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Retired NORAD officer accurately predicts UFO appearances over major cities

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Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

UFO photographed in New York on October 13. Photo: Jason Diamond Barcroft.

On October 13, several dozen UFOs were sighted over New York City. The sightings began around midday and lasted until early evening. They were sighted by hundreds, and filmed by witnesses and television crews. Multiple videos of the UFOs have been broadcast. There was no official comment from government authorities over the source of the UFOs that maintained a steady position for hours on end. The FAA said nothing showed up on radar and it had no advance reports of balloons being launched in the area. The October 13 sighting would be like so many other unexplained UFO sightings over major cities, except for one notable exception. Stanley A. Fulham, a retired NORAD officer, actually predicted October 13 as the date that extraterrestrial visitors would appear as the initial step in a process to educate the world public that we are not alone. Astonishingly, his prediction was validated by the mass UFO sighting in New York, as well as in other major cities. Could the New York UFO sighting on October 13 be the first step in extraterrestrials indisputably revealing themselves to the world public as Fulham claims?

Fulham first made his prediction in a Youtube video posted on June 26, 2010. The prediction was elaborated upon in a Press Release that appeared on September 13:

Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author [Fulham], the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date…

In an interview on his website, Fulham explains more about the October 13 date as the first in a series of steps to prepary humanity for overt extraterrestrial intervention in 2015:

The aliens’ UFO display on 13 October 2010 is a tentative date. The aliens function with their Free Will and Choice and may determine that the conditions on Earth are so bad with the earth changes and the world’s economic and financial collapse that their intervention at that critical time would collapse humanity in massive panic, fear and confusion. If so, it will only be a temporary postponement of their intervention because their UFO display is only the initial step in preparing people for their intervention, possibly in 2015, without creating massive fear and panic.

There has been a succession of past predictions concerning UFOs showing up on specific dates to demonstrate the reality of extraterrestrials visiting our world. One of the most prominent was an Australian psychic, Blossum Goodchild, who predicted October 14, 2008 as the date that UFOs would show up. Given the dismal track record of prior UFO predictions demonstrating the existence of extraterrestrial life, this writer like many others, did not get too excited by Fulham’s October 13 prediction. Furthermore, when it became clear that Fulham’s prediction derived in part from the alleged channeling of extraterrestrials he calls the “Transcendors”, that made it even less appealing.

The spectacular October 13 sighting of up to several dozen UFOs over New York city, as well as independent UFOs sightings in San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia is partial vindication for Fulham’s prediction. Though he pointed out that “the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date,” the consequences of the mass UFO sightings are not what Fulham predicted in his Press Release. He said that the mass UFO sightings will “occur this year, in what will surely be one of the great dramas of our galaxy, the introduction of their alien civilizations and technologies to mankind. We are not alone, and our world will have changed forever.” However, what was sighted and filmed in New York was hardly indisputable proof of extraterrestrial life. The objects were distant lights that held a steady position for hours on end. This would rule out the idea that they were helium party balloons as claimed by students from one school in nearby Mt Vernon. The opinion of many observers was that the objects were not balloons, aircraft or stars, and were in fact UFOs of some kind. But that is a long way from saying that the UFOs were indisputable proof of extraterrestrial life.

Fulham’s prediction made clear that the October 13 sighting would be the first in a series culminating in an overt intervention by 2015. Perhaps, he was referring to the consequences of later UFO sightings in the series in his Press Release. More information about the series and his predicted extraterrestrial intervention by 2015 is found iin his book, Challenges of Change, and on his website. So we are likely to have more predictions from Fulham in the months and years ahead about mass UFO sightings he claims will culminate in an overt extraterrestrial intervention by 2015. At the very least, Fulham has gotten the attention of many who did not give much thought to his October 13 prediction. We will certainly pay closer attention the next time he predicts UFOs appearing in a process that indisputably demonstrates the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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Comments (3)

  • Fulham wrote a book in which he predicted the Oct. 13, 2010 ufo appearances.
    Normally, when writing a book, one has time to do repeated, detailed checks on
    the info. Who wants to be tagged with bad info. in a book that endures over

    And who are the aliens Fulham said just appeared over New York? Fulham’s website
    says they are as follows: “The Alien Council of Eight (the Pleiadians, Alpha
    Centauri, Bootes (Greys), Orions, Sirians, Zeta Reticuli, Pousetis and Comsulis)
    has determined that they will intervene to rescue humanity from its path of
    environmental destruction.”

    So, that’s the Greys and their cohorts. Not a materially disinterested bunch,
    obviously. My question is, what do tney do in those locations, and where do they
    mine materials all around? They certainly aren’t sitting there watching Earth
    television. The point being, their presence is contaminated by direct material
    and energy resource ambitions.

    Fulham writes about the sources of his predictions: “The Transcendors consist of
    43,000 very old souls who interact as a single mind and blend their wealth of
    experience and knowledge to provide advice and assistance to entities throughout
    the Universe. In their previous lives, they have been great political and military leaders, scientists and philosophers. There are those who have started religions and those who have ended religions. There are those entities who have achieved great power and dominance, not only on Earth, but on other planets and spiritual realms. What a vast wealth of knowledge and experience they have! And their mission is to assist souls on their journey through the “rugged trail” of thousands of incarnations throughout the universe with advice and information from their knowledge and the Akashic Records. Since the spiritual entities have no voice box, they communicate by thought through the channeler’s voice box to individuals on Earth.”

    So, they are non-physical, i.e. what M. Salla calls Celestials. They communicate
    through channels. I, too, wonder about channeled information. The truth is, the
    Akhashic record that Fulham says his sources utilize to communicate is available to anyone. Remote sensing is a skill that anyone can develop. But it takes time.
    I won’t claim to know how to access a future, as Fulham says his sources do.
    Ironically, Fulham says his sources say the future isn’t a lock. Instead, there’s free will and possible variance in outcomes.

    But when an abducting alien alignment (Greys and cohorts) manipulates and maneuvers to gain influence over a planet, their scheme can be avoided. The only way to do that is through public awareness, which is certainly pending now that Kepler is finding what may be Earth-sized planets, plus the recent find of Gliese 581 g, a probably living planet 20.5 light years away.

    The question with the Grey alignment is whether their plan is to almost entirely
    replace humans with their hybrids, hence gain control of this planet, and more
    importantly, surrounding star systems’ resources. Another problem with Fulham’s
    aliens is the so-called “Pleiadians.” We know that aliens can’t possibly have
    evolved in the Pleiades because all the stars there (not very many, in total)
    are between 115 million and 140 million years old. It took billions for life to
    develop here. So, why do such aliens (who look just like us) not say their exact
    evolutionary origin? Is it because their obviously human appearance indicates
    that they are merely a hybrid strain developed by the Grey-related alignment
    (made from material stolen from abducted humans, mixed with something alien)?

  • What about Project Blue Beam. These could be holograms. If it’s someone to warn us about carbon dioxide emissions, maybe it’s an extreme environmentalist group with blue beam technology. I’m not sure, just don’t assume there are Aliens because of this. The thought of there being intelligent life in outer space is very possible, but I’m not absolutely sure any of them are visiting us. Just wanted you all to learn about project blue beam, before you make to many assumptions about this incidence. Take care.

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