Nuclear Weapons and UFOs

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Since the dawn of the Atomic Age, hundreds of UFOs have been sighted over, or near, nuclear power plants, nuclear research laboratories, nuclear weapons launch control centers and nuclear warhead storage facilities. According to Dr. Donald Johnson of the Nuclear Connection Project:

A good percentage of these reports occurred at highly restricted government research and production facilities such as Los Alamos (NM), Oak Ridge (TN), Hanford (WA), and Savannah River (SC). Highly trained government scientists and personnel who had been granted top-secret military clearance made many of these reports.

As indicated by Francis Ridge, Coordinator of the Nuclear Connection Project:

The first major UFO sighting wave occurred in the summer of 1947 with over 800 sightings of ‘daylight discs’ or ‘flying saucers’. The sightings peaked and ceased within days of a reported crash of an object at Roswell, New Mexico.

At the time, New Mexico was the center of the world’s cutting edge rocket science research, nuclear weapons development, and newly operating radar systems. Some well known scientists such as physicist Stanton Friedman, believe it was these new technological projects that attracted the many UFO visits to New Mexico. Clearly someone other than the U.S. government was interested in these science/engineering breakthroughs. To retrieve a report of dozens of these UFO incidents, Google: UFO Intelligence Summary for the Nuclear Connection Project.

Among some of the most interesting UFO incursions have been those at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. One of the world’s foremost UFO/nuclear weapons researchers is writer Robert Hastings, author of  UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites. Hastings has secured testimony of over 150 retired U.S. military officers and enlisted personnel who have observed UFOs, some of which have interrupted operations of nuclear weapons sites in the U.S. and overseas. In some cases, underground based nuclear missiles malfunctioned while disc-shaped objects silently hovered over their launch control centers. Similar incidents have occurred at numerous nuclear weapons storage areas and B-52 bomber alert pads. To retrieve declassified documents concerning these incidents, click here or here.

One of the most prominent U.S. UFO incidents occurred at Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster, Missouri, where in 1984 the Air Force deployed 150 Minuteman nuclear missiles on high alert status which were presumably aimed at dozens of strategic areas in the Soviet Union. In support of those actively deployed warheads, were additional “spare” warheads which were stored in above ground containers known as “igloos”.

One late night at Whiteman, Airman 1st class Dale Hogan and his fellow airman, known only as George, were driving near the “igloos” when the motor of their jeep malfunctioned so that they had to park near igloo 4018. Upon doing so, Hogan saw a black disc approximately 50 feet in diameter hovering some 50 to 100 feet over the igloo. When Hogan, approached the igloo, he saw a pencil-thin, bluish-red light coming straight from the overhead disc doing a grid pattern examination of the igloo starting at one corner of the object and going back and forth about every three inches. At one point Hogan put his hand into the beam of light which changed to the color purple and burned his fingers. Hogan said: “…my hand was like numb! Like pins and needles…”

As the disc continued to survey the igloos, George called the Base Security Officer for orders. Shortly
thereafter, a security team was dispatched to the area, and the Lt. Colonel in charge ordered Hogan and George to move behind the igloo. Then a very large video camera was set up with a large spot light being beamed on the black disc. And, at that point, several Marine Harrier jet planes were dispatched to the area as the UFO began to move away from the igloos. As the jets approached the disc, the UFO easily outmaneuvered their pursuit and sped faraway from the area. As their chase was to no avail, the Harriers returned to Whiteman and landed. Then the UFO returned to the igloos and continued emitting the red-blue beam of light at the top of their surfaces. This grid search ended at about 4:30 a.m. and the disc ‘lit up’ and shot straight up in the sky never to be seen again.

Following this strange episode, Airmen Hogan and George were “debriefed”. by four men in gray suits and by several Whiteman officers. As part of the debriefing, Hogan and George were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that they would never discuss the Whiteman UFO incident with anyone, and were told told that a violation of the agreement would result in immediate discharge from the Air Force, along with several other serious penalties.

In a very detailed interview with journalist and TV anchor, Linda Moulton Howe, Hogan repeated the following threats that were made by Whteman officers at the end of his debriefing:

Airman Hogan, bullets are cheap! People die all the time. They commit suicide on a regular basis. If you ever disclose what happened this night, you will not like the future. And family members die all the time – horrible deaths! Houses burn down. People die in car crashes all the time. So, for your family’s sake, I would not disclose what happened tonight.

To retrieve LInda Moulton Howe’s interview with Airman Dale Hogan, click here or watch embedded video above[

Bill Wickersham, MU Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies

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  • since the early seventies universities teach that their are 10 to 16 dimensions rather than 3 to 4; Paul Hellyer as the former Canadian Minister of Defense was interviewed from RT at the peak of the Ukrainian crisis and pointed out that we disturb alien civilisation with our nuclear testings; the multidimensional ability of mater begins at a subatomar level; we don´t know much about it but Bob Lazar discribes that through this traveling in universe is possible without a loss of time; Nuclear Power is dangerous but the hole story is much more and much more complicated

  • There are some more pertinent points that I should add here.

    The universe consists of 4.9% regular matter consisting of elements baked in stars, however 27% consists of Dark Matter which is pre atomic structure and is not baked in stars. There is a strong suggestion that this exists in a particle form. As there is more than 5 times as much dark matter as regular matter it seems likely that any alien forms are 5 times more likely to be composed of dark matter than regular matter. As it consists as a particle form with no glue (Love) binding it into structures these structures may be bound by other means such as intelligence or sound waves. Such creatures having a particle nature would tend to consume food that also existed in particle form such as radiation. You could then expect to see space rats and you could expect them to be attracted to radiation in the atmosphere – unless you clean it out (thus chemtrails).

    A dark matter organism would have outstanding capabilities. It could live in space. It could dematerialise and change form. It could emulate elements and even form those that cannot exist as regular matter. It could alternate between two different elements to oppose gravity. It could change into water vapour and hide as a cloud. It would perhaps have limited intelligence relying on a hive mind and act like a shoal of fish.

    In conclusion a dark matter organism could indeed fly into a volcano to consume the Uranium powering it. It could have forms that would merge together to form a larger unit or break apart to form smaller units. Most of the strange effects would then be accounted for by this very simple theory. It would also account for varying degrees of demonic effect and demonic forms that have been seen. It might account for crop formations for example, and those may be structures formed by sound waves.

    So as a one size fits all argument, dark matter fits here very neatly.

  • One of the common assumptions is that Aliens and UFOs in general are against our use of Nuclear materials. The assumption is made on the basis of the human context that these things are dangerous and hazardous to life. That’s a good basic assumption but it may be wrong.

    Just as we throw bread crumbs to birds, we must also consider the possibility that demonic lifeforms that are entirely negative may view these radioactive materials much like the birds view of the breadcrumbs. They may be attracted to the radiation and may use it as some kind of food or energy. That while this physical energy is anti-life it may be perfect to sustain anti-lifeforms such as the demonic. We may be feeding them and thus attracting them. They may simply be looking for more food.

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