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NEW on Audible! US Navy’s Secret Space Program & Nordic Alliance

The Amazon bestselling book that featured the ground breaking testimony of William Tompkins on the U.S. Navy’s Secret Space Program is finally available as an audiobook. Get it here!

The Los Angeles Air Raid on February 24/25, 1942 opened an unprecedented chapter in the evolution of the US Navy. In response to this incident, a covert research program to investigate the feasibility of exotic antigravity propulsion technologies was developed. In addition, navy operatives were embedded in Nazi-occupied Europe to learn about the Germans’ advanced flying saucer programs, and they discovered the Nazis were receiving assistance from two extraterrestrial groups with very different agendas.

The debriefing of the operatives took place at Naval Air Station, San Diego, led by Rear Admiral Rico Botta. He instructed a “disseminator of naval research and information”, William Tompkins, to take confidential briefing packets to select think tanks, corporations, and university departments around the country. Later, Tompkins worked with a number of leading aerospace companies to design massive spacecraft for a secret US Navy space program and was fatefully assisted by extraterrestrial visitors described as “Nordics”.

An extensive number of documents substantiate Tompkins’ claims of the existence of a covert navy program created to study, design, and build deep space battle groups. They became operational in the 1980s. Now the navy has a new goal to enact a plan to level the universal playing field, and the election of President Donald Trump may just be the wild card they needed to reveal…everything!

The audiobook includes an additional preface discussing newly discovered material corroborating Tompkins involvement in designing the Navy’s secret space carriers not found in the Paperback and Kindle editions.

Available on Audible.com and Amazon.com.

Alliance War Against Deep State – Major Updates Coming

MAJOR UPDATES COMING! I am working on outlining some of my recent briefings into updates to present on Edge of Wonder soon. There is so much info coming in after a number of months of near dead silence. I have received briefings about the Alliance war against the Deep State that were shocking. The scope at which this ‘shadow world war’ is being prosecuted is staggering. It seems that the Alliance is fighting Deep State proxies and enclaves on every continent.

The information coming in has shed light on much of what is going on in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. Some of the information coming in about Venezuela alone has left me on the edge of my seat. Information about top Generals and Politicians being heavily bought out by the Chinese and Russian Intelligence Groups, Nazi groups living secretly in military protected areas of the country, involved in Drug and Human Trafficking networks as well as lending support to terrorist groups related to Iran.

This is just one example of the information that is coming about a global conflict that is happening entirely in secret.

Not only do I have a lot of information to disseminate from these briefings but I hope to also have new info to bring out from insiders. As I reported over a year ago, the deep state has prepared disclosures and document leaks that are meant to be used as weapons of mass-distraction against an awakening global population. Think ancient civilizations and Antarctica… Think disclosures of exotic technologies…

Among these distracting disclosures was that University and Military types would begin talking about ancient ruins that were located on the ocean floor and on Antarctica deep under the ice. I was taken to the region and shown some of the ancient ruins that would be disclosed to the public in the near future and reported extensively on it.

I was also shown a video of the actual military operation in space. I was shown a secret spacecraft that was used to dock with an object that entered our solar system and then began to show signs of intelligent control. This mission was recorded and shown to me prior to any other information coming out publicly about Oumuamua possibly being an ‘alien spacecraft’.

I was told to expect a broader briefing on what was found on that ancient derelict alien spacecraft soon. I am told it is fascinating information about the history of many civilizations that worked together up until a little less than a billion years ago.

I was also allowed to release two DIA Documents officially making me the first to disclose DIA and DOD programs to study exotic technology. However, in all of the recent articles on AATIP disclosures going around, of course, none of them state Corey Goode was the first one to release any documents from the studies in that program.

AATIP DIA Documents first released – https://spherebeingalliance.com/…/defense-intelligence-refe…

I covered these topics at conferences which have been on my YouTube Channel for over a year.

Ancient Aliens Return – Intruder Intercept and Interrogate Program – David Wilcock & Corey Goode

I reported on this same material on Cosmic Disclosure and in our hit movie Above Majestic which was number one on iTunes and Amazon for 6 weeks.

ABOVE MAJESTIC – iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/mov…/above-majestic/id1440082278…

The Question; Why was I the first to cover the information about ancient civilization in Antarctica or a Secret Mission to visit Oumuamua by a US Military Secret Space Program?

The Alliance knew that several deep state-sponsored disclosures had been planned for some time.

The Alliance knew about the planned disclosure of a civilization in Antarctica, they knew of a plan to let the public know that Oumuamua was an ancient alien spacecraft, they knew that the deep state was going to leak information about the AATIP program as a part of a mass distraction and wanted to get it to me to disclose FIRST along with the info that this disclosure was going to be a very partial and manipulated one.

I also made it public that the MIC Secret Space Program was preparing to be disclosed over a year prior to the announcement of Space Force.

I am told to expect more disclosures of programs such as the AATIP program and their studies as well as more people coming forward discussing the ruins in Antarctica.

I was pretty shocked to see that Linda Molten Howe had been interviewing Marine and Navy special operators that were leaking the same information I had released months or even up to a year prior. I know David Wilcock was blown away when he heard so many details from these military insiders matched exactly what we had reported on a year earlier. It is an interesting feeling to see things unfold months to a year after you had been told to expect public disclosures.

Dr. Salla wrote a great article on this topic; https://www.exopolitics.org/navy-insiders-corroborate-secr…/

These are all topics that I am outlining to report in an interview with Edge of Wonder very soon. I also have a ton of intelligence from other meetings that have been partially shared in some of the videos on Edge of Wonder with David Wilcock.

I am looking forward to bringing this information to you very soon.

Please subscribe to my YouTube and Facebook social media. I am being HEAVILY shadowbanned and hope to be able to get much of this new info out without it being censored.

Corey Goode

Officially Recognized UFO Sightings Near Lima’s Airport

This is exonews, disclosure news and UFO news because it refers to an official admittance to a UFO phenomenon. On February 27. 2019. 1.30 AM local time to 2.12 AM-2.14 AM the town of Callao, Peru where Lima’s airport is 2 UFOs sighting above or relatively close to the Jorge Chavez airport. It also is close to the Pacific Ocean.

With an official preliminary report from the control tower (managed by CORPAC – Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviación Commercial) and later on (on February 28) these 2 UFOs were admitted by an Air Force division from the Ministry of Defense (The National Aerial Defense Information Center belonging to the Peruvian Air Force).  I’m glad. It represents a step forward towards disclosure and a good example to follow by other governments.

Photos and some footage were apparently taken of the objects that seemed to be just above the airport at about 300 meters. But the official reports say that they were 5 nautical miles and about 8000 feet high due east (toward the Pacific Ocean…perhaps above the San Lorenzo Island). The preliminary incident report mentions that one of the objects was seen on a radar screen appearing on an off intermittently (on a primary radar).  The important thing here is the two official statements.

The source of the control tower document is some anonymous person probably working for CORPAC and who took a picture and posted the CORPAC document online.  Mr. WILBERT RUIZ validated the document during a radio – Cable TV interview on Radio Capital. He is the former chief of the Control Tower of the Jorge Chavez International Airport with 44 years of experience and currently acting as General Coordinator of control towers across provinces in Perú.

But the (unverified) photos and a video seem to show that they were closer. Or else the objects would have been huge if located 5 miles away. However, the crew in airplanes that were notified by the control tower also saw them. A preliminary report from CORPAC (the Corporación Peruana de Aeropuertos y Aviación Commercial managing the control tower) says one was seen sporadically in radar screen. That it was about 8000 feet in altitude and about 5 nautical miles away due West (azimuth 274 degrees).

Due West from the control tower is a place above the Pacific Ocean near the Island of San Lorenzo. But apparently, they were also seen by the crew from airplanes located on runway 33 and on runway 15. LAN Peru 2437 and LATAM Ecuador 1442. These flights were probably notified because they were related to a route that concerned the event. The UFOs were also apparently filmed by someone with a cell phone in the streets near the airport, but the video – showing 2 lights – is a bit blurry.

The event took place between 1.30AM to 2.12 AM or 2.14AM local Lima time on the 27 of February 2019. This is equal to 6.30 UTC and 7.14 UTC (Universal Time).

The weird thing to me is that the UFO photograph seems to show 2 objects which are much closer and not 5 nautical miles away due West or 8000 feet high.  The UFOs would have been much larger than drones and airplanes would not have been able to hover in a stationary manner.

Over the years, there have been occasional UFO/UAP reports around the general area around San Lorenzo Island. There is an experiencer who claims that in the 1970’s he was taken to an underwater base whose entrance is in that area.

Regardless, my thanks to retired Commander Julio César Chamorro from the Peruvian Airforce (FAP) who sent me the first “incident” report from CORPAC and the control tower.

Whether the photos and video are good or not, UFOs/UAPs were clearly detected and this is the first time I know that the Air Force as part of the Ministry of Defense in Perú validates in writing a UFO sighting related to the main airport in Perú. They even used the term “OVNI” (UFO).

It is not clear if this is a new initiative or policy or if both the Control Tower – CORPAC preliminary report and the Ministry of Defense document (a letter by the Peruvian Air Force Commander of the National Aerial Defense Information Center to the Peruvian Airforce Director of the Aerospace Interests Center) filtrated to the public in an irregular manner. The news came out in two newspapers, in social media and in Radio Capital. Further declarations should be forthcoming.

Preliminary Accident/Incident (RAI) report from the control tower.

Letter statement from the Air Force – Minister of Defense validating the sighting. Is it a more open policy giving a good example to the rest of the world?

A link to a cellphone video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb7I6cgu_oI


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