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Ufologists Need To Be Cautious In Predicting (Full) Disclosure

In the Introduction to his excellent book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances (2015). Dr. Michael Salla qualified the demand by famed Astronomer Carl Sagan that “extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence” with a corollary to that doctrine as it applies to Secret Space Program whistleblowers.

Salla stated that “a more appropriate research dictum” to use in their cases is that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary investigation” when dealing with those alleging “eyewitness” status to SSP activities.

He noted the extreme difficulty of such individuals producing physical evidence of their observations, especially considering the dangers to them stemming from the national security implications of their experiences.

I see great merit in his position and would add a further modification when it comes to those making predictions of imminent (Full) Disclosure.

Ufologist Richard Dolan is famous for a cautious, meticulous approach to all things extraterrestrial. I would, therefore, label my recommendation the Dolan Corollary to the Sagan/Salla Thesis and require Disclosure proponents demonstrate “extraordinary caution” in their remarks.

Back in early May, PRG Ex Dir Steve Bassett announced that “Full Disclosure is imminent”, something he has done in the past as I pointed out here.

More recently, Robert David Steele stated that:  David Wilcock is certain that President Donald Trump — who is fully familiar with both free energy and stellar civilization — wants to do disclosure in September.

Perhaps……but I strongly doubt that will happen.  Wilcock has been predicting Disclosure for years now.. Both he and Steele are brilliant and hard-working…….but often wrong in their predictions.  I appreciate
their enthusiasm and confidence but wishful thinking is no substitute for accurate forecasting.

I urge greater caution in such matters as a way of insulating Ufology from attacks that it is the delusional rantings by the tin-foil hat crowd and conspiracy theorists.

I am often guilty of making predictions because of my urgent desire to share with others what I believe is  about to happen. But I style such writings “speculative musings” a way of diffusing their impact and lessening
their ability to mislead readers into accepting them as totally accurate.

Ufology is a serious matter that has played a significant role in human history but which is often distorted or  shrouded in secrecy by those with hidden agendas bent on maintaining their power.

Adoption of the Dolan Corollary while maintaining respect for Sagan’s mandate and Salla’s valuable insight may well accelerate the potential for (Full) Disclosure.  By creating an atmosphere where leaders feel a higher comfort level with the risks associated with transparency, the UFO community may achieve an end to the Truth Embargo in the near future as its most ardent advocates desire.

Rich Scheck
Ferndale, WA
September 10, 2019

The Secret Space Program:  Roy Cohn, Donald Trump, Robert Swan Mueller & the VERY Deep State

Conspiracy research entails connecting lots of dots that most folks…..especially those articulating the official government narrative……. ignore or purposely distort through disinformation and outright lies.

As Veterans Today and others have pointed out since Trump emerged 4 years ago as a presidential candidate, New York mob lawyer, Roy Cohn, was Donald Trump’s mentor.

Joseph P. Farrell has pointed out that Cohn’s ties go far beyond his obvious links to the Deep State on display during the famous McCarthy hearings and include his knowledge of the Secret Space Program.

As I wrote in a previous article:

For those claiming I am too distrustful, I say perhaps.  But McCarthy and Cohn connected to above top-secret black projects and Nixon having a UFO time capsule:  who knew about any of that?   With Mueller tied to the MIC through Gibson Island and his family’s Uranium business as well as Comey helping him suppress cloaking technology, RussiaGate takes on a different complexion for me than what the official narrative wants us to believe.

The latest research from George Webb shows that Mueller and Bill Barr’s families are linked by a common focus on Uranium production and other VERY Deep State aspects of the Military Industrial Complex that go back to WWII, the OSS, the Manhattan Project, Operation Paper Clip and more.

All this is being ignored with the Epstein scandal; Mueller’s Russiagate hoax testimony; the Squad rumblings and other events designed to distract the public from the true agenda:  more wars using modern weaponry, i.e. the kind being designed by Trump’s Space Force which is first and foremost a new branch of our military:

Reagan had Iran Contra (which Barr and Mueller helped cover up) along with his Star Wars project (SDI).  Trump has his scandals and the Space Force to supposedly take us to the Moon and Mars while really being mostly about the weaponization of space.

The “soft disclosure” events of recent weeks also appear increasingly as a diversion to excite those fascinated by UFOs and appeal to the enthusiasm of the masses to that conversation while covering up the true agenda and activities of our Secret Space Program.

Sex sells as does tall tales of ETs and political corruption.  This is being carefully, brilliantly orchestrated by the VERY Deep State that includes Mueller, Barr and many others as key players in the Big Scam.

A review of the material below will bring willing readers up to date on how current events are used to achieve nefarious goals while keeping everyone pitted against each other thinking, understandably, that they have insight into what’s really going on.

They do, but invariably, we are all like the blind feeling different parts of an elephant and proclaiming they know what’s in their hands.  This immense Leviathan of the VERY Deep State remains cloaked to all but a few, even as the work of diligent researchers such as Joseph P. Farrell, Richard Dolan, Michael Salla, the late Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard C. Hoagland, Alfred Webre and many other brilliant writers reveals much about this.

Will we achieve Full Disclosure?  Will our civilization be able to survive the coming turmoil and achieve the level of peace and prosperity seemingly available from the new technologies now kept hidden from us?  That is the question of the day and the hope of many who cling to the prospect of it happening soon.

Rich Scheck
Burlington WA
July 24, 2019

(N. B.:  This writer describes his articles as speculative musings…..educated guesses regarding the truth based on his intuition as he attempts to read the tea leaves of current events and between the lines of official narratives. He is much more gadfly than scholar and encourages readers to keep that in mind as they peruse the above article.)


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