valentich make a mistake before crashing? It looks like we may never know.


           20 year old Valentich

Is there such a thing as a real UFO? Well, that’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? There have been plenty of stories of UFO sightings and claims of alien abductions over the years. Very few of those, however, are as spine-chilling as the case of Frederick Valentich, who claims to have seen a UFO before disappearing off the face of the Earth. Y-I-K-E-S, am I right?

Did Frederick Valentich truly see a real UFO before mysteriously disappearing? What happened the night that young pilot disappeared? Will the mystery always remain unsolved? Or is there a chance to know once and for all if aliens truly took Valentich back in the 70s?

Who was Frederick Valentich?

Born in 1958, Valentich was training to become a commercial pilot at the time of his disappearance. He had 150 hours of flight time and was allowed to fly at night. Despite working to become a commercial pilot, Valentich failed all five commercial licence examination subjects. Before he went missing, Valentich failed three more commercial licence subjects.

The 20-year-old Valentich had also been involved in a couple of air incidents. He strayed into controlled airspace above Sydney, which he was let off with a warning. Twice, Valentich flew into a cloud deliberately, which prosecutors were considering pressing charges against Valentich for.

The final flight of Frederick Valentich

On the evening of Oct. 21, 1978, Valentich was attempting a training flight over the Bass Strait, which is between the Australian mainland and Tasmania. To make this flight, Valentich was piloting a Cessna 182L, which is a light aircraft. The exact path of the flight was approx. 125 miles from Moorabbin to King Island.

Any hope of this being a routine training flight, however, went out the window at 7:06pm when Valentich radioed in. He contacted the Melbourne Flight Service and let them know that an unidentified aircraft was following him. The Service, however, said that there was no traffic near him at the time.



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UFO: Friend, Foe or Fantasy "CBS Reports" (1966) - YouTube
Come on, let’s try to think about these issues with greater granularity…or detail about the threat issue because we (all of us) tend to oversimplify and choose sides. I recently saw a video in which the anti threat + consciousness accepting position was stressed in excess, forgetting about the few negative interaction accounts in Ufology.
For what we seem to know out of decades of contact research and analyzing behavior, most are not an actual threat (technology + bad intentions or hostility against us). Some …a few are an actual threat, but they possibly are (for the most part) under a certain control or, according to some contactees (under an apparent agreement with a large confluence of several groups) not to exceed in their activities. There’s complexity here.
Our need to understand through over-simplification may be our own primary internal “enemy.”
Yes, there are SOME cases (a minority) that seem to be “negative.”
Depiction of a craft throwing a blood-suctioning beam on some individuals as was seen in Colares, Brazil, and thoroughly researched by the Brazilian Army.
Perhaps 6-9% according to the anonymous, international, FREE Foundation survey with more than 3,000 contact experiencer anonymous respondents and considering knowledge about a few verified hostile cases like the Colares case in Brazil (and what current cattle mutilations in Argentina and Skinwalker Ranch or other places might mean) relate to the actual threat that -according to some serious contact experiencers – are under control or functioning under some agreed-upon limitations.  
But we also need to find out who among “them” already is or can be our FRIENDS and ALLIES in spite of our current human frailties. And some serious contact experiences that have provided evidence over decades appear to show that specific varieties have respected us integrally during more than 40 years of interactions.
But since – among many of the movers and shakers – there is no direct knowledge about who is who among “them,” naturally, for any military, aviation, and national security evaluation team most have to be considered a “POTENTIAL” threat. However, whether we are supposed to depend on external protection forever or evolve in consciousness and – perhaps – not need external protection is an open question.
Moreover, as a species, we should be careful not to extend our own bellicose ways into space with nuclear weapons and especially directed against otherworldly civilizations in unfounded ways, without becoming part of a more inclusive exopolitical inter-world/inter reality agreement! At least not until we mature as a unified species worldwide that takes care of its planetary life and of its own members!
Thus, I can agree with Dr. Greer in some issues but not in his “all are benevolent,” absolutist stance. And I also agree about some issues with the ‘space brother’ crowd (in which I participate) that – in more recent times – has acquired a more balanced view in general. This means that (in spite of popular misconceptions) the entirety of this “crowd” doesn’t necessarily believe that “all are benevolent.” Again, we need to try to think with greater granularity and to… “CONNECT THE DOTS.”
We need to teach ourselves to overcome the habit of dichotomizing and over-simplifying things.  It is the tendency of our unprepared human minds to rely on fractional thinking, choosing the information that confirms our beliefs (cognitive bias), getting us into mutually distrusting identity groups based on our sacred partial beliefs and this doesn’t allow our species to move forward in understanding. But if we ‘grow up’ and enough of us reach a plateau of stable integrative values, thinking, activities (as oftentimes benign extraterrestrial entities tell “experiencers” that we are capable of doing), then we may be able to establish a reasonable degree of public open contact with the kindest types of non-human intelligent beings that we can choose. Through it, we may not just learn who is who among the intelligences behind the UFOs but also learn about the rules and principles governing a cosmic society probably waiting for us to join.  
What if besides the potential threat of an object that approaches our airplanes and some weird cases of cattle mutilation and a few deleterious cases there is some simple people that have been maintaining a close, friendly and mutually respectful relationship over decades of “working” good causes with benevolent extraterrestrials, like in the Amicizia case from Italy and some Mision Rahma groups or participants capable of working in a sincere ad rational way? Should contacteeism remain a taboo or become a possibility for learning about who is who among “them?”
To get a better handle on who is who in the non-human exopolitical community we also need to invest time in direct contact experience efforts and studies of the information bequeathed to us by persons that have allegedly experienced such contacts. And this includes remote viewing testimonies of vetted and credible former military viewers like former Sargeant Leonard E. Buchanan who mentions a whole variety of friendly and unfriendly psychic and non-psychic gray-type beings and other types of friendly and unfriendly ETs. This is after being asked to research the cases that project Blue Book had to admit as proven.
But is the only reason that the “threat” narrative is so much mentioned because it mobilizes politicians? Because it is sincere and natural to consider a “potential threat?” Because it is convenient either to lay the ground for a fake extraterrestrial invasion that would give more power to the powers that be? All of the above? Some of the above?
If we really find these issues important and care to find out, we really need to engage in a really serious COMPREHENSIVE study!

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