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The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program

by Alejandro Rojas                    May 15, 2019                     (denofgeek.com)

• The Pentagon’s five-year, $22M ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’ (AATIP) UFO study program, headed by Luis Elizondo, which The New York Times revealed in a December 2017 article (see here), did not begin with interest in UFOs. It began with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s interest in the paranormal activities going on at billionaire Robert Bigelow’s ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ in Utah. The original name for the secret project was the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP).

• Soon, the fundamentalist Christians within the various US intelligence agencies began to raise their religious concerns. “They’re basically high-level people in different intelligence agencies… who think that anything involving UFOs and the paranormal is satanic,” said George Knapp (the I-Team Las Vegas television journalist who has been closely following this story). “Certain senior government officials thought our collection of facts on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) was dangerous to their philosophical beliefs,” said Elizondo. “[T]he data was a threat to their (Christian) belief system.”

• By 2008, the pressure from the Christian right to end these demonic “paranormal investigations” caused them to create a sub-group inside of AAWSAP that focused only on military UFO cases. This was AATIP. When Elizondo took over as the head of the program in 2010, he only worked within the AATIP UFO division while the DIA closed the AAWSAP paranormal division. By 2012, the AATIP was closed down as well (so they say), and Elizondo left the government to work with Tom DeLonge’s ‘To The Stars Academy’.

• The DIA had initially approached Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow “to visit Mr. Bigelow’s ranch in the Uintah Basin of Utah, where he conducted research”. The original AAWSAP Paranormal division’s investigations included “bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more,” according to a senior manager on the project.

• Bigelow’s first significant foray into the unknown was an organization created in 1995 called the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS). Its purpose was to conduct scientific investigations of the paranormal. Bigelow bought the Skinwalker Ranch in 1996. By the time the DIA official had approached him, Bigelow had already spent decades and large sums of money researching the paranormal.

• Among the paranormal manifestations at the Skinwalker Ranch were floating orbs and a giant wolf-like creature that attacked cattle, could withstand multiple point-blank gunshots, and seemed to disappear into thin air. On one occasion, NIDS investigators were observing the ranch from the edge of a bluff when one of them noticed a light in the forest below. The light began to grow. Once it became a couple of feet wide, they say it looked like a tunnel opening up, and they saw a creature within. It was large and black with no face. It crawled out of the light and into the dark forest. The light then began to disappear until it was gone.

• After the DIA began investigating the Skinwalker Ranch in 2007, DIA officials met with Nevada Senator Harry Reid about starting a paranormal research program. Senator Reid, a friend of Bigelow’s, shared Bigelow’s interest in the topic and found bipartisan support from a couple of fellow members of Congress to secure funding and get the project launched in 2007. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) won the government contract to manage the project.

• John Alexander, a retired Colonel in U.S. Army Intelligence, helped organize NIDS investigations. “What we learned was that the events were real and tangible, and definitely occurring,” Alexander explained. “These weren’t figments of someone’s imagination, or folklore or any of these sorts of things.”


At the end of 2017, The New York Times broke the story of a secretive Pentagon program with a budget of $22 million to investigate UFOs called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The man who exposed the existence of the program, Luis Elizondo, was the former head of the project. Elizondo’s ongoing efforts to investigate the UFO mystery with his new employer, the To the Stars Academy (TTSA), will be featured in a History Channel series premiering May 31 called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.

          Luis Elizondo and George Knapp

However, what The New York Times apparently did not know when they published their story is that the program went by a different name at its inception, and the scope of the program was much broader than just UFOs. In fact, according to a senior manager on the project, the investigations included “bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more.”

It is unknown whether Undisclosed will cover the paranormal aspects of the program. Although Elizondo did work with this paranormal project, he only worked in the UFO division. By the time he was the head of the entire program, the UFO division was all that was left. The rest of the program had been shut down, and you will never guess why. It wasn’t because people inside the Department of Defense (DoD) thought the program was too weird, although some did. It was shut down because of demonic forces.

Don’t worry, demons didn’t attack the Pentagon, but apparently, some people inside the government were afraid the potentially paranormal incidents being investigated could be demonic, especially scary occurrences taking place at a ranch in Utah, and they wanted no part of it. They didn’t want the government messing with demons either, so they lobbied for the program to be ended and it was.

                    Robert Bigelow

This may sound extremely odd, but according to those involved, it’s true.

The New York Times story that broke the Pentagon UFO program began when an official with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) approached Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow “to visit Mr. Bigelow’s ranch in Utah, where he conducted research.”

That sounds innocent enough, but what the article did not cover is what Bigelow researched at this ranch in Utah. Bigelow was known for his interest in the paranormal and UFOs, and by the time the DIA official had approached him, Bigelow had already spent decades and large sums of money researching the paranormal. Bigelow’s first significant foray into the unknown was an organization created in 1995 called the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS). Its  purpose was to conduct scientific investigations of the paranormal.



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The Pentagon’s Bottomless Money Pit

by Matt Taibbi                   March 17, 2019                    (rollingstone.com)

[Editor’s Note]  This lengthy article from Rolling Stone demonstrates that the Deep State controlled heads of both Congress and the Defense Department are doing all they can to keep the Department of Defense’s budget and accounting practices in such a dysfunctional quagmire that trillions of dollars in unaccountable funding can continue to be funneled into the government’s secret space program at various levels.

• In 1787, the US Constitution mandated “a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” By the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, hundreds of billions of tax dollars were being spent annually, and no one really knew where. No independent examiner had ever fully checked the government’s books.

• So in 1990, US Senators Chuck Grassley and John Glenn, and Rep. John Conyers authored the “Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990” (the “CFO Act”). This forced government agencies to name a CFO, conduct audits and create a “modern federal financial management structure.” Twenty-three agencies, from Defense to Labor to State, were ordered to begin submitting “department-wide annual audited financial statements” by 1994. In the first year, only six agencies and departments were able to pass. Within a few years, however, most were in compliance. By 2013, the Department of Defense was the only federal agency that had not submitted a financial statement.

• For the most part, the Department of Defense (“DoD”) does not know how much it spends. It has a handle on some things, like military pay, but in other places it’s clueless. None of its services — Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps — use the same system to record transactions or monitor inventory. Each service has its own operations and management budget, its own payroll system, its own R&D budget and so on. It’s an empire of disconnected budgets, or “fiefdoms,” as one Senate staffer calls them.

• Ahead of misappropriation, fraud, theft, overruns, contracting corruption and other abuses that are almost certainly still going on, the Pentagon’s first problem is its books. It’s the world’s largest producer of wrong numbers, an ingenious bureaucratic defense system that hides all the other rats’ nests underneath.

• In 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act which caps the defense budget at roughly 54 percent of discretionary spending. Almost immediately, the DoD began using so-called Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), a second checking account that can be raised without limit. In 2019, the Pentagon secured $617 billion in “base” budget money, which puts it in technical compliance with the Budget Control law. Then it used the OCO slush fund to generate another $69 billion. Other ‘defense’ departments received additional funding: the VA ($83 billion), Homeland Security ($46 billion), the National Nuclear Security Administration ($21.9 billion). Then the DoD drew from the OCO fund again for anti-ISIS operations. The resulting actual defense outlay is over $855 billion, and that’s just what we know about. Programs like the CIA’s drones are part of the secret “black budget” of the intelligence community (which this article doesn’t go into).

• The long-standing Antideficiency Act makes it illegal for any government agency to spend money appropriated for one purpose on a different program. Yet the military routinely commingles its various pots of money. The DoD is supposed to give its unspent money back to Congress. Instead, the DoD created a computer program algorithm called Mechanization of Contract Administration Services that spends “old money” first, i.e.: money from whatever funds were about to expire – in clear violation of the law. The DoD simply orders its accountants to make the numbers fit to avoid having to return any money.

• DoD accountants are told by superiors that if they cannot find invoices or contracts to prove the various expenses they should execute “unsubstantiated change actions”, i.e.: make them up. The accountants systematically “plug” in fake numbers to match the payment schedules handed down by the Treasury. These fixes are called “journal voucher adjustments”, “forced-balance entries”, “workarounds”, or “plugs.” Thus, the year-end financial statements submitted to Congress are fictions, a form of systematic accounting fraud that Congress has quietly tolerated for decades.

• A 2017 Michigan State University study revealed $21 trillion in plugs over a 17-year period. The Pentagon didn’t even receive that much money during the time period in question. In 2015, the Army with an annual budget of $122 billion, generated $6.5 trillion in accounting plugs – or 54 times its annual budget.

• The Pentagon compounded its lack of oversight by reducing its staff of internal criminal investigators. “No other federal agency could get away with this,” said one Senate staffer. The military has been told repeatedly to stop plugging and develop more rational accounting systems.

• The ubiquitous plugging and quantity of bad numbers in the Pentagon’s books are so massive that it will take a labor of the ages to untangle. Next to the enormously bloated DoD budget itself, the attempted accounting reconciliation effort has created a second massive DoD expenditure – accounting reformation.

• To appear as though it is attempting to cooperate with Congressional mandates, in 1991 the DoD created the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), which would collect financial reports from all of the different DoD sub-agencies at the end of each month, without bothering to adjust its accounting rules. But the Pentagon’s books are so choked with bad data that discovering abuses in real time is virtually impossible.

• The Air Force awarded a “big four” accounting firm, Deloitte, $800 million to help with “audit preparation.”  The Navy countered with a $980 million audit-readiness contract spread across all four accounting firms: Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture and KPMG. In 2003, Defense comptroller Dov Zakheim told the House Budget Committee, “We anticipate having a clean audit by 2007.” Soon after disavowing that promise, he said, “The further we dug . . . the more difficulties turned up.” Taxpayers were paying gargantuan sums to private accounting firms just to write reports about how previous recommendations had been ignored.

• In 2005, the Pentagon began to provide Congress with Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) reports. These reports’ purpose was to assure Congress that the DoD was getting closer to sorting all of this stuff out. December 2005: “Progress has been achieved.” September 2006: “Progress has been made.” September 2007: “Progress has been made in several areas.” March 2008: “Substantial progress has been made.” March 2009: “Significant progress has been made, but much needs to be done.”

• In an attempt to standardize the military’s payroll and personnel records system, in 2009 the DoD created the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System. Over 12 years and more than $1 billion in expenditures later, it was scrapped. Earlier, in 2005, the Air Force set out to buy a standardized computer system from Oracle called the Expeditionary Combat Support System. It took 7 years and more than $1 billion for that plan to be scrapped.

• Despite the DoD’s 60,000 financial-management employees who’ve had 21 years to producing financial statements, by the mid-2000s the task was given to 200 auditors from the DoD inspector general to create a single annual financial statement. They made some helpful recommendations, but it didn’t get very far before they concluded that an audit was not possible. In 2011, then-Defense comptroller Robert Hale confessed to Congress, “We don’t really fully understand in the Department of Defense what you have to do to pass an audit for military service, because we have never done it.” You’ve heard of “too big to fail”. The DoD’s universe is too big to count. One exasperated DoD official complained, “Impossible. . . . We can’t do it. . . . It’s too big.”

• The annual DoD audit has brought enormously expensive accounting firms into the family of permanent high-end military contractors like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing and Raytheon. One estimate puts the annual cost for accounting at about a billion: $400 million a year for audits by firms like Ernst & Young, and about $600 million for firms like Deloitte to fix problems identified by said audits.

• In April 2016, U.S. Comptroller General Gene Dodaro testified before the Senate that the Pentagon had spent up to $10 billion to modernize its accounting systems. Those attempts, he said, had “not yielded positive results.” Asked how much progress has been made toward creating a workable accounting system at the Pentagon, Dodaro says, “At my level, I would have to say zero.”

• One thing that the audits did uncover was a tremendous amount of waste. The DoD found about $125 billion in administrative waste. Inspectors found “at least” $6 billion to $8 billion in waste in the Iraq campaign, and said that $15 billion of waste found in the Afghan theater was probably “only a portion” of the total lost.

• By the end of 2018, the DoD did submit an audit by some 1,200 auditors at a cost of $400 million. It was, however, a failure and did not “pass”. The auditors could offer no opinion, saying that the military’s acronymic accounting system was too illogical to penetrate. Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan said it was nothing to worry about, because “we never expected to pass it.” As one Senate staffer put it, “These systems were not designed to be audited.” Remarked Senator Chuck Grassley: “Based on the track record, it seems like they don’t want to fix it.”

• The Pentagon bureaucracy has no reliable method of recording financial transactions. Some of its accounting programs are still using COBOL, a computing language that was cutting-edge in 1959. The DoD still hasn’t progressed to serial numbered bar codes to tracking inventory. Assets tend to vanish on financial ledgers. A few years ago the DoD admitted to losing track of 478 buildings and 39 Black Hawk helicopters. A retired Air Force auditor said that the Air Force has no idea how much of anything it has at any given time. However, since 2006 when the Air Force accidentally loaded six nuclear weapons in a B-52 and flew them across the country, unbeknownst to the crew, it has made a special effort to track its nuclear weapons.

• In the 1980’s, Senator Grassley was inspired to scrutinize DoD accounting due to reports that it was spending $640 for toilet seats and $436 for hammers. Today, the DoD is still spending $10,000 apiece for 3D printed airborne toilet-seat covers and $1,280 each on reheatable drinking cups. In 1992, the military was under pressure to resolve its “poor cost estimating”, and created a middleman with the power to set prices and choose subcontractors known as the “prime vendor”. This system became corrupted and only inflated prices even further. By 2004, the Pentagon was spending $7.4 billion annually on prime-vendor purchases. In 2005 it was reported that the military was buying 85-cent ice trays from prime vendors for $20 apiece, and had purchased nine refrigerators from a prime vendor for $32,642.

• In 1997, the Army spent $4 billion on the Global Combat Support System ‘audit-readiness program’ to centralize its accounting system, and the Marine Corp spent $1 billion on a similar system. In 2009, the General Accounting Office complained about the $6 billion that had been spent in audit preparation with no results. In 2010, Chuck Grassley created an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to stop the runaway mobilization of hundreds of auditors that the CFO Act still mandated, creating a Catch-22 between the two opposing laws.

• Three decades into the effort, we’ve only been spending billions of dollars to get nowhere in one of the most expensive jokes any nation has played on itself. “When everything’s always a mystery,” says Grassley, “nothing ever has to be solved.”

• Even if there were a way for the DoD to reorganize its accounting practices, it would inevitably be mired in politics. There is a strong bloc of Congressmen whose office depends on campaign contributions from the defense sector (even though defense contractors themselves cannot make campaign contributions). They hold up any type of withholding on defense expenditures in committees such as Armed Services or Appropriations. Says one Congressional staffer, “You can’t get the Pentagon to take an audit seriously unless you threaten to stop funding, and you can’t stop funding without campaign finance reform.” Senator Bernie Sanders laments the unwillingness of Congress to take the real steps needed to enforce auditing compliance. The system of campaign contributions that keeps key committees captive will lock this problem in place until there’s reform on that end. “When it comes to the massive waste, fraud and abuse at the Pentagon, there’s a deafening silence,” says Sanders.

• The military has become an unstoppable mechanism for absorbing trillions of taxpayer dollars and using them in the most inefficient manner possible. The armed services are filling warehouses for some programs with “1,000 years’ worth of inventory,” as one Navy logistics officer recently revealed. According to a Congressional staffer: “[The] DoD loves to find inefficiencies. It just means more they can spend.”


A retired Air Force auditor — we’ll call him Andy — tells a story about a thing that happened at Ogden Air Force Base, Utah. Sometime in early 2001, something went wrong with a base inventory order. Andy thinks it was a simple data-entry error. “Someone ordered five of something,” he says, “and it came out as an order for 999,000.” He laughs. “It was probably just something the machine defaulted to. Type in an order for a part the wrong way, and it comes out all frickin’ nines in every field.” Nobody actually delivered a monster load of parts. But the faulty transaction — the paper trail for a phantom inventory adjustment never made — started moving through the Air Force’s maze of internal accounting systems anyway. A junior-level logistics officer caught it before it went out of house. Andy remembers the incident because, as a souvenir, he kept the June 28th, 2001, email that circulated about it in the Air Force accounting world, in which the dollar value of the error was discussed.

Wanted to keep you all informed of the massive inventory adjustment processed at [Ogden] on Wednesday of this week. It isn’t as bad as we first thought ($8.5 trillion). The hit . . . $3.9 trillion instead of the $8.5 trillion as we first thought.

The Air Force, which had an $85 billion budget that year, nearly created in one stroke an accounting error more than a third the size of the U.S. GDP, which was just over $10 trillion in 2001. Nobody lost money. It was just a paper error, one that was caught.

“Even the Air Force notices a trillion-dollar error,” Andy says with a laugh. “Now, if it had been a billion, it might have gone through.”

Years later, Andy watched as another massive accounting issue made its way into the military bureaucracy. The Air Force changed one of its financial reporting systems, and after the change, the service showed a negative number for inventory — everything from engine cores to landing gear — in transit.

Freaked out, because you can’t have a negative number of things in transit, Air Force accountants went back and tried to reverse the mistake. In doing so, they somehow ended up adding more than $4 billion in value to the Air Force’s overall spare-parts inventory in a single month.

This suspicious number is still there. You can see a sudden spike in the Air Force’s working-capital fund’s stagnant spare-parts numbers. It was $23.2 billion in 2015, $23.3 billion in 2016, $24.4 billion in 2017, and then suddenly $28.8 billion in September 2018.

That doesn’t mean money was lost, or stolen. It does, however, mean the Air Force probably has less inventory on hand than it thinks it does.

Now retired, Andy sometimes visits his neighborhood library, which uses RFID smart labels, or radio frequency identification, allowing it to know where all its books are at all times.

Meanwhile, the Air Force, which has a $156 billion annual budget, still doesn’t always use serial numbers. It has no idea how much of almost anything it has at any given time. Nuclear weapons are the exception, and it started electronically tagging those only after two extraordinary mistakes, in 2006 and 2007. In the first, the Air Force accidentally loaded six nuclear weapons in a B-52 and flew them across the country, unbeknownst to the crew. In the other, the services sent nuclear nose cones by mistake to Taiwan, which had asked for helicopter batteries.

“What kind of an organization,” Andy asks, “doesn’t keep track of $20 billion in inventory?”

Despite being the taxpayers’ greatest investment — more than $700 billion a year — the Department of Defense has remained an organizational black box throughout its history. It’s repelled generations of official inquiries, the latest being an audit three decades in the making, mainly by scrambling its accounting into such a mess that it may never be untangled.

Ahead of misappropriation, fraud, theft, overruns, contracting corruption and other abuses that are almost certainly still going on, the Pentagon’s first problem is its books. It’s the world’s largest producer of wrong numbers, an ingenious bureaucratic defense system that hides all the other rats’ nests underneath. Meet the Gordian knot of legend, brought to life in modern America.



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Trump’s Space Force & Full Disclosure

by Shoshi Herscu              (massawakening.org)

• Shoshi Herscu is a professional Israeli/English translator in Haifa, Israel. As an independent journalist, Herscu conducted in-depth research of the testimonies of insiders and whistleblowers over several years. In 2018, she published a book, Mass Awakening, exposing a global policy of mass depopulation and exploitation carried out behind the scenes by an elite cabal over the past fifty years. Despite this cabal’s grim agenda, a positive shift of mass awakening is occurring worldwide. By prosecuting these elite offenders, disclosing hidden advanced technologies, and promoting a new economic model, humanity is claiming its rightful heritage as spiritual beings charting the course for our collective ascension in consciousness.



This is a plan to create a new Space Force within the Air Force which would be the sixth branch of the U.S. military by 2020. This Space Force is not supposed to fight extraterrestrials (or aliens as they are sometimes called), but those who are competing the U.S. in space: Russia and China. The renowned author, Dr. Michael Salla, who promotes theories about U.S. SSPs and longtime extraterrestrial presence on Earth says that the goal of creating this force is to patrol the atmosphere and thwart threats to the U.S. satellites.

This will accelerate the government’s “full disclosure” of secret space programs (and black budget projects as a result), extraterrestrials, the connections of governments with extraterrestrials for decades, and advanced technology discovered on crashed alien spacecrafts. This may provide a release of advanced technologies used in the SSP, such as real free energy (not the use of solar, wind, or other such resources that some erroneously call them “free energy”) and anti-gravity.

               Shoshi Herscu

However, this plan also positions Trump against his bitter adversary: the “Deep State” operatives within the government which keep these secrets and oppose the establishment of such force. According to Jordan Sather, disclosure filmmaker and commentator, the Pentagon [and Deep State operatives within] would oppose a separate space force, as it “would provide an avenue for the public release of advanced technologies such as free energy and anti-gravity.”

It appears that one side, President Donald Trump, pushes toward disclosure of these secrets while the other side wants to continue business as usual and keep these secrets sealed from the public.  The separate space force will facilitate the disclosure of SSPs on Mars, the Moon, and perhaps other planets which will lead to the release of super advanced technologies used in these programs and could free humanity. This disclosure could usher us into a star trek society, as SSP whistle blower Corey Goode said.


The advanced ET technologies hidden from us include zero gravity space crafts, free energy, and advanced healing technologies to name a few (The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil by David Wilcock). According to Corey Goode, (a whistleblower who worked twenty years in the secret space program), super-advanced products are already manufactured by military defense contractors and once they are released it will totally transform life on Earth as we know it. This will immediately transition our society into a Star Trek society, with teleportation, food materializers (replicators as shown in the Star Trek TV series), free energy, and super advanced healing technologies. (The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil by David Wilcock). As you may already know, both the Cabal and the Alliance exposed these technologies in movies, on TV and other MSM outlets.

These technologies have been hidden from us to prevent us from an age of peace and prosperity according to Goode. But if you think that it’s only “we the people” all over the world who are being kept in the dark, you’re wrong. For instance, the president of the U.S. is at 17 security clearance and there are twenty-one security clearance levels above the president of the U.S. Cosmic clearance level (at 35 clearance level supposedly one gains access to information about UFO’s).

We can deduce from this that the president is a mere PR tool in the hands of the Cabal that continues to hide this knowledge, while misleading us (not only in the U.S.) that we have a real choice by voting once every four years. It appears that we don’t have any say on our governance.

I’m using the pronoun “us,” as this same deception applies to Israel and other countries with so-called free elections. (I even argued with my family during lunch before the last elections here in Israel, March 2015, that it’s all a show and the results are pre-planned in advance. I asked them, “Do you want me to prove it to you?” And everyone around the table shouted in unison “No.”) It appears that the top ten clearance levels are supposedly based around “black” government projects such as the alien presence cover-up, underground alien bases, super soldiers, men in black, etc.

Apparently, the whistleblowers disclosures and their loss of control has precipitated reckless behavior, like some of them trying to escape earth in cloaked spaceships. Newsweek even claimed they attempted to leave for Mars.
Maybe the Space Force would herald the full disclosure of these “black” budget projects.

According to Randy Cramer (former U.S. marine who used the pseudonym Captain Kaye) and Corey Goode, there are corporate bases on Mars and the Moon for them to flee to.

About two or three years ago, I even watched a video of this alleged escape from earth in a cloud-cloaked spaceship. After being shot down (by the alliance or the resistance movement, I presume), I could see a small spaceship moving out of a cloud. They are confined to earth. I tried to find this footage, but unfortunately, it appears that it was taken down. I had a lot of fun watching this video with friends who follow this intel cover-up.

Randy Cramer is another whistleblower, one who served as a marine both on the moon (as a pilot) and on Mars (as security) for twenty years combined. He was authorized by a superior in the military to “spill the beans,” and he’s sharing his experience and knowledge about the technologies used by the Cabal.

Randy’s information and firsthand accounts of this strange new world backs up what other whistleblowers have also shared, including the establishment of bases on Mars. The experience that really shook me was his description of the trauma of almost dying after a battle and “being put [back] together many times,” with technology that could “replace his whole body, and depending on what parts [organs] needed replacement, often took days to accomplish.” The original article was taken down by those who published it, so I’m sharing this video of an interview with Randy Cramer who provides his testimony about the time he spent in the SSP.

For those who are new to this information and not aware that these super-advanced, unintrusive healing technologies exist and in use, they are called “Med beds” or “Holographic Medical Pods”.

Can you imagine a world where all illnesses could be eradicated by using painless healing procedures? So much suffering would be eliminated and prevented from so many people. No more intrusive, harming, and useless procedures that cause so much suffering worldwide!

Why would the Cabal allow and even authorize these leaks? According to Cramer, “Under authorization from the U.S. Marine Corps chain of command, Capt. Cramer is speaking out against US government policies, a secret gene-pool colony on Mars, the depopulation plans of what he calls the Breakaway civilization of the military industrial complex.” He stated that he was authorized to reveal his experiences on Mars and other suppressed information as it was part “of a secret mechanism established by U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower to warn American citizens in the event their government was compromised and in danger of failing them or being overtaken.”


There are other testimonies from people who worked on projects related to these ultra-advanced technologies, such as time travel, teleportation, and anti-gravity-driven space craft.

They come from a variety of people, including military leaders, bankers, media executives, corporate CEOs, judges and lawyers, Hollywood actors and producers, law enforcement, and insiders from various intelligence agencies, whether it’s NSA, CIA, KGB, FBI, DHS/MI-5&6, or MOSSAD. According to testimonies from whistleblowers, it allegedly has to do with an alien directive to disconnect people from the “prime creator,” which some would call “the source.”

According to various scientists, many strands of our genetic code (DNA) were tampered with and have been totally disconnected (what is called the dormant or junk DNA strands) from the primary chromosome strands to disconnect humans (us) from the Great Cosmic Intelligence. This was done so that “we humans,” as a species, would be vulnerable and accept their different mind control programs, which are compelling us to behave in ways that are highly destructive to us and to our planet. This lower vibrational modality maintains our controlled and illusionary reality. Without a connection to the “source,” we can only “serve” the team dark, those dimensional beings who are feeding off the discord of this false “matrix.”

It’s really intriguing that even our language has hints of some ancient ET intervention. Think about all the expressions containing the word draconian in English. We have the same expressions in Hebrew, too. And why are there statues of dragons in the City of London marking its borders? The history of dragons has been known for six millennia. It can be traced back to approximately 4,000 B.C. So they hide their existence in plain sight? I’m starting to sound like QAnon, the famous intel source thought to be in Trump’s workforce, or a team in the intelligence community close to Trump, who raises the readers’ awareness by posting questions on his Twitter account.

It makes us think about what we actually know about our origins. According to David Wilcock, “There are at least 40 different humanoid extraterrestrial groups that have tinkered around with our DNA for many thousands of years[…] We have a lot of problems that are because of them tinkering with our DNA. That includes the fact that we have bad backs, the fact that we get sunburns, and the fact that the sun is bad for our eyes. There are lots and lots of strange things that we have that are because our genetics have been tampered with.”

Although all this sounds too “out there” to be true, David Wilcock says that insiders and other researchers, who have shared information on these technologies with him, claim that the Cabal has and does use “cloning technologies, highly advanced space craft and they’ve been talking about alien invasion [like] this since the 1950’s.”

The separate Space Force may be the alliance’s way to slowly reveal these truths to the unaware masses and mentally prepare them so they won’t experience future shock when it is all revealed, which among other things is, “that cloning of humans is possible & has gone on for decades.”

This technology has been mainly suppressed and is being used to control us. How do they hide these technologies in plain sight? They present those, which have already been invented, in “science fiction” movies (as mentioned previously). This is why I call our true reality: “Our Science Fiction reality.” Think about such Hollywood films for a moment: “Clones and cloning in Avatar; “Jurassic Park – cloning animals; Genesis II – underground genetics laboratories that are connected by tube shuttles; Terminal Man – brain stem implants; Star Trek – various items.”

I know it’s hard to believe all this, but what about the Jimmy Kimmel interview with Obama about the aliens (even if it seems that Obama is joking). Here’s the excerpt from the interview: [Kimmel] wanted to know whether Obama had tried to get to the bottom of the “UFO files” about the mysterious desert region known as Area 51.

“The aliens won’t let it happen,” Obama joked. “You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us.”
But President Clinton once said he’d checked on the matter and found nothing, Kimmel protested. “That’s what we’re instructed to say,” Obama responded.


Corey Goode explains that, “The ‘free energy’ technologies would end the need of the ‘Current Oil/Petro Energy Companies,’ The ‘Frequency and Light Healing’ technologies would end the ‘Current Pharmaceutical Corporations,’ the ‘Neurological Interface’ technologies would end the need for ‘Large Education Institutions’ and the ‘Food Replication’ technologies and ‘Environmental Purification and Restoration’ technologies would end poverty, starvation, and begin to reverse the damage humanity has done to the earth virtually overnight. The real reason is that these technologies have been suppressed is that they would immediately collapse the world economies and make the ‘Babylonian Money Magic Slave System’ of no use anymore. It means the ‘Loss of Control’ of the .01% (Elite) over the ‘Masses’ and a complete ‘Paradigm Change’. In short it means ‘Freedom’! Freedom for the first time in humanity’s ‘known’ recorded history.”


Namaste is a beautiful word that most people who use it don’t know it’s meaning which hints to our real source. Next time you hear someone saying this you’ll know that it means “I see your divinity and you see my divinity within me.” Here’s a more detailed explanation.

How our world would look if we all felt this way about each other? It would really become what Louis Armstrong sang about a few decades ago in his song What a Wonderful World.



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