Will “Open-Minded” Trump Be The Disclosure President?

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The foundation continues to be laid to validate PRG Director Steve Bassett’s May 2019 prediction that “full disclosure is imminent!”

If that happens now it would make Donald Trump the disclosure president much to the chagrin of those suffering from TDS who dreamed that Hillary Clinton would garner that title.

There’s a strong argument to be made that she would have justifiably earned that label had she won the 2016 election.  Starting with her work with the Rockefeller Initiative back in the late 1990s and right up to the last presidential campaign where both she and her campaign manager, John Podesta, more than hinted of their intention to end The Truth Embargo, Hillary has been a champion of greater transparency when it came to UFOs/UAVs.

Trump’s discussion with Tucker Carlson in Korea a few days ago is fascinating:  he states that solid  grounds for believing UFOs are real even if he doesn’t embrace the idea that they are extraterrestrial.

The key point is that he is talking about the subject……again……following his recent chat with George Stephanopoulos where the subject was raised for the first time with him.

Trump is discussing this in public in the context of the media being inundated with reports on the formerly taboo topic and admits that he is “open-minded” about it all since the pilots and other witnesses are credible.

Is this another baby-step along the soft disclosure road set in motion with the formation of TTSA in October of 2017 and the New York Times article two months later describing the ATTP?  It sure seems like it to me.

Maybe Richard C. Hoagland will have something to say about this on July 20th when he may follow up his recent interview with Clyde Lewis where he suggested some sort of big announcement is on the way.

The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing would seem the perfect time for Trump to say that he had received a new briefing and that ETs and/or their crashed craft are here.  Hoagland has sent the president a special report on the Moon and Mars which might be all he needs.

Combine the rash of discussion about UFOs after decades of official denial with Trump’s Space Force, other revelations like the Wilson/Davis notes about a downed alien vehicle and many reports by military and civilians of UFO sightings and we have a clear indication that Bassett may indeed be right.

I thought he was premature in his prediction and that another Middle East war with Iran was more likely.  Maybe it will turn out that both forecasts prove true.

But if we receive official confirmation of the ET presence on Earth, that would make Trump the Disclosure President, something a man with his lust for fame and notoriety would surely relish in the run-up to the 2020 election…….and as a permanent legacy of his presidency!

Rich Scheck
Woodland, WA
July 6, 2019


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