Why We’re Being Systematically Trained to be Offended by Everything

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by Joe Martino               September 18, 2017                  (collective-evolution.com)

• There is a mass shift in consciousness taking place, and we’re waking up to who we are and how the world really works. We are becoming more self-aware of ourselves and those around us.

• The Deep State wants to maintain control over the population by systematically conditioning us to avoid change by impulsively considering anything different as being “offensive” to us because it’s not the way we do it.

• We are being put into an “us versus them” mentality of not wanting to connect with other people.

• This is a subtle form of mind control that the Deep State uses to distract the people from imagining a better future for our world.

• This is the same mind control used by the Deep State to make us accept the government’s explanation for the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks.

• We need to adopt a new approach to understanding ourselves and each other, thereby raising our consciousness as a first step toward the full disclosure of our true reality which the Deep State is hiding from us.


We are being systematically conditioned to get offended at everything these days, and there is an important reason why we must become aware of this trend and not fall into the trap.

Think about it: People become enraged every day about things they read online, hear in the news, or witness on social media, about topics ranging from the words people use to gender politics, race, sports teams, diet, perceptions, etc. It’s everywhere! It appears as though everything is offensive and everyone has something to say about it.

I woke up this morning and went into my normal routine of meditating before I start my day. I did what I often do and checked into the collective consciousness to see what’s coming to the surface and being felt by us as a whole. This helps to plan out the type of content we focus on here at CE. This morning I kept feeling the word “offended” coming up over and over again. Then something hit me — I had heard the following statements literally hundreds of times over the past month.

“That’s offensive.” “What that person said was really offensive.” “I would never do that because that’s offensive.” “If you call someone this, that’s offensive.” And on it goes. I realized that whether it be in articles, videos, conversations, or comments online, this was becoming a HUGE collective norm. I went through the rest of my meditation and envisioning for the day and proceeded to go outside for my morning movement routine.

While outside, I couldn’t get what was coming to me in meditation out of my conscious mind so I decided to go LIVE on Facebook talking about the very basic fact that we are being systematically trained to get offended by everything, and exploring the reasons why this might be the case.
There is a mass shift in consciousness taking place, and as part of that process, we are starting to wake up to many things, including who we are, how our world really works, and what is possible for humanity.

In a very practical sense, this might come up in ways where you begin to question what you do in your day — you may question your career, the way you eat, how you feel, what’s beyond your mind’s thoughts, and so forth. It spreads into having a number of different things come up in humanity’s collective consciousness, like racism, hate, anger, judgement, political arguments, environmental issues, and old patterns. We, individually and collectively, are being faced with the task of having to face these things so we can understand and then evolve beyond them — shifting ourselves and shifting our world, in essence.

But! There is also a role being played by the Deep State and the media, who want to maintain control over the population as we become more self-aware. To prevent us from raising these deeper internal questions, the focus is being brought back to the external. It’s being brought to things like race, gender, our appearance, the words we use, who’s right, who’s wrong, and who we can judge and for what reason. We’re being systematically taught how NOT to change. And it’s being done through innocent memes, articles, videos, and even loving intention at times, all lacking deeper thought.


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