How the Increasing Belief in Extraterrestrials Inspires Our Real World

by D.W. Pasulka                  March 11, 2019                     (

• It used to be that mainstream scientists such as Stephen Hawking would describe believers in UFOs and extraterrestrials as fringe “kranks”. But today, many respectable scientists not only believe in ET and UFOs, but claim to have been in communication with them, or have even had a close encounter. The article’s author, Diana Walsh Pasulka, has written a book entitled: American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology, which reveals how the increasing belief in nonhuman intelligence inspires our science and entertainment.

• Jacques Vallée is a computer scientist who has long been open to the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on and around the earth. He consulted on Steven Spielberg’s movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and he paved the way for other Silicon Valley scientists and biotechnologists to draw from alien technology, using technology from alien spacecraft crash sites and information from mental downloads.

• Technology entrepreneur Rizwan Virk claims to have spoken with top researchers at Stanford, MIT, and Harvard who have actually seen alien “artifacts”. Virk also says that he accompanied several research scientists to an alien spaceship crash site in New Mexico, which was not the Roswell crash.

• Pasulka maintains that religions are social phenomena that emerge from their environments. Today’s digital environment (through films, phones, and computers) is producing new forms of religious beliefs which take for granted that extraterrestrials are in regular communication with humans on earth. The difference between these “religious” beliefs is that traditional religions require blind belief without real proof. The belief in extraterrestrial intelligence interacting with earth humans, however, is something that will be proven true.

• Until now, scientists and researchers have shied away from expressing their belief in an extraterrestrial presence, due to what Pasulka calls “the John Mack Effect.” Dr. John Mack was a Pulitzer Prize winning research psychiatrist working at Harvard University. In the 1990s Mack began a study of people who believed that they were in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and found that they were not delusional, but were perfectly normal. Still, Harvard University questioned his motives in an internal investigation, and portrayed him as a ‘kook’. This produced a chilling effect related to the study of UFOs as scholars became unwilling to risk their reputations to study the phenomena.

• However, a recent presentation by Garry Nolan of Stanford University at the Harvard Medical School’s Consortium for Space Genetics, argued that the people who would be best equipped to explore space would be those whose brains were attuned to nontraditional forms of knowledge, and who have the ‘hyperintuition’ – the ability to know things beyond normal means, like a sixth sense. These are the types of people who should be chosen to investigate extraterrestrial destinations, says Nolan.

• For her book, Pasulka interviewed a biotechnologist named Thomas, who works in the field of cancer research. Thomas has introduced ‘implant technology’ to the field, using implant devices etched with a laser and coded so that human tissue recognizes and adapts to them. But he made a point not to reveal to his fellow scientists that he got the idea of an implant from alleged extraterrestrial technology. Says Thomas, “It would have been so far removed from their own belief systems that it would have been impossible for them to implement my vision. So, I keep that part secret.”

• The potential of almost unimaginable space infrastructures has created a new form of religion based on possible realism. Given the ways in which religious and spiritual beliefs develop, the emerging connection between Silicon Valley technopreneurs and alien technology is not surprising. As Vallée said, ‘the apparent absurdity of the claims does not mean they are not true’.


I first met Thomas* through a mutual friend. By most societal standards, Thomas would be considered “normal”—he’s a successful biotechnologist with a partner and kid, he enjoys long walks on the weekend and eating out. In his work, he helps create technologies that help people recover from illnesses, such as cancer. But the inspiration for some of Thomas’s most successful technologies—such as implant devices that are etched with a laser and coded so that human tissue recognizes them as itself, and not a foreign agent, or the use of an ancient stem cell that appears to help alleviate pain associated with cancer—is not something he openly shares. Why? Because, he explained to me, the implants were inspired by “nonhuman intelligence.” In other words, it wasn’t his own brilliant idea, nor was it another human’s. He believes that it came from a supernatural source, perhaps extraterrestrial.

His research protocol was, to be blunt, not transparent. He never told any of the scientists he recruited to his team where he acquired the idea for the new technology, because, according to Thomas, “First, they would have thought I was really weird, and second—and most importantly—it would have prevented them from being successful in implementing the necessary steps to create the technology. It would have been so far removed from their own belief systems that it would have been impossible for them to implement my vision. So, I keep that part secret.”

     Diana Walsh Pasulka

It has long been the case that people who believe in UFOs or extraterrestrials are characterized, as Stephen Hawking has described them, as “cranks” or fringe dwellers. Despite that association, some of the world’s brilliant, Nobel Prize–winning minds, among them the mathematician John Nash and the biochemist Kary Mullis, have had experiences they perceive to be close encounters. The University of Oxford’s Richard Dawkins, famous for his advocacy of Darwin’s theory of evolution as well as his disbelief in God and religions, nonetheless has suggested that human civilization may have been seeded by an alien civilization.

More strikingly, according to research by psychologists, belief in extraterrestrials is increasing in unprecedented ways. I myself found this to be the case, especially among contemporary technopreneurs (entrepreneurs who use technology to make an innovation or fill a need), just like Thomas. A belief that was once on the fringe now appears to be the new black. Spending a day with high-functioning believers—as I have done several times in the past few months as research for my book American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology—reveals a lot about how the increasing belief in nonhuman intelligence inspires our real world as well as our entertainment.

                 Riz Virk

Perhaps the first technopreneur who has long been “out” concerning his belief in UFOs is Jacques Vallée, who worked on ARPANET (the proto-internet), a program funded by the military. In fact, he was working on this new technology while experimenting with telepathic phenomena, what some would call “woo-woo” science. Vallée was so well known for his study of UFOs that Steven Spielberg asked him to consult on the set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (the French scientist played by François Truffaut in the movie is based on Vallée). He was one of the first vocal technologists to advocate for the study of UFOs, and he paved the way for a slew of other Silicon Valley scientists and biotechnologists who believe that the secret to their success is alien technology—in other words, artifacts found at alleged alien spacecraft crash sites or information provided to them through mental downloads.

                            Garry Nolan

The gaming expert, technologist, and investor Rizwan Virk confirms this new direction in the belief and practices associated with UFOs. In an article on the website Hacker Noon, he wrote, “I can say that I have personally spoken to researchers from top universities (Stanford, MIT, Harvard) who have seen the “artifacts” that the article references, and other similar ones that are even more secretive (and perhaps more functional).” In my own research, I have also met scientists who believe in these artifacts; I’ve even accompanied several of them on an expedition to an alleged alien crash site in New Mexico, which, I was told, was “not Roswell.” But I couldn’t tell you where, exactly, we were, as I was blindfolded so I wouldn’t be able to identify the location.



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UNCW Professor Explores UFOs

by Ben Steelman                 March 8, 2019                   (

• In her book, “American Cosmic”, professor Diana Pasulka, chair of the department of philosophy and religion at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, notes the similarities between people’s belief in extraterrestrial beings and starships, and people who believe in organized religion.

• For six years, Pasulka has focused on a small group of respectable academic scientists and researchers who believe that UFOs are real, ET beings have been in contact with us, and that the government knows much more than it’s telling. While many of these scientists remain anonymous, Pasulka was able to interview some including Jacques Vallee, the former NASA scientist and co-founder of ARPANET, an ancestor of the modern Internet.

• Several of the scientists Pasulka interviewed claim to have had non-verbal communication with alien beings. In some cases, the scientists believe the beings fed them inspirations or ideas for new innovations. For Pasulka, these descriptions sound a lot like traditional descriptions of divine inspiration or the Voice of God. She specifically notes the calling of Samuel in the Old Testament.

• ET believers’ often traffic in “artifacts” from UFO crashes which seem to possess uncanny powers. This reminds Pasulka of the medieval obsession with saints’ relics or with splinters from the True Cross.

• Descriptions of modern UFO encounters often involving loud humming, thunder, dancing lights and appearances of luminous beings — eerily similar to accounts of the miracles in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917.

• Pasulka notes a sharp disconnect between the believers who see the alien intelligences as mostly benign, and modern media which prefers scary stories like “Independence Day” or “Signs.”

• Again and again, she finds parallels between Catholic miracles and UFO beliefs. Ultimately, Pasulka sees both quests as a search for answers to unknowable mysteries and for guidance to who we are and where we are going.

[Editor’s Note]   Upon noting the similarities between ancient religions and modern UFO experiences, it isn’t such a great leap to speculate that these ancient religious accounts are actually descriptions of early human civilizations’ encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings thousands of years ago, and they simply formed a religion around the experiences.


Depending on which poll you choose, between one-third and nearly half of Americans believe in unidentified flying objects, intelligent beings from other planets and those beings coming to visit (and, occasionally, probe) us.
The famed psychologist Carl Jung referred to UFOs as “a modern myth of things unseen.” For Jung, the question wasn’t so much whether UFOs exist or what they are as why we believe in them.

Diana Pasulka, a professor who chairs the department of philosophy and religion at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, takes much the same view in “American Cosmic.” For her, belief in starships and little green men proves remarkably similar to belief in organized (or disorganized) religion. At times, the two might be almost interchangeable.

            Diana Pasulka

Lots of “new” religions and cults place faith in UFOs, from Heaven’s Gate and Unarians to the Church of Scientologyand the Nation of Islam. A study of one such cult in the 1950s led psychologist Leon Festinger and colleagues to the theory of cognitive dissonance, how true believers adjust their worldviews when prophecy fails.

These, however, aren’t Pasulka’s real concern. For six years, she focused on a small tribe of academic scientists, published researchers with respectable records, who nevertheless believe UFOs are real, the government knows much more than it’s telling and non-human intelligences behind these craft have already contacted some of us.



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ExoNews Exclusive- Cargo Cults, Extra-Terrestrials & Humanity

    By Joseph M. Irwin @CosmicEmbassy
(Unique Information in this Full Article below but here is the video for those who prefer.)
       Have you ever heard of cargo cults?  It’s one of the most fascinating subjects in recent history, and the implications are massive, especially as we go forward into the future and out into the Universe.  In this article, and companion video, I’m going to give you some super unique and valuable perspectives.  I’m going to tell you what you need to know about cargo cults and how they’re completely connected to the entire Human Experience, and perhaps beyond.
       Even though it may sound simple, the concept of cargo cults may become vital to understand our history and crucial for how we go forward out into the cosmos.  If you are totally new to this subject, I’ll break it down for you, and if you are a veteran of this subject, I’m going to add some tidbits and perspectives that I know you will find valuable, that help usher us all into the next stage of human evolution.
       So here’s the setup:  Things that are normal today were unbelievable a short time ago, even the device you’re reading this article on.  If someone from the past came and saw what you are doing right now, looking at this lighted screen, they would be mind blown.  If they went out into our world they would be astonished, everything that’s going on in our society, the commerce, the entertainment, all the variety of people, the vehicles, I mean you are used to traveling great distances relative to our ancestors, and it’s totally “normal” to you.  You see all different types of humans, all different Races often, and it’s totally normal and okay.  Wildly different cultures and even languages, you expect this, this is part of the now equation on Earth.  Different types of people all around the Earth and sometimes even in the same city and same building and this is totally okay.  What if soon a new race of beings or species was discovered, and after a relatively short adjustment period that too would be “normal,” to have them walking among us.  What if completely revolutionary technologies came into our society, either by a brilliant inventor, secret advancements being revealed, or even a being from an exotic culture or planet?  At first the massive breakthrough would be crazy, and then again, It would become normal.
      So having laid that strong groundwork, let’s talk about cargo cults.  During World War II, almost untouched islands became strategically ultra important, and the native cultures there were forever changed. They were exposed to technology and ways of being and living that were inconceivable, not unlike advanced extraterrestrials from another world arriving on our planet.  This concept is massively significant for our world today, and going into the future, you see to the Melanesian’s their islands were all that really existed.  Melanesia was almost entirely unaware of the rest of the world and its cultures, societies, and advancements.  Everything there was to know was on the islands, everyone there was to know was on the islands.  The fact that their culture was relatively small, and there were far more advanced cultures, technologies, and more numerous peoples living on the same planet, completely eluded them, even though to us the other cultures were not that far away.
        To the Melanesians, another continent might as well have been another planet or solar system away, for they didn’t have the means to travel the sea.  In certain secret programs this concept is highly valued and studied, because it directly relates to how the surface population of the Earth (meaning you and me and everyone we know) are, for the most part, completely ignorant of our own advanced stellar neighbors.  Some of them, not even that far away, perhaps even here on Earth, but just out of reach, for we do not openly have the means to get where they are.
          Furthermore, as we go out exploring into the cosmos, (and based on all the evidence we are now gathering it seems very plausible, or likely even, that we are already far outside the solar system) how we interact with these totally new cultures in new worlds and places that we find can have drastic effects on them and us.  As an example, in the series Star-Gate SG-1, (which we have heard from credible insiders is based on real mission reports of a real star-gate program) members of a secret United States military group discovered how to portal to other worlds all throughout the Universe.  As a result they start to find and interact with totally new cultures, some of which are wildly different and some very similar.  As you may imagine there are sometimes great challenges when interacting with these new collectives.  Some cultures are much more advanced than us, and some much less advanced than us.  Sometimes great cultural clashes occur, and sometimes disease can even be spread inadvertently from a simple organism on our skin that is harmless to us, not unlike Columbus or other explorers making landfall on a new continent in our terrestrial history.  I’m currently making an entire video and article on the star-gate concept so I’ll just leave it at that, but I think you may be beginning to understand that studying this cargo cult phenomenon is very very valuable as the implications extend beyond our home planet.
        So, World War II happens, and there’s this massive influx of Westerners that are interacting with the island peoples and giving them supplies and cargo, and sharing their ways of living and their technology, and even using them for military purposes, and this is a big shock for them on every level.  Then after the war, the Westerners left, and it created this vacuum of energy from the removal of the powerful influence that the Westerners were causing.  Because there was not truly fluent communication between the cultures, many distortions arose naturally from the differences in understanding, and that’s how the “cargo cults” were born.  The Melanesian’s began to believe that if they performed certain ceremonies and rituals that cargo and riches would be sent from the heavens.

 They created elaborate ceremonies and customs to appease the Gods of cargo, even making sounds like airplanes and creating fake ships and runways to try and precipitate more cargo arriving.  They created fake guns and costumes to imitate the American soldiers who had brought cargo before, and would even march like those they had witnessed, even the most ordinary and unremarkable aspects of our civilization were inflated into these highly detailed religious ceremonies of high importance.  You might think this is funny, but I encourage you to turn the mirror around and observe how this has occurred widely in our greater society, our history, and perhaps many global religions.

                 To expand upon this understanding; Columbus, Cortes, Francisco Pizarro, and James Cook, all of these famous explorers were greeted by natives as “Gods” when they arrived in new places.  Sometimes elaborate rituals that existed before their arrival were played out and expanded upon with their arrival, they were taken many times as the long awaited return of the “Gods.”  One of the most fascinating aspects of this is that the natives had been expecting the “Gods” to return.  If one makes a logical deduction, it should

Christopher Columbus frightens the Carib natives into assisting him by predicting an eclipse of the moon, a god of theirs, Jamaica, February 29, 1504. (Image by Frederic Lewis/Getty Images)

be fairly plain to see the natives of all these respective cultures had likely been touched by other unique advanced cultures in their past.  They already had contact or some distant memories of these “Gods,” why else would they be anticipating their return?  Think about it.  If these peoples had never seen anyone like this, and had no expectation of Gods returning, I am quite certain they would have reacted differently.

        Furthermore, to be thorough, we must consider that perhaps all, or most, religions around the world indeed have similar roots.  With Christianity for example, there was no written word from Jesus himself, everything was second hand accounts written by His followers, or many times written generations later.  Without doubt, it distorted over time based on which human’s hands the message passed through, their intentions, and their ability to comprehend the source information.  I say this not to criticize Christianity or any other religions, for in most cases it seems the source material was highly benevolent.  I say this to bring the broader picture into focus so we can better understand the human experience as a whole, so that we can more authentically evolve and venture out into the cosmos with a more holistic view of ourselves, and perhaps gain greater understanding of natural conditions of complex cultures meeting and mixing throughout time and space.  If you consider, just for a moment, the possibility that Christianity is also a form of cargo cult, then its fascinating to consider that one cargo cult came and spread across the world, setting up churches in South America, Asia, Europe…. everywhere, and in many cases superseded the native “cargo cults.”  One “Cargo Cult” overtaking another?
        As I’ve said before, this concept of cargo cults is very important in advanced secret programs, especially ones working with exotic humanoids or extraterrestrials, because it reveals so much about our modern culture on the surface of the Earth.  Are we living in a giant worldwide cargo cult that has been touched throughout time by advanced cultures? Perhaps they (the visitors) left, and the interactions between us distorted over time based on the knowledge and culture we already had.  For the most part, we can only draw from the bank of experience that we have collectively. Trying to interpret these sometimes wildly different cultures using the limited pool of knowledge we have is difficult, if not impossible, so its understandable in a sense.
        So let me ask this: Could entirely different societies, and even species, be living on the earth, or near it, in places that are hidden or inaccessible?  According to recent credible insider testimonies, evidence unearthed by Dr. Salla, others, and my own personal experience the answer is YES.
        Just like the Melanesians, what if these big continents that we view as the only habitable land masses on this planet… what if they’re not?  What if our continents are kind of like the Melanesian islands?  What if there are big places, even on the Earth you call home, that are hidden or just out of reach?  What if there are big places underneath the ground where advanced cultures exist and have existed for thousands or even millions of years?  Could entirely different advanced civilizations be operating in our solar system or Galaxy, and to them the distances are as simple and straightforward as it was for an American soldier to get on an airplane and fly to Melanesia in World War II?  What if visitors from one of these exotic cultures came in the past and gave us “cargo” that we still have some memory of?  Further, what if some of this “cargo” has come in more recent times?  Perhaps some crashed here, and led to some of the stunning advancements we are now enjoying, like the screen or device you are reading this on?
    The universe is a vast cosmic ocean that is Full of life… But many in our culture believe they have all the answers, their religions and sciences they feel are “right”, and sensible, and even obvious in some ways.  With our cultural programming and group-think, most of us just feel more comfortable believing things we view the majority is considering. But what if there have been other advanced cultures right here under our noses the whole time?  Our little “continents” are the islands, and one little break in perspective, the shot heard around the world, a more advanced culture being revealed, that could ring out across all these “Big island” continents and to all the people of the surface. That would completely shift everything we know to be possible.
        The glimpses into the “UFO” and extraterrestrial phenomenon have been getting greater and greater, and will continue to expand until we fully catch up to the “Song of the Galaxy.” Until that time, we must have extra wisdom not to distort the knowledge we received from visitors from outside our surface cultures, or this can turn into belief systems. Better we stay open minded as we go forward into greater and greater truth and awareness.  One of the most fascinating parts of all this, is that some of our collective have already gone to the other side, they’ve left the “islands,” if you will, and are already integrated with the greater civilizations both on and off the planet, both inside and outside the solar system.
        As many readers of this site would no doubt be aware, we’ve had massive jumps forward in our understanding recently from suppressed history being revealed, and credible insider testimonies.  One of the key components to understanding this greater picture, is that part of the establishment has been actively trying to create a secret space program for a very long time.  Starting, perhaps, with the steam-powered airship dirigibles in the 1800’s, then graduating to planes, then to rockets, and then massively jumping in the lead-up to, and exploding after, World War II, when we started massively developing anti-gravity craft in secret.  Efforts to colonize the solar system and beyond are well-established, and as I suggested earlier we have even found portals, some natural and some artificial, that allow us to travel very very far, and as we travel far we tend to meet new cultures, some wildly exotic, and some strangely very familiar.
          Entire Wars have been fought in secret to keep the surface population of Earth from knowing that vastly larger populations are around us, and especially the technology they have that can get them here, this is the biggest secret being revealed now.  A massive secret space program has been created with many compartmentalized layers of access and knowing.  The fact that our continents are actually very small, is not dissimilar to the Melanesian’s islands, and this has become glaringly obvious to those in the projects with the bird’s eye view.  Those that have touched some of these greater cultures are now looking back at us on the surface with fascination.  In fact, to some, we look exactly like the island people before the Westerners came.  For, some in our society, still believe the island continents we inhabit are the extent of complex life in the universe.  The Melanesians did not have the technology to cross the oceans, and we do not openly have the technology to cross the vastness of space, but in secret we do and we are.  Whole cultures are existing just Out Of Reach, but that’s all changing now.
         What if YOU were a being from another world, and you knew from your history your collective had visited Earth many times in the past.  You witnessed with utter fascination how the humans confused and distorted the knowledge, technology, and accounts of your people’s visitation to Earth.  Perhaps you would consider us similarly to how the Westerner looked at the primitive peoples of Melanesia.  So, considering all this, it’s frankly hilarious to observe humans who are so sure of themselves and the “facts” that they base their beliefs on, when all of it can, and will, flip in an instant, and now we have to rethink everything. While I was doing the research and considering of this video, I had a deep and powerful meditation. I started to “receive” some information, and I’ll put that here for those interested:
          “Many non-terrestrials have come here all throughout time, and when we were at our cycles of less advancement we could not truly understand visitors from the cosmos.  Their knowledge, experience, technologies… advancement was so much greater it would confuse us.  We would try to translate it in any way we could so we could make sense of them, but we could only draw from the collective knowledge bank that existed then.  The cargo cult phenomenon happens in different ways, on many worlds throughout the cosmos, and is a natural result of the distortion that occurs when two cultures are so vastly different that they cannot mix easily, especially if the more advanced culture leaves after a short time. If the cultures are not given enough time to “mix,” distortion naturally occurs in their wake, because the simpler culture cannot correctly interpret everything that has occurred.  On the other hand, if the more advanced culture stays, the two cultures will be homogenized, and the simpler culture will advance very quickly.”
    Really fascinating stuff, to consider cargo cults as a common condition throughout the cosmos.
            Having said that, and to wrap this article up, let’s talk about here and now.  Now is a blossoming endless.  Now is the most fascinating moment in a fractal sense; it’s the edge, the wave we all ride, endlessly breaking the crest. Thanks to Science “Fiction” and other cultural influences, (that are a manifestation of these outside cultures permeating our collective mind) we are now in a state where a large portion of the Earth’s population has considered thoroughly the concept of life from outside this planet.  Now the collective song of “Humans of Earth” is starting to harmonize and homogenize with the ”Song of the Galaxy”, and indeed the Universe.
       The “Veil” now is only paper thin, and on the other side is infinite abundance, entire cultures, fully fleshed out technologies, and spiritual awareness ripe and ready to mix with our own collective mind.  Not long from now a new human culture emerges, one where many things we would call exotic, or even impossible, have become normal. Maybe this new human culture in the near future will observe this article, and information like it, with wonder, considering the time when these things were still hidden.  They will be intrigued that some of us were seeing through the “Veil,” and maybe even more intrigued by those of us who were not.  What if, not long from now, new intelligent species walk among us here on Earth, and it is totally normal.  These are some really important thoughts, and are at the core of the mission of the Cosmic Embassy; normalizing relations with our stellar family, the true macro reunion from a place of sovereignty, equality and love.  I really wanted to put this all forward because I truly know, as we continue into the future, this concept will become more and more obviously relevant in so many ways.
       If you like this article, please consider finding the Cosmic Embassy on YouTube and Facebook and giving us a Like and Subscribe.  And let me know down below, or in the comments of the video: are you excited to meet new cosmic, and even hidden, Earth cultures, and perhaps have them walk among us?  Are you excited for technologies that will completely shatter our concepts of lack and distances?  What do you think of cargo cults and how it relates to our religions?  I’ll read the best comments in my next video.
Joseph M. Irwin @CosmicEmbassy

 Thanks to Dr. Salla & Duke Brickhouse for everything they do and hosting this topic.
Inspired by David Wilcock & Erich von Däniken.

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