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Ufologists Need To Be Cautious In Predicting (Full) Disclosure

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In the Introduction to his excellent book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances (2015). Dr. Michael Salla qualified the demand by famed Astronomer Carl Sagan that “extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence” with a corollary to that doctrine as it applies to Secret Space Program whistleblowers.

Salla stated that “a more appropriate research dictum” to use in their cases is that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary investigation” when dealing with those alleging “eyewitness” status to SSP activities.

He noted the extreme difficulty of such individuals producing physical evidence of their observations, especially considering the dangers to them stemming from the national security implications of their experiences.

I see great merit in his position and would add a further modification when it comes to those making predictions of imminent (Full) Disclosure.

Ufologist Richard Dolan is famous for a cautious, meticulous approach to all things extraterrestrial. I would, therefore, label my recommendation the Dolan Corollary to the Sagan/Salla Thesis and require Disclosure proponents demonstrate “extraordinary caution” in their remarks.

Back in early May, PRG Ex Dir Steve Bassett announced that “Full Disclosure is imminent”, something he has done in the past as I pointed out here.

More recently, Robert David Steele stated that:  David Wilcock is certain that President Donald Trump — who is fully familiar with both free energy and stellar civilization — wants to do disclosure in September.

Perhaps……but I strongly doubt that will happen.  Wilcock has been predicting Disclosure for years now.. Both he and Steele are brilliant and hard-working…….but often wrong in their predictions.  I appreciate
their enthusiasm and confidence but wishful thinking is no substitute for accurate forecasting.

I urge greater caution in such matters as a way of insulating Ufology from attacks that it is the delusional rantings by the tin-foil hat crowd and conspiracy theorists.

I am often guilty of making predictions because of my urgent desire to share with others what I believe is  about to happen. But I style such writings “speculative musings” a way of diffusing their impact and lessening
their ability to mislead readers into accepting them as totally accurate.

Ufology is a serious matter that has played a significant role in human history but which is often distorted or  shrouded in secrecy by those with hidden agendas bent on maintaining their power.

Adoption of the Dolan Corollary while maintaining respect for Sagan’s mandate and Salla’s valuable insight may well accelerate the potential for (Full) Disclosure.  By creating an atmosphere where leaders feel a higher comfort level with the risks associated with transparency, the UFO community may achieve an end to the Truth Embargo in the near future as its most ardent advocates desire.

Rich Scheck
Ferndale, WA
September 10, 2019

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Branson Evangelicals To Evaluate ETs, Hyperdimensional Physics and So Much More

In anticipation of the upcoming annual Branson gathering sponsored by devout Christians who discuss matters relating to ETs, Dave Hodges has published several articles about his knowledge of UFOs.

The latest addition of his multi-part series regarding “Revelations From The Underworld” refers in detail to the controversial work of Richard C. Hoagland, specifically as it relates to his Face On Mars Theory and discussion of hyperdimensional physics.

Hodges is an avowed Christian who has much to say about the New World Order, political corruption and other serious topics related to contemporary events that he covers daily on his Common Sense Show website that is accessible at

His contribution to Ufology, the topic of ETs, and related issues will be on display along with the work of others with similar beliefs such as Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli in Branson the weekend of September 13-14.

This year, The True Legends Conference intends to answer “The Alien Question!”  Whether they will be able to do so to the satisfaction of the entire UFO community remains to be seen.  It is likely to be a fascinating discussion for all who travel to Missouri to see if the participants are able to integrate advanced scientific theories such as those of Hoagl and with their deeply held religious leanings.

The presence of Richard Dolan with his grounded, evidence based approach to the topic might have provided an interesting bridge between those reluctant to embrace certain aspects of Christian theology and those espousing theories about wormholes, stargates, EBEs and related matters…….but Dolan has apparently bowed out.

When one contemplates that it was Mueller’s uber prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who went after Enron while they were attempting to implement a “free energy community” in Colorado based on Tesla’s physics, the relevance of more mundane events like Russia Gate to aspects of the Secret Space Program become evermore intriguing:

One thing seems to be certain: more and more people across a broad continuum of differing perspectives, have come to believe in the reality of ETs. For those curious about what these folks have to say, a trip to Branson, MO may be a good way to spend some time only a few days from now.   

Rich Scheck, Burlington, WA, September 4, 2019

Did Epstein’s Plane Recently Fly To An Elite Secret Base In Antarctica?

Here in beautiful British Columbia, it is difficult to fathom the extent of the filth surrounding our current political situation, especially in the US with the Epstein scandal following close on the heals of Russiagate with which it is closely related.Of course, Canada is not free from its own problems with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau under fire for his role in the SNC-Lavalin probe.

Problems abound globally whether in Kashmir, Venezuela, Ukraine or Hong
Kong.  The potential silver lining in this mess is for a resetting of the financial architecture to reconstruct post WWII Bretton Woods arrangements that more accurately reflect current realities.

Now comes another incredible slice of the Epstein saga that upgrades the
conversation from the tawdry world of spying, sex trafficking, secret arms
deals, the funding of transhumanist research at Harvard and the other myriad
intriguing links to this modern day twisted version of James Bond.

Epstein’s plane has apparently been flying to……….Antarctica!

Yes, Antarctica of all places, with its connections to Nazi bases, Project
Highjump and its mysterious visits by religious figures, government officials and one Moon Walker, Buzz Aldrin.

Is there a secret elite base in Antarctica?  Does it have any connection to the Secret Space Program?  And why is a plane directly linked to Jeffrey Epstein going there while he was in jail awaiting trial……or should I say execution?

Epstein was some sort of deviant character.  But his unique life style and
incredible connections to all sorts of powerful people will likely see him
become a larger-than-life anti-hero like Che Guevera or Charles Manson.

With this latest revelation of a claimed link to one of the most remote regions  on Earth, another chapter is unfolding that may take us to places and entities far beyond our wildest imagination.

Rich Scheck
Chilliwack, BC
August 15, 2019

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