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Human Nature-Based Disclosure

 Unique aerospace vehicles coming out of the ocean in Puerto Rico. Photo by José Fernandez.

How can we as “disclosure activists” and as practitioners of “exopolitics” (and, in many cases, as contact experiencers) really assist society to accept and to adapt to the disclosure of an extraterrestrial, multi-dimensional presence? Should we simply allow a more classic, militaristic interpretive tendency (as within the effort of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences) convince politicians and citizens worldwide and let that extension of our political biases take its course or should we try to find another way of doing things?

I think that we (in fact, eventually, ALL of us and not just ‘experiencers’ who have been awakened to a vaster reality) must try to understand why we are as we are in terms of maintaining our personal identities, sense of meaning and moral politics. I think that our ability to see and our blindness impeding seeing how to “connect the dots” (in a healthy, healing, constructive way) is related to how consciousness itself is capable or not of embracing more aspects of reality in a coherent way. And some of the people speaking about this (although in less spiritual terms) are moral and developmental psychologists.  As boring as these studies might be (in contrast to cover-up revelations, for instance) they can serve as foundations based on empirical research to learn why we create dominance hierarchies and why we fight so much with each other, whether we are in the 0.1% elite group or in any other social strata.

In order to establish contact with healthy, benevolent interstellar beings on a par with their alleged lofty ideals and in a mutually beneficial fashion, with sovereignty as a species that can be sustained, we probably first need to be able to leave our”self-perpetuating wheel of unending conflict.”

What makes ‘sense’ to us is generally related to our intuitions of what is and is not. And this is an expression of the Principle of Identity. And the Principle of Identity (related to how we cognitively intuit what is and is not in our mental schemas and in relation to perception) is probably rooted in the equivalence of consciousness with being itself. It is rooted in the fact that we are (being) because we experience (cogito ergo sum). Thereafter, our interpretive experience is rooted in the self-evident fact that we first know that we are because we experience. It is an automatic part of our conscious awareness and even of our personal identity-based political operations in any “real world” we may be participating.

By extension, constructive “common cause” identity politics, and destructive, “common enemy” identity politics is based on that capacity of recognizing expressions of what is or of existence and being. We could summarize (according to some developmental psychologists like Kegan, Kohlberg, Peck, Cheryl, Gilligan, Fowler, Cook-Greuter, Baldwin, et al) our capacity to embrace and understand varies from person to person.

Levels of Ego Development according to one of the developmental psychologists, Suzanne Cook-Greuter. To face the challenge of DISCLOSURE we probably need a large percentage of the population and/or its cultural-political leaders in a Green (Pluralist), Teal or Turquoise stage of development. How could someone in a predominant “Amber” stage of ego development (the Diplomat- Conformist) act in the name of pluralist, world-centric values for the good of all humankind while willing to admit into his or her circle of care and concern non-human, extraterrestrial (or even intraterrestrial) beings?

It can be summarized as if the personal room for our consciousness and its degrees of possible embrace or identification with reality and interpretations were larger or smaller. It might also operate under a greater or lesser intensity of subjective walls or subdivisions in that inner conscious “space” or “room” and we would have biases possessing our conscious experience without us being aware of it, limiting how much and how we embrace what we disclose to ourselves in our experience.

The more we expand our consciousness as a permanent average trait the more we can embrace a “common emphasis” identity politics versus a “common enemy” identity politics. This issue related to how our CONSCIOUSNESS is freer and more inclusive or instead possessed by inner walls and biases that affect our interpersonal relationships, politics, ufology, disclosure. If we do not nourish a trusting environment we may not be ready for healthy social coordination after major UFO, experiencer revelations.

According to Ken Wilber (working with the information provided by some of those developmental psychologists) a large percentage of the population primarily functions in a premodern, mythic, authority-based level of development coloring their self-identities in which it is IMPOSSIBLE to feel, think, value and include multiple truths multilaterally, fact-based and pluralistically, or in a true modern democratic way, not to speak of the capacity to find a way to harmonize ideological differences via an integrative approach.

Dr. Jonathan Haidt emphasizes (conservative and liberal) moral TENDENCIES (rather than developmental levels) affecting self-identity and identity politics but his work is seriously related to this discourse and to how disclosure activists may effectively work in society beyond participating (even if based on reason) in the blame game.

In a world that needs to come together to process shared human problems: degradation of the oceans, climate change, nuclear warheads, terrorism across borders, artificial intelligence and job loss, information glut, and a long etc, the popularity of ethnic nationalism (now achieving power through democratic elections) is dismantling the international order that (at least in principle) promoted larger swaths of humanity to come together in cooperation with healthy democracies around a world of shared human rights using reason and facts to agree in applications.

How can a “post-truth” world order or a more disunited world made up of more dominating but competing for populist, nationalist polities welcome “the others”? (ETs). How can societies learn to deal in a constructive way and as part of a more unified global humanity if an “us vs them” mentality prevails?

If the classical liberal institutions and classical liberal people’s values in the world are in disarray as we tend to hold on to limited answers, how are we going to add the cultural challenge of verifying an extraterrestrial presence? The “rooms” or “spaces” in our consciousnesses need to expand.

I propose that as “disclosure activists” we also need to understand our own human psychology and what motivates us in order to engage in a more intelligent disclosure discourse and activism. Are most of us liberals (in the liberals vs conservative sense)? How can we value and speak with conservatives (both recognized by Wilber and Haidt as necessary)?

I definitely think that we need to study the work of moral psychologists like Johnathan Haidt and also the works of integrative philosopher Ken Wilber (who emphasizes developmental psychology). One emphasizes tendencies and, the other, capacities. And we need to understand both if we are to become aware of why we are how we are and why we become so invested in our beliefs.

If we are to overcome what may be the greatest challenge of all (probably challenging human nature as we normally experience it) we need to rise beyond opinions about each other. It must even go beyond the genuine and fantastic critiques of what an elite may be doing to us to retain control of us.

In order to be politically and exopolitically responsible we must really focus on understanding our tendencies and that of others (in regular citizens as well as elites and, simply, those in positions of leadership), tendencies naturally bearing on the degree of openness, personal biases and/or various specific interests toward the complex issue of disclosure. Simultaneously, we also need to understand why (sometimes, due to developmental level incapacity) many cannot rise to the challenge of disclosure because they – quite simply – they cannot rise above standard belief systems and cohere explanations discovering what they have in common and – from this platform – inform, share, educate.

The greatest transformative challenge humanity faces would be so deeply transformative that it cannot simply be based on simplistic belief system solutions. Revealing the degree of mischievousness with which an elite controls the cover-up or if a handful of contactees communicating with “space brothers” were – after all – correct in what, otherwise, looked like airy-fairy recommendations and narratives would be probably remain superficial, cosmetic solutions prone to produce more interpersonal conflict unless ‘we’ who care about truth, evolution and disclosure (at least as many of us as possible) come to value understanding why we are as we are, what can we really become and how to go about educating and transforming our current manifestations of “human nature.” This is why we need to expand our sphere of interest into Social Psychology, Behavioral Genetics, Biosociology, and other sources of information that shed light upon our “human nature.”

Thus far, the “UFO community” has made some contributions to society at large (albeit mostly preaching to the choir) but has not been able to provide a basis to come to basic agreements or to integrate the best information. We are also divided by our tendencies, often to the point of not recognizing each others’ contributions. So, we have also shown to the world how we subdivide ourselves as any other social group with a political message.

Do we simply need to become more conscious through more validated or grounded revelations, information, and through spiritual practices or do we need to re-engineer our tendencies and our developmental capacities by re-engineering our genes or simply becoming aware of why we are as we are (and to change our behavior and attitudes accordingly) is the key to become politically and exopolitically successful “citizens” in a complex, multi-dimensional cosmos?

A person to keep in mind to deepen this necessary conversation is Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens who (probably in 2019) will be exploring (from an Integral Meta-Theory perspective) the issue of extraterrestrial contacts, Ufology, society, exopolitics.






Wilber, K. (2007). Integral Spirituality. Boston: Integral Books

Spectators Left Baffled After Three UFOs Appeared in China

by Nirmal Narayanan                  July 20, 2018                 (ibtimes.sg)

• On July 18, 2018, Chinese commuters spotted a weird UFO in the sky. The UFO was circular in shape, and it had illuminating lights in the body.

• The ‘mavi777’ YouTube channel (see below) also uploaded clips of other two UFO sightings which they claim to have happened in other regions of China.

• YouTube commenter, Christos Kaloudis, thinks that humans are being observed by aliens from deep space. “We are definitely being observed… but when will they reveal themselves is the question?” asks Kaloudis.

Commuters in a Chinese town spotted a weird UFO in the sky on July 18, 2018. A video showing the bizarre incident was later uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel ‘mavi777’, and it is now the hottest debating point among UFO buffs and alien enthusiasts.

The video looked very authentic in nature, as the onlookers were seen pointing fingers to the skies when the UFO appears. The UFO was circular in shape, and it had illuminating lights in the body. The conspiracy theory channel also uploaded clips of other two UFO sightings which they claim to have happened in other regions of China.As the video went viral, conspiracy theorists strongly argued that alien life is a reality. These theorists made it clear that aliens used to visit earth to monitor human activities, and now they are slowly gearing up for a disclosure.

After watching the video, viewers of ‘mavi777’ put forward various theories explaining the spooky sky sighting. Christos Kaloudis, a YouTube user argued that humans are being observed by aliens from deep space.

“We are definitely being observed… but when will they reveal themselves is the question? To me, it looks like one object spinning and thus we see this rotation in the light formation. Unbelievable footage brother, undeniable proof ” commented Kaloudis.

6:44 video of ‘leap-frogging’ UFOs over China July 18, 2018
from ‘mavi777’ YouTube channel

1:33 minute video of better camera angles of the
three UFOs over China from Daily Mail YouTube channel


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UFOs Are Real and Often Narrowly Miss Crashing Into Planes

by Nick Pope                July 13, 2018                  (thesun.co.uk)

• Aliens, UFOs and death rays sound like the stuff of science fiction. But from his 21 years with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope (pictured above) knows that UFO’s are real and that our government leaders take them very seriously. The recent disclosure of MoD documents show that the UK government has spent 50 years investigating alien technology.

• Pope says that while the majority of UFO sightings could be explained, but around five per cent remain mysterious. And there are several cases of near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft. Pope also got to look into other X-File types of cases such as crop circles, alien abductions, ghost sightings, and psychic phenomenon.

• The declassified MoD documents revealed that the Russians had put a lot of effort into researching and investigating not just UFOs, but parapsychology – telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), psychic phenomena and similar things.

• The British military viewed this in terms of threats and the possibility that “novel military applications” might result from a better understanding of UFOs. It was suggested that UFOs might not objects, but rather the result of changes in energy in the atmosphere. This raised the intriguing possibility of channeling this energy to develop a death ray weapon.

• All the while, the Americans were conducting their own research through a Pentagon program called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Some declassified videos surfaced of US Navy jets chasing UFOs. 

• If anyone was laughing about UFOs before, they’re not laughing now. Those who have looked at this subject from within the government knew better. RAF pilots had seen UFOs and occasionally chased them. The MoD had gun camera footage similar to the declassified US Navy videos. Radar operators tracked UFOs from time to time, and the speeds and maneuvers were astounding.

• The MoD told Parliament, the media, and the British public that UFOs were of “no defense significance”. However, this was a meaningless soundbite designed simply to get people off our backs, said Pope.


ALIENS, UFOs and death rays sound more like the stuff of science fiction than the subjects of top-secret government briefings… but I know from my 21 years at the Ministry of Defence that our leaders take these threats more seriously than they let on.

I also learned from my time there that UFOs are real. And I should know, because my job throughout the nineties was to investigate them.

World UFO Day fell last week, and it was very clear that the usual scepticism and ridicule had been replaced with a far more serious tone.

This may be helped by the fact that details recently emerged of MoD documents showing the UK government’s interest and involvement in UFOs – and suggesting that we had spent 50 years investigating the possibilities of developing alien technology.

I worked on these files and came out of retirement to help with the MoD’s release project – the decade-long declassification of top-secret papers – which concluded in January.

And while the Official Secrets Act binds me for life, now that the government itself is releasing more details of my old MoD job, I can give people an insider’s perspective on what we really got up to.

From UFOs almost crashing into planes to alien abductions

The bottom line was that we knew UFOs were real, but we didn’t know what they were.

The majority of UFO sightings could be explained, but around five per cent remain mysterious.

The cases that concerned me most were the near-misses between UFOs and commercial aircrafts – there are several such cases in the MoD’s UFO files.

What was much more fun was the other weird stuff that came our way simply because there was nowhere else in government to send it: crop circles, claims that people had been abducted by aliens, ghost sightings and people who claimed to be psychic and volunteered their services to British intelligence.

But is it really true, as the latest declassified files suggest, that we were racing against the Russians and the Chinese to acquire alien technology and develop some sort of super-weapon?

Not quite, but the reality is almost just as bizarre.



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