Robert Kennedy concluded rogue CIA assassinated President Kennedy

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1 Title-page-imageRobert Kennedy, the former Attorney General, conducted his own private investigation of his brother’s murder fifty years ago, and reached a startling conclusion. The assassination was conducted by a rogue faction of the CIA. Despite his power as Attorney General, Kennedy was unable to expose the killers and ultimately suffered a similar fate almost five years later during the 1968 Presidential elections.

Robert Kennedy’s conclusion was revealed for the first time by his son in an interview by Charlie Rose on January 11, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  Robert Kennedy, Jnr., when asked whether his father believed it was the Mafia, or Cuban exiles that assassinated his uncle, responded as follows:

KENNEDY: I think my father was fairly convinced at the end of that that there had been involvement by somebody …

ROSE: Organized crime, Cubans …

KENNEDY: Or rogue CIA …

So who was behind this “rogue” CIA faction, and was it truly acting alone?

According to the final installment of a four part Special Edition series from ExoNews TV, the rogue CIA faction was in fact controlled by the CIA’s counterintelligence chief, James Jesus Angleton. Angleton was following a secret set of directives given to him by a classified UFO control group called Majestic-12, in case anyone in the Kennedy administration threatened to expose their operations.

 President Kennedy’s 1963 efforts to end the Cold War, cooperate with the USSR on joint space missions, and share classified UFO files with the Soviets, created a showdown with Majestic-12. The trigger was Kennedy’s agreement with Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev, on November 12, 1963 on space and lunar cooperation. The agreement led to Kennedy issuing a Top Secret memo the same day instructing John McCone, the CIA Director, to share the CIA’s classified UFO information with NASA, which in turn would share the information with the State Department, other government agencies, and eventually the Soviets.

Kennedy’s explosive Top Secret memo to McCone was relayed by William Colby, then Chief of the CIA’s Far East Division, to James Angleton in CIA counterintelligence. In response to Kennedy’s memo, Angleton would implement “Project Environment”, a cryptic assassination directive crafted by former CIA Director, Allen Dulles, in late 1961, if Majestic-12 operations were threatened with exposure. The trigger for implementing the directive was a demand by the Kennedy administration for the CIA to release its classified UFO files to NASA.

 Robert Kennedy’s startling conclusion from his own private investigation of his brother’s murder is a powerful endorsement of evidence that a powerful “rogue” faction from the CIA was responsible. The fourth and final segment of the ExoNews TV Special Edition series clearly identifies the “rogue” CIA faction, the key people authorizing its activities, and who was ultimately responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy.

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  • CIA Central Intelligence Agency… of the Earth, NOT America. Tasked with maintaining secrecy and promoting the ‘Aliens from Outer Space’ concept as a substitute for the locals (the insiders). That the insiders are breathing our air and have demanded it to be cleaned of radioactive contamination hence chemtrails and the difficulty of admitting this function because ‘Aliens from Outer Space’ should not be breathing our air. Suggesting that they are, raises concerns of invasion or infiltration not to mention their similarity or location.

    The governments of the world try to keep us safe. They hope that the human race will not be exterminated. Our environment is very harsh and it costs a lot of money to live. The insiders have a better environment and wish to avoid a gold rush. It’s a tricky situation and Kennedy was rocking the boat. The CIA have lots of spare bullets.

    The concept of the H.E. is a very useful and simple one and technology rains out of our cousins environment. We can learn a lot from these guys (and their cyborgs and their hybridized dwarfs). BUT… they are calling the shots, and we are an inferior race! At least they won’t invade our world due to the radiation exposure that we tolerate (unless I’m Bananas, but at least I’m not eating the radioactive Bananas).

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