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Developmental Psychology and Intelligent Disclosure

In relation to an extraterrestrial presence, we may be dealing with “Hyperobjects” or “Multiple Objects.”  For intelligently influencing an Intelligent Disclosure we would need to study Developmental Psychology and how human consciousness and subjectivity may deal with these objects. 
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Consciousness can be understood as the capacity to experience meaning, in fact, forms of meaning, including how to interpret them. The meanings of experience are normally related to objects of experience and, ultimately, even consciousness itself can be understood as an object of its own experience. Therefore, epistemology and ontology are not separate. Meanings can be of multiple kinds like sensations (pain, pleasure), sentiments/feelings, concepts, ultimate spiritual meanings…any form of meaning.
Leading a ‘sensible’ human adaptation to emergent, culturally and instinctively-challenging global issues requires a global form of integrative perspective-taking. This would be a level of interpretation capable of appreciating the importance of previous forms of interpretation in such a way that its possible to work with individuals interpreting reality under such previous levels. Moreover, it would be a form of interpretation that operates under a more extended experience of “meaningful time” in which for practical purposes the motivation to act in the present experience includes more of the past and of the future. 
A creative, adaptive political and cultural acknowledgment of a globally active, advanced, non-human extraterrestrial presence on Earth is akin to intelligently dealing with culturally-challenging, global issues like “climate change.” These are issues which are so widely distributed in space and in time that only fragments of their meaning can be grasped simultaneously by most people. They trump traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. These issues are called “hyperobjects” by Timothy Morton, author of “Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World” (2013). They require a completely different way of thinking and being in the world; quite likely post binary, connecting the subjective and objective realms of experience and inclusive of a type of science in which the non-physical consciousness, information and subtler forms of energy are used to modify physical matter. 
On the other hand, integrative philosopher Sean Esbjörn-Hargens consider climate change and similar issues as “multiple objects.” This is an object that is objectively real but enacted through different subjective perspectives producing different meanings about it. I think that the “global technologically advanced, non-human, presence related to UFOs” can also be considered as a “multiple object.”
In the following article, Gail Hochachka studies the multiple responses to the issue of “climate change” under the aegis of Developmental Psychology. With a greater capacity for taking multiple perspectives, individuals may be able to deal with “hyperobjects” or with “multiple objects” more appropriately. Hochachka also shows how individuals operating under different interpretive levels of development “make meaning” including greater or lesser degrees of the present, past and future considerations accompanying different degree of abstraction and personal identifications.
I recognize the crucial importance that TTSA has played in moving the UFO subject into the mainstream, serving as a bridge between the highest levels of secrecy and the general public. However, it is time for many more serious cultural influencers to join a serious conversation regarding the “global, technologically advanced, non-human presence related to UFOs” beyond the influence of those in the know within military and intelligence circles who may only be able to interpret the situation under particular valid but partial limited perspectives. But we must rise to the challenge surpassing conventional modes of thinking. 
If UAP intelligences are able to handle a more extended present, a present that includes more of the future and of the past in a non-linear way as Luis Elizondo suggested (as a personal opinion) during a MUFON interview (see the May 2018 edition of “The MUFON Journal”), their conscious capacity for doing so may be similar or above an integrative perspective-taking capacity. At the very least, they would also be able to adequately understand “hyperobjects” or “multiple objects” and think in global and species-wide terms in constructive and adaptive ways. And this would entail that eventually most of humanity would also need to rise to an integrative perspective-taking capacity. 
“What if there were other species or
even humans, where their understanding of the present,
that optic, that spark, is maybe a little bit bigger? Maybe
that optic is a little bit wider. Rather than being a point,
maybe it’s a range. Maybe the understanding of the present
isn’t a point, but it’s a range, and maybe there’s elements of
the future and the past that are experienced as the present,
and, therefore, what we perceive as linear space-time maybe
others don’t. In fact, maybe these are things that have lived
here forever, before us. Maybe, we share the space with
them.” (Luis Elizondo).
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Whether UAP or UFO intelligences pose an actual physical threat or not (and I surmise that most don’t), not rising to a capacity for understanding tantamount to dealing with “hyperobjects” may produce a cultural type of threat since we would not be able to adapt. We would need to adapt to cultures that may not want to conquer us as technologically advanced cultures did on Earth against less technologically developed ones. However, their understanding of complexity, consciousness, information, in a post-materialist way capable of transcending our spacetime-limited cultural traditions may be a threat if we are unable to rise to the challenge. It would require the greatest shift for human civilization since the taming of fire and the discovery of stone tools. What if (just like “hyperobjects” or “multiple objects”) “they” (the UAP or UFO intelligences) may be already participating inside of us as we may be participating inside of them? What if we can only understand this if we rise above a rigid, binary distinction between objectivity and subjectivity? Rigid distinctions between “us” and “them” would melt along with rigid distinctions between our “present” linear, interpretive experiences and non-existing pasts and futures.  
Gail Hochachka’s study would also be useful to cultural leaders willing to influence the ways society may respond to a “global technologically advanced, non-human presence related to UFOs” inasmuch as its reality is becoming uncontroversial. With the aim of promoting a healthy, adaptive response to the technologically advanced, non-human presence in society, we need to study Developmental Psychology and how a greater number of individuals may intelligently or constructively relate to “Hyperobjects” or “Multiple Objects.” The good news is that human capacity seems to be able to reach an integrative level suitable for an adequate, intelligent cultural adaptation and flourishing under the new circumstances. We just need to implement ways to promote the massive psychological development of individuals up to that level. We need the political will beyond the hyper nationalisms in vogue today. Realistically speaking, only perhaps by being forced to deal with the extraordinary realities at hand will activate that political will.
Hochachka’s study can be useful to the intellectually serious disclosure activist, UFO researcher, experiencer or exopolitician since a “global, technologically advanced, non-human presence related to UFOs” can also be considered a “hyperobject” or as a “multiple object.” Again, understanding the human capacity to intelligently relate with such objects would be crucial for politically and culturally influencing or guiding a policy of “intelligent disclosure” in an adaptive, positive, constructive manner.
Global Environmental Change
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Filmmaker Says Truth About UFOs is Not About Little Green Men But is Hiding in Plain Sight

Listen to “E50 8-02-19 Filmmaker Says Truth About UFOs is Not About Little Green Men” on Spreaker.

Article by Ashley Jude Collie                    July 20, 2019                      (bbntimes.com)

• Stephen Zoller, (an accomplished film writer and producer since the 1980’s), has strong opinions about UFOs and spoke with BBN Times about it. His fascination with all things alien began when he was an eight year-old in Dublin, Ireland and watched the film,‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ in the local theater. After immigrating to America, on a family car trip through Indiana in 1965, Zoller saw a saucer shaped object whiz by with blinding speed. Ten years later he found an old magazine with a photo of a UFO in Indiana dated 1965. Maybe he wasn’t daydreaming after all. So he devoured anything he could about UFOs.

• With all of the talk about UFOs lately, from the New York Times’ articles on a Pentagon UFO program, to Navy pilots’ stories of UFOs off of the coast of California, to Tom DeLonge, to Bob Lazar, to billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow’s assertion that he was “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist and that UFOs have visited Earth, Zoller suggests that UFOs could well be hiding in plain sight.

• What is Zoller’s take on UFOs? “I suggest they’re not little green men from a far-flung part of the galaxy,” says Zoller. “Interstellar travel from our closest neighboring star would fly in the face of Einstein’s theory of mass-energy equivalence.” “I don’t think they are extraterrestrials. I think it’s more likely that they originate from planet Earth” – from the future. They’ve developed the ability to move freely through Earth’s timeline but are forbidden to alter the past in any substantial way, otherwise they would initiate temporal annihilation in the future.

• “After years of mounting evidence there is no longer any doubt that UFOs are real, and that the authorities have no idea from where they originate,” says Zoller. “The question is what does the military and intelligence community know and why do they refuse to share it with the public. Maybe, they fear that an admission would lead to economic and social upheaval which would be bad for business as far as the rich and powerful are concerned.”

• “There’s great unrest all over the globe,” say Zoller, “including ethnic and religious conflict, mass migration, left versus right, and worst of all, a willful denial of facts and science. The bulk of the blame rests with the powers-that-be who want to preserve their status quo at any cost. By that I mean political, religious and corporate elites.”

• Zoller continues, “With the climate crisis and global overpopulation having such deleterious effects on our beautiful blue planet, it’s curious that UFO sightings have dramatically spiked in the past few years. My gut tells me that the two are connected.” How? “Your guess is as good as mine.”

• Zoller offers hope for the future: “Despite the deep hole we humans have dug for ourselves, it’s a great time to be alive. The possibility exists that before long we will witness the game-changer to end all game-changers, one that may lead to scientific and spiritual enlightenment.”

[Editor’s Note]   Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1952, coming to America via Ireland, and establishing himself as an up-and-coming film producer by 1980, Stephen Zoller (age 68) is a good example of a person working in the mainstream who has also kept up with the UFO phenomenon with an open mind. No one really knows for certain how extensive the extraterrestrial presence truly is, and what types of beings are involved. So Zoller draws a somewhat contradictory belief that our future selves have time travel technology to come back here and observe us, while at the same time assuming that advanced extraterrestrial beings are absent because alien travel technology would be limited by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

What is quite interesting is Zoller’s intuition that we will soon experience a “game-changer to end all game-changers, one that may lead to scientific and spiritual enlightenment.” He might be intuiting a Solar Flash that Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and many others have predicted will initiate an energy wave washing over the solar system, and raising the spiritual consciousness of those who are prepared, to a fourth density reality, in addition to the planets themselves. Could this be the reason why we see so many UFO’s in the sky lately? Are these beings here to get a front row seat to one of the most awesome and marvelous events occurring in the galaxy?


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” — Hamlet to Horatio

When Shakespeare mentioned “more things in heaven and earth,” could he have whimsically meant UFOs?

Why not? Because there are so many amazing things beyond us as our science and technology on Earth proves daily. And, also as the Hubble telescope demonstrates as it continually allows astronomers to study the heavens and their awesome celestial events.

But when it comes to strange flying objects right here in our own skies, filmmaker Stephen Zoller suggests that the truth about UFOs could well be hiding in plain sight.

First, let’s backtrack. Early in 2017, on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, who’s been working with NASA to produce craft for humans to use in space, asserted that he was “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist and that UFOs have visited Earth.

In December 2017, the New York Times ran eye-opening, back-to-back stories, including: one a front-page expose on a Defense Department program (AATIP) that investigated reports of unidentified flying objects; and, another about two Navy airmen (including Cmdr. David Fravor) in their F/A-18F Super Hornets off the California coast who actually saw an object that “accelerated like nothing” that Fravor had ever seen.

Inside America’s UFO Investigation

Remember the multi-million-selling punk-pop band, Blink 182, well its founder Tom DeLonge last concert was in front of 100,000 fans. Now, he’s been putting his money where his mouth is as executive producer of a new limited series called “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” on the HISTORY channel.

Previously run by Luis Elizondo, AATIP was created to investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) including numerous videos of reported encounters. The TV series “Unidentified” features DeLonge, Elizondo and several other investigative team members including Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Intelligence. Early in the series, Mellon offers: “My hope is make a serious effort to acquire and analyze data which could tell us whether this UFO issue does involves some other civilization or reveals a breakthrough of adversaries or even allies…Evidence suggests these are not U.S. vehicles…(and) it’s inexcusable we don’t make the effort to answer such a profound question.”

Then, earlier this year, ace podcaster Joe Rogan interviewed Bob Lazar, the self-proclaimed former member of America’s ultra-secret alien technology’s reverse-engineering program. Lazar called the AAVs he observed as “borderline magic” describing nine vehicles with the potential of power levels that were “astronomical.” He saw the AAVs fly and also quipped about getting caught filming a craft doing “radical maneuvers” and suggesting that Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor “described exactly what we saw.”

The Day the Earth Stood Still

That’s where I return to Stephen Zoller, an accomplished filmmaker but a humble man who doesn’t have any abduction stories. But he has a lifelong fascination with UFOs that was inspired in a theater near Dublin in 1960 where as an eight year old he sat wide-eyed, watching the seminal sci-fi movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

image from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

Next, after immigrating to North America and on a family car trip through Indiana in 1965, he saw a saucer shaped object whiz by with blinding speed. Known for having a vivid imagination, young Zoller’s “sighting” only provoked laughter. However, ten years later, while attending the University of Toronto, he found an old magazine with a photo of a UFO dated 1965 in Indiana. Maybe, he wasn’t daydreaming after all, so he devoured anything he could about UFOS, including reading about the Barney and Betty Hill incident.

Not Little Green Men

Q Mr. Zoller, after all that research, what’s your take today on UFO/AAVs?

A The prevailing sentiment with UFO watchers is that they’re of extraterrestrial origin. However, the more I’ve researched, the more I suggest they’re not little green men from a far-flung part of the galaxy. It’s just way too much of a scientific leap. Interstellar travel from Alpha Centauri, our closest neighboring star at a mere 26 trillion miles away, would fly in the face of Einstein’s theory of mass-energy equivalence.



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UFOs Are Real, and We Should Know What They Are

June 3, 2019                        (pressherald.com)

• US Navy pilots reported in 2014/2015 regularly seeing impossibly fast and agile UFOs over the East Coast. The Navy issued new guidelines for reporting UFOs. The Department of Defense admitted that it investigated UFOs from 2007 to 2012 (and beyond!). It is clear that the US government is now (finally) taking UFOs seriously.

• When the UFO sightings first occurred, pilots thought it was mistaken radar which had been recently upgraded. When they began picking them up visually, the pilots thought they might be dealing with high-tech drones from some classified program. When the “drones” almost collided with them multiple times over multiple altitudes, they knew it wasn’t their own government flying these things. These UFOs could reach 30,000 feet and fly at hypersonic speeds, yet there was no sign of an engine or exhaust. They could stop, accelerate and turn much too fast for human pilots to endure. The UFOs could stay up there all day, while the Navy jets could only fly for an hour.

• It is good that the stigma of addressing the existence of UFOs is removed because the government should not hide this stuff from the public just for the sake of hiding it, especially when the public has been documenting UFOs for decades. Also, treating the UFO phenomenon with secrecy and ridicule does not help the military effectively deal with them.

• If some foreign adversary has such advanced technology, we need to know. If it is something from another world, we shouldn’t hide from that realization. The size and age of our galaxy makes the presence of other life forms mathematically possible (if not probable). If some ET civilization could reach us, they would certainly be more technologically advanced.

• The Romans were scared of the 7-foot-tall, pale white beings who lived in the forests to their far north. Eastern Europeans thought they were being attacked by an alien force when the Mongols first swept through. The European settlement of the New World was a collision of two vastly different worlds. Maybe humans and extraterrestrials can get it right this time.


From the summer of 2014 through March 2015, The New York Times reported last week, Navy pilots regularly encountered impossibly fast and agile aircraft while training over the East Coast. To this day, they have no explanation for them.

They are, in the truest sense of the phrase, unidentified flying objects.

As a result of the reports, made by several highly trained aviators with years of experience in the military’s top aircraft, the Navy issued pilots new guidelines for dealing with unexplained aerial phenomena.

The new guidelines formalized a process that has taken place for decades. The public airing of these guidelines, and the confirmation in 2017 of a government operation tasked with investigating aerospace threats, is seen as an indication that the military has accepted the existence of UFOs — whatever their origin — and is taking them seriously.

That’s good for a few reasons — most of them not having much to do with fears over a real-life “War of the Worlds.”
First, it’s healthy to remove the stigma from unexplained phenomena. There is no reason for the U.S. government to have so much secrecy around these sightings when the military, astronomers and everyday Americans have been documenting them for decades. While most of these sightings eventually can be explained – as something innocuous, such as a trick of the light, or a failing of our own human senses — studies have found 5 percent to be reliable yet inexplicable.

We should be able to talk about these mysteries – all of us, government included – without such forced secrecy. The government shouldn’t get to hide this stuff from us just for the sake of hiding it.



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