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I Blame the Deep State for the Collapse of the Medical Industry

by Duke Brickhouse, Chief Editor, ExoNews          May 1, 2019

Back in 1998, I suddenly developed multiple and recurrent throat ulcers that seem to correspond with changes in the weather. Through the 2000’s, I went to doctors and specialists from Virginia Beach/Norfolk to Berlin, Germany where I lived for a couple of years. If you look up ‘apthous stomatitis’ on the internet, you’ll see that there is ‘no known cause, no known cure’ for this condition. Therefore, all that the doctors could do was to prescribe pain medication, and I would just have to live with it until it ‘ran its course’.

Its twenty years later, and I am still suffering from these acute and recurrent throat ulcers that come in groups of two to five at a time, each lasting ten to fifteen days. So with overlapping occurrences, these episodes can continue for a couple of months at a time, continually. This is what happened last winter. I live in Virginia Beach. Between the middle of January and the middle of March, we had a non-stop series of low pressure rain systems roll in, along with severe drops and rises in temperature. This caused a two month series of severe throat ulcers when I cannot eat or drink without pain medication. At its worst, I cannot get out of bed.

In the past, I would get a prescription for 90 pain pills which would last me through maybe two or three of these extended ulcer episodes, costing me a $15 insurance co-pay. But since this recently manufactured ‘opioid crisis’, the Deep State has focused only on the abusers, making sure that people in actual pain are totally disregarded. The system dumped a ton of opioid pain meds on the population, allowing the ultra-selfish, third-density idiots with no regard for their own mortality to abuse them and eat them by the handfuls. The pharmacies got rich by over-selling them. The elite billionaire Richard Sackler and his family (owners of Perdue Farm/worth $13B) made a lot more money by creating this epidemic. (see John Oliver HBO video clip below) The Deep State used the foreseeable result of a small percentage of people abusing these pain meds to declare an ‘opioid crisis’, to justify the implementation of severely restrictive laws. This is what I found myself facing in the winter of 2019.

After waiting a couple of weeks for an appointment with my primary care physician, I was informed that she could no longer prescribe my pain pills. I had to go to a ‘pain management specialist’ for that now. More money. More time to wait. I was suffering and urgently needed the pain meds. So I made an appointment with the pain management doctor. He could see me in three weeks. Three more weeks of suffering to pay another doctor for what my own doctor used to do.  (I hadn’t harmed myself in twenty years of taking these medications, but now I am considered ‘high risk’.)

When I went to the pain management doctor, he had no clue about my throat ulcer condition and was therefore suspicious about whether I was really in pain or if I was just a dirty drug addict trying to manipulate the system. That’s exactly how I was treated. In two hours, I had to go through three rounds of paperwork promising that I would not abuse the pills or do anything else to attempt to relieve my pain, and I would be routinely pee-tested to make sure. I have never been treated so poorly, like a drug addict felon. Finally, at the end of this degrading encounter, the hapless doctor wrote me a prescription for 30 pain pills.

I took the prescription to my pharmacy and they informed me that they didn’t carry this type of medication, and they would have it shipped to them. This would take yet another week. More time and more suffering. After a week it came in, but at a cost of $350. I was astounded. I can’t afford that. So my pharmacist got my insurance company involved. After another week, my insurance company agreed to pay half of it. I still couldn’t afford $175 for 30 pills. So after five more weeks, the requisite ‘pain management’ only made me suffer longer, forcing me to take extra strength Tylenol like candy, which does not adequately control the pain. It was a complete waste of time. But that wasn’t the end of it. The pain management doctor sent me a bill for $625, and after insurance covered a portion, I was expected to pay them $135. So this elitist doctor, who knew that under the new ‘opioid crisis’ regulations he was the only option left to me, had no problem extorting the system for $625 for doing absolutely nothing. In fact, he only made my situation much worse by dragging it out for another 5 weeks.

I was missing a lot of work due to these ulcers, and my boss – a great guy – was worried. He went out of his way to find an ear, nose and throat doctor and told me to go see him. Well, it’s my boss, so I can’t say no. Of course, my boss doesn’t labor under the stress of money like the rest of us do. By this point in April, I had gotten past my throat ulcer episodes for a while. I told the receptionist at the ENT why I was there, and that I currently had no ulcers for the doctor to look at, but since I had made the appointment I would at least get into the computer system so that the next time I developed these throat ulcers I could go right in. I saw the doctor for less than five minutes during which time I explained my condition, and he looked at my throat for about ten seconds. He had nothing to offer except to come back when they were active again. A few weeks later I got a bill from the ENT doctor for a $283 ‘consultation’, of which my payment was $115. I complained that the doctor did nothing at all, and I was told that this was the standard charge for a consultation.

So I went back to my primary care physician and related my story.  She prescribed me 30 pills of a different kind of pain medication called Tramadol.  The pharmacy said that, again, they would have to order it since it was not a common medication.  When it came in a week later, I was told that it cost $250.  The pharmacist said that my insurance might cover it if my PCP doctor called them.  So I waited three more weeks to learn that my insurance had denied coverage. I spoke to some people in my office who had been prescribed Tramadol, and our mutual insurance carrier, Anthem Healthkeepers, had covered it for them no problem.  But I received a letter from Anthem saying that they had denied my request because “We did not see information that show you have an illness that qualifies… such as a diagnosis of cancer-related pain…terminal condition…sickle cell anemia, or …chronic pain.”  These doctors have no idea what apthous stomatitis (throat ulcers) is so they relegate it to a milder disease.  I tried to call the person who denied my request at Anthem but she would not take my call.

I got someone else at Anthem on the phone who told me that my PCP could schedule a ‘peer to peer’ phone call to restate my case and try to educate them.  When I told my PCP doctor this, she responded that she would not do this as she was monitored for this sort of activity, and I would have no alternative but to go back to the pain management specialist.  So after about ten weeks in chronic pain, I was right back where I started, in the same situation with an incompetent pain management doctor who was indifferent to actually helping patients since he is the only game in town.

I must interject here that the only relief that I have found has been through Karl Mollison, a channeler of Creator and the Higher Self, whom I met through my friend, Denny Hunt, in 2017.  Karl provides medical issue channeling through his websites, TeamArchangel.com and GetWisdom.com.  After “vetting” Karl, and being so impressed by his channeling of historic figures that I wrote a handful of articles on them for ExoNews, I asked Karl to do a channeling for my throat ulcer condition.  He did so in the summer of 2017, through a ‘holographic memory resolution’ protocol, and I saw a marked improvement literally overnight.  I must say that it did not completely eliminate my throat ulcers, but it did reduce the frequency and severity of them. (They are still quite painful when they do come.)  Thank God I found Karl when I did.  Everything, it seems, is tied to our spiritual self.  This is a promising field of medical research that the Deep State does not want revealed, and is widely disregarded by the mainstream medical community.

The medical industry is no longer about providing medical treatment to patients. It is about making money, and lots of it. And this concocted opioid crisis has allowed the system to jack up prices and place the burden of paying it on the patient.  This funnels more money into the Deep State coffers.  If you cannot afford their costs, then to hell with you. By my research, fully 50% of the US population cannot afford these costs – much less any sort of life insurance or retirement savings. Most of these people cannot even afford health insurance, which I have only because it is provided through my employer. But these days, fewer and fewer employers are even offering a health insurance plan. And the Deep State Republicans are trying as hard as they can to eliminate the Affordable Care Act so that even fewer people can afford health care. This is a manufactured crisis.  And they are using this crisis to bleed us dry.

In Germany and other European countries, doctors and attorneys charge their fees on a sliding scale according to the person’s income. Not in America. In America is it all about the money, not the people. And it’s not only the doctors, but the pharmacies, hospitals and health insurance companies who are complicit in this unconscionable system that the Deep State elite have devised. Today, the medical industry doesn’t care one bit about treating patients. The only thing it wants to preserve is the tradition of paying doctors a six-figure salary to support these Deep State policies while doing less and less for their patients. In America, medical services are only for the wealthy who can grudgingly afford this ridiculous system. As for the rest of us, we are left out in the cold and nobody cares. And on top of it all, we are hearing from insiders that we now have amazing medical technology in the secret space programs that are kept from mainstream society. This latent technology could eliminate all disease, cancer, anything at all.

Why would the Deep State elite want to do this? Because it keeps the lower half of the population both economically and medically subjugated so that we have no time to look around and see what is truly going on here, and we have no resources to do anything about it. We are the ones who are suffering under this corrupt Deep State system. The top economic half of the population are simply grateful that they are not in the bottom half, so they consider themselves as ‘winning’ in this system and they don’t want to do anything to upset the dynamic. In other words, it is the Deep State’s way of keeping us all as economic slaves, one way or the other, rich or poor.

The corruption and collapse of the medical industry is only a microcosm of the Deep State tactics employed in every sector of American society. They manipulate small fluctuations in various taxes, interest rates, inflation, bank loan requirements, student loan debt, stock market, etc. in order to keep us right on the edge – financially insecure and frightened that we are but one small catastrophe away from losing everything. This is so we don’t have the time, the resources, or the nerve to rise up and demand the reform of this corrupt American system. It is a system where all they want is to do is to generate money, and then funnel all of that money to an elite wealthy class.  And they employ all of these mechanisms to make sure it stays this way. The corruption of the medical industry is only one of these mechanisms, which I’ve just experienced first-hand.

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Seth Rich Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review 5.3

by Duke Brickhouse, Part 5.3 in the Channeling Series         Click here for Part 5.1, Part 5.2

Part 5.3: Hanging On By A Thread

In this third and final installment of the true Seth Rich story, as disclosed by Karl Mollison’s channeling of Spirit Seth in a June 9, 2017 interview by Denny Hunt on his YouTube channel, “Why Is This True?”, I continue the chain of events that I began in part 5.2 with the fabrication of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in order to cover up the fact that Seth Rich was murdered in retribution for his leaking culpatory Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails to Wikileaks, a revelation that could very well expose the wizard pulling the levers behind the curtain – the group of career intelligence officials who run a shadow government known as the “deep state”.

The back story of Seth Rich centers around Seth’s devotion to a pure democratic process, and how the deep state went into damage control when they discovered that he had leaked thousands of sensitive DNC emails to Wikileaks in May and June of 2016. The deep state sequestered the computer evidence through the compromised cyber security firm, CrowdStrike, preventing even the FBI from accessing the DNC’s computers. Then they invented a Russian scapegoat called Guccifer 2.0 to take credit for hacking the emails and turning them over to Wikileaks. Toward the end of June, DNC chairs Linda Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile bribed Seth by offering him a job at the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in New York City for the duration of the presidential campaign. Seth may have said yes to the promotion, but his refusal to go along with the Trump/Russia cover story resulted in his murder early Sunday morning, July 10th, 2016.

                           Seth Rich

In this channeling, Spirit Seth reveals that his murder “… was indeed a political assassination. This was payback for the actions I took that were…harmful to certain vested interests politically.” Seth’s ‘actions’ were to reveal the truth of the DNC’s decidedly undemocratic bias for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the Democrat primaries. But it was the deep state that was pulling the DNC’s    strings to make sure that their puppet candidate, Hillary, would win the Presidential election.

As Spirit Seth explains, “they use the very acts of the truth-teller to turn things around and work it in such a way… to enlist an opposition and to make that the truth of things…” And this is exactly what happened. They took Seth’s exposure of the DNC’s pro-Hillary bias and flipped it to make the leaked DNC emails appear to be the result of an “attack” on American democracy by the Russians, having nothing to do with Seth Rich. In the months following the murder, the deep state would be vigilant to distract public attention from Seth Rich altogether. To this end, they would promote a secret collusion between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As extensively related in part 5.1 of this series, Spirit Seth required a “spirit rescue”, as higher density negative extraterrestrials prevented Seth’s spirit from escaping this plane and reaching the Divine Realm. Spirit Seth was kept at bay in a non-physical sensory-deprived purgatory until his rescue by Denny and Karl. Karl’s background and channeling protocol is more fully explained in the first article as well.

Once again, my intention in this three-part series of articles is to present the flow of events that show a pattern of deception, ridicule, and misdirection employed by the deep state to accomplish its ends. Complicit were the D.C. police in their red-herring murder investigation, the Washington Hospital Center where Seth mysteriously died, and Seth’s own highly compromised and mind-controlled family who displayed a programmed cognitive dissonance whenever anyone brought up the possibility that Seth may have worked directly with Wikileaks.

I do not attempt to cite my source for every piece of information presented. I gathered the information from news articles and video reports that anyone can Google and find on the internet.

In the previous article I presented a timeline showing step-by-step how the deep state controlled the public narrative through its influence over prominent politicians, government officials, and the mainstream media. I tracked the evolving Russian narrative up to the Presidential election in November 2016. In this final part of the story, I continue to follow the development of the deep state Russian hacking narrative after the election and into the Trump administration, and the increasingly desperate measures taken by the deep state to ensure that the investigations of Russian ties to the DNC email leaks and accusations of collusion with the Trump campaign dominated the headlines.

The Beat Goes On

On November 21, 2016, two weeks after Donald Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential election, the Rich family’s self-appointed patron, attorney and Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman, gathered the family for a news conference asking for information or surveillance video of Seth’s murder as the D.C. police still had no leads. They related how the previous day they had all gathered on a street corner in Seth’s neighborhood to hold a rally and distribute posters. Seth’s mother, Mary Rich, marveled that the DNC’s interim chair, Donna Brazile, would come to the rally.

In November 2016, Jack Burkman made a $100,000 contribution to the Seth Rich police reward. In December Burkman would add another $5000. Along with the D.C. police department’s reward of $25,000 and Wikileaks’ $20,000, the total in the police reward fund for information on the Seth Rich murder stood at $150,000.

The family’s deep state handler, Brad Bauman, sternly monitored the news conference. Bauman stated that the family only wanted to get to the facts of who killed Seth Rich, while dismissing any so-called conspiracy theories. When Burkman stepped up to say that he personally didn’t see much evidence of an attempted robbery, Seth’s father Joel Rich quickly responded that the D.C. police had found no evidence suggesting that Seth’s murder was anything other than a botched robbery, and that’s what the family believed. Anything outside of the official police version, said Joel, was nothing more than a lie and a conspiracy theory.

On December 9, 2016, the CIA released a report concluding that the “cyber-attack” which resulted in the DNC’s emails being leaked to Wikileaks was carried out by covert Russian agents directly tied to the Kremlin, and was intended to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the presidential election in 2016. That day, both The Washington Post and The New York Times ran articles saying that U.S. intelligence officials had a “high confidence” that Russia was involved in hacking the DNC servers in an attempt to sway the U.S. election in Trump’s favor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin categorically denied the Russian government’s involvement in any such cyber-attacks.

On December 14, 2016, Wikileaks associate and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray told the London Daily Mail that he had received a flash drive containing the Podesta emails in September 2016 at a rendezvous in a wooded area in northwest D.C. near American University from a Democratic party insider who was disgusted “at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election against Bernie Sanders.” So it appears that Seth wasn’t the only one at the DNC leaking emails.

On December 30, 2016, President Obama ordered sweeping sanctions against Russia. He ordered thirty-five Russian diplomats be expelled from the U.S. and the closure of two Russian diplomatic compounds.

On January 5, 2017, Reuters reported that a CIA agent revealed that the CIA had identified the Russians who hacked the DNC, and that Putin had been directing his military intelligence agency to carry out the cyber-attacks in order to discredit the U.S. election process, to assist Trump’s campaign, and to undermine Hillary’s. The CIA agent chose to remain anonymous because this information he was leaking was top secret. Director of U.S. Intelligence James Clapper confirmed this “intel”, and that Putin’s inner circle was reportedly celebrating Trump’s election win as “a victory over the United States”.

On January 6, 2016 a much anticipated intelligence report commissioned by Obama was released. Signed off by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and FBI Director James Comey, the report confirmed that Russia had directed the hacking of the DNC email servers and their release to Wikileaks. The report depicted Russia’s interference as unprecedented in scale. The fourteen page report specifically rebuts Trump’s repeated assertions that the intelligence community had no evidence of Russia’s involvement.

Republican House Intelligence Committee chair, Devin Nunes, used the intelligence report to criticize Obama, saying that the House Committee “has been warning the Obama administration for years about the need for stronger measures against Russia . . . but our warnings largely fell on deaf ears.”

On January 18, 2017, in President Obama’s final press conference, amid his joking and listing of his administration’s accomplishments, he dutifully brought up Wikileaks and the intelligence community’s conclusions of Russian hacking, noting however, that they were not conclusive.

Deconstructing Guccifer 2.0

On June 15, 2016, an anonymous internet troll calling himself Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility for hacking the DNC servers. Three days later, Guccifer 2.0 released a limited amount of innocuous DNC documents to the political website, The Hill, and claimed to have leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. On September 13, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 released more “hacked” DNC emails online to Forbes magazine. On October 4, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 released documents hacked from the Clinton Foundation, but they turned out to be previously released documents as well as some public records.

On October 7, 2016, the entire U.S. intelligence community consisting of seventeen agencies unanimously stated that they were “confident” that the Russian government directed the DNC hack and identified DCLeaks.com and Guccifer 2.0 as the Russian assets acting on behalf of the Kremlin.

Guccifer 2.0 named himself after a known Romanian computer-hacker, Guccifer 1.0, who in 2016 was already in police custody for hacking Hillary’s private email server when she was Secretary of State. Guccifer 2.0 initially claimed that he was Romanian, but that was quickly dispelled since he couldn’t speak Romanian.

Although Guccifer 2.0 denied that he was connected with the Russians, as a real hacker would, cyber experts easily found underlying metadata “fingerprints” of the Russians in the hacked DNC emails and documents that Guccifer 2.0 had provided.

Back in 2003, a group of former U.S. intelligence agency computer experts, disgruntled by the disinformation generated by the intelligence community after 9/11, left the government to form their own independent cyber-analysis organization known as Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). Of the thirty computer experts within this organization, four former senior NSA and CIA analysts who were expert in Russian intelligence and computer technology scrutinized the Guccifer 2.0 documents. In December 2016, VIPS released a preliminary report criticizing the Russian hacking narrative as having zero evidence, and that the DNC emails were leaked by someone at the DNC, not by the Russians.

In March 2017, Wikileaks released another cache of U.S. intelligence documents identified as “Vault 7”. These documents revealed the existence of a “Project Umbrage”, an entire U.S. intelligence department dedicated to the “misdirect attribution” of the source of a CIA cyber-operation to other locations (most often Russia) by leaving false-flag cyber-fingerprints for independent computer analysts to find.

On April 25, 2017, a former government cyber expert by the name of Adam Carter came forward with his own analysis of Guccifer 2.0. Said Carter, “The (Hillary) campaign was in a desperate position and really needed something similar to a Russian hacker narrative, and one where they would be fortunate to have a seemingly clumsy hacker that leaves lots of ‘fingerprints’ tainting the file and bringing the reputation of the leaks into question.” “Sure enough,” said Carter, “Guccifer 2.0 – the world’s weirdest hacker – was spawned and started telling lies in an effort to attribute himself to the malware discoveries, etc.” Carter surmised that it was likely a government misdirect attribution effort whereby CrowdStrike, the deep state’s pet cyber-security firm, invented a DNC hacker ostensibly working with the Russians in order to discredit the impending July 22, 2016 Wikileaks release. Said Carter, “CrowdStrike had the means. The Hillary Clinton campaign had the motive.”

On July 24, 2017, VIPS released their full report on Guccifer 2.0, concluding that the cyber-fingerprints were a clumsy misdirect attribution deliberately intended to implicate a Russian source. They discovered that Guccifer 2.0 had even hidden the name of the supposed Russian hacker within the layered data: Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet secret police who had died a hundred years earlier.

The VIPS report also noted that the highly touted seventeen intelligence agencies that concurred with CrowdStrike’s original finding in 2016, that the Russians had hacked the DNC servers, were actually three hand-picked analysts from the CIA, NSA and FBI, an epiphany later confirmed by James Clapper, the Director of Intelligence who originally announced the “unanimous findings of all seventeen agencies” on October 7, 2016.

In July 2017, a private computer analyst calling himself “the Forensicator” released his own study of the Guccifer 2.0 hack. According to analysis of data speed transfers, he concluded that it couldn’t have been the Russians hacking the DNC, but it had to have been a direct download to a local flash drive by someone on the inside.

The DNC responded to the VIPS report by reiterating that the intelligence agencies had unanimously concluded that the Russians did it, and therefore any suggestion otherwise was pure conspiracy theory obviously being pushed by the Trump administration. Media outlets dismissed the report out of hand, calling it “incoherent” and “the product of a crank”.

Congress Gets Involved

On March 10, 2017, The New York Times reported that the DNC hacker, Guccifer 2.0, had private Twitter correspondence with Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone back in August 2016. Stone characterized the exchanges as “…so perfunctory, brief and banal I had forgotten it”. But it gave the political pundits “hard evidence” that the Russians had been working with the Trump campaign to steal the election from Hillary, and to call for a Congressional hearing.

The House of Representatives convened hearings on Russian interference in the U.S. election. On March 20, 2017, before the House Intelligence Committee, FBI Director James Comey for the first time acknowledged that the bureau was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and Russia’s possible collusion with the Trump campaign. News outlets such as The New York Times used this opportunity to bring up any remote or suspected business ties that Trump and his circle ever had with Russia.

Comey told the House Committee that although the FBI was denied access to the DNC servers in their investigation, they could rely on the information provided to them by the DNC’s cyber-security firm, CrowdStrike. “[This] my folks tell me, is an appropriate substitute”, said Comey. CrowdStrike’s Dimitri Alperovitch refused to testify to the House Committee at all.

President Trump turned to his closest intelligence advisers, Dan Coats the Director of National Intelligence, and Admiral Michael Rogers, Chief of the National Security Agency. He asked them to inform the press that there wasn’t any evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia. But neither of them would cross the deep state and they both remained silent.

This is how our government operates. They spend their time chasing red herrings and getting very little accomplished. This is an intentional flaw created by the extraterrestrial Anunnaki overlords, and the deep state does their bidding.  As Spirit Seth explains, “Things that are allowed to succeed are mostly the trivial or the things with a surface value. And they may sound good and may be shiny, but lack depth and lack effectiveness. The tough problems are simply not dealt with.”

“Most people within the Washington community are engaged in chasing their own tail, are not contributing in any way to humanity, and in fact are draining away options and possibilities because they are viewed as the ones in charge and in control.” says Spirit Seth. “And of course, they have the purse strings… doling out funds for many badly needed programs. The making of laws governs everything. Multiple layers of redundant, confusing, conflicting regulations… consume huge amounts of wasted effort… [and] act as a drain on productivity. This goes on at all levels.”

Introducing Rod Wheeler

In March 2017, Dallas businessman and Washington insider, Ed Butowsky, got in touch with Seth’s dad, Joel Rich. Since the D.C. police were getting nowhere, Butowsky suggested they hire a private investigator and he would pay for it. The lobbyist Jack Burkman suggested hiring former D.C. police homicide detective Rod Wheeler. Wheeler was fired from the D.C. police department in 1995. But the Rich family had seen Wheeler on Fox News so they readily agreed.

Once again, Burkman publicly stated that he didn’t buy the botched robbery theory that the D.C. police were selling. The problem, however, was that Burkman had latched onto a theory that involved the Russians hacking the DNC, giving the emails to Wikileaks, and then killing Seth to cover it up. The Rich family distanced themselves from Burkman.

         Jack Burkman

Conditioned to disregard any investigation theory that considered Seth’s involvement with Wikileaks, Seth’s brother Aaron set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of the continuing D.C. police investigation which steadfastly focused on the botched robbery theory and offered no evidence at all. A memorial fundraiser for Seth was held at the Rich family’s synagogue in Omaha. The DNC’s Donna Brazile spoke at the event. This was right about the time when Brazile finally admitted that back in October 2016, when Brazile had moderated a CNN “town hall”  campaign event featuring Hillary Clinton, Brazile had given Hillary the questions ahead of time. Brazile had denied it since October. Seth’s mother Mary remarked of Donna Brazile, “When have you ever heard of a boss leading a murder investigation of their employee?”


On March 31, 2017, the Rich family’s newly hired private investigator, Rod Wheeler, was interviewed by the D.C. Fox News affiliate, Fox 5 News. Wheeler stated that he saw no evidence of Russian involvement, but the murder could have been related to Seth’s job at the DNC. This renewed public interest in the Seth Rich murder story.

                       Rod Wheeler

On May 15, 2017, Wheeler told a Fox 5 News reporter that he now had a source linking Seth Rich to Wikileaks. The Fox 5 News report went as follows – Fox 5: “You have sources at the FBI saying that there is information that could link Seth Rich to Wikileaks?” Wheeler: “Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.”

Wheeler also said that his contact in the D.C. police department told him that the D.C. police were ordered to “stand down” in the Seth Rich investigation. Wheeler believed there was evidence of a cover up in the Seth Rich murder case.

Outraged, the Rich family demanded a retraction by Wheeler and Fox 5 News.

On May 16, 2017, the Rich family sent the Fox 5 News reporter a carefully worded statement (sounding suspiciously like their handler Brad Bauman). They wrote: “As we’ve seen through the past year of unsubstantiated claims, we see no facts, we have seen no evidence, we have been approached with no emails and only learned about this [Wheeler interview] when contacted by the press. Even if tomorrow, an email [implicating Seth with Wikileaks] was found, it is not a high enough bar of evidence to prove any interactions as emails can be altered, and we’ve seen that those interested in pushing conspiracies will stop at nothing to do so. We are a family who is committed to facts, and not fake evidence that surfaces every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding Seth’s murderers. The services of the private investigator who spoke to [the] press was offered to the Rich family and paid for by a third party, and contractually was barred from speaking to [the] press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family unless explicitly authorized by the family.”

Brad Bauman, himself, also responded to the renewed allegations tying Seth to Wikileaks by writing, “Anyone who continues to push this fake news story after it was so thoroughly debunked is proving to the world they have a transparent political agenda or are a sociopath… showing a profound lack of judgment and common decency.” Bauman added that anyone who believes Rich may have leaked the DNC e-mails “deserves a place in hell.” Finally, Bauman pointed out that even if an email had been sent by Seth to Wikileaks, it still would not be evidence of foul play.

                       Brad Bauman

So, according to both the family and Bauman, even if email evidence were presented to the family tying Seth to Wikileaks, they would not believe it.

In response to these scathing rebukes from the Rich family, the Fox 5 News affiliate retracted the story that very day. But the Fox 5 News report had caught the attention of Sean Hannity at Fox News in New York. On May 16, 2017, Hannity brought Rod Wheeler onto his show. Wheeler told Hannity that he was still under contract with the Rich family and that he had spoken with a credible federal investigator (FBI) who looked at Seth’s personal computer while in the possession of the D.C. police, and it showed evidence of contact between Seth and Wikileaks. And if it was just a robbery/ murder, why would the FBI be involved in the investigation? In an accompanying article on the Fox News website, Wheeler is quoted as saying that someone within the D.C. government, DNC, or the Clinton team is blocking the murder investigation from going forward.

Conversely, NBC News reported that the D.C. police’s official position was that Seth’s laptop “never contained any e-mails related to WikiLeaks, and the FBI never had it.”

Wheeler also told Hannity that when Wheeler first reached out to the D.C police to inquire as to the Seth Rich investigation, the police did not return his calls because a “high ranking official at the DNC” (whom Wheeler later identified as DNC chair Donna Brazile) called the D.C. police, and also called Seth’s father, Joel, to demand to know why Wheeler was “snooping around” the investigation as she understood that the Rich family had fired Wheeler. Wheeler then said that this high ranking DNC official was the same person Seth was having problems with at the DNC just before his murder. In a later statement, Wheeler said that U.S. Congresswoman and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was also keeping close tabs on Wheeler’s investigation.

                 Hannity and Wheeler

On May 17, 2017, Fox News reported that a “federal investigator” had corroborated Wheeler’s story that an FBI analysis of Seth’s computer showed that Seth had transferred over 44,053 DNC emails plus attachments to Wikileaks director Gavin MacFayden – the exact amount of emails subsequently published by Wikileaks.

On May 19, 2017, the Rich family’s lawyer sent Wheeler a written demand to cease and desist acting as the family’s private investigator. In a video statement the Rich family expressed their deep disappointment with Rod Wheeler, and that they were exploring legal remedies against him.

This same day the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom tweeted “Wikileaks informer Seth Rich murdered in U.S. but [the British mainstream media] was so busy accusing Russian hackers to take notice.”

On May 22, 2017, Wheeler communicated with Fox News reporter, Malia Zimmerman, saying that Donna Brazile’s actions made her a person of interest in the Seth Rich investigation. “I sincerely believe that there is an underground culture of corruption that exists within the confines of the nation’s capital that includes quite possibly the crime of murder,” Wheeler told Zimmerman.

Wheeler also related that when the D.C. police returned Seth’s personal computer to the family, Wheeler asked brother Aaron if he could take a look at Seth’s computer to see if Seth was arguing with anyone before the murder. Aaron replied, “No. I already checked it. Don’t worry about it.” When Wheeler asked about Seth’s cell phones, Aaron said, “We’re not going to worry about the cell phones.” Then Aaron told Wheeler, “All I want you to do is work on the botched robbery theory and that’s it.”

Damage Control

At this point the deep state went into full damage control. Every writer in every corrupted media outlet from The New York Times to CNN churned out story after story ridiculing anyone who spoke about a possible connection between Seth Rich and Wikileaks. The mainstream media haughtily dismissed any such notion as a loony tunes conspiracy theory on par with Pizzagate, another story that had emerged from the leaked DNC emails which the mainstream media successfully torpedoed through scorn and ridicule.

The New York Times called the Seth/Wikileaks connection “fake news”. The Huffington Post called it “alt-right idiocy”. ‘Fact checking’ organizations called it pure conspiracy theory. Corporate sponsors were pulling their advertising from Fox News for merely mentioning the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. Other media outlets took notice of these tactics.

Apparently, it was Donna Brazile’s job to contain the Seth Rich story. On May 21, 2017, Donna Brazile tweeted, “Seth Rich was… proud to be an American. This desire to scar Seth’s legacy to his country and party is shameful.” Three days later Twitter shut down the feed for news source WND.com for 12 hours in retaliation for tweeting a story that it was Donna Brazile who had called the D.C. police to ask why Rod Wheeler was still snooping around the Seth Rich investigation.

         Donna Brazile

On May 22, 2017, The Gateway Pundit reported that the video from the body cameras worn by three of the six D.C. police officers responding to the scene of Seth’s shooting had disappeared. Also, the bar manager at Lou’s City Bar where Seth was last seen before the shooting said that the D.C. police never bothered to interview him or any of his employees, nor did they request to see the bar’s security video.

On his Fox News show on May 22, 2017, Sean Hannity introduced to the mainstream public a German/Finn living in New Zealand by the name of Kim Schmitz, who went by the internet screenname ‘Kim Dotcom’. In an earlier May 20, 2017 Twitter post, Schmitz revealed that he’d been online friends with Seth Rich, and that they had been communicating for a couple of years. Schmitz said that in his internet correspondence Seth used the screen name ‘Panda’. It was well-known that Seth loved pandas and once wore a panda costume to work all day. He said that he and Seth often talked about political corruption and the undue influence of corporate money in politics. According to Schmitz, Seth was interested in forming an American branch of the New Internet Party, a political group that Schmitz founded in New Zealand in 2014.

             Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz

The family’s deep state spin doctor, Brad Bauman, responded with typical rhetoric and ridicule. “The Rich family is tired of having to respond to accusations in damaging Seth’s good name and creating more emotional hardship on a grieving family. The family is not going to entertain his (Schmitz’) ridiculous, manipulative and completely non-credible statements.”

The U.S. Justice Department is currently trying to extradite Schmitz from New Zealand to stand trial for copyright infringement allegedly committed on his internet file-hosting service which the U.S. government characterizes as “massive worldwide online piracy.”  Schmitz faces several decades in prison, demonstrating the long reach and ruthlessness of the deep state. For his part, Schmitz has announced his new project – an alternative internet not controlled by the deep state.

The circumstantial evidence of Seth’s involvement with the DNC email leak to Wikileaks was mounting.  The deep state needed to pull out their big guns to take back the news cycle and resume its mainstream mind control.

On May 23, 2016, former CIA director John Brennan steered the news cycle back to Trump and the Russians by telling a House Intelligence Committee how “concerned” he was that Moscow was pulling the President’s strings, and that he was “aware” that Russian officials had interacted with the Trump campaign during the summer of 2016, although Brennan conceded that he didn’t have a shred of evidence.

That same day, the Rich family published an op-ed article in The Washington Post to report that the D.C. police had still found no connection between Seth and Wikileaks on Seth’s computer, and they asked “those purveying falsehoods to give us peace, and to give law enforcement the time and space to do the investigation they need to solve our son’s murder.”

             Mary, Aaron and Joel Rich

Also on that day, Aaron Rich wrote a letter to the Executive Producer of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Porter Berry. It was released to the public by CNN. In it, Aaron said, “It is a travesty that you would promote false conspiracy theories and other people’s agendas rather than work with the family to learn the truth.” “Think about how you would feel losing a son or brother. And while dealing with this, you had baseless accusations of your lost family member being part of a vast conspiracy.” “As such, we urge you to please not provide a platform for a person who is known to have pushed false evidence in the past…” (ie: Kim Dotcom) “… To spread potentially false, damaging information will cause us additional pain, suffering and sorrow. By airing this information, you will continue to emotionally hurt us.” “We appeal to your decency to not cause a grieving family more pain and suffering by allowing your platform to be used by someone to drag our family name through the mud.”

Finally, on this busy day of May 23, 2017, One America News Network (on Direct TV) added $100,000 to the Seth Rich reward fund to increase the total to $250,000.

By the end of day May 23, 2017, Fox News New York had succumbed to the pressure and retracted the Wheeler story.

The deep state apparently had gotten to Rod Wheeler too.

It had been only one week since Wheeler made his unambiguous statements to Fox 5 News: (a) he had a source in the FBI with evidence linking Seth to Wikileaks, and (b) the D.C. police were ordered to ‘stand down’ in the investigation;  and not very long since Wheeler had made statements to other media outlets saying (c) the FBI had evidence that Seth transferred 44,053 DNC emails to a Wikileaks’ director, (d) brother Aaron refused to allow Wheeler to look at Seth’s returned personal computer and instructed Wheeler to pursue only the robbery theory, (e) Wheeler suspected a cover up, and (f) Donna Brazile was a person of interest.

All of the sudden Wheeler completely changed his story. He flat out denied ever seeing any evidence or speaking to anyone in the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department about a link between Seth Rich and Wikileaks. On August 1st Wheeler would file a federal lawsuit saying that he was misquoted on Fox, and that Fox News, Butowski, and Donald Trump himself had colluded to fabricate the story and cajoled Wheeler into going public with it.

The outcome of this lawsuit, if it goes to trial at all, is irrelevant. As Spirit Seth previously explained, the deep state’s real intention is “…to turn things around… and to make that the truth of things…” In this instance, Wheeler has taken his own theory of Seth’s leaking the DNC emails to Wikileaks, and turned his prior public statements around to accuse Fox News and President Trump of putting those words in his mouth in order to help hide the collusion between Russia and Trump in stealing the election from Hillary.

As far-fetched as this sounds, the mainstream media fed it to a mind-controlled populace that was becoming evermore confused and tired of hearing about Seth Rich. Escalating news fatigue is part of the deep state mind-control strategy. The deep state really doesn’t care about another frivolous lawsuit. They are only interested in Wheeler’s claims having the appearance of being truthful. Wheeler had succumbed to their intimidation, and now the deep state intended to make the most of this false publicity to close the book on the entire Seth Rich story, focusing instead on Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The day after Wheeler filed his lawsuit, the Rich family who had very publicly criticized and fired their former private investigator were back to praising Wheeler. “We are hopeful this [lawsuit] brings an end to what has been the most emotionally difficult time in our lives, and an end to conspiracy theories surrounding our beloved Seth.”

On August, 1, 2017, DNC Communications Director, Xochitl Hinojosa, responded to Wheeler’s lawsuit saying, “it is beyond vile that the White House – and possibly even Trump himself – would use the murder of a young man to distract the public’s attention from their chaotic administration and Trump’s ties to Russia.” “The Rich family has begged those responsible for these conspiracies to stop. And yet, Trump’s allies have ignored their pain and their pleas, degrading the office of the President by spreading repulsive lies. This should outrage any decent human being. There is no excuse for the suffering that Trump’s associates and their conspirators at Fox have caused the Rich family and those closest to him. Both parties should denounce these sick and twisted tactics.”

These are examples of “piling on” as commonly used by the mainstream media. One compromised source will quote another and so on. They maintain the “official” story, and ridicule anyone who suggests anything otherwise. Then they top it off with emotionally charged pleas that these unfounded attacks are harming innocent victims and family members.

In spite of Fox News’ official retraction, Fox personalities Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich, and Congressman Blake Farenthold refused to let the Seth Rich/Wikileaks theory die. They knew that something smelled fishy. On May 24, 2017, Farenthold was castigated on CNN for calling for a real investigation of the Seth murder, and suggesting that the Russian investigation might simply be a distraction. The CNN hosts shut him down, insisting that the D.C. police had already determined that Seth was killed in a botched robbery attempt.

At the end of May 2017, a government watch group called Judicial Watch declared that there was “credible evidence” that still needed to be addressed in the Seth Rich murder investigation. They charged the D.C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser, with shutting down the police investigation, withholding key evidence from the public, and refusing to cooperate with anyone investigating the Seth Rich case. In response, the mayor repeated that it was a botched robbery and nothing more.

On May 26, 2017, reviled pharmaceutical tycoon Martin Shkreli made an uncharacteristically generous gesture by adding $100,000 to the police reward for a total of $350,000 for information in the Seth Rich murder. Still, no one has stepped forward with any information.

By June 2017, it had been almost a year since Seth’s murder. It was time for the deep state intelligence community and the mainstream media to doubled down on the Russian cyber-war narrative and end any lingering talk about a Seth Rich/Wikileaks connection.

In a June 23, 2017 article, The Washington Post reported that Russia had hacked the DNC’s computers as early as the summer of 2015, but the breaches did not become public until they were disclosed by none other than the Post in June 2016. The article claims that the FBI is still tracking “a flurry of hacking activity” by Russia against U.S. political parties, think tanks, and other targets.

In May 2016, the Profiling Project, a group of George Washington University forensics students financed by Jack Burkman, the D.C. attorney and Rich family benefactor who was banished from the family’s inner circle for mentioning the possibility of Seth’s ties with Wikileaks, filed a lawsuit to preserve police evidence of Seth’s murder. In June, it was reported that Seth’s extensive social media posts were being systematically deleted, including his anonymous postings. On June 20, 2017, the Profiling Project released an independent report on the Seth Rich murder saying it was most likely the act of a hired killer, and that video, ballistic, autopsy documents, and medical examiner’s evidence were being suppressed by the police. Rich family “spokesperson” Brad Bauman regarded the Profiling Project report as pathetically amateurish and incomplete, deserving of no consideration whatsoever. Burkman and his Profiling Project’s further attempts during the summer to create sensationalist videos to renew public interest in the Seth Rich story were largely ridiculed and ignored.


By the end of the summer of 2017, the mainstream media had largely forgotten about the Seth Rich murder, much less any link between Seth, the DNC emails and Wikileaks. Predictably, the Seth Rich story has become old news. A handful of internet news sites such as WorldNetDaily.com (WND) have tried to keep the investigation in the forefront, but the mind-controlled American public have decided that the Seth Rich story is “fake news” and “conspiracy theory”. The real story is the collusion between the Russians (Putin himself actually) and Donald Trump to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. It appears that the deep state manipulators have prevailed once again.

On November 11, 2017, former DNC chair Donna Brazile released her book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-Ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House. While Brazile takes the opportunity to make herself out to be the savior of the Democratic Party, she steadfastly maintains the false Russian hacking narrative. In the book she writes, “With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in [Seth’s] unsolved murder. Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for being white on the wrong side of town.” She added, “His death continued to tear me up inside.” Brazile also mentions Seth in the dedication section of her book.

While the DNC claimed to honor Seth as a friend and patriot, and was publicly outraged at Seth’s unsolved murder, neither the DNC nor Hillary’s campaign made any contribution to the Seth Rich police reward fund. When asked why the DNC had not contributed to Seth’s reward fund seeking information on the killers, Donna Brazile replied that the DNC was prohibited from making such contributions. Federal election law experts countered that no such legal prohibition exists. While individuals cannot be personally enriched by campaign donations, both the DNC and the Clinton campaign committee are free to contribute to a criminal investigation either directly, or indirectly through a charitable organization.

One expert remarked, “they (the DNC) certainly didn’t mind spending money on the Trump dossier.” This is in reference to an intelligence dossier created by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer hired by Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS is an ‘opposition research’ firm with ties to the Democratic Party that was retained by the DNC. The DNC reportedly spent over $10 million for the dossier. And as Brazile relates in her book, the Hillary campaign committee controlled the DNC’s purse strings.

Publicly released in the fall of 2016, the Steele dossier made several claims against Trump – none of which have been proven. Among these claims the dossier alleges that during a trip to Moscow, Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on the bed that Obama had slept on in the hotel’s presidential suite; that Trump had been providing Russia with intelligence for years; and that Trump would agree to ignore the ongoing Ukraine/Russian conflict if Russia would leak their hacked DNC emails to Wikileaks. Steele is currently being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for lying to the FBI with regard to the dossier.

But the deep state isn’t going to help an investigation that could potentially reveal Seth as the staffer who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks, thereby exposing the false Russia-Trump narrative and implicating the deep state in the murder of Seth Rich. Rather than contribute to the police reward to assist in the murder investigation, they dedicated a bike rack to Seth at the entrance of the DNC headquarters.

At a book signing in November 2017, when asked about any revelations of Seth’s connection with the DNC emails leaked to Wikileaks, Donna Brazile became visibly angry and incoherent, accusing reporters of trying to smear Seth and his family for mere sensationalism. “Once again, I would like to go on the record as saying that the attempt to smear Seth Rich has caused enormous harm to his family,” Brazile charged. “Joel and Mary (Rich’s parents) deserve better than that kind of salacious, sensational type of journalism.” “Seth was a patriot. I got a chance to work with him. I wish you would have known him, because, had you known him, you would not be bringing up some of what I call blatant attempts to smear his name.”

Whenever confronted with Seth’s direct involvement in the DNC leaks, Brazile will go into an emotionally-charged tirade about conspiracy theories, how Seth was a patriot and a nice guy who doesn’t deserve to be smeared as a traitor, how the Rich family is suffering from these smear tactics, and how she herself fears for her own life. Her demeanor becomes highly combative. She will ramble incoherently and refuse to answer direct questions regarding Seth. These are telling signs of her deep state mind control programming.

In her book, Brazile reveals that immediately after the DNC computer “hack”, the DNC’s cyber-security firm, CrowdStrike, made a ‘replica’ of the data, and at a cost of “millions of dollars”, destroyed the DNC’s email servers and computer hard drives in order to purge the Russian spyware infecting them.

An unnamed government cybersecurity contractor described Brazile’s explanation for destroying the servers as “the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

“That’s clearly a lie by a politician who knows nothing about cyber security, or they’re lying,” said the government contractor. “It doesn’t matter if the server has spyware. The FBI wanted the server in the unaltered condition. If it had spyware, it’s not going to matter to the FBI. They are going to do cyber forensics on everything on the server, regardless of the spyware.”

An FBI investigative file on Hillary Clinton revealed that during the 2016 Presidential race, the Clinton campaign used a special program known as BleachBit to delete her private emails and try to prevent their recovery. This cyber security contractor suspects that the DNC likely did the same.

The primary purpose of the DNC in destroying the server is to conceal data, said the cyber security expert. “The only reason they would replicate the data is to sort through what they don’t want the FBI getting; then they destroyed the original server so real forensic analysis cannot be performed on the data that was deleted. I guarantee you there’s a lot of missing emails on the replica.”

“Even if they scrub the hard drive, there are techniques that the FBI has to recover deleted data. I guarantee the DNC erased the files off the server,” said the expert. It’s not the DNC’s job to determine whether the FBI needs to be protected from spyware. They should have just turned it over as is, and they didn’t because they have something to hide. This is common knowledge that any cyber security person would know.”

On October 18, 2017, D.C. attorney Jack Burkman filed a lawsuit against the DNC and Hillary Clinton in the D.C. Superior Court seeking financial compensation for supporters who contributed to the Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign by donating to the DNC. In November, after Donna Brazile revealed further information about the DNC’s bias toward Hillary in her book, Hack, Burkman amended his lawsuit to include Brazile as a named defendant. Burkman also contends that Brazile knows the truth about Seth Rich’s death.

In November 2017, Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz accepted a six-figure financial settlement from the police in New Zealand for the “unreasonable” use of force by an anti-terrorism Special Tactics Group working with the FBI when they conducted a pre-dawn “military style” raid on his Auckland mansion in January 2012 with helicopters and over 70 police officers “for a non-violent internet copyright infringement charge brought by the United States, which is not even a crime in New Zealand,” according to Schmitz. Schmitz’ appeal to his extradition to the U.S. to stand trial for that charge is scheduled for February 2018 in a U.S. Court of Appeals.

By October 2017, the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to sway the 2016 Presidential election had interviewed over 100 witnesses and reviewed over 100,000 pages of documents over a nine month period and still found no evidence of any collusion. Undaunted, the committee chair stated that “the issue of collusion is still open.” The top Democrat on the committee, Mark Warner, said that there is still a “large consensus that the Russians hacked into political files and strategically released them with the goal of influencing the election.”


There was, very likely, Russian cyber influence going on in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. It may have been Russian intelligence using automatic social media bots and “troll farms” with rooms full of computers generating fake social media propaganda pages and uploading political ads. But Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter all say that the Russian ads and propaganda amounted to a “tiny fraction” of the overall content on their social media platforms.

The Russian’s most likely learned about the use of social media to influence an election from the U.S. intelligence community who wrote the book on meddling in other nations’ political affairs. There are strong indications that social media sites such as Google and Facebook were actually created by the CIA through its’ high tech venture capital subsidiary, In-Q-Tel, specifically to collect metadata on private citizens worldwide. They are now accusing Russia of doing what they themselves routinely continue to do.

This is all part of the deep state game. But one thing is certain. Russia did not provide Wikileaks with the DNC emails. Seth Rich did. Now the deep state has turned Seth’s leaking of DNC emails to Wikileaks into a Russian-Trump collusion narrative in order to give our elected government officials another excuse to “spin [their] wheels and waste time and effort on non-issues,” as Spirit Seth puts it.

“The greatest karmic debt is flowing from the way my action was used as evidence of a collusion with Russia and is now serving as a disinformation campaign by the intelligence community to cause disruption and confusion among the lawmakers, the legal community, and the population as a whole… where differing factions continue to be at war over trivia or non-reality, which is the case here.”

Spirit Seth notes that the deep state also used this opportunity to revive a long-standing “Cold War” antagonism between the United States and Russia, and offers an enlightened view of such recklessness. “To fan the flames of discord between nations with nuclear weapons is never a good idea. When you think about it simply in those terms, this is flirting with great danger, at a minimum, to sow discord and… hatred between these two nations. There needs to be a coming together, not growing discord and suspicion. This has resulted in near disaster in the past, as you to have unearthed in talking with other light beings,” (referring to a previous channeling by Karl Mollison of General Andrew Goodpaster, wherein Spirit Goodpaster reveals that in the late fifties, he and some other light workers successfully resisted a Reptilian effort to assassinate President Eisenhower which most likely would have led to a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union).

“This is a favorite tool of the extraterrestrial alliance to create false reasons to… fuel clandestine activities that [require]… the superpowers to come in to police things,… bring in troops and do bombings, and so on. This happens over, and over, and over again.” says Spirit Seth. “The reasons for war are always artificial. They are always a manipulation and an orchestration.”

“When humans are allowed to be who they truly are, no one dies through the hands of another human. It is only [done] when they are corrupted from within by mind control, by manipulation through dark spirits causing doubts, fears, hatreds within, and pushing karmic buttons to remind people of times they had done such deeds via those same manipulations in past experiences or past lifetimes. Those are the only conditions when people will act in that fashion.” “[War] is never justified. It is always ginned up in some way to foment fear and discord by the extraterrestrials.” “You can see from history, this is the order of the day and always has been. This is what needs to change.”

It is essential to the deep state cover up that the media never seriously investigate the role that Seth Rich played. For if the American public learned the truth, it could be the string that unravels the deep state’s entire agenda, which is to maintain control over the world through their control of the U.S. government on behalf of a hidden extraterrestrial hierarchy that has spent the last 5000 years orchestrating the manipulation and enslavement of the human race on Earth for their own purposes. Spirit Seth describes the essence of this power base: “The corruption is engaged in and orchestrated by the extraterrestrials through multiple layers, through multiple extraterrestrial beings with differing origins, all of whom wish to control and conquer.”

These negative beings (ie: the Reptilians, Greys, and Nordic Arcturians, and their Anunnaki overlords) know that humanity has now reached a tipping point where these negative beings will either prevail in their long-term plan to rule this planet and solar system or will be defeated by the more powerful collective human consciousness working with the Divine Realm, opening the way for humanity to ascend in spiritual consciousness as is our natural progression at this time.

As Spirit Seth explains, these negative beings tolerate one another at the moment because “each has unique things it contributes to the overall effort and subjugation.” “The end purpose is the elimination of humans and the control of the planet directly. So the stakes are quite high.”

A Final Word of Encouragement from Spirit Seth

Like nearly all of the historic light workers channeled by Karl Mollison in Denny Hunt’s “Why Is This True?” YouTube series during 2017, Spirit Seth seemed less interested in recounting the unfortunate events that led to his murder and the Russian narrative concocted by the deep state, than he was in using this channeling opportunity to educate and urge humanity to save itself.

“Can we deal with [the negative ET] interlopers? Can we deal with darkness that creeps in to undermine us, the temptations to serve the ego, the temptations of power, to use it wisely and with love and not to serve selfish aims?”

“The interlopers have moved so far away from their Divine path they can readily be seen by most humans as depraved and lost. They wish to drag humans down to their level. You need not let that happen. You are winning the battle. You are a great contrast to them, and you can make things better. [You can] prevail through simply realigning fully with the light and the love available to you.”

“Highly sacred [to the Divine Realm] is the right of the person to decide who they are, what they believe, what they wish to… interpret about life on all levels. This is the great undertaking in the human enterprise, that all have an individual perspective… coming from different souls each with unique attributes. There is a rich array of possibilities and great variation in perspectives. We do not claim to have Divine truth about anything in particular. We cannot change people directly by over-riding their notions. We can only offer some testimony and allow them to sort and sift.”

“[The negative ETs] have free agency and free will, as you do. [The Divine Realm] cannot step in and stop them. But in a contest between the light and the dark, the light can win if the forces are lined up from the human side to weigh in on the Divine, taking action and winning the day.”

“This is very much a delicate business for the light beings. The reason you do not see the Angels working miracles on every street corner is because that would tip the balance and would deny humans the ability to work things out for themselves… and to establish within themselves the various beliefs about reality and non-reality. That is the valid test for them and the only true way to grow. Whatever you are simply told and decide to accept is the second-level and lower-tier form of learning. True learning [comes] through following the heart and seeking true inspiration for a higher purpose.”

“We do not wish to short-circuit the ability of those humans who are interested in my story the chance to work the puzzle out for themselves and factor in my words. We will not rob them of that… opportunity to exercise their discernment.”

“We do not wish to change anyone’s minds or hearts other than bringing information and truth forward. It is for each person to decide their own truth, to take their own stand, and to live with the consequences. This is the role of life. The great teacher is independence and responsibility, and seeing the consequences of all choices made by the individual. So we do not wish to create mass movements for persuading people per se but only bring forth truth to allow them to pick and choose what they… embrace, or perhaps will reject.”

“Many [humans] are coming in, marking time [on Earth] and making no contribution to the whole. …One can look for ways to contribute, not necessarily on the front lines or the thick of the battle, but in some way to raise their awareness. And the raising of awareness is quite important because the answer to prayers is adjusted to the level of awareness within the one who makes the prayer, with regard to their understanding of the scope of the problem at hand, the intention behind the request, and …a willingness to stand strong and draw on all their inner resources [to] cultivate the belief in the Divine as a true partner. [By this] they will gain strength and will be assisted accordingly.”

“All who do acts of bravery to uncover truth for a high purpose will receive some protection and support, … [and] many blessings for taking those bold steps. There are many needed to perform such acts to enable the Shift in Consciousness to be successful. People must step forward and come out from under the shadow. This will make them visible. It is unavoidable. So all must find some courage within, to speak out and to take a stand. This your channel and sponsor are doing because the commitment is being made on a soul level and a conscious choice made to be among the seekers of truth and the witnesses to truth. And this anyone can do and join the effort, and will be a force for good. That is the greatest service and the greatest use of the lifetime.”

“If you… embrace that loving intelligence and ask its guidance, inspiration, help, healing, and protection, …the balance will tip in [your] favor.” “There are many opposing forces and your responsibility is to safeguard your life. You are in charge. Any [additional] support [from the Divine Realm] is an extra blessing and will be given. The only question is whether it will be enough in a particular situation to prevent all harm. That may or may not be the case.”

“The issue for all who do such [light work] is to maintain safety first and foremost. There is nothing gained by reckless acts and meeting a premature demise. So if you do [light] work, in connecting to the Divine Realm you can have a greater level of safety and protection by enlisting their help. This is never a guarantee. You are always buffeted by multiple forces, all of whom have some standing and some say in things, even the dark forces.”

“Humans need to be strong. Humans need to heal themselves and one another. They need to work together. They need to see there is strength in numbers. They need to wake up and enlist the reconnection of Divine Realm as their champion and their ally. If they do these things, they will win easily. The [negative] extraterrestrials are being kept at bay. …They are losing ground [to] the growing [human] spiritual enlightenment and awakening that …you see in those people who do not settle for things the way they are, and do question [the status quo].”

“Those [people] are the ones currently escaping the [mind control] manipulation, as some are resistant. Those are the potential saviors, and the ones who can listen to and accept our message. All can contribute in the ways we have stated. The choice is yours, and if you choose to side with the light, you will have many benefits and many blessings in the future.”

As a true light worker, Seth Rich exposed deep state corruption so that the world can learn the truth about our reality. The Earth is a better place because of Seth’s courage and sense of duty to the truth. And we are better off because of the wisdom and virtue found in the exhortations of Spirit Seth in urging humanity to shake off the apathy and ignorance dulling our minds, to understand our dire situation, and to utilize the forces of love in the Divine Realm to defeat the evil beings that are poised to destroy us.

Thank you Seth Rich.


Part Five in the Channeling Series (Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4)

Copyright 2018, Duke Brickhouse

Seth Rich Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review 5.2

By Duke Brickhouse, Part 5.2 in the Channeling Series click here for Part 5.1,  Part 5.3

Part 5.2: The Making of a Deep State Psyop


In this second part of the true Seth Rich story, as disclosed by Karl Mollison’s channeling of Spirit Seth, I present a step by step timeline showing how the deep state, comprised primarily of the American intelligence community, controlled the public narrative in 2016 through their influence over prominent politicians, government and quasi-government officials, and the mainstream media. As Spirit Seth relates, “they (the deep state) use the very acts of the truth-teller to turn things around… to use it for a nefarious purpose, to enlist an opposition, and to make that the truth of things. …That was the case in my revelation.”

Spirit Seth’s account came through renowned channeler, Karl Mollison, in a June 2017 interview by Denny Hunt on his YouTube channel, “Why Is This True?” Karl’s background and channeling process is more fully explained in the first of this three-part article, along with an overview of Seth’s murder and its subsequent spin by the deep state shadow government to create a narrative of alleged Russian government hacking into the email servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the spring of 2016, with the alleged collusion of the Trump campaign, turning those emails over to Wikileaks to publicly reveal information damaging to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign and otherwise interfering with the American election process.

In this channeling, Spirit Seth, who had been a twenty-seven year old employee of the DNC, revealed that his murder in the early morning of Sunday July 10, 2016 on a neighborhood street corner, “… was indeed a political assassination. This was payback for the actions I took that were a form of wrongdoing and were harmful to certain vested interests politically. The retribution was directed towards me because of the role I played.” That role was in leaking a cache of damaging DNC emails to Wikileaks.

To fully understand the significance of the information that Spirit Seth offers, one needs to place it within the context of the events surrounding his murder. Of course, a spirit entity cannot name the names of the guilty parties, nor give any specifics that could create karmic entanglements and alter the free will of people living on the planet. But as a higher third density human being preparing to transition into the fourth density (and hopefully soon) this writer is under no such restriction.

Knowing now that Seth was indeed murdered for leaking the DNC emails, from my own perspective I will provide a timeline summary of the DNC email leaks, Seth’s murder, and the deep state psychological operation, or “psyop”, enlisted to cover up the murder. I do not attempt to cite a source for every piece of information presented. I gathered the information from the numerous news articles and video reports that can be found on the internet. Anyone can Google any part of this essay to find the source of the information, and discern the context and veracity for themselves.

Who Was Seth Rich?

Seth Rich was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Always interested in Democratic politics, Seth did volunteer work for the Nebraska Democratic Party, interned for U.S. Democratic Senator Ben Nelson during high school, and worked for the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2011 Seth graduated from Creighton University with a degree in political science and moved to Washington D.C. to work for Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, a Democratic pollster and political strategist.

Seth Rich

In June 2014, when Seth was 25 years old, he was hired by the Democratic National Committee to become the DNC’s Voter Expansion Data Director. The election process was something that Seth believed in deeply. It is not surprising that Seth’s job was to assist voters to locate their polling place and to expand the voter base. And though not a computer programmer per se, Seth helped to develop a computer program for the DNC where by typing in their name, people could more easily locate their polling place. Seth’s father Joel characterized Seth as a “tireless worker for the expansion of voter’s rights” and that Seth’s motto was always “go big, go bold, or go home”.

Seth considered himself a progressive idealist. According to his friends, Seth only cared about helping others. Seth’s brother Aaron said that Seth was extremely passionate about his civic duty and making sure everyone has a chance to be heard. On his LinkedIn page, Seth wrote that as a public servant, he “worked towards making the world a better place.”

Creating the Russian Narrative

The Democratic National Committee is the political organization that impartially oversees the individual state primary elections and caucuses leading to the party convention where the Democratic presidential candidate is chosen based upon the results of those state primaries.

The DNC employed a cyber-security firm out of Irvine, California called CrowdStrike. The founder and CEO of CrowdStrike is a Moscow-born political activist by the name of Dimitri Alperovitch. Alperovitch is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council, an international anti-Russian think tank funded in part by Ukrainian billionaire, Victor Pinchuk, a major financial supporter of the Clinton Foundation. Somewhere along the line, Alperovitch developed a deep-seated hatred of his motherland.

In the spring of 2016, CrowdStrike had been tasked by the DNC with ‘snooping around’ to see if any of Bernie Sander’s campaign staffers may have accessed the voter database without permission. By April 2016, CrowdStrike announced that they were analyzing improprieties with the DNC’s email servers. The Wikileaks’ emails later showed that they had been downloaded from the DNC servers sometime in late May 2016. So whoever was tampering with the DNC emails had been doing it right under their noses. It should be noted that the DNC didn’t seek out experts in Russian cyber-hacking. They had CrowdStrike conduct the investigation, most likely because they considered it an internal leak at the time.

By April 2016, Seth had been working for the DNC for a couple of years. The Democratic Party’s state primaries and caucuses had been going on since February and had two months to go. Seth had likely seen first-hand how the DNC, and in particular DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had actively undermined the Bernie Sanders campaign in favor of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Also there was an enormous amount of wheeling and dealing with wealthy potential donors, offering them insider perks, favors, and political appointments. All of this was ultimately revealed in the leaked DNC emails. To someone as idealistic about politics as Seth Rich, this must have been a very difficult reality check.

By mid-May 2016, it appeared that while Seth had moved some DNC files around on his computer, the main cache of 19,000 emails with attachments were apparently downloaded to a zip drive and passed along to his source at Wikileaks. CrowdStrike caught wind of it and the DNC brought in the intelligence agencies.

On May 18, 2016, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, stated that he had seen “indications” of foreign cyber-attacks in the presidential campaigns, and that he expected more to come. This planted the seed for a narrative where they would claim that the DNC servers were “hacked” by some outside actor rather than “leaked” by an insider at the DNC.

On June 11th CrowdStrike reported that they had put a stop to all of the hacking activity in the DNC computer servers. Shortly thereafter, two “independent” cyber-security firms, Fidelis and Mandiant, reported their own findings that it had been the Russians who had hacked the DNC servers. This was followed by CrowdStrike’s confirmation that it was indeed the Russians who had penetrated the DNC’s email servers.

It is commonly known that there exists a symbiotic relationship between American high tech/cyber-security firms and the U.S. intelligence community. Most of the high-tech and cyber-security firms employed by the U.S. government were started by people closely connected to the intelligence community and initially funded by the CIA’s venture capital organization, In-Q-Tel. And once started, the government usually hires these cyber-tech firms and provides them with the majority of their operational revenue.

On June 12, 2016, Julian Assange announced that Wikileaks had obtained a large cache of DNC emails and would be publishing them.

The DNC’s lawyer, Michael Sussman, called an emergency meeting to inform the FBI that the Russians had hacked into the DNC email servers in an act of “foreign espionage,” telling the FBI “we need to tell the American public that, and soon.” But by mid-June, CrowdStrike had secretly replaced the DNC’s entire computer system, wiping clean all of the DNC’s computers and laptops. The FBI were never allowed to analyze the DNC servers or computers.

On June 14, 2016, the DNC announced in the Washington Post that their email server had been penetrated by Russian government hackers. CrowdStrike reported that Russian intelligence had been hacking the DNC computers since May 2016.

On June 15, 2016, the anonymous Guccifer 2.0 appeared on the scene to claim responsibility for hacking the DNC servers and turning the emails over to Wikileaks.

In the first week of July 2016, the CIA gave President Obama a top secret report ostensibly drawn from sources deep inside the Russian government that confirmed newspaper reports that the Russians were indeed responsible for the DNC email hack. But the CIA report went further, detailing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s direct involvement in the cyber-campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race. Putin’s specific instructions, according to the CIA report, were to defeat or at least damage Hillary Clinton and to help elect Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Seth told his friends that he’d been getting pressure from his bosses at the DNC. Co-workers at the DNC reported that Seth was very upset when he’d heard that it was Russian hackers that had broken into the DNC computers and could be interfering with the presidential election. A source close to the investigation told Big League Politics that in the weeks prior to Seth’s death, DNC boss Donna Brazile and Seth had a heated verbal altercation regarding the DNC’s treatment of candidate Bernie Sanders. Seth was ultimately offered what would be a dream job for a political junkie from Omaha – a promotion to Hillary’s campaign headquarters in New York City for the duration of the campaign.

The Murder

On Saturday evening, July 9, 2016, Seth Rich went to his regular hangout, Lou’s City Bar, and sat in his regular bar seat. Seth’s girlfriend of two years, Kelsey Mulka, was out of town and he was by himself. Usually upbeat, the bartender recalled that Seth was quiet this evening and was drinking heavily, and that Seth and Kelsey had been arguing a lot lately. Seth mentioned that he had been getting a lot of heat from his superiors at work. He finally left the bar at 1:15 am saying that he was heading to the Wonderland Ballroom, another bar on his way home.

As was his habit, Seth walked home. About an hour is unaccounted for from the time that the Wonderland would have closed at 3:00 am and the time Seth arrived near the Flagler Market around 4:15 am. Inebriated and too distraught to sleep, he may have been mulling over what he should do in light of the the pressure he was getting from Donna Brazile at the DNC.

Was he being pressured to go along with the fabricated Russian narrative? Was the sudden promotion to Hillary campaign headquarters in Brooklyn contingent upon his being silent about the Russia story? Did Seth meet with a shadowy figure monitoring him in those early morning hours of July 10th, giving him one last chance to go along with the Russian narrative?

In any event, he was talking to Kelsey on his phone as he neared the market just a couple of blocks from his home. Kelsey says that she heard people talking. He told her not to worry and that he’d call her back. Kelsey later said that there was no sign of trouble in his voice. Did he know his assailants? Two minutes elapsed between the time Seth hung up with Kelsey and when the police detected gunshots at 4:18 am.

scene of the shooting

According to Metropolitan Police public incident report CCN#16113797 filed by the responding D.C. police officer, six officers arrived at the scene at 4:20 am at the SW corner of Flagler and W Street, just across the street from the Flagler Market. Seth was reportedly “conscious and breathing”. He was even “talkative” and apparently didn’t realize that he had been shot twice in the back. His watch band was torn from his arm and he had bruising on his face, hands and knees indicating a struggle. But if this was a botched robbery, the so-called “robbers” didn’t bother to take any of his personal belongings. Whoever it was, they were more interested in leaving the scene in a hurry.

Seth was taken to the nearby Washington Hospital Center. The assisting surgeon, Dr. Jack Sava, said that it was a routine non-fatal gunshot wound. There were no vascular injuries and the operation was successful. The patient was in stable condition when he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit to rest. The doctors planned to perform a follow-up procedure later in the day since they felt that the patient was in no immediate danger. Sometime after noon on July 10th things turned “weird as hell” according to Dr. Sava. Suddenly the ICU was swarming with police officers. The police cordoned off the area, refusing visitors and non-essential hospital staff entry into the ICU. The police physically blocked the doctors from entering a particular patient’s room. This is when the doctors and staff first learned that the patient getting all of this attention was Seth Rich.

After a short while, the attending physician was called into the room. Seth was dead. There was no resuscitation code called. Nothing. This would have been around 2:00 pm. He had mysteriously died under the watch of the police officers. Said Dr. Sava, “I’m just a low level doc. Something’s fishy, that’s for sure.” Curiously, the D.C. police public incident report marks the time of death at 5:57 am, shortly after Seth arrived at the hospital earlier in the morning.

Through Spirit Seth’s testimony, we now know that Seth was more seriously wounded than the doctors realized. Spirit Seth relates, “I was gravely wounded and was in danger of having organ failure in addition to paralysis, and this did become fatal and ended the discussion.” So he was allowed to die in the ICU. There is no doubt that they wanted Seth dead. “This was a deliberate act that was an execution and not a robbery, as claimed by the authorities,” says Spirit Seth.

Dr. Sava’s account reveals an outrageous cover-up that the mainstream media has completely ignored. But even if the doctor’s story turns out to be a falsehood, it doesn’t necessarily render the entire story false. One way or the other, Seth died at the hospital from an assassin’s bullets.

Spinning the Murder

On July 12, 2016 at a campaign rally two days after Seth’s murder, Hillary Clinton invoked Seth’s shooting in her call for stricter gun control. It would appear that they had their story all worked out. The Russians hacked the DNC email servers, and Seth Rich’s murder was simply a botched robbery having nothing to do with the DNC emails. This cast Hillary as a sympathetic party. The cautionary tale would be the horrendous gun crime in the United States – a narrative that fit right in with Hillary’s Democrat politics. And this is the narrative that the deep state would instill in anyone whom the media would likely talk to – the D.C. police and Seth’s closest friends and family – through direct intervention and mind control.

Three days after Seth’s murder on July 13, 2016, his family gave a short interview to ABC News. Seth’s father Joel, mother Mary, and brother Aaron all seemed a bit rambling and distant as they laid out the deep state narrative. Seth was shot on a street corner at 4:30 early Sunday morning. He was reportedly alert and talking with the officers at the scene, but then he died at the hospital. Seth had been the victim of a robbery, plain and simple, and they may never know who did it. Joel’s attitude was ‘oh well… what can you do?’ Brother Aaron looked as if he was trying not to laugh. Rather than question the motive of the murder, they would focus on what a big-hearted person Seth was and how much good he wanted to do in the world.

Any mention of the possibility that Seth may have been in contact with Wikileaks would instantly trigger Seth’s family and friends to defensively argue that Seth was a patriot who would never betray his country. To them, such a thing would be tantamount to Seth working for the Russians. Their mind control simply wouldn’t allow them to consider the possibility that it could be something besides a botched robbery.

Joel Rich did reveal in the interview that the D.C. police took all of Seth’s belongings, including his computer. Did the police intend to identify the robbers by scouring Seth’s personal belongings?

 The Rich Family

On July 18, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 released a limited amount of innocuous DNC documents to the political news source, The Hill, presumably to prove that he actually had them and to lessen the impact of the inevitable Wikileaks bombshell.

On July 22, 2016, three days before the start of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Wikileaks publicly released 19,000 DNC emails with over 8000 attachments dated between January 2015 and May 2016. The emails revealed that the DNC actively undermined the Bernie Sanders campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton’s nomination and went to great lengths to coddle wealthy donors.

Later that same day, Guccifer 2.0 claimed responsibility for providing the scandalous DNC emails to Wikileaks.

On July 25, 2016, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was jeered and booed at a Democratic Convention delegation breakfast. Pressed by President Obama himself, she announced her resignation that evening at the convention. Donna Brazile became the interim DNC chair.

After the Rich family’s plea for information in the ABC News interview, the family was swamped with media requests. Seth’s brother Aaron mentioned this to a friend of Seth’s at the DNC. The DNC sent a long-time Democratic party ‘crisis public relations consultant’ by the name of Brad Bauman to help the family. Bauman installed himself as the official unpaid spokesman for the Rich family.

In March of 2017, Seth’s father Joel would become acquainted with Ed Butowsky, a Dallas businessman who would cover the cost of a private investigator for the family. Joel told Butowsky that “we were assigned to a guy named Brad Bauman. I don’t know why we were assigned to him. I have no idea why I need somebody to speak for me. The DNC assigned him to us.” Later, when the family turned viciously on Butowsky and the investigator for daring to consider an alternative scenario in which Seth himself may have been in contact with Wikileaks, Butowsky stated it that seemed like Bauman’s job was “to discredit and try to go after people.”

The Russian Narrative Takes Shape

By late July 2016, the Russian state hacking narrative had already been accepted as a foregone conclusion by the government and the media. National Intelligence Director James Clapper smugly noted that Russia had a long history of meddling in American elections. With regard to the DNC hack, Clapper prodded deeper. “Was this just to stir up trouble?” Clapper openly pondered. “Or was this ultimately to try to influence an election?” They were steadily building up the mainstream narrative.

On August 5, 2016, the Washington Post reported how D.C. insiders were greatly upset with Trump campaign advisor, Carter Page, for his pro-Russian remarks. Page had the audacity to compliment Russian President Putin and predicted that a Trump presidency would have a positive effect on U.S.-Russian relations. Said Page, “Washington and other Western capitals have impeded potential progress [with Russia] through their often hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change.”

According to the Post article, U.S. foreign policy experts sensed there was something sinister behind Trump’s “unusually” friendly views toward Russia, and they were “distressed” at Page’s tepid response to the Russian cyber-attacks on the DNC. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee declared that all of this was evidence proving that the “Kremlin has tentacles into the Trump campaign.”

Friendly relations with Russia is clearly not a part of the deep state agenda. Anytime that anyone suggests a positive relationship with Russia, the deep state is certain to dismiss such a notion through ridicule and suspicion of their loyalty to America. This is how the deep state manipulates public opinion. Spirit Seth explains this further, “All who are in positions of power and authority are heavily subjugated and manipulated because they are decision-makers and hold power over other humans. So they are in a position to constrain things, to cause damage, to cause delay, to foster confusion, inefficiency, waste, fraud, and corruption, and all are used as tools to drain away human capital and degrade performance, and make people less effective and successful in all they do.”

 Julian Assange

On a Dutch television program that aired August 9, 2016, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange cryptically identified Seth Rich as the inside source at the DNC who leaked the emails. Assange also announced that Wikileaks would contribute $20,000 toward the      police reward for information on the Seth Rich case. This fueled widespread speculation across the internet that Seth may have been killed by the DNC for leaking the emails.

On August 11, 2016, Democratic Congressional Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, pushed hard to re-engage the Russian narrative in order to distract the mainstream media and public from any “fringe” element tying Seth to Wikileaks, stating unequivocally, “I know it was the Russians [who hacked the DNC emails]. This is an electronic Watergate. This is a break-in.” “And anyone who would exploit this (referring to Trump’s collusion) is an accomplice.”

The D.C. Police’s Part

Metropolitan Police public incident report CCN#16113797 lists three of the six police officers responding to Seth’s shooting as wearing body cameras. Yet the D.C. police refused to confirm or deny the existence of any police surveillance footage of the scene.

The city of Washington D.C. has a popular civic program where businesses and residents may receive a cash rebate for setting up security cameras pointed at the street. The Flagler Market located at the intersection where Seth was shot has many cameras, as do most of the residential homes near the intersection. In fact, the Bloomingdale neighborhood holds one of the the highest concentrations of surveillance cameras in the city. And the entire area is well-lit with streetlights. Authorities must request video footage from these private security cameras. But the D.C. police only requested video from one camera at this intersection. It purportedly showed the legs of two people following Seth across a crosswalk, not nearly enough to identify the assailants.

Instead, the D.C. police spoke about a rash of robberies in the neighborhood by a group of young men brandishing a silver handgun. Several weeks later the police arrested three suspects with a history of gun robberies: Tyrone Dorn, Demetrius Brandon, and Marquis Williams. This was nothing more than misdirection by the D.C. police. But it planted the idea that the police were hot on the killers’ trail in the public’s mind.

On August 16, 2016, D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier, left her 26-year career with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department to take a position as the head of security for the National Football League at reportedly four times her $253,000 police chief’s salary.

The Deep State Digs In

On August 25, 2016, CIA Director John Brennan privately briefed Congressional leaders of a significant Russian breach of the DNC and signs of a connection between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

On September 5, 2016, the Washington Post reported that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was investigating Russian efforts to “sow distrust” and cause “chaos” in the presidential election and to counter U.S. influence in international affairs.

On September 13, 2016, to keep his name in the limelight, Guccifer 2.0 released another cache of hacked DNC emails online to Forbes magazine.

While most Republicans and some Democrats paused to weigh these very serious yet unsubstantiated allegations of Putin’s attempt to directly attack Hillary’s campaign by hacking the DNC emails, top lawmakers were determined to push the deep state narrative forward. On September 22, 2016, two familiar California Democrats, Senator Diane Feinstein and Representative Adam Schiff issued a statement that they had learned from intelligence briefings that Russia was directing a campaign to undermine America’s democratic process.

On September 30, 2016, Crime Watch Daily aired a video exposé on the Seth Rich murder. The piece was done from the collective point of view of Seth’s friends, family, and the D.C. police that Seth was too nice a guy who loved his country too much to be the target of vicious conspiracy theories. The D.C. police wrote: “There’s no indication that Seth Rich’s death is connected to his employment at the DNC.”

The mind controlled reasoning of his family and friends is that Seth would never betray Hillary, which amounted to a betrayal of his country, by leaking the DNC emails to a terrorist organization like Wikileaks. In the Crime Watch Daily video, his parents revealed the last thing that Seth had written on his computer: “All my life I wanted to be in the position that I can make a difference.” They couldn’t see that by leaking the DNC emails, Seth was making a difference.

On October 4, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 released documents purportedly hacked from the Clinton Foundation, but they turned out to be previously released documents along with some public records thrown in. They were still keeping Guccifer 2.0’s name out there to give the public and the media a distraction.

On October 7, 2016, the day that Wikileaks began releasing Hillary campaign manager John Podesta’s incriminating emails, the entire U.S. intelligence community consisting of seventeen agencies unanimously reported that they were “confident” that the Russian government directed the DNC hack. They identified DCLeaks.com and Guccifer 2.0 as the Russian agents acting on behalf of the Kremlin. The Obama White House, the Director of Intelligence James Clapper, and the Department of Homeland Security jointly accused the Russian government of hacking into the DNC servers and turning the emails over to Wikileaks. As per the deep state spin, Podesta adopted the role of the victim. “I’m not happy about being hacked by the Russians in their attempt to throw the election to Donald Trump,’’ said Podesta.

This announcement came only hours after Secretary of State John Kerry called for Russia to face war crimes charges for atrocities in Syria, further escalating tensions with Russia and inciting the American people. It also came on the day that the public saw the Access Hollywood video of Trump having a lewd conversation with Billy Bush on a bus.

On October 12, 2016, interim DNC chair Donna Brazile, who was also a paid contributor for CNN and ABC News, spoke at the University of Nebraska where she condemned the hacking into the DNC servers by Russia which were intended to “manipulate an election; disrupt or discredit or destroy our democracy.”

 Donna Brazile

So by mid-October 2016, in the run-up to the election, the deep state had covered up Seth’s murder as a botched robbery, a position vehemently supported by Seth’s friends, family, and the D.C. police. They twisted the leaked DNC emails into a Russian threat to the American election process and to American democracy itself, orchestrated by none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin, and had characterized these “attacks” as an act of war. And of course, Donald Trump was implicated as an “accessory” in cahoots with Putin.

Spirit Seth learned to his dismay what an uphill battle he was taking on against the master manipulators within the deep state. “If you play their game, they will win. Because they hold the power, they have the game rigged at the outset, and all who participate are being duped. This is simply the way it is,” confirms Spirit Seth. “So my role as whistleblower, in a sense, had a deeper purpose, and the purpose was to serve the cause of truth. But it became perverted and has been used now to serve the darkness yet again. This is how they (the deep state operatives) are able to stay in control, because they use the very acts of the truth-teller to turn things around and work it in such a way to use it for a nefarious purpose, to enlist an opposition, and to make that the truth of things, and then the exact opposite happens. That was the case in my revelation.”

The Election

On the evening of October 19, 2016 in her third debate with Trump, Hillary touted the endorsement of all seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia had tampered in the election process, which Trump flatly denied. With the unanimous support of the entire intelligence community, the media was handed a free pass to bang the drum in outrage at this potential act of war by the Russians. And bang the drum they did, stirring the public into a greater frenzy. This was the deep state’s last chance to once again install one of their own into the White House, a pattern that hadn’t been broken since they eliminated JFK.

On November 6, 2016, WikiLeaks released a second batch of over 8,200 new DNC emails.

On November 8, 2016, to the astonishment of the heavily compromised mainstream media, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

So what effect did the public exposure of the DNC emails ultimately have on the election? “The effects on the election were quite minor,” concedes Spirit Seth. “We can tell you definitively from the perspective as a light being that the disclosure of the email contents had a non-significant effect on the outcome of the presidential race. This is hard to prove via human terms, but the divine perspective can be quite precise. So we can make that statement categorically, that this was a non-issue with regard to the greatest perception of harm done.”


While the deep state would have preferred that Hillary won the election, they still had the fall-back narrative that Russian President Putin, in collusion with U.S. President-elect Trump, had infiltrated and attacked the democratic American election process. This Russian narrative would be “used as a weapon to stir up discord and to fan the flames of party hatreds and mistrust of government, and growing mistrust of the legal system and its apparent susceptibility to political influence, and on and on,” asserts Spirit Seth. “All those actions, all the turmoil, all the doubt, all the fear, all the revulsion towards the human institutions on one level is deserved. But in a practical sense [it] serves the darkness more than the light, because it is all based on falsehoods and all serves the cause of the extraterrestrials to disempower humans.”

Here Spirit Seth arrives at the essence of the manipulation and corruption. “The corruption is engaged in and orchestrated by the extraterrestrials through multiple layers, through multiple extraterrestrial beings with differing origins, all of whom wish to control and conquer.”

Through his channelings on the subject, Karl Mollison has learned that there are three primary negative extraterrestrial races who orchestrate the corruption and manipulation of humanity on Earth. They are the original negative ETs known as the Anunnaki, plus the relative newcomers, the Draco Reptilians and the negative Nordic-type Arcturians. They each have their own selfish agendas. However, “they are tolerating one another at the moment because each has unique things it contributes to the overall effort and subjugation,” says Spirit Seth. “The end purpose is the elimination of humans and the control of the planet directly. So the stakes are quite high here.”

The mind control and manipulation that pervades our human civilization right now explains a lot. It provides answers to seemingly incomprehensible dilemmas such as how our elected officials continue to implement laws and policies that further enrich the wealthy and powerful to the direct detriment of the vast majority of Americans struggling just to get by, and how these so-called leaders remain stagnant in providing basic health care for the people. It explains the increasing number of instances of senseless violence that we see in the news every day, and how a guy could bust out a window on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel and mow down hundreds of people at a music festival with military-style weapons.

“Everything done by humans [on a day to day basis] is largely irrelevant, other than to further undermine one another, which helps the extraterrestrials.” “Every evil act, every act of corruption that drains something away from a good project or cause; all acts of war, all criminal activities; all of the terrorist actions to disenfranchise, to sow fear, to impede human sharing and love and acceptance of one another, create doubt and suspicion [among human beings]… and on and on,” explains Spirit Seth. “All acts of human failing, human shortcomings, the harming of others, and the lack of developing the self and finding ways to heal one’s own personal difficulties and shortcomings, all [of these] serve the extraterrestrial agenda,” which is to completely subjugate humanity and to ultimately count the Earth among the many worlds that have been conquered by these negative extraterrestrials.

Will humanity wake up to this immediate threat and take action to save itself? The Divine Realm assures that through the love and compassion of Creator, we humans have the ability to raise our collective consciousness and overcome these evil forces in our midst. We must see through this veil of subterfuge, recognize how dire our situation truly is, and begin to take action to save ourselves, our civilization, and our long-term human experience.

In the third and final article in this Seth Rich series, I will continue with the timeline of the events surrounding the Seth Rich murder to further reveal the deep state psyop as it expands to ridiculous proportions. As the evidence of Seth’s insider leaks of the DNC emails becomes more and more obvious, the deep state’s response becomes more and more desperate to maintain their media narrative and to attack the Trump administration as being in collusion with the Kremlin in order to destroy American democracy.

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