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Aliens At the Pentagon: Does the Government Know We Are Not Alone?

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by Susan Leighton                  October 14, 2018                   (1428elm.com)

Aliens at the Pentagon, a documentary video just over an hour long and released by Reality Entertainment, features the former UFO anomaly researcher for the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope, guiding the viewer through an examination of the U.S. Pentagon’s Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which the Department of Defense disclosed in December 2017, on a quest to determine whether Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) are real.

• The documentary begins with the AATIP’s historical roots in Project Sign, which became Project Grudge, which became Project Blue Book, all purportedly searching for the truth behind UAPs (the hip new term for UFOs). Thirty-eight years after Blue Book was terminated, Nevada Senator Harry Reid created the AATIP at the behest of his friend and government contractor, Robert Bigelow. The AATIP covertly studied UAPs between 2007 until 2012.

• The person heading up the AATIP was former DIA and DoD employee Luis Elizondo. Elizondo’s mission was to determine what these UFOs were, whether they posed a threat to national security, and to discover the advanced technology behind them. He was responsible for the release of the Tic-Tac and Gimble UFO videos to the New York Times which ran an article on it in December 2017. Elizondo also stated that there were “meta materials” originating from “beyond earth” that were being tested at Bigelow Aerospace.

• The AATIP concluded that UFOs are capable of “metric engineering” space and time. Their exotic propulsion systems warp the continuum creating a “bubble” effect which enables the craft to fly incredible distances. The program developed a list of identifiable characteristics that were inherent in all reported encounters with UFOs:
– The craft travel at hypersonic velocities.
– They have a low observability factor.
– UAPs have sudden and extreme acceleration capabilities.
– Trans-medium travel abilities such as able to fly into the ocean or out of the ocean.
– Positive lift or what is known as anti-gravity propulsion.

• But was the AATIP itself a deliberate distraction intended to keep us from discovering the real truth? Is there a Majestic 12 Group running things behind the scenes which even the AATIP couldn’t identify? And is MJ-12 in the business of recovering and reverse engineering extraterrestrial craft? By releasing bits and pieces of information, videos and photographs, is the government acclimating the public to the existence of life beyond the Earth? Is it all a distraction while the Illuminati cabal institutes a subversive “New World Order”?

• According to Elizondo’s resignation letter to his DoD superiors, there is evidence that these UAPs pose a potential “existential threat to our national security.” Is Elizondo aware of a deep government secret that these visiting extraterrestrials harbor ulterior and malevolent motives? Aliens at the Pentagon presents this as a very real scenario.


Aliens at the Pentagon is a deep dive documentary focusing on the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program which was the U.S. government’s secret UFO operation that was disclosed in 2017. Join Nick Pope, Britain’s “Fox Mulder” as he takes us on a tour of discovery.

Small Beginnings

Aliens at the Pentagon is the type of documentary that anyone who loves science fiction, The X-Files and anything to do with the exploration of the universe will find fascinating. With a run time of 1 hour and 6 minutes, this video from Reality Entertainment wastes no time in hitting the ground running and exposing you to multiple sources of information out of the gate.

       Documentary Host, Nick Pope

Nick Pope who is a familiar face to fans of the program, Ancient Aliens is our guide on this tour of one of the Pentagon’s most secretive efforts, the now famous Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program or AATIP for short.

Mr. Pope was an employee with the Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. He actually spearheaded their government UFO investigative unit and is known as the “real-life Fox Mulder.” One thing is for certain, Nick is very knowledgeable when it comes to military strategy and the behind the scenes protocol of public offices.

That is why he is the perfect individual to lead this excursion into finding out if Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon are real or bogus. First of all, we dive right into the history of AATIP which has its roots in Project Sign which morphed into Project Grudge which ended with Project Blue Book.

Blue Book was discontinued in 1969 but ended up getting a reprieve years later in another form when Senator Harry Reid created AATIP at the behest of his friend government contractor, Robert Bigelow. AATIP looked into UAP sightings from 2007 until 2012.

Enter the Seeker

During that time, the man at the center of the agency was Luis Elizondo. Luis was a veteran and a Department of Defense employee who worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate UFO encounters. For several years, Elizondo ran the program.

In that time, his mission was to determine what UFOs were and what was the technology behind them. Notice who or what was flying the craft never really came into play. Elizondo believed that these vehicles were a viable threat to our national security with good reason.

His tenure saw various bits of information emerge. He was responsible for the Tic-Tac and Gimble videos. These were provided to the New York Times who featured an article that blew the cover of AATIP wide open in December of last year.

The most famous one featured two Navy F-18 fighter jet pilots who had an encounter with an object not of this world. Elizondo also stated that there were “meta materials” that were being tested at Bigelow Aerospace. The conclusion was the fact that based on ionization and exposure to cosmic rays, the materials’ origins were deemed as originating from “beyond earth.”

1:33 minute movie trailer for Aliens at the Pentagon



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