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= A More Complete, Necessary Disclosure?

The U.S. Government is disclosing the reality of UFOs (or UAPs) through the efforts of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA). Through the personal opinions of TTSA members, there is an informal admission that these vehicles appear to be made with technology not available in any country of the world.  Serious individuals participate in TTSA, like former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon, former CIA Directorate of Operations member Jim Semivan and former career intelligence officer and microbiologist Luis Elizondo. They are presenting an extraordinary credible series (“UNIDENTIFIED”) in the History Channel and their media interviews are rendering UFOs credible and worthwhile to “serious thinkers” that otherwise would have to continue laughing about it.

TTSA and the History Channel are giving us interviews with highly trained military pilots and other credible witnesses and telling us about the evidence that was found inside the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that operated in the Pentagon under the DIA and under the Secretary of Defense. TTSA has promised to show a “metamaterial” made with extremely fine, pure otherworldly isotopic layers, that loses weight when irradiated with terahertz EM frequencies and which, possibly, has not been fabricated by any known Earth technology.

This mind-opening stage of informing the public about UFOs (now preferably called “UAPs”) is a historical turning point and can also be considered a “confirmation” of basic aspects about UFOs that many ufologists had previously found. It is also confirming what a greater percentage of the population already believed or suspected. Since the USG (U.S. Government) is collaborating with TTSA by providing the latter with declassified UAP (or UAP) evidence, we can also assume that it is a moderate form of official disclosure.

But recently leaked emails mentioned by historian Richard Dolan are revealing that some persons historically associated with current TTSA members were also trying to find out details about other even more secret programs that had also been researched and mentioned by other ufologists. For instance, a 1997 meeting at the Pentagon previously revealed many times by Dr. Steven Greer (and which involved Admiral Wilson, Commander Will Miller, Dr. Steven Greer, and Astronaut Edgard Mitchell) is being verified through these leaked emails. Astoundingly, they likely show that the main, formal system (the ‘white world’ of intelligence) within the intelligence community doesn’t know what another (possibly unconstitutional, ‘black world’ of intelligence) system is doing in terms of the deepest research on extraterrestrial (or UAP intelligences) presences.

The leaked emails would also show that many TTSA members and collaborators (including scientists and some military working together in formal UFO/UAP research like in NIDS, The Aviary and the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group) know more than what they currently announce publicly, such that ETs are here. On the other hand, according to a June 17, 2019 interview given by Grant Cameron to Spaced Out Radio, the emails were likely rescued (post mortem) from astronaut Edgard Mitchell’s stash of saved documents which leads me to suspect that some TTSA members or associates or someone close to Ed Mitchell may also want the information in the emails to come out.

See this YOUTUBE VIDEO: “UFO Leak of the Century, Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Notes.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk7wWp7iL60

And this YOUTUBE recording “June 17/19 – Grant Cameron on the UFO Leak and Ryan Stacey from TESA” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO5S2ybi6hY&t=923s

Also, a good compilation of the 1997 Pentagon meeting by Giuliano Marinkovic is found at http://omnitalkradio.weebly.com/pentagon-ufo-briefing.html

The so-called “Core Secrets” emails now exposed seem to show that not even Admiral Wilson (then with the conventional authority to supervise multiple intelligence agencies) could obtain in-depth information about some extraordinarily secret research regarding extraterrestrials. I understand that Admiral Wilson has denied the content of these email letters, but of course, for various reasons he would. The situation requires extraordinary research instead of infighting within the more serious ufological community.

Since I think that there are a FEW nefarious extraterrestrial civilizations, I do not completely agree with Dr. Steven Greer’s assessment of extraterrestrial civilizations but I also recognize that the ‘leaked’ emails confirm Dr. Greer’s much more complex and personally involved research, and the overall situation suggests the existence of an unconstitutional, unsupervised, led-by-corporations, secret, de facto research organization or “cabal”; something akin to a Secret Government…functioning above the law; a form of “need to know” and “compartmentalized” organization far exceeding the spirit of the law under which it was probably created by an Executive Order during President Truman’s time; an alleged entity – surprisingly – operating utilizing the official Government and legitimate intelligence programs but which got out of control as a de facto outside-the-Government entity even capable of utilizing some of its legitimate installations.  IF it was originally set up by an Executive Order, it would have escaped constitutional, democratic supervision within a Government understood as part of a bona fide republic. But, is this just another “crazy conspiracy theory of the lunatic fringe” (as some versions about the Secret Space Program)?

And how could such an entity continue operating? How could someone like Admiral Wilson (“J2” the Intelligence Director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff) not have access to this entity’s research? As Dr. Steven Greer tells us, some of the reasons why this “Cabal” escaped formal control are that 1) Most formally elected politicians, academics and military do not want to do anything about it because the issue is a career-destroying taboo purposefully exacerbated by the Cabal’s influence on the media  2) That the means and methods involved to keep the secrets can destroy personal images and – in various ways – anybody that opposes them 3) That the general public and scientists, in general, have been manipulated to think that UFOs are either nonsense, entertainment or weird things of no consequence and 4) That they organize extremely compartmentalized projects and 5) That they don’t recruit morally upright individuals if they are to become knowledgeable of compromising information.

Dr. Steven Greer On Fade To Black June 17th


Recent ‘leaked’ emails that have come out:

View post on imgur.com



Also, a few days before, the following “Alien Autopsy” emails related to the film that Ray Santilli received and distributed in 1995 came out publicly.

Alien Autopsy Proof – Email Communication

Both sets of emails seem to be genuine as Richard Dolan would likely agree.

These unplanned disclosures appear to show that someone in the know within the formal Government or perhaps within the secret Government seems willing to reveal to the citizenry more and at a faster rate than what is being currently revealed by TTSA. This also has to be looked into carefully. It shows that apparently, from within the Bob Bigelow’s – NIDS research (associated with the white world of conventional intelligence and military), there was an informal attempt to find out about more specific extraterrestrial-related, secretive Government research, USAP programs. How is society going to respond? Can we collectively absorb a sped-up disclosure? Will most of society, including scientists, religious figures, politicians and mainstream media giants dismiss the importance of these revelations as they previously dismissed the importance of UFOs and the logical presence of UFO intelligences?

I am for an intelligent, comprehensive and educational type of disclosure. But, have we been collectively mal-educated by entertainment, polarizing tribal political influences, and greed to the point of not being able to sort out and intelligently adapt to life-changing information which challenges our classical sense of reality? Or, perhaps, we still have the resilience to do it. And perhaps for various exopolitical reasons revealed by a few genuine “prime” contactees we are sufficiently safe not to engage in antagonizing all ET presences even if some – a minority engaging Earth’s human family – are nefarious. Everything must be considered carefully.

As exopoliticians, we must learn not to discount verifiable and credible sources of information so as to over-rely on those sources that we personally prefer. We must be comprehensive but also careful with the verification of the source of information. Exopolitics should not be a “post-truth” endeavor! It must not be a matter of belief or it will be a tribal affair.

Moreover, besides taking seriously research that reveals multiple levels of secrecy regarding technology, we also need to come to terms with sincere accounts of actual contact with what could be called multi-reality UAP intelligences. If the intelligences that built the UAPs encountered during military maneuvers (possibly canceling what would correspond to 300g-400g acceleration forces) most likely do not originate in any country on Earth (as has been stated by TTSA members), then either the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis) or a more sophisticated type of “other reality hypothesis” (capable of being physical and also of overcoming spacetime physical limitations) must be accepted. Of course, there may be successful, yet unacknowledged retro-engineered vehicles that are not being admitted either for security issues or because (most or all?) TTSA members have not been ‘read into’ those programs. Thus, they can be truthful about what they say to the public.

Quite likely the TR- 3B and similar flying triangles incorporating gravity-canceling technology would be a product of some of those other secret (USAP?) programs but the dozens (perhaps up to one hundred) “tic-tac” UAPs detected during the 2004 Nimitz Incident would be more advanced and not be fabricated by Earth-based homo sapiens.


Different segments in the population and different researchers emphasize specific aspects of the UAP phenomenon instead of attempting to embrace the entire picture. Some will only accept the reality of UAPs and the intelligences involved if the evidence is presented by former Government officers in an official or semi-official manner as a “threat.” Citizen experiencers and serious research that bring up other aspects – including direct communications with diverse UAP intelligences – do not register in their minds as significant. However, if these aspects (still taboo) were presented integrally more people would open up to a comprehensive approach which not only includes consciousness and technology but also the reasons pertaining to the question of why.

For humanity to shift directions and stop destroying nature and itself it requires such an integrative, comprehensive approach to UAPS and UAP intelligences. We need to evolve in an unprecedented way beyond our xenophobic leanings to be able to see ourselves as one civilization capable of handling the upcoming technology.

The Edgard Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE) focuses on a grass-roots disclosure which – by means of a scientific, international survey – validates the patterns which emerge from the anonymous testimonies of thousands of experiencers of contact with (so-called) “non-human intelligences.”

I think that FREE’s survey ought to be recognized for a more complete assessment and disclosure.

The multidimensional evidence about different aspects of humanity’s interaction with more technologically advanced intelligences related to UAPs should be carefully assembled. From credible pilots encountering these craft during military maneuvers to credible historical and individual encounters with the alleged pilots of UFOS or UAPs. Otherwise, our understanding will not be comprehensive enough and we will most likely remain holding on to a primitive, tribal approach… dividing our “UFO community” into camps and dismissing useful information; for instance giving credit to military-based revelations but not to thousands of contact experiences (or vice versa).

I don’t know if society at large has been “dumbed down” so much under corporate interests, selfish way of being, seeking easy answers or to blame “others” for pent-up frustrations that it will not be able to adapt to the situation but at least some people with critical thinking skills, world-centric (and not only nationalist) values, and an open mind should try to understand all of this comprehensively. Can it only be handled by the selfish and above the law?

For a careful and more responsible exopolitical response and strategy we really need to know WHO is behind the multiple types of contacts related to UFOs or UAPs. Moreover, we need to recognize that the personal dimension of contact relationships with these (physical, transdimensional and supra-physical) intelligences is actually taking place and that thousands of sincere, anonymous testimonies reveal patterns that we need to understand.

A link to the F.R.E.E. foundation working with experiencers is www.experiencer.com  FREE’s information + UFO research + contactee experiences and research + CE-5 events help us to get closer to the whole picture. 

But by emphasizing only an introductory “we don’t know who they are” datum and even a “POTENTIAL threat” narrative (although technically correct and – perhaps – actually correct from a modern intelligence perspective), we (The People, political leaders and cultural-scientific leaders) will not be able to make adequate peace-enhancing exopolitical decisions. We will quite likely project an “us vs. them”, business-as-usual, xenophobic, primitive, tribal reaction. And under these impoverished cultural circumstances, we will need to trust the powerful making all the decisions perhaps under highly biased and simplistic ways.

While I don’t think that every member of TTSA has a fixated negative orientation regarding the – various – UAP intelligences, from previous declarations I’ve heard, Mr. De Longe seems to be bent on that emphasis. For instance, he mentioned something about nuking the bugs or so. Maybe he was told negative things about some of the UAP intelligences but, quite likely, only an emphasis on partial information.  Moreover, besides what information is initially coming out or being confirmed through TTSA, ufologists have been correct in different aspects of what is coming out and – historically speaking – many of them also emphasized that there also is a positive, in fact, benevolent side to the contact experience. Why would only a predatory expectation or an extrapolation from military human experience always have to be the credible or default position?

If some (or many) of the UAP intelligences manipulated (for good and ilth) our belief systems and even our genetic wherewithal that doesn’t instantly make them our enemies. That makes them more “parental” and it represents a complex relationship. If – besides FREE’s international survey – we carefully look into other historically reported two-way communications between these intelligences and persons around the world, we will find that – according to modern, conventional human standards – most of these entities do not mean us harm. Even abductions are better understood after some time. And the idea of there being more spiritually-inclined, yet also highly scientific “space-brothers” cannot be simply discarded because it doesn’t fit our current cynical ethos. I’ve known for decades of consistently benign contacts that also require serious working together for the benefit of humanity (and beyond) with some UAP intelligences.

Of course, through their technological power, UAP intelligences could POTENTIALLY harm us but for the most, this doesn’t appear to be their intention or modus operandi. They appear to have been here for centuries, even perhaps from the beginning of the human “experiment.” Perhaps we need to learn to work with a group of them and stay safely distant (unrelated) from another. We need to know. We need to know who is who. We need to make contact. We need to know the rules of engagement they operate with. Perhaps we simply forgot that we are them or that we are participants in a cosmic community. Both Sargeant Clifford Stone and Command Sargeant Robert Dean (whistleblowers with credentials) revealed the existence of many extraterrestrial species and a preponderance of well-intended, peace-loving extraterrestrials. Their credentials are authentic. We must learn to recognize credible whistleblowers. And we must learn not to attack these beings or force them to give us information or else, who is the ‘threat’? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwrp_Pxo_nc&t=871s

Sargeant Clifford Stone

Command Master Sargeant Bob Dean

Image result for master sargeant bobdean

In the more consistent and genuine contact experiences within the contact group Mision Rahma there was information that Earth was being actively protected from the incursion of some negative extraterrestrial entities and entities that didn’t want the human experiment to continue (out of jealousy and because – in due time – we could become very dangerous in the universe). This would mean that only a FEW inimical extraterrestrials would get through or be allowed to operate. The latter would be allowed due to the fact that they could have been here before the quarantine. In other words, the whole picture is complex and there may be a balance of power even among the ETs coming to Earth for a long time. But we cannot evolve in wisdom by cavorting only to a xenophobic mentality.

Given that only a few cases of UAP/UFO encounters have been deleterious or violent in no uncertain terms (like the Colares incidents in Brazil and some military pilots that apparently disappeared), sure, the possibility of an actual threat (at least from some of the UAP intelligences) has to be considered. But we should try to develop and publicly present a BALANCED VIEW of what is going on! And – generally speaking – FREE’s survey is a very important contribution that ought to be studied for a comprehensive and more responsible assessment leading to well-informed, balanced political-exopolitical decisions! It may well be that some (or most) UAP intelligences protect as against others and this is why we haven’t been conquered or wiped out. We need to find out and -instead of projecting all ETs as a ‘threat’ – befriend those (possibly a majority) which are in favor of us.

I currently believe that – in spite of the (understandable) Military Industrial National Security Emphasis – members of TTSA are sincerely trying to benefit society. I also believe that they (or most of them) are not really informed about other secret research programs, USAPs such as the most advanced retro-engineering and actual contact and knowledge about different extraterrestrial-multi-reality species. This may be why they are able to truthfully state that they don’t know who the UAP intelligences are. But can they truthfully deny that “anti-gravity” vehicles have already been manufactured from a long-term research project originating in the 1940’s?

They want to legitimate UFOs and start a widespread social conversation and ascertain threat. But how can a threat assessment program (as AATIP) assess ‘threat’ if the who and why is not studied?

While there should be self-interest to produce more advanced weapons and to militarize space for defensive purposes on the part of the corporate MIC elite, thus favoring the narrative of a new potential enemy – the extraterrestrial – I don’t think that most TTSA members would simply follow this. After briefly meeting them in a few UFO conferences they came across as very honorable, well-intended and patriotic men. Not as men that would do anything simply to satisfy power and greed.

If some in the formal and secret governments really know that extraterrestrials have been on Earth (and perhaps even modified our genes) why would they want to present them mostly or predominantly as a threat?

Possible prehistoric observations with saucer-like craft depicted in the Peche Merle cave.

A 1943 UFO picture from the city of Huánuco, Peru

There seems to have been contacts even in prehistoric times and ongoing military-related research not only after the demise of Project Blue Book but on a more secret level at least since 1947. I believe that AATIP was a SAP (a Special Access Project) to provide assessments to political leaders and military in the “white world.” It was not (or is not under a new name) a USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Project) that probably worked more directly with UFO crashes, retro-engineering and extraterrestrial bodies.

Two Levels

We need to understand that there may be TWO LEVELS investigating UFOS/UAPS, their technology, implications and their intelligences. The deeper, more hand-on level would escape Government supervision and might be unconstitutional as Dr. Steven Greer has affirmed for years. Even personnel working in SAP-level projects like AATIP may not personally believe (or want to believe) about some of the details allegedly said to be going on in some of these USAPs (some of which are adopted by serious researchers falsely thought to be part of the “crazy fringe” and some are adopted with added disinformation by the true “crazy fringe”).

Thanks to a Facebook post by researcher Custodio Da Silva I was reminded that in a 2016 Huffington Post interview granted to investigative reporter Leslie Kean, Mr. Christopher Mellon responded as follows:

Leslie Kean (Q): “Some inside sources have proposed that retrieved hardware from a UFO may exist within a private aerospace company which has become independent from the DoD. In this way, it would be exempt from government oversight and known only to a few people. Do you think this is possible?

Christopher Mellon (A): “I find it hard to imagine something as explosive as recovered alien technology remaining under wraps for decades. So while I have no reason to believe there is any recovered alien technology, I will say this: If it were me, and I was trying to bury it deep, I’d take it outside government oversight entirely and place it in a compartment as a new entity within an existing defense company and manage it as what we call an “IRAD” or “Independent Research and Development Activity.”

LINK to the article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/is-there-a-ufo-coverup-a_b_9865184?ncid=engmodushpmg00000003&fbclid=IwAR1OXING0VBNpJ4rDGlikyvSdGMBTI01oUYohjnVQ33KsCT44XfrEJnuJes

Thus, according to an expert in the inner workings of intelligence USAPS would work with or as IRADS.

But who is promoting (or approving) that the U.S. Government assists TTSA (whose members had and have clearances to work with certain SAPs) in bringing out (albeit gradually) more official, declassified information about UFOS/UAPS (and quite incipiently “UAP intelligences”) to the public? And why information related with the Pentagon confirms and subsequently denies some of what has come out? Is it standard intelligence procedure, like Grant Cameron says has been going on for decades, revealing but also leaving the door open for plausible deniability? It seems reasonable to me. In this case, this procedure would come from the formal – minimally supervised – SAP level, with some individuals partially aware of some of the USAP-level activities, a plausible reason why the Bennewitz MJ-12 papers (with genuine information) were released in the way that they were released…with the possibility of denial.

But who is promoting this simultaneous “managed” confirmation and disclosure? Patriotic senior level SAP managers worried that some USAPs are deleterious and out of control? The ETs themselves? Both? The fear that other nations may go at it first? Is it promoted by a cabal that wants to promote a fake alien invasion? Is it an internal decision from those that formally manage the information? Was the leak of the emails mentioned at the beginning of this article made by a rogue element that (as per his or her assessment) wants to speed up a more complete disclosure? Was he correct in leaking those emails? Have those emails been “doctored?”

There are allegedly leaked photos that suggest previous Navy detections of UAPs.

UFOs have been detected during the Navy’s military, practice maneuvers for a long time as in 1952 during Operation Mainbrace (Thanks to information shared by Mr. Dave C. Beatty). This suggests that these UFOS/UAPS are not an actual threat.  http://www.thinkaboutit-ufos.com/operation-mainbrace/?fbclid=IwAR2KAV9x2oyvBbNftvXlpYzJ5QVu4cFUFJ26lBRdHI7GIS4Nlev9EJetnCU

I think that when some TTSA members who participated in SAP programs sometimes basically say (about the intelligences behind UAPs) “we don’t know who they are” they are being honest because they may not have been ‘read into’ those more secretive compartmentalized USAP programs. The recently leaked email letters previously mentioned show people working in less secretly classified programs trying to find out more about more details from more strictly classified programs. Perhaps, as intelligent researcher and experiencer Melinda Leslie recently mentioned in a conference in MUFON Marin, Sonoma: (paraphrasing) elements of the white world of intelligence increasingly involved in a managed form of UFO-ET disclosure that extends for decades want to play more in the black (extremely covert, USAP, perhaps unsupervised) world of intelligence. They want to know what the latter knows and how they get their funding.  The link to her presentation and analysis is: https://mufonmarinsonoma.com/?page_id=50&fbclid=IwAR22OO93AFRcWMVOmnH712d4H_gCtHjq36DtmjjH3Ojms336PNdBGTdszlQ

Be as it may, even if TTSA naturally tends to present the issue in terms of a “threat” (and, naturally, maintain an alliance with the military world intelligence, aerospace industries and research labs related to the Government) in order to develop different projects like their announced gravity cancellation craft through their public company (while researching into issues like the negative health effects of some forms of UAP and ET contact), basically I think that these persons – TTSA members – are honorable people. As members of what should be called the “intelligence white world”, they are just part of an environment in which they are required to think like that.  However, I think that – in spite of their making UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligences acceptable to “educated society” – the “threat” and military emphasis – while partially valid – should not dominate the entire social discourse and practical decision-making. As little as 5% of human -ET encounters may actually be ‘negative’.  Some of the non-ET encounters may even be MILAB and some may also be encounters with non-physical entities. We need to know with precision to make decisions. I certainly hope that the covert entity called “MAJIC” or Majority Joint Intelligence Committee (by Dr. Steven Greer) – if it exists – is not planning a fake ET invasion or “false flag” for an illicit cabal or power group (including some billionaires) to acquire more control based on fear, greed and not trusting humanity’s highest potentials. I certainly agree with former Canadian Minister of Defence the Honorable Paul Hellyer that this would be a terrible thing to do instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to peacefully relate with peace-loving advanced civilizations.


The Hon. Paul Hellyer

After personally conversing with some TTSA members, I got the sense that all or most are very honorable, well-intended individuals although (simply due to their involvement with the national security culture) they may naturally tend to over-represent the “threat” aspect.  I think that through the efforts of honorable TTSA representatives the white (public, legitimate) world in which our continuously hyper-polarized politics exists and ‘us’ (the population in general) are becoming accustomed to the reality of UFOs and their intelligences. I certainly hope that they are not inadvertently playing into the hands of the alleged “cabal” or – worse – that any one of them is following orders (from those that supervise USAPS related with UAPs -in fact, multi-reality extraterrestrial vehicles –  and extraterrestrials) helping to prepare the way for a false “alien invasion.”

It is a complex issue indeed, but an issue in which the future of human freedom (and the evolution of a culture that can truly flourish under democracy) is at stake.

Seeing these TTSA members speaking openly in interviews, in the news, and in the History Channel is instrumental to begin confirming (and officially disclosing) to the world that ETs (or multi-reality, technologically advanced beings) are here. After more than 70 years of suppression and of a “truth embargo” (as Steve Bassett would say) that situation is thankfully welcomed. But an emphasis in an “us vs them” interpretation of the whole situation regarding the UAP intelligences may be the most deleterious thing that could happen, fixating large segments of the population into a tribal and classic, dichotomous stage of evolution; disabling the possibility of a non-dichotomous adaptation; a necessary evolutionary, cultural response that should emerge for humanity to handle our current perilous age of simultaneous disruption and connectivity along with a post-classical “UAP reality”…a reality that challenges several epistemological foundations cross-culturally, forcing us to come to terms with a much vast, inclusive reality and way of being.

Below is a link to a summary of the basic experiencer survey results which also needs to be studied and understood in order to know who we are dealing with. This and further contact studies have to be pursued rather than dismissed in a condescending way as “ufology”:  The link is for CHAPTER ONE OF the book “BEYOND UFOS” by the Edgard Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE):


FREE is in the 5th year of administering the world’s first comprehensive, multilanguage, quantitative and qualitative, academic research study, administered on a
worldwide basis, on individuals that have had UAP (UFO) related contact experiences
with Non-Human Intelligence (NHI)– The FREE Experiencer Research Study. We
are conducting our study in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Slovak
and very soon in Mandarin Chinese). We asked almost 700 quantitative questions for
our Phase 1-3 surveys and our Phase 3 qualitative survey is comprised of written
responses to 70 open-ended questions. We received more than 10,000 pages of
responses to these 70 open-ended questions from almost 1,400 participants in this
Phase 3 survey. For our English language surveys, we received more than 4,200
responses from respondents from over 110 countries. In our Spanish language survey,
we have received 770 responses and we have a separate Spanish speaking research
committee analyzing this data.

What follows is another scientific article from F.R.E.E. Presented at the Society for Scientific Exploration in 2018. “A Study on Reported Contact with Non-Human Intelligence
Associated with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”




I Blame the Deep State for the Collapse of the Medical Industry

by Duke Brickhouse, Chief Editor, ExoNews          May 1, 2019

Back in 1998, I suddenly developed multiple and recurrent throat ulcers that seem to correspond with changes in the weather. Through the 2000’s, I went to doctors and specialists from Virginia Beach/Norfolk to Berlin, Germany where I lived for a couple of years. If you look up ‘apthous stomatitis’ on the internet, you’ll see that there is ‘no known cause, no known cure’ for this condition. Therefore, all that the doctors could do was to prescribe pain medication, and I would just have to live with it until it ‘ran its course’.

Its twenty years later, and I am still suffering from these acute and recurrent throat ulcers that come in groups of two to five at a time, each lasting ten to fifteen days. So with overlapping occurrences, these episodes can continue for a couple of months at a time, continually. This is what happened last winter. I live in Virginia Beach. Between the middle of January and the middle of March, we had a non-stop series of low pressure rain systems roll in, along with severe drops and rises in temperature. This caused a two month series of severe throat ulcers when I cannot eat or drink without pain medication. At its worst, I cannot get out of bed.

In the past, I would get a prescription for 90 pain pills which would last me through maybe two or three of these extended ulcer episodes, costing me a $15 insurance co-pay. But since this recently manufactured ‘opioid crisis’, the Deep State has focused only on the abusers, making sure that people in actual pain are totally disregarded. The system dumped a ton of opioid pain meds on the population, allowing the ultra-selfish, third-density idiots with no regard for their own mortality to abuse them and eat them by the handfuls. The pharmacies got rich by over-selling them. The elite billionaire Richard Sackler and his family (owners of Perdue Farm/worth $13B) made a lot more money by creating this epidemic. (see John Oliver HBO video clip below) The Deep State used the foreseeable result of a small percentage of people abusing these pain meds to declare an ‘opioid crisis’, to justify the implementation of severely restrictive laws. This is what I found myself facing in the winter of 2019.

After waiting a couple of weeks for an appointment with my primary care physician, I was informed that she could no longer prescribe my pain pills. I had to go to a ‘pain management specialist’ for that now. More money. More time to wait. I was suffering and urgently needed the pain meds. So I made an appointment with the pain management doctor. He could see me in three weeks. Three more weeks of suffering to pay another doctor for what my own doctor used to do.  (I hadn’t harmed myself in twenty years of taking these medications, but now I am considered ‘high risk’.)

When I went to the pain management doctor, he had no clue about my throat ulcer condition and was therefore suspicious about whether I was really in pain or if I was just a dirty drug addict trying to manipulate the system. That’s exactly how I was treated. In two hours, I had to go through three rounds of paperwork promising that I would not abuse the pills or do anything else to attempt to relieve my pain, and I would be routinely pee-tested to make sure. I have never been treated so poorly, like a drug addict felon. Finally, at the end of this degrading encounter, the hapless doctor wrote me a prescription for 30 pain pills.

I took the prescription to my pharmacy and they informed me that they didn’t carry this type of medication, and they would have it shipped to them. This would take yet another week. More time and more suffering. After a week it came in, but at a cost of $350. I was astounded. I can’t afford that. So my pharmacist got my insurance company involved. After another week, my insurance company agreed to pay half of it. I still couldn’t afford $175 for 30 pills. So after five more weeks, the requisite ‘pain management’ only made me suffer longer, forcing me to take extra strength Tylenol like candy, which does not adequately control the pain. It was a complete waste of time. But that wasn’t the end of it. The pain management doctor sent me a bill for $625, and after insurance covered a portion, I was expected to pay them $135. So this elitist doctor, who knew that under the new ‘opioid crisis’ regulations he was the only option left to me, had no problem extorting the system for $625 for doing absolutely nothing. In fact, he only made my situation much worse by dragging it out for another 5 weeks.

I was missing a lot of work due to these ulcers, and my boss – a great guy – was worried. He went out of his way to find an ear, nose and throat doctor and told me to go see him. Well, it’s my boss, so I can’t say no. Of course, my boss doesn’t labor under the stress of money like the rest of us do. By this point in April, I had gotten past my throat ulcer episodes for a while. I told the receptionist at the ENT why I was there, and that I currently had no ulcers for the doctor to look at, but since I had made the appointment I would at least get into the computer system so that the next time I developed these throat ulcers I could go right in. I saw the doctor for less than five minutes during which time I explained my condition, and he looked at my throat for about ten seconds. He had nothing to offer except to come back when they were active again. A few weeks later I got a bill from the ENT doctor for a $283 ‘consultation’, of which my payment was $115. I complained that the doctor did nothing at all, and I was told that this was the standard charge for a consultation.

So I went back to my primary care physician and related my story.  She prescribed me 30 pills of a different kind of pain medication called Tramadol.  The pharmacy said that, again, they would have to order it since it was not a common medication.  When it came in a week later, I was told that it cost $250.  The pharmacist said that my insurance might cover it if my PCP doctor called them.  So I waited three more weeks to learn that my insurance had denied coverage. I spoke to some people in my office who had been prescribed Tramadol, and our mutual insurance carrier, Anthem Healthkeepers, had covered it for them no problem.  But I received a letter from Anthem saying that they had denied my request because “We did not see information that show you have an illness that qualifies… such as a diagnosis of cancer-related pain…terminal condition…sickle cell anemia, or …chronic pain.”  These doctors have no idea what apthous stomatitis (throat ulcers) is so they relegate it to a milder disease.  I tried to call the person who denied my request at Anthem but she would not take my call.

I got someone else at Anthem on the phone who told me that my PCP could schedule a ‘peer to peer’ phone call to restate my case and try to educate them.  When I told my PCP doctor this, she responded that she would not do this as she was monitored for this sort of activity, and I would have no alternative but to go back to the pain management specialist.  So after about ten weeks in chronic pain, I was right back where I started, in the same situation with an incompetent pain management doctor who was indifferent to actually helping patients since he is the only game in town.

I must interject here that the only relief that I have found has been through Karl Mollison, a channeler of Creator and the Higher Self, whom I met through my friend, Denny Hunt, in 2017.  Karl provides medical issue channeling through his websites, TeamArchangel.com and GetWisdom.com.  After “vetting” Karl, and being so impressed by his channeling of historic figures that I wrote a handful of articles on them for ExoNews, I asked Karl to do a channeling for my throat ulcer condition.  He did so in the summer of 2017, through a ‘holographic memory resolution’ protocol, and I saw a marked improvement literally overnight.  I must say that it did not completely eliminate my throat ulcers, but it did reduce the frequency and severity of them. (They are still quite painful when they do come.)  Thank God I found Karl when I did.  Everything, it seems, is tied to our spiritual self.  This is a promising field of medical research that the Deep State does not want revealed, and is widely disregarded by the mainstream medical community.

The medical industry is no longer about providing medical treatment to patients. It is about making money, and lots of it. And this concocted opioid crisis has allowed the system to jack up prices and place the burden of paying it on the patient.  This funnels more money into the Deep State coffers.  If you cannot afford their costs, then to hell with you. By my research, fully 50% of the US population cannot afford these costs – much less any sort of life insurance or retirement savings. Most of these people cannot even afford health insurance, which I have only because it is provided through my employer. But these days, fewer and fewer employers are even offering a health insurance plan. And the Deep State Republicans are trying as hard as they can to eliminate the Affordable Care Act so that even fewer people can afford health care. This is a manufactured crisis.  And they are using this crisis to bleed us dry.

In Germany and other European countries, doctors and attorneys charge their fees on a sliding scale according to the person’s income. Not in America. In America is it all about the money, not the people. And it’s not only the doctors, but the pharmacies, hospitals and health insurance companies who are complicit in this unconscionable system that the Deep State elite have devised. Today, the medical industry doesn’t care one bit about treating patients. The only thing it wants to preserve is the tradition of paying doctors a six-figure salary to support these Deep State policies while doing less and less for their patients. In America, medical services are only for the wealthy who can grudgingly afford this ridiculous system. As for the rest of us, we are left out in the cold and nobody cares. And on top of it all, we are hearing from insiders that we now have amazing medical technology in the secret space programs that are kept from mainstream society. This latent technology could eliminate all disease, cancer, anything at all.

Why would the Deep State elite want to do this? Because it keeps the lower half of the population both economically and medically subjugated so that we have no time to look around and see what is truly going on here, and we have no resources to do anything about it. We are the ones who are suffering under this corrupt Deep State system. The top economic half of the population are simply grateful that they are not in the bottom half, so they consider themselves as ‘winning’ in this system and they don’t want to do anything to upset the dynamic. In other words, it is the Deep State’s way of keeping us all as economic slaves, one way or the other, rich or poor.

The corruption and collapse of the medical industry is only a microcosm of the Deep State tactics employed in every sector of American society. They manipulate small fluctuations in various taxes, interest rates, inflation, bank loan requirements, student loan debt, stock market, etc. in order to keep us right on the edge – financially insecure and frightened that we are but one small catastrophe away from losing everything. This is so we don’t have the time, the resources, or the nerve to rise up and demand the reform of this corrupt American system. It is a system where all they want is to do is to generate money, and then funnel all of that money to an elite wealthy class.  And they employ all of these mechanisms to make sure it stays this way. The corruption of the medical industry is only one of these mechanisms, which I’ve just experienced first-hand.

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Insights About Secret Scientific Research in the U.S.

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon                March 23, 2019                  (sundayguardianlive.com)

• How much more time and effort will it take for certain agencies in the US government to confess to the mind-boggling secrets they have kept from the public, often in violation of constitutional principles and legal norms and procedures? Unacknowledged scientific and “exotic” technical programs being carried out in various publicly and privately funded laboratories and research centers, often affiliated to military and intelligence agencies, and unknown to democratically elected authorities, demonstrate the existence of a two-tier scientific culture in the US at least, if not in the rest of the world.

• What do we know about “special access” programs hiding within the American military-industrial-intelligence complex? Among whistleblowers, Bob Lazar is noteworthy because of the extensive information he provided in videotaped talks about research he had carried out in Area S-4, near the notorious Area 51 in the Nevada desert. Lazar claimed to have been part of a team reverse engineering a 52 feet wide saucer-shaped craft that he quickly realized was not built by humans. The craft could sit three small sized (3 feet tall) crew members and generated its own gravitational field, enabling the craft to reach fantastic speeds.

• Lazar’s report was supported by well-connected investigators, including John Lear, son of the Learjet inventor and a veteran CIA operative who testified that he was also exposed to covert research into “alien” technologies. Area 51 aeronautics engineer Edgar Fouché reported the development of the secret Tr3-B triangular mercury plasma fueled spacecraft.

• In 1997, former Pentagon intelligence officer and White House staffer Colonel Philip Corso’s bestselling book, The Day After Roswell, lifted the veil on much of the clandestine research pursued since 1947 by various branches of the federal government and compartmentally outsourced to defense contractors such as Lockheed, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Marietta, Northrop, Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics and others. Corso alleged that major technical breakthroughs such as microtransistors, superconductors, fibre optics, Kevlar and night vision goggles had been developed through reverse engineering of alien materials, although the results of those advanced investigations remained largely undisclosed.

• Dr Robert Wood from McDonnell Douglas, Corey Goode, William Tompkins also formerly at McDonnell Douglas, and the more controversial Dan Burisch, are among the alleged “insiders” who have blown the whistle on various “black” programs. Their accounts have been extensively reported and analyzed by veteran researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe as part of her Earthfiles series, Paola Harris, Dr Steven Greer (in his widely publicized Disclosure Project) and Dr Michael Salla, co-founder of the Exopolitics Institute.

• In 2007, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who then chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, with the support of fellow Senators, Inouye and Stevens, set up the $22 million/ five-year ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’ to conduct research on UFOs and the collected evidence of the extraterrestrial presence. The program commissioned 38 classified papers from a number of universities and research centers and a 490-page report which are still unissued publicly. The DIA did release a list of titles to the 38 government-funded research reports, and Corey Goode released two of these exotic propulsion studies.

• In June 2017, a 47-page top secret MJ-12 briefing document was leaked and analyzed by various experts. It contains detailed descriptions of alien craft and their recovery, transcripts of communications with alien beings and spells out the measures taken by concerned agencies to keep the entire subject secret, even to the highest elected authorities.

• A private initiative called ‘To the Stars Academy’ has been set up with the participation of some of the former staffers of AATIP, including its former director Luis Elizondo. TTSA is working with retired military and civilian officials to further disclose the extensive and long-standing secret military R&D pursued between government agencies and private contractors involved in what is commonly called the Deep State. Its executive director Tom DeLonge has produced a new documentary series for the History Channel relying on military insider testimonies and entitled Unidentified.

• Cynics who alleged that all this is speculative mumbo-jumbo amounting to a waste of public money did not consider that the disclosure from AATIP seems to be what the CIA calls a “limited hangout”: i.e. a superficial glimpse of a much larger secret cloaked in “plausible deniability”.


Many investigators and whistleblowers in the United States have, over the last 40 years, called attention upon unacknowledged scientific and technical programmes being carried out in various publicly and privately funded laboratories and research centres, affiliated to military and intelligence agencies, in “exotic” areas that are officially not regarded as deserving of serious attention in civilian institutions such as universities. The existence of such programmes, now being proven, would demonstrate the existence of a two-tier scientific culture in the US at least, if not in the rest of the world, of which the upper tier would be a domain for clandestine R&D, unsupervised by, and unknown to, democratically elected authorities. If only for this reason, finding out the truth about the situation is of great value to society.

What do we know about the long suspected “special access” programmes hiding within the American military-industrial-intelligence complex and what is backed by material evidence?

Among the first whistleblowers, who emerged in the 1980s (1989 in his case), Bob Lazar is noteworthy because of the extensive information he provided in videotaped talks about research he had carried out in Area S-4 close to the since notorious Area 51 in the Nevada desert’s atomic testing range, around the dry Groom lake riverbed.

Lazar claimed to have being recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), through defence contractor EG&G, to work as part of a team on a highly classified project which involved examining and reverse engineering a 52 feet wide saucer-shaped craft that he quickly realised was not built by humans. He further explained that it was made of some unknown ceramic-like material, could sit three small sized (3 feet tall) crew members and was powered by a hitherto undiscovered super-heavy element, eventually identified as number 115 on the periodic table, which generated its own gravitational field and enabled the craft to reach fantastic speeds. Lazar further explained that the retrieved space vehicle was being test flown in Area 51/S-4 although neither its materials nor its propulsion systems could be figured out or reproduced. However, he warned that the US military had somehow gotten hold of a substantial quantity of Element 115, stored at Los Alamos and intended for weaponisation. His report was supported by well connected investigators, including John Lear, son of the Learjet inventor and a veteran CIA operative who testified that he was also exposed to covert research into “alien” technologies.

Lazar’s testimony (retraced and updated in a recent documentary by Jeremy Corbell entitled Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying Saucers) was one of many that were more or less publicised in the following decades despite stubborn denials from official quarters. In 1997, former Pentagon intelligence officer (foreign technology desk) and White House staffer Colonel Philip Corso’s bestselling book, The Day After Roswell, purported to lift the veil on much of the clandestine research pursued since 1947 by various branches of the federal government and compartmentally outsourced to defence contractors such as Lockheed, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Martin Marietta, Northrop, Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics and others. However, the results of those advanced investigations remained largely undisclosed, although Corso alleged that major technical breakthroughs such as microtransistors, superconductors, fibre optics, Kevlar and night vision goggles had been developed through reverse engineering of alien materials. Since then aeronautics engineer Edgar Fouché, who reports having worked for the Aurora Project at Area 51 which built the secret Tr3-B triangular mercury plasma fuelled spacecraft, Dr Robert Wood from McDonnell Douglas, Corey Goode, William Tompkins also formerly at McDonnell Douglas, and the more controversial Dan Burisch, are among the alleged “insiders” who have blown the whistle on various “black” programmes. Some like Goode claim to have served on an SSF (Secret Space Fleet), a branch of the US Navy which began operating in the 1960s or 1970s under the Solar Warden code name. Their accounts have been extensively reported and analysed by veteran researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe as part of her Earthfiles series, Paola Harris, Dr Steven Greer (in his widely publicized Disclosure Project) and Dr Michael Salla, co-founder of the Exopolitics Institute.



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