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A Passenger Plane Filmed Huge UFO Over New York

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by magictr                         November 29, 2018                          (sivpost.com)

• On November 23, 2018, a passenger in a commercial plane video recorded an orange glowing UFO over the state of New York. A copy of the recording was provided to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network).  (see 2:02 minute video below)


The staff of Mufon has received the materials sent to witness events from the United States. The passenger of the plane captured on camera the flight of UFOs over New York, and was scared impressive dimensions of the object.

The author of the story published the video online, noting that for the first time faced with such a spectacle. Unusual alien spacecraft had the shape of a flying saucer, and was not going to hide from the eyes of people watching his maneuvers in the sky.

While researchers check information to find out the intentions of extraterrestrial visitors. The early inhabitants of the city were also afraid of the appearance UFO, which resembled a huge metal butterfly.

2:02 minute video of UFO over New York state 



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