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Newsletter Institute for Exoconsciousness December 2019 Vol 1, Issue 5

We are building an Exoconscious Civilization and welcome you to join us.

The Institute for Exoconsciousness is the first sustainable nonprofit organization focused exclusively on humans co-creating technology, education, art, and healing with extraterrestrials and multidimensionals.

Exo Institute Programs

Our Exoconscious Human—ET and Multidimensional  Co-Creative Programs include:

  • An EXO Incubator for Inventors and Artists–mainstreaming innovations created by Experiencers
  • Scientific teams who research the Exoconscious Human Reality–Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Star Language
  • Exoconscious Academy–Digital courses and webinars
  • Galactic News Wire Service–ET Multidimensional Communication
  • Exoconscious Healers Association
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace, “Amazon for Experiencers”–featuring goods and services created by Experiencers

Exoconscious Entrepreneurs

Exoconscious Artists and Writers

Mia Feroleto is creating a residency program for artists and writers at Thunderheart Center in Wasta, SD, near the Badlands. Plans are for thirty artists and writers at a time coming for one to six-month visit. Additional buildings will provide studio space, a conference center and gallery space for exhibitions of art created by the visiting artists as well as shows curated by invited guest gallerists and critics from around the globe. For more information please contact Mia Feroleto at mia.feroleto@gmail.com or by phoning 802 952 6217

SUPERHUMAN:The Invisible Made Visible

Based on experiences of individuals with extra-sensory powers that defy the laws of physics, Caroline Cory’s award-winning documentary film “SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible Made Visible” takes you on an extraordinary journey to discover tangible and measurable proof of seemingly miraculous phenomena.


The Transgression of Fact

New Observations, an art and culture magazine, published by Mia Feroleto, features a spiritual examination of reality–from lower to higher realm. Click on PDF Download to read the magazine.

Forbidden Questions: A Guide to Human-ET Contact

Hypnotherapist, Gwen Farrell’s, book honestly addresses the questions of experiencers, possible experiencers and the general public about contact with extraterrestrial beings. This new expanded edition contains updated material not available before, while still getting to the heart of human-ET contact compassionately, directly and honestly.

Welcome to the Wide Open Wonders (W.O.W.) Podcast hosted by Katie Cook. Katie covers everything from U.F.O.s and Aliens, to Bigfoot and Crop Circles, and just about everything in between.

Star Origin Readings

Jacquelin Smith, a Star Language Communicator, will connect you with your Star Family directly as to your soul’s first expression when it became individual after leaving the Creator. You’ll be told your core frequency, as well as your star family’s frequency. This will assist you in communicating with your star family. Jacquelin also does Star Language.

FREE ENERGY FOR A BETTER WORLD. Hidden Energy readies you for humankind’s next leap-tapping into an abundance of truly clean power, the ultimate renewable. Making the leap is more about mindsets and a consciousness shift than technology.

We need your support to build an Exoconscious Civilization.

Cosmic Consciousness Conference: Uluru Australia, January 11-13

Join our Exoconscious Community who are traveling to Uluru for the conference. Visiting a site such as Uluru, especially to mediate and make ceremony, can result in strong connections with Gaia.  It will also activate your energy system, bring immense personal healing and advance your spiritual awakening.

SpiritFest 2020: The Flip Side of the Coin

Sheila Seppi welcomes you to Spirit Fest 2020, June 26, 27, and 28 in Leadville Colorado. Give the gift of conscious awakening! Early bird special $199 through December 31.

Consciousness and Contact Conference

July 23 through 27, 2020, in Wasta, South Dakota, on the edges of the Badlands National Park at the Thunderheart Center for the Arts and Conference Center. Speakers include Whitley Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe, Barbara Lamb, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, David Louis, Tolec, Victor Viggiani, and Juliano Pozati. For more information please contact Mia Feroleto at mia.feroleto@gmail.com or by phoning 802 952 6217

We partnered with Amazon’s Smile program. Please register at Amazon Smile and select Institute for Exoconsciousness. Then, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the Institute for Exoconsciousness. To have your donation apply you must register our name and shop through Amazon Smile website. All the prices and Amazon prime eligibility remain the same.

The Cosmos is Alive and Existing Through Human Consciousness

Article by Sean Martin                      September 8, 2019                    (express.co.uk)

• Their book, You Are The Universe: What if this everyday fact of life turns out to be the key to the cosmos?, Deepak Chopra and Chapman University physicist Menas Kafatos have concluded that the Universe helped to shape consciousness in humans, and now in turn our being allows the Universe to evolve.

• Chopra and Kafatos believe consciousness is the Universe living through us, and without humanity, the Universe would cease to exist. The cosmos and consciousness co-exist on a sub-atomic level, and one without the other would be impossible. The two realms have become so entwined that they are now one and the same.

• “Human beings might be a bright idea the Universe had, and once the idea occurred to it, cosmic mind decided to run with it.” But what is so special about human beings? Human beings allowed the Universe to be aware of itself in the dimension of time and space. We live in a participatory Universe. “The cosmos is thinking through you. Whatever you happen to be doing is a cosmic activity.”

• Stanford University physicist Andrei Linde agrees with Chopra’s and Kafatos’ sentiment, and believes it is only a matter of time until science can prove that consciousness and the cosmos are inseparably linked. Says Linde, “The Universe and the observer exist as a pair. I cannot imagine a consistent theory of the Universe that ignores consciousness.”

• Consciousness, ie: the ability to perceive and be aware of our surroundings, has confounded scientists for centuries. Scientists know more about the Universe than they do the human brain. They do not yet understand what in our brain gives us this power of consciousness.

• Davinia Fernández-Espejo, a senior lecturer for the School of Psychology and Centre for Human Brain Health, University of Birmingham, UK, is part of a team that is studying the human brain through MRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging. Said Fernández-Espejo, “We found two main patterns of communication across regions” of the brain. “One simply reflected physical connections of the brain.” The second pattern represented very complex brain-wide dynamic interactions across a set of 42 brain regions that belong to six brain networks with important roles in cognition.” “This complex pattern was almost only present in people with some level of consciousness.”

[Editor’s Note]   These guys are on the right track. But in order for scientists to be taken seriously in the compromised scientific community, they are forced to adhere to the Deep State’s dictum that humans are the only intelligent beings in the universe. This earth-centric view of science is one of the major things holding back our development as a species. But yes, consciousness is what it is all about. Our individual consciousness is part of the collective consciousness that pervades the universe, which we call “God”. The higher the density of consciousness, the closer one gets to “God”. Although humanity’s third density consciousness is at the bottom of the consciousness barrel, we will very soon have the opportunity to ascend into the lower levels of fourth density consciousness, stimulated by an imminent solar flash at a cosmic level. However, those who are not prepared or who desire to remain in the third density will do so. Just not on this planet.


              Deepak Chopra

Scientists are still baffled by consciousness and questions about why and how we have it are constantly arising, but so far remain largely unanswered. Now, two physicists believe consciousness is the Universe living through us, and without humanity, the Universe will cease to exist. Deepak Chopra, MD, and Chapman University physicist Menas Kafatos have said that the cosmos and consciousness co-exist on a sub-atomic level, and one without the other would be impossible.
The pair argue that the Universe helped to shape consciousness in humans, and now in turn our being allows the Universe to evolve.

              Menas Kafatos

As a result, consciousness and the cosmos have become so intwined that they are now one and the same, the pair said.
The physicists wrote in their book ‘You Are The Universe’: “What if this everyday fact of life turns out to be the key to the cosmos?

“Human beings might be a bright idea the Universe had, and once the idea occurred to it, cosmic mind decided to run with it.

“Why? What’s so enticing about human beings, troublesome and pained as we are? Only one thing. We allowed the Universe to be aware of itself in the dimension of time and space.

“The cosmos is thinking through you. Whatever you happen to be doing is a cosmic activity. Take away any stage in the evolution of the Universe, and this very moment vanishes into thin air.

“As astounding as such a claim may be, this book has been building up to it all along. Quantum physics makes it undeniable that we live in a participatory Universe.



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Developmental Psychology and Intelligent Disclosure

In relation to an extraterrestrial presence, we may be dealing with “Hyperobjects” or “Multiple Objects.”  For intelligently influencing an Intelligent Disclosure we would need to study Developmental Psychology and how human consciousness and subjectivity may deal with these objects. 
Image result for hyperobjects
Consciousness can be understood as the capacity to experience meaning, in fact, forms of meaning, including how to interpret them. The meanings of experience are normally related to objects of experience and, ultimately, even consciousness itself can be understood as an object of its own experience. Therefore, epistemology and ontology are not separate. Meanings can be of multiple kinds like sensations (pain, pleasure), sentiments/feelings, concepts, ultimate spiritual meanings…any form of meaning.
Leading a ‘sensible’ human adaptation to emergent, culturally and instinctively-challenging global issues requires a global form of integrative perspective-taking. This would be a level of interpretation capable of appreciating the importance of previous forms of interpretation in such a way that its possible to work with individuals interpreting reality under such previous levels. Moreover, it would be a form of interpretation that operates under a more extended experience of “meaningful time” in which for practical purposes the motivation to act in the present experience includes more of the past and of the future. 
A creative, adaptive political and cultural acknowledgment of a globally active, advanced, non-human extraterrestrial presence on Earth is akin to intelligently dealing with culturally-challenging, global issues like “climate change.” These are issues which are so widely distributed in space and in time that only fragments of their meaning can be grasped simultaneously by most people. They trump traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. These issues are called “hyperobjects” by Timothy Morton, author of “Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World” (2013). They require a completely different way of thinking and being in the world; quite likely post binary, connecting the subjective and objective realms of experience and inclusive of a type of science in which the non-physical consciousness, information and subtler forms of energy are used to modify physical matter. 
On the other hand, integrative philosopher Sean Esbjörn-Hargens consider climate change and similar issues as “multiple objects.” This is an object that is objectively real but enacted through different subjective perspectives producing different meanings about it. I think that the “global technologically advanced, non-human, presence related to UFOs” can also be considered as a “multiple object.”
In the following article, Gail Hochachka studies the multiple responses to the issue of “climate change” under the aegis of Developmental Psychology. With a greater capacity for taking multiple perspectives, individuals may be able to deal with “hyperobjects” or with “multiple objects” more appropriately. Hochachka also shows how individuals operating under different interpretive levels of development “make meaning” including greater or lesser degrees of the present, past and future considerations accompanying different degree of abstraction and personal identifications.
I recognize the crucial importance that TTSA has played in moving the UFO subject into the mainstream, serving as a bridge between the highest levels of secrecy and the general public. However, it is time for many more serious cultural influencers to join a serious conversation regarding the “global, technologically advanced, non-human presence related to UFOs” beyond the influence of those in the know within military and intelligence circles who may only be able to interpret the situation under particular valid but partial limited perspectives. But we must rise to the challenge surpassing conventional modes of thinking. 
If UAP intelligences are able to handle a more extended present, a present that includes more of the future and of the past in a non-linear way as Luis Elizondo suggested (as a personal opinion) during a MUFON interview (see the May 2018 edition of “The MUFON Journal”), their conscious capacity for doing so may be similar or above an integrative perspective-taking capacity. At the very least, they would also be able to adequately understand “hyperobjects” or “multiple objects” and think in global and species-wide terms in constructive and adaptive ways. And this would entail that eventually most of humanity would also need to rise to an integrative perspective-taking capacity. 
“What if there were other species or
even humans, where their understanding of the present,
that optic, that spark, is maybe a little bit bigger? Maybe
that optic is a little bit wider. Rather than being a point,
maybe it’s a range. Maybe the understanding of the present
isn’t a point, but it’s a range, and maybe there’s elements of
the future and the past that are experienced as the present,
and, therefore, what we perceive as linear space-time maybe
others don’t. In fact, maybe these are things that have lived
here forever, before us. Maybe, we share the space with
them.” (Luis Elizondo).
Image result for extraterrestrialdisclosure
Whether UAP or UFO intelligences pose an actual physical threat or not (and I surmise that most don’t), not rising to a capacity for understanding tantamount to dealing with “hyperobjects” may produce a cultural type of threat since we would not be able to adapt. We would need to adapt to cultures that may not want to conquer us as technologically advanced cultures did on Earth against less technologically developed ones. However, their understanding of complexity, consciousness, information, in a post-materialist way capable of transcending our spacetime-limited cultural traditions may be a threat if we are unable to rise to the challenge. It would require the greatest shift for human civilization since the taming of fire and the discovery of stone tools. What if (just like “hyperobjects” or “multiple objects”) “they” (the UAP or UFO intelligences) may be already participating inside of us as we may be participating inside of them? What if we can only understand this if we rise above a rigid, binary distinction between objectivity and subjectivity? Rigid distinctions between “us” and “them” would melt along with rigid distinctions between our “present” linear, interpretive experiences and non-existing pasts and futures.  
Gail Hochachka’s study would also be useful to cultural leaders willing to influence the ways society may respond to a “global technologically advanced, non-human presence related to UFOs” inasmuch as its reality is becoming uncontroversial. With the aim of promoting a healthy, adaptive response to the technologically advanced, non-human presence in society, we need to study Developmental Psychology and how a greater number of individuals may intelligently or constructively relate to “Hyperobjects” or “Multiple Objects.” The good news is that human capacity seems to be able to reach an integrative level suitable for an adequate, intelligent cultural adaptation and flourishing under the new circumstances. We just need to implement ways to promote the massive psychological development of individuals up to that level. We need the political will beyond the hyper nationalisms in vogue today. Realistically speaking, only perhaps by being forced to deal with the extraordinary realities at hand will activate that political will.
Hochachka’s study can be useful to the intellectually serious disclosure activist, UFO researcher, experiencer or exopolitician since a “global, technologically advanced, non-human presence related to UFOs” can also be considered a “hyperobject” or as a “multiple object.” Again, understanding the human capacity to intelligently relate with such objects would be crucial for politically and culturally influencing or guiding a policy of “intelligent disclosure” in an adaptive, positive, constructive manner.
Global Environmental Change
Hochachka, Gail (2019). “On matryoshkas and meaning-making: Understanding the plasticity of climate change.” https://reader.elsevier.com/reader/sd/pii/S0959378018309762?token=D77478FF2E973E616FF618580A7BDC87B07DB7D8FC1B7012979A7BD5F00FD8B1B43CC12B5F15030D6CC5D9FAF61D1D2D
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