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by Greg O’Shalae              July 4, 2018                (hiddenremote.com)

• With the October 2017 discovery of the cigar-shaped “asteroid” from another star named Oumuamua, cruising through our solar system, and the December 2017 release by the US Navy video of a “tic tac” shaped UFO off of San Diego and similar videos released in March of 2018, it appears that extraterrestrials are already here. An episode of The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens (S13 E3, aired May 11, 2018) addresses the question of how we should attempt to communicate with them.

• The International Academy of Aeronautics, an informal “study group” endorsed by SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has adopted a written set of communications protocols called the “Declaration of Principles Concerning the Conduct of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”. This non-binding set of guidelines for extraterrestrial communication emphasizes process transparency, third party verification, full media disclosure, and submission of findings made to the International Astronomical Union.

Ancient Aliens suggests that we avoid welcoming parties, international squabbles over who will represent the Earth, and wholesale integration of alien beings into our society.

The Brookings Report (as usual) advocates releasing information slowly to culturally acclimate the population and avoid widespread paranoia.

• In 1977, the Voyager 1 probe contained “the golden record” which set forth the story of humanity in glowing terms for any extraterrestrial with a golden record player.

[Editor’s Note] – It is apparent that there is no official representative body or protocol for communicating with extraterrestrial beings. When the time comes, might I suggest that the world turn to Dr Michael Salla and the thirteen years’ worth of study on the subject by the distinguished members of the Exopolitics Institute to form an initial delegation to represent the interests of humanity on Earth in negotiations with extraterrestrial civilizations.


What if aliens visit Earth? Indeed, what if they have already visited? Ancient Aliens explores this concept and links multiple data sources to the conclusion.

Additionally, Ancient Aliens discusses multiple possibilities for future contact. Theoretically, how should humanity interact with aliens? As space exploration continues, this is a subject humanity will have to discuss.

Have aliens visited our planet?

If you’re a frequent watcher of Ancient Aliens, you know the answer to visitation is the same as the age old “Does a bear defecate in the woods”-question. A discovery less than a year ago has propagated this belief.

On October 19, 2017, at the Haleakala Observatory in Maui, a mysterious cigar-shaped object traveling at high speed was detected with a massive telescope and technology that takes a astrophysics Ph.D. to figure out. The object had a unique hyperbolic trajectory like none other, seemingly moving too fast for gravity to force the typical circular or elliptical orbit. It was determined that, for the first time ever, an asteroid entered our solar system from a different star system. It was named Oumuamua, which is Hawaiian for “scout.”

Some leaders in the field – like Avi Loeb, theoretical physicist and Professor of Science at Harvard University – have suggested the ideal shape/environment for an extraterrestrial vessel would be an elongated cylinder not unlike Oumuamua. The classification (i.e. asteroid or comet) of the object, however, has since been debated. Of course, many of the Ancient Aliens crew suggest a third alternative:

The Alien Protocols theory.

The good folks at SETI were very interested in Oumuamua, and have reignited the conversation about how humans should communicate with aliens when we are contacted. Furthermore, the International Academy of Aeronautics, an informal collection of people who deliberated in 1989 on a response to alien visitation, published the “Declaration of Principles Concerning the Conduct of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.”

Since the aforementioned document is not legally binding, which government or scientific community should communicate with aliens? Ancient Aliens suggests the decision and plans have already been made, and they exist deep in the bowels of government obstruction and obfuscation.



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Today the UFO, exopolitics, experiencer communities are divided into factions. There is some cross-over from one preference to another but I believe that the  spirit of subdivision, of doctrinal partisanship prevents us from understanding and processing the whole of what is going on. More inclusivity is required. More integrative thinking is required…scientific, logical, intuitional, spiritual, experience-based, testimony-based…and all of it with a quality that is enhanced by attitude: respect, love for truth and humbleness. 
Yes, for instance, it may be true that perhaps AATIP and BAAS are somehow guided by secret proponents and allowed to ‘white world’ some of the ET-multi reality technology, hopefully mostly for the good of humanity rather than for the good of a few. They might not be inclined toward dialogue with the UFO community but I’m inclined to attempt to tend bridges and to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of blanket suspicion and rejection. Humanity is altogether in this reaching out to other cosmic civilizations and to our roots in the past and – perchance – in the future. Then again, excessive trust in Military Complex-related initiatives can be naive, especially if the negative side of ETs is so emphasized by Tom DeLonge at TTSA and in the book “Sekret Machines” while considering the military and helpful associates as the good guys…guys hiding stuff to protect us. I welcome patriots doing the right thing with good intentions and what they do may be partially true and good for society and for establishing the UFO reality issue in more solid grounds but it may not be necessary (or adequate) that we completely abide by this initiative. I welcome it and want to tend a hand in friendship but also think that there’s much more in terms of a paradigm-shifting, educational process.  
Decades of UFO research revealing all sorts of things in secret (maybe even unconstitutional) programs about UFOs (previous to AAWSAP-AATIP) cannot be denied. And we also need a non-militaristic approach.  Definitely not a “business as usual” approach. Indeed we need a fresh way to look at these things covering the range from the nuts & bolts to consciousness science and to the most allegedly “airy fairy” but sincerely rendered.
For instance, by instantly dismissing what classic contactees said and – more currently – what plausible whistleblowers and insiders of the alleged “Secret Space Program” say in ways that not only partly coincide but which too many people (and not just belief-prone personalities) already consider as truthful and sincere would either be arrogant or proper of a belief-settled personality whose subconscious cannot even tolerate entertaining certain issues. 
And regarding ET/inter reality beings, let’s not bad mouth these ETs/inter reality beings or become naively dependent on them. We need fresh eyes for everything, not generalizations about all being benevolent or malevolent. We need to exopolitically find out who is protecting us from unwarranted incursions and if a minority of ET/inter-reality beings coming into our system are inimical to our good, do we really need to develop a whole armada against them? Or can we rely upon outside-of-earth, exopolitical protection as some contactees have affirmed? 
In reality the whole issue is complex… grandiose, fascinating, life-changing with all sorts of more or less credible versions according to many types of experiences. Let’s listen to statistics-contributing experiencers worldwide and to “unique case” experiencers as well. That said, I hope that people on the “inside” (secret decision makers) are more motivated by enhancing democratic values through worldview expansion via truthful education…more than making money, securing more personal power, sustaining outmoded beliefs or expanding the militarization of space under a “business as usual” type of awareness. As we evolve and more of us connect with cosmic community those modes of ruling over the masses become obsolete and – I believe – prone to attract similarly-minded ET/inter reality beings stuck in repeating certain unresolved issues from previous evolutionary stages…in spite of their technologies.
And, inasmuch as technology goes, yes, please, the powers that be acting today in this incipient but certain “basic level” revelation (through TTSA), please be clear about the type of technology that can be revealed, that should get or not get into everyone’s hands worldwide!  Can a UFO-like craft be built without sharing the technology worldwide? We simply cannot give the power of deeper aspects of the universe to every immature member of society. Moreover, for those of us seeking further understanding, within the UFO community, let’s try to be humbler and not simply dismiss the more ‘far out’, alleged SSP (secret space program) revelations or each other’s main appreciations of plausible aspects about the whole UFO and ET ‘enchilada’.
It’s not so much a matter of believing or disbelieving, of embracing or of rejecting in the name of truth. It is more about extending a friendly hand and respectfully, carefully listening. Let’s make an effort to listen to those voices that make us feel uncomfortable. Some may surprise us as our tolerance for the extraordinary increases. 
There are too many sincere-sounding informers or “insiders” that appear to coincide in fundamental assertions and – if the assertions about highly developed SSPs is true – that could mean that TTSA efforts would be incipient, long-termed, allowed and managed…perhaps by well-intentioned (or not) individuals acting as our superiors with an alleged right over us for some reason or another. Perhaps if having to choose between a 20 year long gradual revelation led by Established forces and sooner (and more extreme revelations), we need to welcome and consider them both as possible. And not just that but we may need to guide and modify both approaches in a participatory manner. In other words, concerned citizens and researchers need to be not only more inclusive but also more exopolitically active. 
A Mission Rahma Photo
And let’s not forget not to dismiss either the possibility of repeatable (and sometimes verifiable) positive contacts with communicative, “space brother” types, as has been done through the Mission Rahma contact groups; is being done by other emergent “CE-5” contact groups and associated contactees. In some cases there would be contacts with beings precise and very mental but associated with spiritual masters highly in favor of assisting in the actualization of our deepest potentials without generating dependencies.  So, let’s not simply dismiss this issue brought up by some contactees and experiencers that apparently bring some means of verification and more in-depth information about aspects of humanity’s history that cannot be ignored. 
And, let’s not simply dismiss other plausible issues floating around in the UFO, exopolitics, experiencer communities falling back on comfortably thinking that they are “delusional” or “suspect” or “lying.” In an environment in which there are allusions to teleportation and time travel, SSP insiders working with ETs side by side, contactees speaking both with spiritual masters and friendly ETs that do not abduct, 3000+ “experiencers” mostly having beneficial encounters with little or no mention of what SSP insiders are telling, not to speak about a phenomenon that is “transdimensional” and “paranormal” and in which some of the main voices greatly differ as to who the “visitors” or “ancient aliens” may be we must ask ourselves how much are we willing to accept or at least to fairly consider. How much effort are we willing to put to debunk or to incorporate if it passes a truly careful analysis.
Is there a war in the heavens or are all beings that did not destroy themselves and were capable of leaving their home planet peaceful? Are there “Arkons” “Draco Reptilians” and former Nazis collaborating with them? Is there a “Cabal” that controls the U.S. military and USAPs (unacknowledged special access projects)? Was our species not only seeded by several ET species (some contributing and some harming us) but are we also today being hybridized by varieties of gray-looking beings which have a right to do so partly because we are destroying the Earth’s ecology and commons? Are all of those issues fantasies and neither the Government nor UFO “experts” truly know what is going on? How can science and “infallible” religious doctrines really be enhanced with a “transdimensional” ontology-metaphysics that begins to explain “the nature of reality?” How much of “the truth” is society at large – worldwide – really able to handle without a transdimensional, integrative ontology-metaphysics now that there is a political tendency challenging “liberal” (in the original sense of the word) democratic agreements and procedures, thus atomizing nation-states into separate, illiberal fiefdoms? 
To evolve exopolitically in a field of research which may be the most complex of them all, we need to make the effort to connect with each other much more and with each other’s preferred explanations in a coherent manner. Connect what aspects or parts can truly fit together, even perhaps those parts which today don’t seem to fit together. And we must learn to also do it across cultural divides or cultural preferences, carefully correcting our personal mistakes… more aware of our own cognitive biases, selected belief reinforcements and blind spots. 
This situation called “disclosure” is not only about the Government revealing that ETs are here but about growing up individually and collectively…as many of us as possible to shift our shared information field into a higher level…capable of harmoniously exchanging with beings that perhaps primarily do not think in “either-or” primitive terms.  But it is an unprecedented shift; a different type of “consciousness.” It’s about co-creating a “we” consciousness and unified field incorporating many more beings with care and respect into our personal sense of identity. Either more of us do it for the collective “field” to withstand the encounter or others representing our subconscious need for “power elites” will steer us as they prefer or understand for various reasons, under incomplete appreciations. Thus, WE must connect with each other more and all true factions in Ufology, exopolitics, what we value in experiencer information must increasingly come together.  And disclosure thus becomes a self education; an entire new attitude needed to adapt to what comes in shifting our “consensus reality.” Is this too much to ask for in order to face the greatest cultural, spiritual (and perhaps biological) needed modifications after the gravitas (the weight and seriousness) of what is going on becomes established and is widely felt?  Not if disclosure is about the impossible becoming possible and if our self-determining freedom requires such a move. 
To be exopolitically responsible let’s connect to see the information content filling the exopolitics “diagram” as a coherent whole. 
Let’s try to educate ourselves and to be able to suspend judgement when necessary. Our intention and awareness to do this can go a long way towards succeeding in it. To listen to each other’s testimonies, to well thought opinions and research. Let’s try to listen to apparently contradicting testimonies but carefully, even if we don’t like it. They may be wrong but that may also have key kernels of truth or large segments of truth that we haven’t figured out how to connect with our preferred narratives. But let’ also care for fact checking as thoroughly as possible and for cross-referencing and to be personally willing to change our views when necessary. 
To face the top challenge, we truly need to “grow up,” one by one and in what is acceptable to discuss in social settings; to be able to digest such a paradigm-shifting smorgasbord and to be able to make peaceful, intelligent, cooperative decisions about a variety of challenging truths with enormous consequences. Thus we will earn our cosmic sovereignty. 

by Mirjam Guesgen               Jun 13, 2018              (motherboard.vice.com)

• Daniel Helman, professor of Labor Relations and Trade Unions at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam thinks that one way to avoid an intergalactic war with extraterrestrials is to trade with them in commerce. And what do we have that they want? DNA.

• Helman proposed the idea of trading plant, animal and human DNA with ETs at the International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles in May. He says that trading tools, weapons, or technology wouldn’t appeal to a highly advanced ET civilization. But they might share their advanced technology with us if we offered them something they don’t already have – our planet’s DNA.

• Helman envisions a DNA marketing package with the DNA sample (spit, blood, hair…), the genetic code, and breakdown of the organism’s history with images, maps, evolutionary chart and environmental needs.

• Trading DNA will also serve to preserve our planet’s genetic information in case of a species’ extinction or a global catastrophe.

• Dr Nikola Schmidt, a political scientist from Charles University in Prague, thinks it’s hardly strange to be contemplating life on other planets, or our potential interactions with them. Schmidt works in planetary defense, ie: the field of research tasked with figuring out how to protect Earth from outside influences – from asteroid to ETs. Schmidt’s concern is what some ET beings might do with the genetic information we give them. “They might, for example, make diseases targeted to us,” says Schmidt.

• Daniel Ross, a PhD candidate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, thinks that the way to approach our interaction with alien civilizations should be to first understand their language, seek common ground, and find fair and equal ways to co-exist without one culture being suppressed by another.

• Helman’s theories are part of a group effort by ethicists, planetary scientists, linguists, and other scientific and arts scholars to prepare for extraterrestrial contact. Helman sees an international, non-profit, scientific advisory group as a way to take discussions, and potential plans, further. There’s no group like this discussing intergalactic trade yet. “Humanity is at a wonderful time right now for available technology and scientific advances,” said Helman, “It makes sense to look at the options …for various futures.”

[Editor’s Note] By coincidence, Corey Goode and Emery Smith discuss “genetic trading” with other species that is already being conducted in the secret space programs on the June 12th “Cosmic Disclosure”, S11-E3 (GaiaTV). Corey has said that the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Space Program is already trading commodities with over 900 ET civilizations, including mass-produced technological devices and human slaves.


While we haven’t seen any signs of extraterrestrial beings on the galactic horizon just yet, some scientists have mounted a serious effort to prepare for their arrival. One of the biggest conundrums post-encounter, and one that a raft of sci-fi movies seem to fail miserably at solving, is how to avoid a Mars Attacks-style bloodbath and the potential end of our civilization.

One solution might be: Instead of engaging in warfare, why not try trading with aliens instead? That’s the idea put forth by Daniel Helman, professor of Labor Relations and Trade Unions at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam. We’ve even got a commodity here on Earth worthy of an intergalactic trade agreement, Helman says: DNA—from animals, plants… even us.

Helman proposed the idea at the International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles in May. When I talked to him on the phone afterward, he explained why the usual Earthling trading goods—tools, weapons, or technology—just wouldn’t cut it with extraterrestrials. Any alien civilization that makes contact with Earth is probably way more advanced than us, and wouldn’t be interested in our technological relics, he said. They might, however, be interested in sharing some of their cutting-edge technologies or scientific insights in exchange for something they couldn’t get at home.

Helman said what makes genetic information so unique is that it is the result of millions of years of evolution and interaction with Earth’s particular environment. Essentially, it’s a record of everything that’s happened on Earth up to this point, from mass extinctions to the industrial revolution. “Our environment is unique, hence the genetics of all the organisms here and in the solar system are unique,” explained Helman.

Here’s how a trade deal with aliens might go down, explained Helman. First, you would need to collect DNA from the wildlife in question—blood, spit, hair… anything that contains the building blocks of life as we know it. Then, all the genetic information of a particular organism would need to be decoded by scientists (such as the Human Genome Project, which concluded in 2003). That genetic information would be parcelled up with the organism’s life history: pictures of it, maps of where it lives, charts of its evolution, and details of how the environment affects the expression of those genes (epigenetics). What you would get is a neat little package of pretty much everything that constitutes a living being, aside from the actual being itself.

Trading DNA comes with the added benefit of preserving genetic information elsewhere, said Helman. It’s like a conservation insurance policy for Earth, in case we wipe out life all by ourselves through nuclear war or climate change. The possibility of a civilizational insurance policy might also drive people to try harder to conserve creatures now, reasoned Helman.



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