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President Barack Obama urged to formally acknowledge UFO/ET issue

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Toronto – Sept 26, 2011 [ZNN] – The formal acknowledgement of the UFO/ET issue is about to reach directly into offices of the White House.

A White House initiative called We the People gives American citizens the opportunity to petition the President on matters of national concern.

Last night Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group announced on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett the inauguration of the Disclosure Petition designed by Bassett to have people, from all over the USA and from within the international community, affirm their conviction that extraterrestrial civilizations are engaging the human race.

Bassett and his supporters remain convinced the Extraterrestrial issue needs to be on the President’s desk and formally acknowledged by him.

The petition states:

“We the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon.”

Five thousand signatories are needed to advance the petition for consideration by White House officials. To date, that many and more signatures have already been achieved since the petition’s posting – virtually in a matter of hours.

But according to Bassett, 5,000 signatories are not nearly enough. Bassett wants more; thousands if not millions more individuals need to sign the petition in order to create a critical mass of public opinion that will constitute this issue as one of global and historical significance – one that can no longer be dismissed, ignored or ridiculed.

He stated on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett last night; “We want this disclosure petition to go viral because opinion polls indicate 50% of Americans believe there is an ET presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon.”

If Bassett is right – any way the math is done – will translate into millions of people world-wide acknowledging the time is right to open the books on the UFO/ET matter.

Bassett also urged journalists to get on board by exposing this issue and profiling the Disclosure Petition in the mainstream press. According to Bassett this could create a media frenzy like none ever experienced by the press. “Getting big media and the entire social media involved is key.” Bassett stated.

The petition process is also open to anyone in the international community.

To sign the petition click on: WE THE PEOPLE

See details at: https://sites.google.com/site/zlandcommunications/home

Contact Mr. Bassett at: PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org

[ZlandCommunications is the only reliable news source in Canada providing a concise and current overview of the UFO/Extraterrestrial issue. Mainstream media continues to refuse to provide incisive access to the world-wide compendium of research and declassified documents which clearly demonstrate, beyond any doubt, that this phenomenon has been discussed, analyzed, assessed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance and military authority on the planet.]

Visit ZlandCommunications for details at:

https://sites.google.com/site/zlandcommunications/home and


[Journalists seeking confidential briefings may use the contact information below.]


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Comments (2)

  • ZlandCommunications


    Thank you for your very articulate entry. The level of thought and consideration you have given to this issue is quite striking. Your ideas on the matter reflect how far we have come in our understanding and growing levels of diminished tolerance in our governments’ ability to deal with this matter rationally.

    In many ways we agree with many of your positions. The first question we would have is – how does Disclosure fit into an international context? – one so widely apparent among some G20 nations today.

    Other countries are on the brink of disclosing in their own way – much ‘closer’ than the US. What form will this take? It may not look like what we’d prefer – but strong, open international discourse is always a strategic catalyst in new ideation; especially when dealing with the Neanderthals who run the American intelligence community.

    In addition – open international discourse (acknowledgement) will be seen as a challenge to American government to get its act together – to stop feeding its citizens lies and keeping people in the dark like mushrooms about what’s happening in the cosmos and in our own backyard.

    Also – The USA does not have all the goods nor do they have ultimate control over GLOBAL disclosure by other G20 countries as they once might have.

    If the US form of disclosure (small ‘d’)is the same mish-mash you describe, then it’ll be virtually useless and perhaps even counter-productive to the cause.

    This leads to our next point:

    Disclosure – in exopolitical terms – means at this point in time – that government ACKNOWLEDGE the ET presence now engaging the planet. At this moment in time, this is what those who advocate exopolitically are essentially seeking – open acknowledgement; the rest will come in time once these flood gates are lifted.

    The changes in perception in science and religion Galileo created took decades to become imbued into the consciousness of humanity. With the internet – social media and mainstream journalism these changes (Disclosure) will accelerate – quite frankly – the US government will have little control. This also assumes that whoever these ETs are, they probably won’t make some kind of overt move to manifest themselves in the near future – that’s a long-shot we cannot count on…

    Once we, as an entire civilization, begin to: acknowledge – demand answers – talk about – exchange ideas on – have it enter mainstream media, science and institutions of higher learning – only then will the REAL Disclosure (capital ‘D’)take place.

    A critical mass of human demands – much like the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s or the fledgling OCCUPY WALL STREET demonstrations will be needed to extend and mature the discourse on the UFO/ET phenomenon.

    Disclosure is not an event, it is a process and perhaps a very painful one at that – like child-birth… a slow gradual growth eventually erupting into an explosive moment.

    This is the way authentic and massive change and powerful ideas are inseminated into a culture – nurtured and given birth… with a lot of crying and screaming by both mother and child – but the results are usually pretty amazing.

    The WE THE PEOPLE PETITION is but one step in our development as a species – let’s hope it’s not our last.

    Again – thank you for extending the conversation with some high quality ideas.


  • Of course, I want ‘official’ disclosure as much as a person could want it, but I see no reason why such a petition should have any more of a chance than any other petition or request that has ever been made of the White House.
    If such an effort produced disclosure would that not shatter the plausible deniability so cherished by the military-industrial complex? Consider the myriad PR nightmares, the lawsuits from family members of people whose careers or lives were sacrificed to keep the big secret. How to explain to just the Americans that their Constitution was sidestepped vigorously so that anything remotely resembling oversight or fair representation
    could be avoided? And if they thought FISA courts were repugnant to the Constitution, what of the incredible arrogance of possibly entering into any agreement whatsoever with persons from other worlds without so much a shred of notification of or input from those being represented (most of Earth’s population)? None of the big money that has paid for the stupifying advances in science currently withheld from civilization would dream of risking the disclosure of just what the military has truly been up to all these years in space. Not a chance!

    No. I am willing to bet that even if the entire country signed the petition, we would be served a generous slice of the same silence we have always been served. “They” are better and far more important than the rest of us and they know it.They know in their mighty hearts we do not deserve anything more than what we have gotten. This is why they get privileges. This is why only they ever get access to “the bolt holes”.

    At the very best, we will get the watered down, disinformation-laced, swampgas-inflated, freedom-from-information-censored, bald-faced-double-spoken drip-drivel we have always been handed.

    If it is disclosure you want, don’t knock on the White House door. They can’t balance a checkbook.They can’t think beyond their own re-election plans and they sure-as-shootin’ don’t ever want to be seen on mass media talking about flying saucers and little green men even if you’ll vote for them if they do.

    (I am not saying there aren’t those in political offices who don’t want disclosure just as badly as you or I do, but…. ya, but.)

    Disclosure is, none-the-less, happening. “They” know it is too dangerous to sit on this forever. “They” know that under no circumstance are they to be held accountable, “they” know how to manipulate information and “they” know how to serve it in a way you will eat it. At least, they’re picking up the tab(sort of).

    Think about the spot they’re in, imagine yourself in that spot, then imagine how you might extricate yourself from that spot as painlessly as possible then take a good, long look around. What you should eventually find is that you are being acclimated slowly, gingerly ( for the moment). If plans go awry, this loving hand won’t be so gentle, though. As long as no one freaks out and as long as you’ll accept the steady load of **** that comes along simultaneously, all will be palatable.

    Yes, I want disclosure. I want official disclosure. I know that the only way that is going to occur is if circumstances force the official hand.

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