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Most Americans Think the US Government Would Hide Evidence of UFOs

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Article by Jamie Ballard                                 July 7, 2020                           (yougov.com)

• In 2017, YouGov.com, an international research and analytics polling company headquartered in London, surveyed Americans whether a newly discovered alien species would more likely be friendly or hostile. 29% of US adults believed that the extraterrestrials would be friendly. Less then 19% thought that an alien species would be hostile towards us.

• In July 2019, a YouGov poll showed that 54% thought it was likely that the US government is withholding information it has about UFOs and extraterrestrials from the American pubic.

• Since the Senate Intelligence Committee recently authorized a bill that, if passed, would require US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to put together a detailed analysis on all unclassified information it has on UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence, a new YouGov survey asked American if they believe that the government would share even its unclassified information with the public. 56% of the 8,000 Americans polled said that no, they did not think that the government would be forthcoming. Only 22% said they thought the government would share unclassified information with the people. On average, women were more skeptical about the likelihood of government disclosure to the public of the extraterrestrial presence.


In recent weeks, the Senate Intelligence Committee included language in an authorization bill that if passed, would require US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to put together a detailed unclassified analysis of all the data they have collected on “unidentified aerial phenomenon.” But Americans aren’t necessarily convinced the government will share any evidence of UFOs with the public.

A YouGov poll of more than 8,000 US adults finds most (56%) Americans believe that if the government had evidence of UFOs, this information would be hidden from the public. About one in five (22%) believes the government would share this evidence with the public.

Men (27%) are 10 percentage points more likely than women (17%) to believe the government would share this information. That said, a majority of both men (54%) and women (58%) believe the government would hide evidence of UFOs from the public.



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