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We are building an Exoconscious Civilization and welcome you to join us.

The Institute for Exoconsciousness is the first sustainable nonprofit organization focused exclusively on humans co-creating technology, education, art, and healing with extraterrestrials and multidimensionals.

Exo Institute Programs

Our Exoconscious Human—ET and Multidimensional  Co-Creative Programs include:

  • An EXO Incubator for Inventors and Artists–mainstreaming innovations created by Experiencers
  • Scientific teams who research the Exoconscious Human Reality–Psychokinesis, Telepathy, Star Language
  • Exoconscious Academy–Digital courses and webinars
  • Galactic News Wire Service–ET Multidimensional Communication
  • Exoconscious Healers Association
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace, “Amazon for Experiencers”–featuring goods and services created by Experiencers

Exoconscious Entrepreneurs

Exoconscious Artists and Writers

Mia Feroleto is creating a residency program for artists and writers at Thunderheart Center in Wasta, SD, near the Badlands. Plans are for thirty artists and writers at a time coming for one to six-month visit. Additional buildings will provide studio space, a conference center and gallery space for exhibitions of art created by the visiting artists as well as shows curated by invited guest gallerists and critics from around the globe. For more information please contact Mia Feroleto at or by phoning 802 952 6217

SUPERHUMAN:The Invisible Made Visible

Based on experiences of individuals with extra-sensory powers that defy the laws of physics, Caroline Cory’s award-winning documentary film “SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible Made Visible” takes you on an extraordinary journey to discover tangible and measurable proof of seemingly miraculous phenomena.


The Transgression of Fact

New Observations, an art and culture magazine, published by Mia Feroleto, features a spiritual examination of reality–from lower to higher realm. Click on PDF Download to read the magazine.

Forbidden Questions: A Guide to Human-ET Contact

Hypnotherapist, Gwen Farrell’s, book honestly addresses the questions of experiencers, possible experiencers and the general public about contact with extraterrestrial beings. This new expanded edition contains updated material not available before, while still getting to the heart of human-ET contact compassionately, directly and honestly.

Welcome to the Wide Open Wonders (W.O.W.) Podcast hosted by Katie Cook. Katie covers everything from U.F.O.s and Aliens, to Bigfoot and Crop Circles, and just about everything in between.

Star Origin Readings

Jacquelin Smith, a Star Language Communicator, will connect you with your Star Family directly as to your soul’s first expression when it became individual after leaving the Creator. You’ll be told your core frequency, as well as your star family’s frequency. This will assist you in communicating with your star family. Jacquelin also does Star Language.

FREE ENERGY FOR A BETTER WORLD. Hidden Energy readies you for humankind’s next leap-tapping into an abundance of truly clean power, the ultimate renewable. Making the leap is more about mindsets and a consciousness shift than technology.

We need your support to build an Exoconscious Civilization.

Cosmic Consciousness Conference: Uluru Australia, January 11-13

Join our Exoconscious Community who are traveling to Uluru for the conference. Visiting a site such as Uluru, especially to mediate and make ceremony, can result in strong connections with Gaia.  It will also activate your energy system, bring immense personal healing and advance your spiritual awakening.

SpiritFest 2020: The Flip Side of the Coin

Sheila Seppi welcomes you to Spirit Fest 2020, June 26, 27, and 28 in Leadville Colorado. Give the gift of conscious awakening! Early bird special $199 through December 31.

Consciousness and Contact Conference

July 23 through 27, 2020, in Wasta, South Dakota, on the edges of the Badlands National Park at the Thunderheart Center for the Arts and Conference Center. Speakers include Whitley Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe, Barbara Lamb, Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, David Louis, Tolec, Victor Viggiani, and Juliano Pozati. For more information please contact Mia Feroleto at or by phoning 802 952 6217

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A Reversal of OSD Pentagon Statements About AATIP?

El Pentágono de los Estados Unidos en Washington DC mirando hacia abajo la vista aérea desde arriba

Do you know that, recently, Mrs. Susan Gough (PR spokeswoman of the OSD – Office of the Secretary of Defense) allegedly/apparently wrote an email to Mr. John Greenwald (The Black Vault) saying (according to Mr. Greenwald) that AATIP did not investigate UAP (UFOs)? I still haven’t read the original letter but it is something that has to be known.

I expect more information to come out soon, from Mr. Greenwald, perhaps from Mrs. Gough, perhaps from the Navy and from TTSA.  Is it a misunderstanding or a fundamental conflict of factual information? Is it a strange strategy to confuse people?

These declarations would have to deny not only Mr. Elizondo’s but also Mr. Jim Semivan, Chris Mellon, H. Puthoff and other serious people (such as Senator Harry Reid), not only knowledgeable about classified information (and intelligence clearances) but also linked to TTSA, credible persons who today – as a whole – guarantee that AATIP did investigate UAPs (UFOs). 

Is all of this a confusion or a reversal of policy? 

It doesn’t seem to make sense but (if the information shared by Mr. Greenwald is accurate) WHY would this be happening now? Do some persons “in the know” want to lock the cat back after it came out of the box?

Or is Mr. Greenwald’s information not very clear? Or perhaps is this the old pattern of those who try to control what the population knows, using the practice of revelation followed by denial? (However, this revealing was to one or a few individuals only before the denial).

Is it a mistake from Mrs. Gough who doesn’t know all the information? Or has she been told to say that? Is this a strategy from a faction inside those “in the know” because something else is in the offing? Is this apart of an old plan or a new move?

In terms of UFO disclosure, the “powers that be” follow a pattern of revealing and denying information to society as Randy Koppang and Grant Cameron would likely agree. They usually reveal something to one or a few individuals and later deny it after these individuals have been used to deliver a message to society. But this time they would be denying a whole team of intelligence- savy VIPs gathered in TTSA.

A few days before, another letter by Mrs. Gough (in response to an SCU (Scientific Coalition for Ufology request) publicly shared by Mr. Greenwald) stated that the U.S. Navy only had the “source” videos similar in quality and in length of the 3 videos shown to the public through TTSA (“GIMBAL” “GO FAST” and “FLIR 1”). That these were not classified. She doesn’t actually deny that there may be full-length and higher quality “original ” videos somewhere else but seems to be minimizing or trying to minimize expectations from the general public regarding what the U.S. Navy (and, by extrapolation, the Government in general) may have.

What is happening here?


LINK to John Greenwald’s report in The Black Vault:

The Pentagon Corrects Record on “Secret UFO Program”

Alien Life Will Be Found ‘Within the Next Few Decades’, Claims NASA Study

Listen to “E178 Alien Life Will Be Found ‘Within the Next Few Decades’, Claims NASA Study” on Spreaker.

Article by Jasper Hamill                       November 23, 2019                        (

• A NASA-backed study (see here) proposes that a 126 antennae array observatory be established on the far side of the Moon that would scan the sky and look for habitable planets capable of sustaining extraterrestrial life. The FARSIDE array, which stands for Farside Array for Radio Science Investigations of the Dark Ages and Exoplanets, would scour the sky for planets having a magnetic field like our own, which is considered ‘a key ingredient for planetary habitability’, as well as looking for gases and other ‘biosignatures’ indicating the presence of alien organisms.

• In addition to searching for exoplanets within the ‘habitable zone’ of distant star systems, the Moon observatory could also aid in the search for ‘Planet 9’, a mysterious and as-yet-undiscovered world believed to be lurking in the furthest reaches of the solar system. It could also aid in trying to find ‘dark matter’, a substance believed to make up a large proportion of all the matter in the universe. The FARSIDE array can also study ‘coronal mass ejections’ from the surface of distant stars and explore the evolution of the universe itself.

• The placement of the FARSIDE observatory on the back of the Moon would shield it from both radio frequencies from the Earth and ‘noise’ created by the Sun’s solar wind.

• Authors of the FARSIDE observatory proposal include scientists from NASA as well as academics from various American universities. They write that: “The discovery of life on a planet outside our solar system is at the heart of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. … Such a discovery may arrive within the next few decades and is the focus of a number of planned and concept NASA missions.”

• While NASA has not actually committed to building FARSIDE,optimistic scientists have claimed that alien life could be found on an ‘exoplanet’ outside our own system ‘within a few decades’.

[Editor’s Note]   Considering that a previous report titled: ‘Final Report: Design of a Lunar Far Side Observatory’ was written in 1989, NASA hasn’t put a lot of effort into making an observatory on the far side of the Moon a reality. It is likely that NASA has never had any real intention of establishing a public presence on the far side of the Moon.  For if they did, it would expose that the back of the Moon is a veritable beehive of activity, with spacecraft flying to and from a number of lunar bases occupied by a variety of extraterrestrial species, including the Lunar Operations Command – a large base located on the back of the Moon at the ten o’clock position (from our point of view), that serves as US military alliance headquarters with many subsurface levels. The LOC was originally built by German Nazis in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, and was then modernized and expanded through a formal alliance of the American military industrial complex with the Nazis in the 1950’s, which continues to the present day.


Humanity could be on the verge of answering the biggest question in the universe.

A Nasa-backed study has claimed that alien life could be found on an ‘exoplanet’ outside our own system within a few decades.

Researchers have just published a proposal paper calling for an observatory to be placed on the dark side of the moon.

The proposed FARSIDE instrument (Farside Array for Radio Science Investigations of the Dark ages and Exoplanets) would scan the sky and look for habitable planets capable of sustaining extraterrestrial organisms.

It would also search for Planet 9, a mysterious and as-yet-undiscovered world believed to be lurking in the furthest reaches of the solar system, as well as trying to find dark matter, a substance believed to make up a large proportion of all the matter in the universe.

As well as these impressive ambitions, the overachieving instrument would ‘explore how the universe began and evolved’ and look for ‘coronal mass ejections’ – outbursts from the surface of stars.

But the goal which is likely to get the most attention is the search for exoplanets capable of sustaining life.



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