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Area 51 Raiders Could Find ‘Underground City’ Below Top Secret Base

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Article by Zara Muradyan                     August 3, 2019                    (sputniknews.com)

• Over 2 million Facebook users have RSVP’d to the “Storm Area 51” event in Nevada, where they plan to invade the US military’s most secretive base. Conspiracy enthusiast Blake Cousins of the YouTube channel ‘thirdphaseofmoon’ describes what the invaders might find if they successfully breach the fences, armed guards, and internal security.

• Cousins says there is a huge underground city beneath the Nevada desert at the expansive military base. “The subterranean level (of Area 51) would have to be at least 50 stories down, from what I hear, and they extend up to the Pacific Ocean and other parts of the United States”, Cousins told the Daily Star newspaper.

• Cousins also took the opportunity to mention an alleged alien named J-Rod that survived the Roswell crash of 1947 and was housed at Area 51.

• The “Storm Area 51” Facebook meme apparently began as a joke. But it has struck a chord with the public and has ‘gotten out of hand’. Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee warns that the invasion idea is dangerous: “Someone is going to get hurt and people may go to jail. It’s not anything to joke about”.

• The existence of the Area 51 base, which was established in the 1950’s, was officially denied until the CIA acknowledged it in 2013 in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The mystery surrounding the base has spawned rumors and theories of UFOs and extraterrestrials being kept and studied there.


Over 2 million users have RSVP’d to an alien-hunting Facebook event encouraging to storm the most secretive military base in the United States where, per passionate conspiracy theorists, the government is housing ETs. Now, another

       Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee

truth-seeker claims there might be “an underground city” beneath the notorious Area 51.

Blake Cousins, a renowned conspiracy enthusiast from Hawaii running the YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, claims that former Area 51 employees confided in him that there was an “underground city” below the famed US military base, which is located in the Nevada desert.

“If one person or a group of people were able to get in and open the doors into the subterranean levels, you will see a huge underground city that has never been seen before on our planet. This is something so big that the

           alien ‘J-Rod’

ground-level Area 51 is just the tip of the iceberg. The subterranean level would have to be at least 50 storeys down, from what I hear, and they extend up to the Pacific Ocean and other parts of the United States”, he told the Daily Star.

During the conversation with the media outlet, the alien hunter, whose channel bursts with videos about the US military facility, further asserts that ex-workers entered into contact with an “alien” at J-rod, an ET base that was supposedly held at Area 51.



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