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Nordic Extraterrestrial Contact – JP Interview Series Part 1

JP is a contactee/insider who has had contacts with human looking “Nordic” extraterrestrials since 2008. In addition to ongoing contact experiences with the Nordics, he has also had experiences with a U.S. Air Force run secret space program that has been taking him aboard flying triangles and rectangles. What makes JP stand out among many contactee/insider claims is that he has taken stunning photos of the craft that he has been taken aboard, and/or belonging to the Nordics. In some cases, JP was encouraged by personnel associated with USAF Special Operations to take photos of their antigravity vehicles.

In Part one of this four part series, we learn about how JP’s contacts began during his early childhood, and resumed in 2008 where he encountered Nordics for the first time. He soon after began communicating his experiences with Dr. Michael Salla who has kept a record of his encounters and began writing a series of articles on them in September 2017 .

For more information about JP, his photos and experiences, go to: https://www.exopolitics.org/jp-articles-photos-videos/

Special Thanks to Rene Armenta for his graphic depiction of JP standing next to the craft he sighted in Brazil in 2008.

When Secrecy is Better than Official Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life

Dr. Steven Greer, a leading figure in the UFO disclosure movement, has just proposed an audacious idea concerning official disclosure of extraterrestrial life. In his expert opinion, acquired over more than 25 years of disclosure advocacy, continued secrecy is better than disclosing the truth about visiting aliens if they are depicted in any other way than peaceful nonviolent beings attempting to advance the evolution of human life on Earth.

In the February 5 installment of Gaia TV’s Disclosure series, Greer was interviewed on the topic of the “Architecture of Secrecy” and explained his view about how official disclosure should be handled. He asserted his controversial idea that continued secrecy is better than any disclosure scenario that depicts extraterrestrials as in any way constituting a threat:

My biggest concern is that there’s a hijacking of disclosure around a narrative of a threat, of an us versus them scenario. That is the sort of thing that can lead to the worst possible outcome.  I wrote a paper called “When Disclosure Serves Secrecy”. Disclosure that would serve the secret agenda is not something that we need. I’d rather have the secrecy continue, frankly. But a disclosure that would be truthful and would be forward looking, and that would have an interplanetary peace initiative, and communication and contact initiative, and that would have the release of these technologies for peaceful energy generation, transportation and what have you, that would transform the planet very quickly  (Video: 9:45)

Greer explicitly referred to Luiz Elizondo and Dr. Hal Puthoff, who are senior figures in Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy, as a major part of the threat scenario that is being currently put out into the public arena through the major news media. On that score, I would agree with Greer that the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” (AATIP) which was created within the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2007, and headed by Elizondo up to 2017, was unnecessarily framing the UFO issue in terms of it being a threat to national security.

If Greer only limited himself to critiquing depictions of UFOs and all extraterrestrial visitors as a threat, which AATIP appeared to be doing, he would be on solid ground. However, Greer in the Disclosure interview, as well as in past public statements, made it clear that he is against researcher that depict any extraterrestrials, even if only a small percentage, as a threat in any way.

On May 2, 2006, Greer launched an extraordinary public attack on my exopolitics research for having committed the egregious sin of proposing that extraterrestrials could in any way behave similarly to humans in terms of a wide range of motivations. My research dividing extraterrestrials into different motivational categories, e.g., the good, the bad and the indifferent, was lambasted by Greer as fueled by disinformation.

Greer is no doubt correct that elements of the Military Industrial Complex are exaggerating the threat narrative when it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation, which AATIP appeared to be currently doing and which I acknowledged back in my 2006 response to Greer. In it, however, I also pointed out that Greer’s bold assertion that there is no evidence of hostile extraterrestrial behavior, can be easily shown to be wrong by examining multiple sources revealing the egregious behavior of some extraterrestrial visitors.

On July 26, 2010, Greer was confronted by Project Camelot founders, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, over the same issue, and they presented their own evidentiary sources that some extraterrestrial visitors were behaving unethically and maliciously.

In 2018, Greer attacked two of the insider sources I have cited extensively in my secret space program book series, Corey Goode and William Tompkins, as putting out disinformation about aggressive extraterrestrials, Draconian Reptilians, who are described as a prominent part of the planetary control system. In this case, he speculated that both Goode and Tompkins were implanted with false memories and were unwittingly spreading disinformation.

Again, I responded to Greer by pointing out the abundant evidence refuting his audacious assertion that no extraterrestrials behave in ways that are unethical or malicious. Indeed, I showed how his dismissal of Tompkins claims, in particular, ignored the impressive documentation substantiating his information.

With that brief background on Greer’s past public statements on the issue of some, not all, extraterrestrials being unethical and malicious, the context has been set for better understanding the implications of what Greer had to say next in the February 5 interview.

Greer repeated his assertion that continued secrecy is preferable to any official disclosure announcement describing aliens as a threat, even if only partially or a subset of the entire alien visitation scenario:

The disclosure of this subject is the most important announcement in the history of the human race. How it’s handled, it has to be handled with great wisdom and great care. If it is handled with the kind of buffoonery and clumsiness that is evolving, or with partial truths, mixed in with disinformation, with frightening scenarios that scare the hell out of the public, I actually prefer the secrecy. (17:34)

What makes Greer’s views significant is that he claims to be in touch with members of the oversight group of up to 200 members commonly referred to as the MAJIC committee. Greer asserts that he is providing them with an expert civilian perspective on disclosure, where, incredibly, he appears to be advocating continued secrecy if an official disclosure statement is not framed in the way he prescribes.

In short, what is widely regarded as “full disclosure”, where all the facts and evidence of visiting extraterrestrials – good and bad – along with the truth about secret space programs is publicly revealed in an official announcement, is not supported by Greer. On the contrary, he only supports a “limited disclosure” statement where all references to unethical or malicious aliens is sanitized.

It’s hard to envisage that a leading figure in the disclosure advocacy movement could support continued secrecy on any grounds, let alone the dubious grounds Greer asserts, which I and others have shown ignores a large body of evidence. As to why Greer is taking such an extreme position, there are a number of explanations that come to mind. One is that he is personally invested in a secret Vatican initiative to establish a “New Cosmic Esoteric World Religion” through a “false flag alien savior event” as described elsewhere. Another is that Greer has been co-opted or compromised by the MAJIC Committee in charge of extraterrestrial related projects and is sabotaging the disclosure movement by imposing unreasonable demands for a future official disclosure announcement.

Greer’s position that continued secrecy is better than an official disclosure announcement which contains reference to any extraterrestrial visitors as a threat, is a position that he will find increasingly difficult to defend given the public’s growing awareness of all the available evidence of visiting aliens, and the diverse motivations behind their activities. Full disclosure is already well underway through multiple public initiatives  disclosing all aspects of visiting extraterrestrial life and secret space programs, and any effort to filter or curtail such information in ways favored by Greer, are certain to fail.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Further Reading

Recognizing Another Life Form is Questionable

by Bob Allen           September 13, 2018           (nonpareilonline.com)

• As of September 1st, there have been 3,823 confirmed exoplanets discovered in our galaxy, and rocky temperate worlds are plentiful. With the likelihood of extraterrestrial beings inhabiting our galactic neighborhood, Earthlings go about their daily lives in detached complacence.

• If we Earthlings make open contact with a superior civilization, would we be able to accept and adapt? Or would we panic as we did 80 years ago when a radio dramatization of a supposed alien invasion convinced thousands that another life form had, in fact, landed in New Jersey.

• The general conception in the scientific community is that it is highly unlikely that environmental conditions on other exoplanets would be similar to that found on Earth, and therefore its inhabitants, if any, would be nothing like we humans here on Earth.

• The older generation is so completely accustomed to regarding ourselves as the supreme beings in the universe, that the discovery of highly advanced beings and civilizations might be a shattering revelation. Still, older folks are somewhat jealous of younger generations who have amazing technological advances ahead of them. Perhaps even “meeting” a bona fide ET is in the stars for them.

• While there has been no official verification of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, such a discovery – and open contact with them – would bring a true awakening and acceptance of the fact that we have never been alone in the universe.

[Editor’s Note]   Indeed, our ultimate meeting with technologically and spiritually advanced extraterrestrial beings is currently being planned. What can we expect? Insiders such as Corey Goode and Emery Smith (supported by David Wilcock’s other insiders) relate that the vast majority of the beings in our galaxy follow the “star” pattern, i.e.: a head at the top, a torso, two arms and two legs. Corey goes further to say that our star system of 52 stars (including our own Sun) all contain habitable planets, and these planets are dominated by human-like beings that appear very similar to Earth humans. The only real difference, besides their relative progress in technology and consciousness, is that the human civilizations in our locality come in a wide diversity of colors and sizes, depending on their respective environments. But Corey and Emery also relate that there are many types of species that are ‘humanoid’ – having the star body template – but contain the dominant genetics of any type of animal, insect, aquatic fish/mammal, and even some plants found on Earth. So ours is a universe absolutely teeming with intelligent civilizations that include insectoids, reptilians, aquafarians, bird people, and virtually any type of creature or humanoid dreamt of (or appropriated) by science fiction writers.


As of Sept. 1, there had been 3,823 confirmed exoplanets discovered in our solar system, and we have learned that rocky, temperate worlds are extremely numerous in our galaxy. Perhaps the next step will involve asking even bigger questions. Could some of these exoplanets host life? And if so, will we be able to recognize life elsewhere if we see it?

With the exception of ongoing projects by the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), earthlings have, for the most part, gone about their daily lives in complacence when it comes to thoughts of extraterrestrials and whether they do indeed exist.

But, again, will we be able to recognize life if and when we see it? Even more important, would we be able to accept and adapt to it?

In a radio presentation 80 years ago, the dramatization of a supposed alien invasion was so realistic that thousands believed another life form had, in fact, landed in New Jersey. People rushed into the streets only partially clothed or struck out aimlessly across open country. Cars raced wildly through crowded streets.

Such a scenario could very well manifest itself if we were successful and made contact with what turned out to be a superior civilization. Although there is no certainty or any way to confirm the sightings, many people believe we have already experienced close encounters of the first kind: the viewing of a UFO.

I am sure there are hundreds, even thousands, who hold a strong belief that Earth has been visited in the past by ETs, but like the unverified UFO sightings, trying to reach a close encounter of the second kind — obtaining and/or verifying its existence — has not yet been accomplished.

If such a discovery were validated, it might make it easier for us to accept the fact that we have never been alone in the universe, and the true awakening will arrive with an encounter of the third kind: actual contact with an ET.

Because we have acquired information on only one form of intelligent, technological life, ourselves, it is not out of the question that we tend to think of extraterrestrial beings as resembling us and being as intelligent. A majority of astronomers and scientists consider that thought process nothing more than wishful thinking.

Considering the number of stars in the heavens and the probability of innumerable exoplanets in orbit around them, it is highly unlikely that their environments are equal to our own here on Earth, and their inhabitants, if any, would be nothing at all like those here on Earth.

As I’ve written before, so completely accustomed are we to regarding ourselves as supreme beings that to discover we are no more an intellectual match for beings elsewhere than our dogs are for us would be a shattering revelation.

Although they probably won’t admit to it, there are members of the older generation (including myself) who are jealous of the younger generations who have technological advances ahead of them that would no doubt astound us older folks. Perhaps “meeting” a bona fide ET is in the stars for them.


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