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CONJECTURES about APUNIAN MESSAGES on a Creative Conscious and Intentional Use of the TESSERACT (HYPER CUBE)

Giorgio Piacenza

Part of the information received since 1974 by the Apunians (and by other associated beings) is that humanity has a unique creative potential for manifesting and modifying reality without the aid of any external technology or, at any rate, a high degree of it.

These messages also said that humanity has an enormous spiritual potential that may provide a vast example on a better way to live, something that even advanced extraterrestrial civilizations would be unable to manifest because they had become excessively dependent on technology and mental over spiritual feeling-based approaches to life. Thus, they might not have the capacity to interact with the highest levels of existence as we still have and their evolution may have almost stopped or halted for both extraterrestrials favoring and opposing humanity and its expected role.

However, allowing both factors (creative manifestation and spirituality) to flourish in humanity is either desired or opposed by different extraterrestrial civilizations, some of which want to stop humanity from coming into full fruition as much as others want to give humanity a chance to do so.

My friend Ricardo Gonzalez apparently received telepathic information from one or more beings (associated with a planet commonly called “Apu,” known by several Latin American contactees). The messages asked about working with the visualization of a Tesseract (hypercube) in order to manifest intention, while in a coherent group effort synchronized with deeper levels of mind. They mentioned that the smallest particle before emptiness (called “Minius” by previous contactee engineer Vlado Kapetanovic) was susceptible to being manipulated in a creative way through visualizing and working with the Tesseract.

Perhaps how our minds focus on the Tesseract might be a means to start working with our consciousness, subtle energies, manifestation and an interphase with multiple realities in non-mechanistic ways…to start training our creative psychic potential (apparently inherited from many extraterrestrial species that contributed their genetic material to enhance more primitive human beings).

Not every extraterrestrial civilization involved agreed with this plan – and some of the extraterrestrial genes even originated in aggressive species – but they allegedly needed to promote a form of life that one day would show them how to live in a dense material plane and to discover advanced forms of technology without becoming excessively mental or technological.

Thus, I delved some into geometry and found a relation with what Dr. Nassim Haramein explains about the “Vector Equilibrium” connected with the 64 Tetrahedron Grid. So here we go:

The Rhombic Dodecahedron formed by diamond-shaped faces is inscribed in the Vector Equilibrium also known as “Cube Octahedron.” The Vector Equilibrium would be a most fundamental geometric form which combines with the 64 Tetrahedron grid maintaining in balance and symmetry the multi-directional forces at the Zero Point energy or Quantum Vacuum. It would also connect energetically and informationally all the physical universe in a fractal manner where toroids as vortices circulate going within and without physical manifestation.

Each point of the Rhombic Dodecahedron points to a face of the Vector Equilibrium or Cube Octahedron and both geometric forms complement each other. But the Rhombic Dodecahedron not only is inscribed in the Vector Equilibrium or Cube Octahedron but it also is the “shadow” or 3D geometrical projection of the Tesseract hypercube in 4D.

In all of these cases we are still speaking only of “spatial dimensions” and these types of dimensions should not be confused with whole physical and non-physical realities. Technically speaking, “dimension” is not synonymous with “reality,” plane of existence or anything like that. It is a necessary parameter (offering restriction and possibility) within a reality system.

According to messages received by another credible contactee friend (Luis Fernando Mostajo), there would be a dodecahedron at the center of the Earth.

Now, the geometric “dual” of the rhombic dodecahedron is the Cube Octahedron and the Cube Octahedron is the “shadow” or lower dimensional 3D projection of the 4D Tesseract. This is analogous to how a 2D hexagon is the shadow of a 3D cube.

Could we (conventional, Earth’s surface humanity) be gradually receiving or becoming aware of the first steps on how to mentally use geometries that allow connections of vortices situated between physical and non-physical realities? That is, between the mental and the physical realms?

Perhaps the nodes where lines cross in a 4D Tesseract correspond (in lower 3D spatial projections) to some of Earth’s so-called “power points.” These nodes would also point to the faces of an even higher dimensional 5D form which would not only relate with matter and energy but with information according to the physical theory of Burkhardt Heim (pointed out to me by Mr. James Fellow). Heim’s theory proposes spatial dimensions for concrete matter, for energy levels, and for information.

In various countries there have been more successful, voluntary, friendly, peaceful encounters with Apunians and other associated beings since the Tesseract was included in group practices. Even without a profound intellectual understanding of the principles, mathematics and physics involving the use of the Tesseract,  these practices (involving, visualization, group coherence and intent) may be useful to increase the level of constructive resonance with many extraterrestrial intelligences, perhaps a holographic type of  resonance cutting across temporal and spatial differences between their state of reality and ours. Thus, the use of the Tesseract in meditation, visualization and associated practices may also be considered as an exopolitical tool to relate with them resonating under a common or universal geometrical-consciousness-based language.

Visualizing a Tesseract in specific ways on specific spots of the Earth, perhaps at specific times and in group – coherent ways connected to the subconscious mind and in a state of intentional spiritual connection may be a means for our consciousness to access the information level that would, in turn, connect with the concrete physical level. This type of “consciousness enhancing technology” may be less dependent on external or artificial means if the Tesseract connects our embedded focalized consciousness with universal organizing patterns derived from universal consciousness and spirit in manifestation.

by Red Pill Junkie October 1, 2017 (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• In the 1950’s, Extraterrestrial contactees like George Adamski and Truman Bethurum who claimed that the ET’s were concerned about our proliferation of nuclear weapons were casually dismissed as a psychological response to Cold War anxiety.
• But a 1960 French book by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier reveals that these types of warnings were made by alchemists in the 1930’s.
• In Paris in 1937, Bergier, who had been working on nuclear energy, had a meeting with a mysterious man who told him, “the work you and your peers are doing is terribly dangerous. And it is not only you who are in peril, but the whole of Humanity.”
• The mystery man said, “We Alchemists have known about this for a long time,” and warned that atomic explosives manufactured from only a few grams of metal would have the power to vaporize entire cities.
• The mystery man then read a passage from a book: “There existed in the past civilizations who knew the energy of the atom and were totally destroyed for the misuse of that power.”
• Our future depends on who is in control of our technology. As Werner von Braun said, “Science does not have a moral dimension. It is like a knife. If you give it to a surgeon or a murderer, each will use it differently.”

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” – Mademoiselle Rose Bertin, French milliner and dressmaker to Marie Antoinette.

UFOlogy is a senile discipline. By this I’m not referring to its age, or how after more than 60 years it hasn’t seemingly come any closer into solving the enigma which spawned its existence. What I mean is that UFOlogy as a field has the terrible tendency of narrow-sightedness, and of forgetting the valuable lessons from the past. Some of our critics on UFOs: Reframing the Debate, for example, complained we weren’t really saying anything particularly original compared to the thinkers and ideas of the late 60’s and early 70’s; our defense was we weren’t actually trying to be novel so much as remarking what was pointed out by the true mavericks preceding us, but hasn’t been paid attention to enough by the newer generations… to the detriment of the study of unidentified flying objects, and the intelligence(s) in control of them.

Take for instance the controversial topic of the Contactees: Most people believe it was in the 1950’s when common citizens like George Adamski or Truman Bethurum began claiming to be in contact with extraterrestrials hailing from Venus, Jupiter –or far more exotically-named planets like Clarion– and the main concern of our Space Brothers was the proliferation of nuclear weapons in our world, and the threat they posed to the survival of Humanity… or even to the stability of the entire Cosmos. Psychologists have tried to explain the sociological phenomenon of the Contactees as stemming out of Cold War anxieties, and a religious need from saviors from on-high repackaged for the consumption of the Space Age.

But those psychologists –and even most UFOlogists– would be surprised to learn warnings against a nuclear Armageddon can be traced back before the start of the Cold War and the Space Age –before even the fission of the atom had been experimentally achieved for the first time by German chemist Otto Hahn in 1938! And these warnings didn’t come from long-haired Venusians on board silvery saucers, but from a secretive individual who claimed to be in possession of a powerful legacy of knowledge, assembled from the scattered remains of a lost civilization.

These warnings came from an Alchemist.

The story I’m about to tell can be found in a book I consider to be indispensable reading by anyone interested in these topics: “Le Matin des Magiciens” (Morning of the Magicians) by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. Alas, this gem is barely known among most English-speaking UFO circles for three main reasons: It was published in 1960 (strike one); its main topic is not UFOs but philosophy and secret knowledge (strike two) and it was written by two French men (strike three! You’re out!!).

Louis Pauwels (1920-1997) was a writer and journalist with a life-long interest in Eastern mysticism and the philosophy of Gurdjieff. In 1954 he met Jacques Bergier (1912-1978) whose life is probably more deserving of a motion picture than any lazy 80’s remake: Born in Ukraine and of Jewish descent, he was a writer as well as a chemical engineer who became a resistance fighter and spy during the German occupation of France, was later captured and sent to the Mauthausen concentration camp. After the Liberation he played a key role into the discovery of the Nazi nuclear program, and how far they have gone into the development of atomic weaponry.

Bergier was credited by his friends for having a prodigious intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge. When he was 6 years old he saw an ancient woodcut illustration of two old alchemists working on their lab, which sparked his interest in the forgotten lore of Alchemy. To him the modern discoveries about radioactivity and the composition of the atom held the promise of unlocking the true secret behind the transmutation of the elements, and creating a bridge between the Past and the Future.

But his contemporaries not only considered Alchemy a superstitious nonsense (the way we still do to this day) but even nuclear energy was still regarded a ‘fringe’ subject in theoretical physics, with no possible applications in real life (just like electricity and magnetism in the XVIIIth century). In 1933 Bergier is scolded by a teacher of his –one of the best chemists in all of France– for wasting his time in such ‘infantile’ interests as nuclear physics, and admonishes him to pursue a ‘sensible’ career in the sugar refinement industry instead.

Thankfully to us Bergier was not only smart; he was also stubborn, bless his heart. He disregards the advice and continues his ‘reckless’ studies in both cutting-edge physics and ancient Alchemy. From 1934 to 1940 he became a collaborator of the eminent physicist and chemist André Helbronner, who was among the first scientists trying to unravel the secret behind atomic energy, before he was murdered by the Nazis in 1944.

It was at the behest of Helbronner that Bergier had a strange meeting with a mysterious individual on June of 1937, two years before Germany invaded Poland and WWII began. The meeting took place in an empty testing lab owned by ‘Gas Society’ of Paris. The strange man started the conversation by saying he knew Bergier assisted Helbronner in the quest of the atomic secret, and mentioned their recent success in unleashing radioactivity in polonium.

“You are very close to success, as are many other contemporary wise men,” said the stranger (remember Hahn’s experiment in ’38) “but the work you and your peers are doing is terribly dangerous. And it is not only you who are in peril, but the whole of Humanity.”

The man explained to Bergier the liberation of nuclear energy was easier than what was believed at the time, and the resulting superficial radioactivity could poison the entire planetary atmosphere in just a matter of years. He also warned that atomic explosives could be manufactured using only a few grams of metal and they would have the power to vaporize entire cities. “We Alchemists have known about this for a long time.”

Before Bergier could protest or ask any questions, the man continued: “I know what you are going to say –that Alchemists didn’t know the structure of the atomic nucleus, didn’t have electricity or any detection methods. Therefore they could never release the nuclear energy. I shall not try to prove what I am about to tell you now, but I beg you to repeat this to monsieur Helbronner: It only takes certain geometric assemblies, without the need for electricity or a vacuum medium. And now I will limit myself to reciting a few lines…”


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