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Did Comet Elenin disintegrate or reveal alien energy shield?

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Comet Elenin's current position - Sept 3, 2011. JPL
Comet Elenin's current position - Sept 3, 2011. JPL

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

According to an increasing number of astronomers including its discoverer, Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) has begun disintegrating. It was hit directly by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun on August 19, and soon began loosing visibility – suggesting it was breaking up. In contrast, respected science author Richard C. Hoagland claims that an unmistakable tetrahedral energy shield was displayed by Elenin during the CME confirming beyond any doubt that it is indeed an artificial structure – a space ship. Hoagland claims that reports that Elenin has disintegrated are part of a disinformation campaign to distract the public away from Elenin’s artificial nature, and the world changing message it has for humanity. The latest satellite images of Elenin showing its uninterrupted passage from the CME, no breaking apart, and clearly displaying some kind of triangular energy shield appear to support Hoagland’s claims.

On August 30, an Australian astronomer, Michael Mattiazzo, compared photographs from the Stereo HI1-B satellite over a ten day period after the CME hit Elenin on August 19, and wrote:

You can see that comet Elenin was ahead of expectation but suddenly experienced a dramatic fade on August 20. This type of fading event usually means that the comet is in the process of disintegrating on its way towards perihelion and will no longer be potentially observable with the unaided eye. This happens quite regularly with comets.

He showed a number of images showing Elenin’s appearance before and after the CME hit. Here are two selected by Spaceweather.com that appear to show significant diminishing of Elenin’s light.

On his website, Mattiazzo has displayed a graph (click image on right for close up) tracking Elenin’s luminosity, and what was projected for it during key dates during its passage through the inner solar system.

Various astronomers began a series of articles claiming that Elenin was disintegrating and wouldn’t survive perihelion – the closest approach to the sun. Here’s what a story on Universetoday.com said on August 29:

Astronomers monitoring Comet Elenin have noticed the comet has decreased in brightness the past week, and the coma is now elongating and diffusing. Some astronomers predict the comet will disintegrate and not survive perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun.

Most recently, on September 3, Leonid Elenin, the first to observe the comet and after whom it was named, wrote:

Now it is absolutely clear that the comet’s drop in brightness, first noted by Michael Mattiazzo on Aug. 20th, was not coincidental – the decay process had already begun, and over the course of the next several days the comet changed greatly. Its pseudo-nucleus became diffuse and extended, and later vanished completely. On images from Sept. 1st in the comet’s coma there was no condensation visible, and that meant the comet had already broken up into fairly small pieces, with a maximum size of not more than a hundred meters.

Aside from the apparent diminishing of luminosity and alleged break up of Elenin caused by the August 19 CME, something else happened on that date. According to Richard Hoagland, an unmistakable energy shield appeared. Hoagland writes:

Here is the latest Enterprise Elenin imaging — produced from an original NASA STEREO-B satellite video, the latter recorded during Elenin’s recent encounter with a solar CME (coronal mass ejection), August 19th. The new image-composite (made from THREE “40-second HI-1 camera frames”) reveals several additional, startling details about Elenin’s now strikingly “tetrahedral shield” (which we discovered only last week) — that is apparently protecting “Elenin the spacecraft” (deep inside this shield) from excess solar radiation…. The full dimensions of this extraordinary “geometric force structure” now measures more than ~300,000 miles along each edge — more than 1.5 times the distance of Earth from the Moon! Needless to say, there is NO QUESTION now regarding the artificial nature of this object/structure …

Click image for larger version

Hoagland released the above mentioned image composite on the Coast to Coast radio show showing the huge tetrahedral shield around Elenin revealed by the CME. The original video footage upon which it is based is found here.

The latest series of Stereo HI1-B images tracking Elenin show that it has not broken up at all, and that a triangular geometric formation did briefly appear during during a CME. This has been released on a September 2 video just released on Youtube (see below) – that tracked Elenin from August 22-30. The video also appears to confirm that Elenin’s luminosity diminished for a period of time, which is contrary to what was projected for it in Mattiazzo’s graph, and led to his conclusion that it was breaking up and would not survive perihelion – closest approach to the sun on September 11. Yet the August 22-30 satellite data shows that claims of Elenin’s break up may not be as conclusive as first thought, despite the period of diminishing luminosity recorded by Mattiazzo. In fact, Elenin appears to have regained luminosity during its passage suggesting that there is some other explanation for what was earlier observed.

Also relevant is a series of You tube videos that claimed Comet Elenin had been hit by some kind of plasma explosion from the direction of Jupiter on August 28, and had split in two. The problem was that apparent plasma explosion was little more than a camera anomaly resulting from Jupiter leaving Stereo HI1 B’s field of view. The same anomaly has been observed for Venus and other planets earlier, and even explained on the Stereo website. Also, the reported break-up of Elenin in two witnessed in the video was false. What the footage actually showed was Elenin briefly passing over another stellar object giving the appearance that Elenin was breaking into two. This might all have been a simple mistake on the part of some overzealous author, or part of a disinformation campaign that Elenin has broken apart.

The recent conflicting conclusions on comet Elenin do appear to be a premature dismissal of it as a weak insignificant comet about to break up, or having already broken up as its discoverer now believes due to a drop in its brightness. In contrast, the tetrahedral geometric structure observed by Hoagland suggests that it is more than just an ordinary comet, and in fact is an artificial object protected by an advanced geometric energy shield – a space ship. If Elenin is not a comet but an artificial structure, that may explain changes in its brightness. This may be why there appears to be so much disinformation surrounding Comet Elenin trying to deflect public interest from it. Hoagland’s claims, startingly as they are, appear to be supported by the most recent satellite images of Elenin showing a unique geometric structure surrounding it. Indeed, something extraordinary may be about to happen as Elenin approaches its September 11 perihelion, and other key dates during its passage between the Earth and Sun.

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Comet Elenin, Richard Hoagland

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  • I agree with mutanttruth about “unmistakeable” energy shields. How can you be 100% positive and expect us to follow you, when it is clear you are not providing more than 1 source for anything you’re saying.

    p.s. It’s losing not loosing.

    Loosing: transitive verb : to let loose (see loose): to release

  • To miguelmoya – To try to answer your thoughtful questions: When I posed my quest to Spirit to receive information about the celestial object referred to as Comet Elenin, I was very surprised to “become” the comet – I felt a bit dizzy at first as I was tumbling through space with a tiny Earth in the distance. It was the decision of Spirit to begin my shamanic journey from this visceral vantage, to help make truth real. Tumbling through space, I was not a conscious living entity nor a ship. With non-investment in the outcome of my journeys, I just “show up for the gig” which Spirit directs. After a lifetime of exquisite mentoring, I am used to receiving reliable guidance and information this way.

    To address whether I would be able to be aware that Elenin is a ship or alive: I have had multiple journeys for various reasons to spaceships (and engaged very powerful beings) and do not find any reason why I would not have been given such information if the object was actually a spaceship manned by powerful beings or was an “alive” conscious entity. In my interdimensional excursions over many decades I have come across a multitude of conscious beings in a multitude of forms, and I am comfortable within a multitude of dimensions in which consciousness and beings exist. Even the quantum. In 1994 Spirit took me into the quantum realm, where I became and experienced various amazing processes that take place there. Spirit wanted me to write a book about it, so I did: “Decoding the Divine.” As I said, I just “show up for the gig” at the direction of Spirit and never know where I will end up, like with Elenin. My continual modus operandi for journeys is: I only want the truth. Period. I have been mentored all my life toward that end. Becoming Comet Elenin was my experiential truth. I respect that it may not be yours.

    As to Elenin being a ship manned by powerful conscious entities, I see no reason why Spirit would not tell me or at least indicate that information even if there were no details given. For instance, in 1997 Spirit took me to a spaceship the size of a small planet which had a multitude of conscious beings onboard (also in my book). It was a fantastic experience, like being on a cosmic Noah’s Ark. I tell you this as a way to let you know I am familiar with the “territory” about which I speak and which you posed questions.

    About always needing permission to observe another conscious entity, I would say: not necessarily. First, I did not find Elenin to be a living conscious entity (in the way you seem to imply). Second, Spirit was in charge and decided that it would be helpful for me to become the comet. Permissions are appropriate in certain situations, but I leave it up to the wisdom of Spirit to decide what is proper. For instance, when I have done shamanic soul retrievals for abductees, Spirit has informed me occasionally that I need to be surreptitious in gathering an abductee’s missing Soul Essence from some non-friendly ships.

    On the other hand, you have your own path to follow and truth to find. At this time, what is true for me about all this is what my own experience brings me. According to my experience, Elenin is/was a small comet.

    All the best to you.

  • i made an account just to pose this question/comment

    I REALLY like what you said, but for my own reasons believe, that Elenin IS a ship/living entity, and partially, i disagree with the nature of elenin

    This question, Is elenin alive/is it a ship, is one of the reasons for your shamanic journey.

    My question is: You said you “Became the comet” which i assume means you had the perspective of the comment. correct me if I am wrong.

    If elenin is alive/manned, wouldnt it be protecting itself/discriminating itself agaisnt simple psychic invasion.

    Is it not true that to observe or “become” another conscious entity, you must first have its permission to do so?

    I suppose it is possible to override ones psychic protection, but assuming elenin IS alive or manned, The psychic powers of those on board would greatly over power yours.

    Basically, I think just because you in a way became the comet, there is no way you could tell if it were alive/manned or not with out the permission of it/those on board.

    sorry about the wordyness of all this. let me know what you think.

  • I prefer discovering my own truth, so on Aug 12 I did a shamanic journey about Comet Elenin. The short story: I first became the comet (not a space ship) and felt myself tumbling in space with the Earth in the far distance. Then Earth was closer and bigger and then I suddenly shot out into space like a bullet (perhaps this implied the ensuing breakup). No drama. No crashing into Earth. When I asked about the potential physical effect the comet would have on Earth, Spirit indicated “only as much as butterfly wings disturb the water when a butterfly flies over,” meaning there would be no disturbance. Spirit then said: “The wave of consciousness, however, is another story. There are those whose internal level of disturbance about this topic is such that it can create, by virtue of the numbers, a disturbance, a perturbation in the field of consciousness upon Earth…” (The entire message is in the Toolbox at DiscoverTheDivine.com)

    A week later I asked about a potential brown dwarf star following the comet, Spirit said: “There is no brown dwarf star to come as an enemy to planet Earth following the comet. It is all made from the mind of fear and chaotic thinking. The message to all is: Wreak not havoc upon your own mind. Let well enough be and deal with what truly is. As was said before, walk with beauty, and keep a wise eye watching the display. Be the eye of the storm as things change. You are moving toward extinction of the old in order to make way for the new. Be aware. Be wise. Be calm. Brightness will prevail. Above all, love one another.”

    I think it best that we do what Spirit suggests: “There is much perturbation upon the planetary field of consciousness. Do what you can in your own life toward a peaceful heart and mind and body. BE WELL and ENTERTAIN BEAUTY” – and I would add: keep an eye on your consciousness.

  • We’ve been this route with Richard Hoagland once before in 1998. After announcing a UFO landing near Phoenix, Arizona, on December 7, 1998, Richard Hoagland explained that his connections in the intelligence community had given him the information. Not at all surprisingly, no UFOs made public landings near Phoenix nor any other place on the planet in 1998 nor in the 13 years that followed. Michael Theroux explained the absence of a landed UFO with the below information. Elenin has more surprises for us but making face-to-face contact and delivering a message for the planet is not on the list.

    Elenin has, indeed, behaved oddly. Public contact with this planet is out of the question.



    Michael Theroux
    Borderland Sciences Research Foundation – Since 1945
    Ph. 707.825.7733 FAX: 707.825.7779
    December 7th Landing?
    Poor Science or the Fabrication of Another Hoax?
    December 7th came and went — with NO landing by ET. The circle of researchers claiming that “evil weather” caused by HAARP obscured the event, have either created another hoax — or are simply very poor scientists. If the latter is the case, how can anyone trust anything they have to say concerning their scientific findings on anything?

    You will find the bogus information at: http://www.lunaranomalies.com/did_haarp.htm starting with the idea that HAARP created the “evil weather” on December 7th. The authors launch into the idea that HAARP is derived from “Tesla” technology (all statements from this website in red):

    “In reality, it has many characteristics of a “Tesla device,” possibly to transmit huge amounts of electricity without wires.”

    This is the first instance of really poor scientific analysis, and it has plagued many so-called researchers of the HAARP Project. The bogus connection between Tesla and HAARP is destroyed in an article in the Electrical Experimenter by Tesla himself, dated 1919. It will certainly dispel this popular myth. See the article on this entitled, Tesla’s True Wireless and HAARP — Everything You Know is Wrong.


    Continuing, we read, “It all started back on November 30th, when ELFRAD picked up the first of a series of signal bursts that would continue through and peak yesterday, the 7th [December]. There was a corresponding increase in solar activity…”

    Anyone with an understanding of Solar activity knows there will be corresponding signals in the ELF/VLF range of the EM spectrum — See this website for more info: VLF/ELF Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere.


    Actually, ELF/VLF stations are used to monitor solar activity with regard to: forecasting higher frequency radio wave propagation (http://dxlc.com/solar/) over the days that follow. The delay time for the solar flare EM radiation to reach the earth is roughly 8.3 minutes with simultaneous effects recorded as noise bursts in the ELF/VLF range. Cosmic Ray particles will take from approximately 1/4 to several hours to reach earth, and magnetic storm particles usually arrive 20-40 hours later. Magnetic/ionospheric storms caused by the delayed effects of particles reaching the earth cause disruptions such as fadeouts and blackouts in higher frequency radio reception, and can be forecasted by monitoring the simultaneous effects recorded in the ELF/VLF range.

    This indicates that there are NO anomalies here, and one suspects that certain researchers are attempting to correlate data without telling all of the facts.

    Now comes the real bogus information.

    “There was a corresponding spike in the output by HAARP (on thumbnail images) but the data pages themselves are as of this writing no longer available…Then on the 6th and 7th the intensity and frequency of these transmissions escalated and there was a analogous increase in HAARP’s output.”

    Please refer to the website this info comes from at: This is the HAARP DPS-4 System #012 Digisonde Portable Sounder. See the graphics at: (yes, this info is STILL available and not mysteriously missing)

    The Digisonde is a very advanced digital high frequency Doppler radar system for probing the ionosphere. The reason there is one at HAARP is to monitor what is happening with the ionosphere. IT IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE OUTPUT OF HAARP! It is ONLY representative of what is happening in the ionosphere. There is a network of sixty stations operating Digisonde equipment which are collaborating in an effort to develop a valid global ionospheric model. For more info on the Digisonde, see: The Center for Atmospheric Research at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. http://ulcar.uml.edu/about.htm

    The reason there was “an analogous increase” in the Digisonde data would have been due to the same reason there were other signals being received — “SOLAR ACTIVITY.” These so-called researchers are proving the existence of these signals due to solar activity while at the same time attributing them to “the evil weather” machine, HAARP.

    They continue with the following:

    “A check of the HAARP data for the corresponding period shows that it was indeed operating. Oddly, the data for the time period closest to the pulse is missing from the HAARP database. A few hours earlier though, and we can confirm that HAARP was short circuiting the Ionoshphere [sic] like mad …”

    Again, the data from the Digisonde does NOT represent the operation of HAARP! So, how can these people “confirm that HAARP was short circuiting the Ionoshphere [sic] like mad …”???? Very poor science indeed.

  • Reasonable does not mean just what you know, but also what you can imagine, otherwise there is no way to advance the limits of what you know. The Earth has a force field that protects it from CME’s, the magnetosphere, and it lights up, the Aurora’s. This is not an unreasonable assumption! What if this thing has a magnetic component to it? It has SOME thing that is shown in the visual evidence of a sophisticated optical satellite that lights up in a tetrahedral shape. Tetrahedrons of this size that are possibly magnetic CAN NOT BE NATURAL! Natural magneto-spheres are spherical, not tetrahedral. Except for a pole shift on a planet the size of Earth, with a molten iron core, for a very short period of time. There is only one possibility left for an object of this size and that it is artificial.

  • “According to Richard Hoagland, an unmistakable energy shield appeared.”

    For it to be “unmistakable,” Mr. Hoagland must have access to plenty of other examples of energy shields. Besides seeing them on TV shows and in movies, I mean. Or perhaps a more reasonable explanation is he’s wrong. Which seems more likely to you?

    Elenin is a small comet in the process of breaking up. Period.

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