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by Jon Austin                January 30, 2018                  (express.co.uk)

• When Bill Clinton became President in 1992, he appointed his friend, Webster Hubbell, Associate Attorney General and tasked him with finding out what there was to know about the JFK assassination and the UFO phenomenon.
• In Hubbell’s 1997 memoir, Friends in High Places, he relates that CIA chief James Woolsey provided Hubbell with information that the CIA had run two projects to study whether UFO were a threat to national security. The official determination was that UFOs did not pose a threat to national security, and that’s where it ended. Hubbell was allowed no information at all on the JFK assassination.
• Hubble concluded that there are “unacknowledged special access projects” within the US government that officials will not reveal, and that a “secret government wing” holds classified information that even the President is not privy to.
[Editor’s note]  This is the notorious “Deep State” that is keeping secrets.


President Bill Clinton tried to discover the truth about the assassination of JFK and UFOs while he was in office. Mr Clinton asked Webster Hubbell, his associate attorney general, to find out all he could about two of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories – that more people than Lee Harvey Oswald were involving in killing his predecessor John F Kennedy, and the US Government has covered up for years the fact that aliens have visited Earth.

According to his memoir Friends in High Places, Mr Hubbell hit a brick wall at every turn.
He was unable to find out anything more about the death of JFK.

Thousands of files made public by the CIA about the death late last year were not handed over.
And, while he was able to get the disclosure of some files on US interest in UFOs, there was no smoking gun evidence that aliens conspiracy theorists are seeking.

Mr Hubble concluded that a “secret government wing” holds all such data, that even the President is not privy to.

Mr Hubbell wrote that the two tasks given to him by Mr Clinton were to resolve the mysteries surrounding the murder of JFK and to get to the bottom of the understanding of the government on UFO sightings.

His conclusion of a secret government wing appears to tally with the claims of conspiracy theorists, like the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), which campaigns for alien disclosure that there are “unacknowledged special access projects” within the US government, that are not only top secret but not even admitted to.

However, Mr Hubbell was given some information on UFOs from the then CIA chief James Woolsey. Mr Woolsey revealed the agency had run two projects named ‘Project SIGN’ and ‘Project SAUCER’ to access whether if UFO sightings were a threat to national security.
The inquiries concluded there was no such threat.


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“I think we may already have been visited.” Hillary Clinton


Dear Readers: Since this news release ZNN has learned that Hillary Clinton may be facing FBI indictments on suspected use of her personal email server for storage of classified files.

In a Jan 25/16 article by DRUDGE – it states: “The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings, former U.S. House Majority leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV.”

The tactic of ET talk on the part of Hillary is either a ploy on her part along with Bill Clinton and campaign manager John Podesta – possibly an effort to dismantle FBI charges with an even bigger issue or… it’s her Waterloo.   

Because of the cowardice and incompetence of NBC News during the Democratic Debate on Sunday Jan 18/16, birthing their pathetic failure to question Ms. Clinton on her remarks about the UFO/ET matter or about the possible FBI indictments – it appears the contrived denial in major US news media to face the fact that she did make these UFO/ET statements, once again has come into play in the same way they ignored John Podesta’s public statements on ET Disclosure. They’ll get the point soon if the clever Podesta has anything to do with it.  

This disingenuous posture on the part of NBC, and the likes of CBS and ABC, which leads them to patently ignore these matters, is a testament to their complicity and fatuous existence as provocateurs of mendacity and complicity and not news. [Ed. Note]


Toronto [ZNN] Momentum is growing in Washington DC amidst the stunning announcement by Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton that she will investigate the UFO issue if elected President.

 Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times today published a new rendering of the Clinton statement on the UFO/ET matter and as she points out, international interest in Hillary Clinton’s statements on UFOs is heating up. 
Harper writes, “In a casual conversation with the Conway Daily Sun, a local paper, Mrs. Clinton vowed, ‘Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it.’ She [Clinton] later added, ‘I think we may already have been visited. We don’t know for sure.’ Mrs. Clinton also suggested that a future task force could be assembled to investigate Area 51, a top secret military installation in Nevada long rumored to have had dealings with UFOs.” It does not get much more blunt than that, coming from a former US Secretary of State and now Presidential candidate. 

Hillary Clinton with Conway Daily Sun

reporter Daymond Steer

One can only speculate on why Clinton is taking such a bold stand on the UFO/ET matter just before the first major Primary in New Hampshire in February. The Clinton’s connection to UFOs is a matter of history of which few are familiar.
Hillary Clinton’s close association with Laurance S. Rockefeller regarding that philanthropist’s demands of then President Bill Clinton to end UFO secrecy and her husband’s public opinions on Extraterrestrials that surfaced on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, clearly demonstrate this is not the first time Ms. Clinton has come face to face with the UFO/ET issue. 
Even more perplexing, John Podesta former White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton, who is Hillary Clinton’s current campaign manager, has already made two publicly challenging and provocative statements aimed directly at the US government. At the Washington DC National Press Club in 2002 and 2003 he demanded that the US government tell the American people what it knows about UFOs. 
John Podesta
John Podesta
Podesta stated:

“It’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark, on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it, really, because it’s right, because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth, and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”

Furthermore, in a now famous Tweet in March of 2015, Podesta also admitted his greatest failure while in the White House was that he did not achieve the release of UFO files. 
The confluence of these multiple and eerie converging lines of evidence during an increasingly derisive Presidential campaign appear to be setting the stage for a massive explosion of questions both on the campaign trail and internationally about why a 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate – her campaign manager and her husband have now publicly engaged their previous and current interest in the UFO/ET matter. 
What will fellow Democrats and Donald Trump say about this turn of events spawned by the Clinton-Podesta triumvirate?
Jennifer Harper goes on to say, “It did not take long for the global media to pick up on the exchange. The British press in particular have seized upon the story, which also has a role for former President Bill Clinton – who joins his wife on the campaign trail this week – and former [Obama] White House adviser John Podesta.”
It is common knowledge in Washington DC that what Hillary wants – Hillary gets… UFO Disclosure?
ZNN will continue to follow this story.
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Obama Podesta in discussion - access deniedJohn Podesta’s candid admission on Feb 13, his last day as Counselor to President Obama, that his biggest failure was to secure disclosure of UFO files raises many questions. The dominant response by the mainstream media has been to ignore questions of who, what, why a senior White House advisor was denied access to UFO files, and focus instead on Podesta’s long history of a fascination with the X-Files TV series. The Washington Post, UPI, The Hill, etc., have all made Podesta’s admission on Twitter a personal issue about his X-Files fascination, rather a serious policy issue concerning information denied to the White House.

For those that missed it, here’s what Podesta said on Friday:

 my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files.

The Washington Post’s Al Kamen wrote in response:

Podesta was a major fan of the “X-Files” television show. Our colleague Karen Tumulty asked him in 2007 about the FOIA jam at the library, and Podesta, through a spokesman, replied: “The truth is out there.” That’s the show’s tag­ line.

Amy Connolly of UPI writes: “In a nod to the long-running television show The X-Files, Podesta, who has had a longtime fascination with all things extraterrestrial, tweeted using hashtag #thetruthisstilloutthere.”

The Hill’s Julian Hattem writes:

John Podesta’s biggest regret on leaving the White House is not proving Fox Mulder right… The humorous tweet about his time in office came in a list of his top 10 moments over the last year,

Here are just a few who, what, why questions the above writers didn’t bother asking.

Podesta’s admission came on his White House Twitter feed while he was discussing initiatives related to his official responsibility of overseeing climate change and energy policy for the White House. Did Podesta attempt to gain access to classified UFO files possessed by one or more government entities due to its relevance to his official duties?

His admission suggests that UFO information has relevance to climate change and/or energy policy. If so, does that mean that UFOs are indeed interplanetary spacecraft that use energy sources far more advanced than anything offered by the fossil fuel industry?

If UFO information has relevance to energy policy, then why wasn’t Podesta able to gain access despite having all the power of the White House behind him? What government entity can deny access to information requested by a senior advisor to a sitting President in the performance of his official duties?

Thankfully, there are some in mainstream media willing to explore such questions. CNET writer Chris Matyszczyk asks:

Is it possible that both the president and Podesta know more than they (are allowed to) let on? If your answer is yes, that leaves us to speculate on why they’re not revealing it. Is it because we’d be frightened? Or is it because our belief systems would become so displaced that what remains of our social cohesion would dissolve?

These are just a few of the more obvious who, what, why questions raised by Podesta’s admission. Unfortunately, much of the mainstream media isn’t asking them because it is treating his admission as wry X-Files humor. We are basically being told that the Twitter revelation of a senior White House advisor is not something to take seriously.

Podesta’s involvement in a number of earlier attempts to learn the truth about classified UFO files points to a different conclusion. He was very serious. As a counselor to President Obama, with all the power that position conveys, he was still unable to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding classified UFO files.

Podesta’s earlier involvement in a failed attempt by the Clinton administration to gain access to classified UFO files is well documented. FOIA documents gained by Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron detail a timeline involving President Clinton and Hillary Clinton seeking information from deceased billionaire Laurence Rockefeller on the topic. Strategies were developed for how the Clinton White House could gain access.

Podesta was involved in one of these strategies. The passage of Executive Order 12958 aimed at streamlining declassification of thousands of national security files, and involving the White House in the process. The goal was to shake loose some of the classified files hidden away in the national security archives of various U.S. government entities and corporate contractors and see if any could cast light on the UFO phenomenon. Podesta became Chief of Staff to Clinton, yet despite all the power available to him then, and to the President himself, access to UFO files was denied.

If a sitting President and his most senior advisors can’t access UFO related information relevant to policies being developed, then who is the real power behind the throne? Surely that’s a question worth a serious investigation by the Fourth Estate.

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