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The Washington Post misrepresents the Hon. Paul Hellyer

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Press Release

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Hellyer-Paul-1Toronto [ZNN] Correspondence has been sent to the Washington Post by ZlandCommunications on behalf of the Hon. Paul Hellyer as a result of an article published on Jan 13.2014 by Max Fisher of the Washington Post’s World News section.

In the article Fisher relies on fallacious sources and uses inadequate fact checking to misrepresent Mr. Hellyer’s position on the Extraterrestrial issue.

“Mr. Hellyer categorically rejects all… sources used by the Washington Post’s Max Fisher…”

To: The Washington Post

The Hon. Paul T. Hellyer misrepresented by the Washington Post in World News Article 
Re: Article by Max Fisher and the Washington Post Foreign Staff – Jan 13, 2014
Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.
In consultation with the Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, former Minister of National Defence in Canada, we have been directed by Mr. Hellyer to inform Mr. Fisher and the World News Department at the Washington Post that Mr. Hellyer categorically rejects all and any statements and sources used by Mr. Fisher which in any manner serve to associate Mr. Hellyer with the following: Edward Snowden, Mr. Snowden’s documents, the NSA, the FSB (the Russian Federal Security Service), the web site Whatdoesitmean.com and the Fars News, in his January 13, 2014 article.



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  • The astute reader will be aware that this refers to Iran’s claim that America is run by ‘space aliens’. They have a story but few references.

    Canada is involved because they have territory near the North Pole and even claim that it belongs to them (the pole). A polar opening is in the region.

    The ‘Tall Aliens’ refer to the inhabitants of the interior who grow to about 12 feet tall according to eye witness accounts (Norwegian I believe).

    As previously stated, some negotiation with the subterranean inhabitants must be occurring and America would certainly be involved.

    Nazi Germany looks interesting but if you recall that would have been the South Pole and Antarctica. Although they did seem to gain sanctuary within the interior?

    Iran has bits and pieces but are still obliged to support the cover story of ‘space aliens’. The ‘or else’ concept here is probably quite strong. It’s not clear what they hope to achieve, perhaps they hope to get a chair at the negotiations?

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