Meet The Hybrids

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Book Review – Meet the Hybrids by Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb

With each day our planet grows smaller as distances shrink. People from all over the globe mix freely. New biotechnologies enhance human well-being. Scientists splice the best of genes into foreign tissues, hybridizing them, to gain the best attributes from each species.

In the book Meet the Hybrids, Mendonca and Lamb succinctly describe processes that ‘gel’ the five races of our planet, how the merging of genes between plants, bacteria and animals are an everyday occurrence to extract the best of the genetics so that natural selection is interrupted and human selection takes over in a process called hybridization.

We are quickly brought up to speed in the first two chapters of the book where lessons in genetics and hybridization are infused didactically into the readers worldview. The reader can now boldly step up to the next hurdle in this riveting book; the Alien Threat, as it is called by Dr David Jacobs. Abductions of humans and their examinations on board UFOs. Jacobs fears for the lives of his children and grandchildren and for the future of humanity as an Alien Breeding Program that produces hybrids threatens humanity’s place on our planet; but does it?

In the following chapters we get to meet eight hybrids. We are let into their world, a world far from our reality, that in some way resonates within our very own soul, something that is hard to dismiss as imagination gone wild. In their testimony a common thread is revealed that binds the testimony of all the hybrids interviewed. They explain the hybridization program from the ET perspective in stark contrast with man’s inhumanity towards man, his destruction of the ecosystem, his wars and his complete selfishness. Some of their DNA spliced into ours produces a more harmonious being that will elevate the consciousness of mankind. Without it, we can already see that the planet is dying.

The meaning of life is sharply tugged into perspective, balance is restored and one is forced to reboot and revaluate ones own worldview as the book Meet the Hybrids reveals that our physical world is just an illusion. Cosmic reality resides just beyond the veil where aspects of our own souls live and guide us simultaneously as we endure trials and tribulations within this third-density planet.

Meet the Hybrids is an important book that teaches us about real disclosure of the ET presence. An honest Disclosure will not come from the military, the U.N. or the Vatican, all of whom have an agenda to protect their institutions; Disclosure will come from the hybrids and experiencers.

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Book Review, Meet the Hybrids

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