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CBC Television in Canada covers US Nuclear Missiles Compromised by UFOs – According to ranking USAF officers

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Toronto The CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Canada’s national public broadcasting television network has taken the first steps to engage the national security implications of American nuclear missiles being shut-down by so-called UFOs.

Highly disquieting news about nuclear missile shut-downs was aired by CBC’s CONNECT hosted by Mark Kelley on Tuesday September 28, 2010 on CBC TV Newsworld during an interview with US Air Force Capt. Robert Salas (Ret.) following Salas’ news conference held on Sept 27, 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

Both, at the Washington press conference, and with CBC’s Mark Kelley, Capt. Salas stated that incidents of US nuclear missiles being shut-down by UFOs (rendered to a ‘no-go’ status) have occurred at a number of nuclear installations in the United States.

Despite the US Air Force’s unrelenting position that UFOs do not pose a national security threat to the US, Salas – in deference to the Air Force position, indicated that the unauthorized shut-down of any nuclear weapon by unknown forces was in fact a national security issue.

Salas and researcher Robert Hastings assembled 7 US officers who provided public testimony about their direct experiences with missile shut-downs as well as ‘visits’ by craft of unknown origin at a nuclear base in the UK (Rendlesham).

Mark Kelley also interviewed acclaimed Canadian radio commentator Richard Syrett of Radio AM 740 who hosts his own radio program on the matter of UFOs. Syrett indicated that this story and the wider issue of UFOs is the biggest story in human history – and – it’s being ignored by mainstream media.

NORAD and USAF Inquiries by  ZlandCommunications

In an attempt to obtain further clarity from defence officials on this potentially volatile situation, ZlandCommunications contacted NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command).

NORAD Media Relations Naval officer Lt. Desmond James indicated that they were aware of the press conference, however because this was an American asset issue, he pointed ZlandCommunications to the United States Air Force web site www.af.mil to obtain, which turned out to be, a simple and generic statement about UFOs on its Fact Sheet – Project Blue Book.

In further conversation with another American NORAD Public Affairs representative, he indicated NORAD has “no public comment on this matter”.

When contacted by ZlandCommunications, Vicky Stein of the US Air Force Public Affairs Office stated there is no comment on this matter beyond the US Air Force FACT SHEET on its web site.

This fact sheet – available at the Air Force web site – quotes the generally considered flawed and out-dated study at the University of Colorado from 1968 entitled, “Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects” as the American Air Force’s  sole, governmental and military explanation for nuclear missile shut-downs in the modern era.

When asked by ZlandCommunications if this non-referenced and clearly out-dated explanation on UFO incursions on nuclear weapons sites was all the authoritative and powerful United States Air Force had on this matter their response was, “Yes”.


Below are the two segments featuring Robert Salas and Richard Syrett aired on CBC TV on Tuesday Sept 28, 2010.

Captain Robert Salas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7me4boq5Wyk

Richard Syrett:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSu8tl08y5g

Other media coverage click – here

View the facts as stated by USAF officials at the National Press Club Washington DC Press Conference sponsored by Capt. Robert Salas and Robert Hastings at:



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  • It seems as far as “official policy” is concerned, the US Armed Forces have no credibility. Nor, it appears, do they want any…at least on this issue. Their collective charge, the security of America, has come up against a force against we have no real defense, namely, the rest of the universe. Rather than admitting that all human beings on Earth are in the same boat when it comes to threats from space, they have attempted to bolster our confidence in them by spending who knows how many billions on a protocol by which any observers or experiencers in the public realm of things extraterrestrial requires the military to mock and to humiliate them. It also requires the intelligence community to manipulate the media to support this protocol.
    Does anyone seriously expect the armed forces of the entire planet could possibly defend Earth form any and all possible threats from anywhere in the universe? I don’t. I surely wish a day would come when the US military would simply admit that though their resources are vast, they would likely not successfully defend Earth from a hostile force who may be hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than are we.
    It’s OK, we get it already. Since the discovery of ET life is now expected, we -as a civilization- must also expect that some ET life must possess defense technologies that would make any 4 star general green with envy.
    Obviously, our civilization still exists because someone wants it to. (At least if we are to become extinct, it seems it should not be at the hand of anyone from Space.)

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