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Nuclear Weapons and UFOs

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Since the dawn of the Atomic Age, hundreds of UFOs have been sighted over, or near, nuclear power plants, nuclear research laboratories, nuclear weapons launch control centers and nuclear warhead storage facilities. According to Dr. Donald Johnson of the Nuclear Connection Project:

A good percentage of these reports occurred at highly restricted government research and production facilities such as Los Alamos (NM), Oak Ridge (TN), Hanford (WA), and Savannah River (SC). Highly trained government scientists and personnel who had been granted top-secret military clearance made many of these reports.

As indicated by Francis Ridge, Coordinator of the Nuclear Connection Project:

The first major UFO sighting wave occurred in the summer of 1947 with over 800 sightings of ‘daylight discs’ or ‘flying saucers’. The sightings peaked and ceased within days of a reported crash of an object at Roswell, New Mexico.

At the time, New Mexico was the center of the world’s cutting edge rocket science research, nuclear weapons development, and newly operating radar systems. Some well known scientists such as physicist Stanton Friedman, believe it was these new technological projects that attracted the many UFO visits to New Mexico. Clearly someone other than the U.S. government was interested in these science/engineering breakthroughs. To retrieve a report of dozens of these UFO incidents, Google: UFO Intelligence Summary for the Nuclear Connection Project.

Among some of the most interesting UFO incursions have been those at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. One of the world’s foremost UFO/nuclear weapons researchers is writer Robert Hastings, author of  UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites. Hastings has secured testimony of over 150 retired U.S. military officers and enlisted personnel who have observed UFOs, some of which have interrupted operations of nuclear weapons sites in the U.S. and overseas. In some cases, underground based nuclear missiles malfunctioned while disc-shaped objects silently hovered over their launch control centers. Similar incidents have occurred at numerous nuclear weapons storage areas and B-52 bomber alert pads. To retrieve declassified documents concerning these incidents, click here or here.

One of the most prominent U.S. UFO incidents occurred at Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster, Missouri, where in 1984 the Air Force deployed 150 Minuteman nuclear missiles on high alert status which were presumably aimed at dozens of strategic areas in the Soviet Union. In support of those actively deployed warheads, were additional “spare” warheads which were stored in above ground containers known as “igloos”.

One late night at Whiteman, Airman 1st class Dale Hogan and his fellow airman, known only as George, were driving near the “igloos” when the motor of their jeep malfunctioned so that they had to park near igloo 4018. Upon doing so, Hogan saw a black disc approximately 50 feet in diameter hovering some 50 to 100 feet over the igloo. When Hogan, approached the igloo, he saw a pencil-thin, bluish-red light coming straight from the overhead disc doing a grid pattern examination of the igloo starting at one corner of the object and going back and forth about every three inches. At one point Hogan put his hand into the beam of light which changed to the color purple and burned his fingers. Hogan said: “…my hand was like numb! Like pins and needles…”

As the disc continued to survey the igloos, George called the Base Security Officer for orders. Shortly
thereafter, a security team was dispatched to the area, and the Lt. Colonel in charge ordered Hogan and George to move behind the igloo. Then a very large video camera was set up with a large spot light being beamed on the black disc. And, at that point, several Marine Harrier jet planes were dispatched to the area as the UFO began to move away from the igloos. As the jets approached the disc, the UFO easily outmaneuvered their pursuit and sped faraway from the area. As their chase was to no avail, the Harriers returned to Whiteman and landed. Then the UFO returned to the igloos and continued emitting the red-blue beam of light at the top of their surfaces. This grid search ended at about 4:30 a.m. and the disc ‘lit up’ and shot straight up in the sky never to be seen again.

Following this strange episode, Airmen Hogan and George were “debriefed”. by four men in gray suits and by several Whiteman officers. As part of the debriefing, Hogan and George were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that they would never discuss the Whiteman UFO incident with anyone, and were told told that a violation of the agreement would result in immediate discharge from the Air Force, along with several other serious penalties.

In a very detailed interview with journalist and TV anchor, Linda Moulton Howe, Hogan repeated the following threats that were made by Whteman officers at the end of his debriefing:

Airman Hogan, bullets are cheap! People die all the time. They commit suicide on a regular basis. If you ever disclose what happened this night, you will not like the future. And family members die all the time – horrible deaths! Houses burn down. People die in car crashes all the time. So, for your family’s sake, I would not disclose what happened tonight.

To retrieve LInda Moulton Howe’s interview with Airman Dale Hogan, click here or watch embedded video above[

Bill Wickersham, MU Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies

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UFO phenomena deserve unfettered study

1952 UFO Flyover of Washington DC.
1952 UFO Flyover of Washington DC.

One of the world’s foremost investigators of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial visitation (UFO/ETV) is my close friend C.B. “Scott” Jones. It was Jones who organized and convened the 1995 Washington, D.C.-based conference “When Cosmic Cultures Meet,” which involved many of the world’s leading UFO scientists and analysts. It was also Jones who was funded and tasked by philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller to travel to Europe, Russia, China and other regions to gather information from ufologists and government officials regarding UFO/ETV activities in those and other parts of the world. Scott, who now resides in Kerrville, Texas, is a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer and special assistant to the late U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island. He is also a political scientist whose interests include peace research and impact analysis regarding human contact with off-planet cultures and other issues related to UFO/ETV phenomena. His website is

In his work, Jones bases his research on two major assumptions:

1. The consequences of cosmic cultures meetings will be profound in the extreme. Every segment of Earth’s civilization will be affected, including religion, politics, science, technology, health, agriculture, education, etc.

2. Contemplation of the UFO/ETV impact on various human cultures, including probable and preferred consequences as envisioned by members of those cultures, is a critical research/education project for the best minds willing to undertake the challenge.

According to Jones, some of the key questions for those worldwide scholars who accept the challenge are:

  • When full, open UFO/ETV disclosure occurs and meetings are held with the Visiting Others, what will be the likely impact on the populations/nations/cultures of each scholar’s primary concern?
  • Will some segments of these groups, including various religious denominations be more affected than others? Which ones? Why?
  • What difference, if any, do you anticipate regarding the meeting of Visiting Extraterrestrials with cultures in other parts of the world?
  • To what degree have the populations/nations/cultures of each scholar’s concern already anticipated a meeting with ETV representatives?
  • To what extent have the populations/nations/cultures of each scholar’s concern previously engaged in serious research regarding UFO/ETV phenomena?
  • On a global basis, how should our planetary response to UFO/ETV disclosure and contact be orchestrated? Who should speak for humankind?

In the future, as more UFO/ETV issues surface, there will be increasing pressure on the academic community to focus attention on related problems.

As Scott Jones has said: “The once very effective counter-intelligence program targeted against the U.S. public and supported by, or at least acquiesced in, most countries with a technical capability to recognize and assess ET activity has crumbled. … Thousands of daytime photos of UFOs taken in skies over countries around the world have statistically overwhelmed the usually trotted-out full allowance given to the usual cloud formations and weather phenomena, classified military aircraft and misidentified other ‘things’ that traverse the sky.” The government and others “could not continue to control by threat of fines and imprisonment, men and women of strong moral conviction about what society was being denied. Hundreds of whistleblowers have come forward revealing much and have agreed to reveal under oath when given protection by the White House or Congress. … Additionally, there is a mature Exopolitics community that has earned respect to the point where there is collaboration with military and intelligence organizations to garner and analyze information about phenomena still very much an enigma.”

Note: Exopolitics is defined as the art or science of government concerned with creating policy toward extraterrestrial phenomena and extraterrestrial beings. For additional information, see Michael Salla’s website

Jones further said: “Small parts of the global academic community have awakened. An Australian University recently awarded a Ph.D. in UFO Studies, and the University of Hong Kong is offering a credit course on the subject. In the U.S., there is a growing coverage of UFO/ET issues by college newspapers, and students are increasingly opening their minds to something very important to their future.”

Another scholar, the late astronomy professor J.Allen Hynek, who was the lead scientist for the U.S. Air Force’s 17-year UFO study “Project Blue Book,” made the case for stepped up efforts on the part of academics in the field of ufology.

He said: “If any other phenomenon had had thousands of witnesses like those of UFOs, there would have been hundreds of research studies with full support throughout academic institutions.”

Sadly this has not been the case.

The overarching goal of academic institutions throughout the world is the search for the true, the good, and the beautiful.

When unbiased, unfettered inquiry, powered by intellectual might is focused on a problem, we can expect that civilization will probably be well-served by such research. The UFO/ETV problem is indeed perplexing and, for some, frightening.

As such, it certainly qualifies as a problem for which the truth needs to be sought.

Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of space and astrophysics and former deputy director of the Center for Space Astrophysics at Stanford University, has said it well: “The definite resolution of the UFO enigma will not come about unless and until the problem is subject to open and extensive scientific study by the normal procedures of established science and administration in universities.”

A UFO Manifesto for Journalists

Untitled1For more than 65 years, there have been worldwide reports of sightings, landings and crashes of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) which are under intelligent control, and which travel at speeds and with aeronautical capabilities far surpassing those of known, earthly military and commercial aircraft. Those accounts have been affirmed by the testimony of many reliable witnesses, including astronauts, generals, admirals, law enforcement officials, airline pilots and other highly credentialed individuals. Some UFO crashes have been retrieved by military personnel of the United States and other countries, and several witnesses have viewed and handled the bodies of the occupants of those extraterrestrial (ET) craft.

A seminal research document titled “UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?”  published in 1999 by an independent group of former French generals, space scientists and other high officials concluded: ” A single hypothesis sufficiently takes into account the facts and, for the most part, only calls for present-day science.  It is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitors.  Advanced as of 1947 by certain U.S. military personnel, today it is popular worldwide.  It is discredited by a certain elite but is plausible.  Scientists (astronomers, physicists, engineers, futurologists, etc.) have elaborated on it enough for it to be received – as a hypothesis – by their peers.”

If the ET Hypothesis is valid, humankind faces the greatest scientific discovery in history – the existence of non-human, intelligent off-planet life forms with interstellar propulsion capabilities.  Thus, this meeting of cosmic cultures will inevitably affect every segment of Civilization, including religion, politics, science, technology, health, agriculture, and the complete spectrum of human life will likely be challenged by confirmation of a larger reality.

Contemplation of the effects of this reality on various Earth cultures and the probable and preferred responses from those cultures is a critical research/education project for the best minds willing to undertake the challenge.  Needless to say, participation by the world’s top journalists is an essential requirement for the successful investigation and resolution of the complex issues which are bound to arise with full disclosure of the extraterrestrial visitation.

Since  1947, the UFO/ET phenomenon has been subject to a highly compartmentalized U.S. government coverup that has been largely justified in terms of “national security”, despite official pronouncements by the Air Force that UFOs have never posed a threat to U.S. military operations or the security of the nation.  This is a curious assertion considering repeated documentation of UFO incursions at nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons laboratories, nuclear weapons storage facilities, and nuclear weapons launch facilities. Clearly, the truth regarding these incursions is a prime topic for serious investigation and reporting by professional journalists.

In response to citizen inquiries to the White House concerning extraterrestrial visitation, the Office of the President has stated: ” The U.S. governments has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.  In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public eye.”

This presidential statement is completely contrary to evidence offered by highly respected researchers and former U.S. officials, several of whom have offered to provide testimony under oath to the U.S. Congress.  This conflict between “official Knowledge” and independent/citizen knowledge cries out for investigative reporting.

Over the years, every top-level news organization in the United States has been frequently approached by UFO contactees and UFO researchers with events, information and evidence related to UFO/ET phenomena.  With few exceptions, the major media news organizations have defaulted on that issue, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN news television.  Additionally, most major media organizations have treated anyone who has spoken or written about UFOs to be intellectually stunted and worthy of rejection and ridicule.  Many journalists, like many academics have failed in their obligation to treat a very important issue fairly and objectively.

To remedy this gross violation of journalistic principles and ethics, responsible journalists need to:

  1. Undertake serious efforts to raise public awareness concerning the many controversies surrounding UFO/ET issues, including the “truth embargo” which has seriously plagued the problem;
  2. Fully utilize the U.S. Freedom of Information Act to seek release of secret documents related to the extraterrestrial presence;
  3. Support the call for Congressional hearings on UFO/ET matters;
  4. Press the White House for an additional search of military and intelligence agency files which are known to refute its’ public statements concerning extraterrestrial visitation;
  5. Ask the White House for an explanation as to why the public has been subjected to a fraudulent coverup concerning UFO/ET matters;
  6. Seek identification of the agencies, people and other countries involved in the coverup;
  7. Encourage other journalists in the U.S., and around the world to appropriately investigate and report on UFO/ET phenomena.

In sum, the UFO/ET issue is one of the most serious, perplexing problems confronting the human race.  Therefore, it is imperative that the journalists of the world meet their professional obligation to regularly investigate and report the truth regarding the issue and related matters.

This Manifesto was compiled by Bill Wickersham, Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies, University of Missouri – Columbia. He has been  interested in the UFO phenomenon for over 50 years,   During his 15 years in Washington, D.C., he had an opportunity to interact  with several individuals who were very  close to the UFO/ET issue. Email:

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