James Forrestal Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review

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Part Two in the Channeling Series

Was your death a suicide?

This was indeed a murder… I was overpowered and thrown from the window by two large men who overpowered me and catapulted me to my death.”

This is the testimony of Spirit Forrestal, the spirit entity of James Forrestal as channeled by renowned hypnotherapist, Karl Mollison in a recent installment of Denny Hunt’s ongoing “Why Is This True?” YouTube channel series. To anyone who has closely examined the circumstances surrounding the involuntary commitment and death of James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy during World War II and the first Secretary of Defense under President Truman, this is simply confirmation of a foregone conclusion. Forrestal was indeed thrown out of the sixteenth floor window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital on May 22, 1949.

                            James Forrestal

The “official” explanation of Forrestal’s suicide is based upon the findings of a Naval Medical Center review board headed by Admiral Morton Willcutts. Although the review board’s findings never mention suicide, it insinuates a direct cause of his death to be Forrestal’s alleged state of mental depression as reported in the New York Times on October 12, 1949. The report itself was not released until 2004 and reveals many inconsistencies. The local police never made any independent investigation. It was primarily national newspaper columnists who instilled the suicide theory into the public zeitgeist, namely Drew Pearson who had close ties to the OSS, which became the CIA, and whose relentless press attacks against Forrestal were cited as a cause for Forrestal’s depression and ultimate suicide, and his tabloid cohort, the fervent anti-communist and pro-McCarthyist, Walter Winchell. Ed Sullivan once said, “I despise Walter Winchell because he symbolizes to me evil and treacherous things in the American set up.”

This was… a brutal killing, not a suicide, as many have discerned intuitively and read between the lines…” “This was a silencing, an act of retribution for departing from the party line and threatening to reveal secrets about the extraterrestrial involvement with the United States government…” Of course, Spirit Forrestal has an enlightened viewpoint of his heinous murder, brushing aside any pain or suffering he may have endured and caring only for his family and humanity at large. His main regret is that he couldn’t warn the public of “… a sinister undermining in the communication channels that threatened to begin a program of coercive intrusion into human affairs and would result in a potential alien overtaking of the government.” Forrestal was not only aware that extraterrestrial beings existed, but that the government was in danger of being infiltrated and overtaken by them directly or indirectly by those under extraterrestrial influence.

This was the fear I had in mind. It was not simply because I knew aliens were real and wished to make a splash in the news or help the greater awakening with a spiritual purpose behind it in bringing the knowledge forward, and it was only the government being the bad guys and the wet blankets who stifled that revelation. This was a much bigger issue than people would have seen at the time and there was far more at stake in such a revelation. The handwriting on the wall I saw was this was an alien incursion. And it was as much an intuitive awareness as an actual awareness of the facts in being able to connect all the dots. But I knew enough to know that all was not as it seemed, even within the government and military, and the alien cooperation with the government, that there was in fact a dark side to this and an agenda on their part that could not be trusted.”

Spirit Forrestal certainly lays it out there. Even at this early stage, Forrestal foresaw at stake an “alien incursion”, and recognized the positive spiritual implications in the public’s “greater awakening” on the extraterrestrial issue. Spirit Forrestal credits the Divine Realm in his discernment of the situation. “Because my keen interest in understanding this was so very strong, this allowed the light to impart a greater understanding of what was truly happening.”

Spirit Forrestal continues, “… I was not cooperating and the danger of an outsider being tipped off to what I knew was too great to leave this to chance, as well as interference by family who might demand oversight by outside physicians and so on. So they made the decision to terminate me quickly and this was carried out.” But who are “they”? In the typical fashion of the Divine Realm, Spirit Forrestal provides neither the names of the hit men nor the identities of those who ordered the hit, due to karmic repercussions in pointing fingers and laying blame. “There are consequences for any person who would malign another or say negative things about another.” Notwithstanding, the assassination of such a high ranking U.S. government official over the issue of dangerous extraterrestrial influence over the government would certainly involve the newly formed Majestic Twelve council, of which Forrestal was a founding member.


This Information was channeled by renowned telepathic channel, Karl Mollison. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Karl was a hard core scientist working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Being in the medical industry, Karl was always looking for insights to new methods of healing. Rather than turning a blind eye to the mounting empirical evidence of psychic and hypnotic healing, Karl decided to explore this himself by taking classes in hypnotherapy. To his surprise, he discovered that he was especially adept at channeling the divine source and higher beings.

           Karl Mollison

By 2006, Karl had made hypnotherapy his vocation. Since then he has conducted hundreds of channeling sessions. He’s developed a trust in certain Spirit Realm sources and has honed his channeling protocols to achieve the most honest and accurate of readings. With each channeling session, Karl will set his intention in genuine love and goodness, without ego, fear or self-interest. Then he will begin by falling into a lucid trance, contacting the highest Divine Source, Creator of All That Is, and working his way down to the particular spiritual being that the interviewer wants to channel, while making sure that no outside negative forces elbow their way into the conversation. During a channeling session, he is able to monitor and recall these channeling conversations as a third party witness.


As a member of Majestic Twelve, Forrestal would have access to ET beings in the custody of the government. “I did have a direct communication with the Grey [alien] that was recovered from Roswell and this was in fact a mind communication. It was entirely telepathic…”. Spirit Forrestal goes on to explain that manipulation is inherent in communications with these alien beings, i.e.: to insert mind programming, to control impulses, impressions, and one’s conclusion about the broader meaning of the alien presence. “This is the danger in talking with the aliens, that they use this as an opportunity to gain entrance to your very thoughts and your very inner being at a very deep level, and this they did in my case. So this was a deliberate attempt to throw me off the scent, to make me complacent and even positive for a time, at least about their purpose for being here and what they represented for our future… to create a state of recognition and alliance and acceptance of their presence with the promise of working with the government.”

While Forrestal had ‘direct communication’ with the Grey alien that survived the Roswell crash, he alludes to his indirect knowledge of other ET beings interacting with humans at the time. “I had the experience of hearing an account of a shape-shifting alien who was quite fearsome and terrifying. And so I did know there was at least one other cohort of alien beings involved with the appearance of this Grey, and that was quite alarming to me because this was the first proof I had… of something much darker afoot. And that was the extent of my awareness at that point in time.”

(Side Note: According to William Tompkins, Forrestal was among those briefed by Admiral Rico Botta on the information Botta was receiving from his U.S. Navy spies in Nazi Germany. He would have learned that shape-shifting Reptilians were assisting Nazi scientists to develop space craft with advanced propulsion technology. Any communication that Forrestal may have had with Nordic extraterrestrials would likely have been telepathic, and therefore he wouldn’t have actually seen them to identify them.)

Forrestal wasn’t the only high government official to meet with extraterrestrial beings. “The Story about President Eisenhower meeting an alien is also correct… this did take place.” Spirit Forrestal admits that while the initial reaction to meeting an ET being face-to-face is “shock and fear”, it is soon followed by “a selfish impulse to use this to the advantage of the United States” and to keep it a secret. Although the human impulse is to believe that these extraterrestrials could have the best interests of humanity at heart, the reality of “subjugation” begins to set in.

In his human incarnation as James Forrestal, he was aware of the existence of secret societies which he perceived as a “power structure that superseded government, but accepted this as simply part of human culture.” Forrestal assumed that these secret societies consisted of exceptionally bright and creative people whose personality and commanding presence caused them to naturally gravitate to top leadership positions. Thus was created “a group of superstars who might well attract great wealth and power politically.” But as Spirit Forrestal, he learned that these secret societies were actually being manipulated by extraterrestrial beings who had taken on a human appearance, or were descendants of Anunnaki interbreeding with human…[knowing] they are part of an alien lineage… very much entitled to be in charge and that everyone else should serve them.”

The mindset that the ETs impose on the human leaders with whom they telepathically communicate was such that reports of U.S. citizens being abducted would be ignored and “readily dismissed”. Government officials have “been programmed” to believe that “it is in the best interests of humanity to carry out this agenda on behalf of the whole cabal.” “It is not even believable that so many within government would be so heartless as to ignore a mammoth subjugation of individual humans and their rights to… not be… manipulated by alien beings.” “This of course is entirely wrong and is inherently an evil corruption of the divine human and their spiritual focus. But it is the state of affairs that all are in the dark about the darker purpose and most, of course, are completely unaware this is playing out under their noses.” As Spirit Forrestal explains, “in fact all are under the mind control of the alien program and this is the real reason why this is a secret that keeps itself.”

In the Divine Realm, Spirit Forrestal learned that the Roswell crash in 1947 was not our first encounter with extraterrestrial beings. “Prior to that, there were many, many, thousands of encounters and visitations and abductions that took place all through human history to serve the agenda of manipulation, control, and the unraveling of the human mysteries to be exploited by the Greys in their breeding program, and then in collaboration and in service to the Anunnaki as well. But that is what I know from my perspective now in the light, that this was far more than the alien Grey agenda operating at that time.” “We had no awareness of the vast historical reach and history of the problem in shaping humanity all along from the earliest times and the broad reach and presence already at all levels of society that were well entrenched.”

It was this prevalence of mind control throughout the upper echelon of government that distinguished Forrestal from other high-level U.S. government and military leaders. “I was a threat to them because my spiritual focus was strong enough to enable me to resist much of the manipulation. My keen desire for the true story allied me with the Divine Realm and protected my thoughts from contamination because they went against my intentions, and the Divine Realm shielded me from much manipulation and this made me very dangerous to their purposes. So I was killed to keep from spreading the true information about what was happening to others in government who might have had similar inclinations and allowed the secret to be revealed.”

      Stuart Symington

Spirit Forrestal discusses how difficult it is when you recognize the subtle manipulations that others around you do not. And these others will react aggressively when confronted with the possibility that they may not be in control of their faculties, or that they may be acting against the best interests of the American people. He relates the story of an encounter he had in late March 1949 with Secretary of the Air Force, Stuart Symington, during a car ride back to their offices in the Pentagon. It seems that Symington found himself distressed, beset on all sides by people whom he had considered friends and colleagues but who were blindly going along with the alien agenda that had swept through the highest corridors of power in Washington D.C. A “very deep inner sanctum was corrupted… this [Symington] saw for himself. [He] became alarmed and despondent… because he knew he was boxed in.” “This was all crashing in on him in those dark moments.”

Forrestal knew exactly what Symington meant, and it affected him deeply. “This is the darkest hour for all who do light work and know the truth about things.” “There is nothing worse than being totally closed off from any hope of rescue, from any source of understanding and acceptance, without incurring further damage… to the self and further pain for loved ones if things end badly.” “I was not able to share all of this with my family either, and this was because I knew their safety depended on their ignorance. So I was truly cut off from humanity on all levels at that point, as I knew for certain after that exchange there was virtually no one I could trust, above or below me, in the chain of command, and that the consequences would be quite dire for me no matter how things developed. “So the devastation to me was quite complete and it showed me that I was truly in a very desperate isolation, and so I was simply pondering what to do and at that point there was not a clear path that I could see.” “This was a tremendous weight, as you might imagine, and a weight that was quite crushing.”

So at the time I was living, I underestimated the true dimensions of the reach of this powerful elite. This was again the message of President Eisenhower with his still-famous speech he gave warning America about the threat posed by the military-industrial complex and also by the scientific elite that was a code message about the alien-military collaboration, which he knew in his time was already out of control.” Spirit Forrestal goes on to say that Eisenhower “realized he was in over his head… [but] he did his best to blow the whistle.”

According to Spirit Forrestal, the fact that people today continue to heed President Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell speech wherein he warns of the “…unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist…” is a good example of the Divine Realm collaborating with the Divine Human by “boosting” the message for the greater good. The Spirit Realm may impart greater knowledge and healing to one who hears a message of higher truth, that there is reason to pay attention, this is important, this should be listened to and taken to heart.”

Spirit Forrestal uses this opportunity to encourage Denny Hunt as the presenter and Karl Mollison as the channeler to “keep going with your efforts”. While the Spirit Realm cannot initiate, it will always “amplify” the message of other lower beings if it is for the greater good of humanity. As you reach out, we will answer. As you ask, we will answer. As you desire more, we will give more. But we cannot act unilaterally to come to you, to give you more than you are seeking, or unaware of in possibilities, because this would be taking over the lead. So we are here as a support. But that support can be rich and detailed and intense. So there are others we know you intend to talk with and we know that will be very, very, productive. So we would simply encourage you to keep pursuing this, as you choose, as we know it can lead to a great future in many, many, ways.”


Self-serving extraterrestrials have been influencing if not outright controlling humanity on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Since the last cataclysm of Atlantis, the ETs have been closely monitoring and controlling humans, not so that we would be developmentally prepared to ascend to a fourth spiritual density at the moment of an imminent cosmic-solar shift, but just the opposite – so that we would not be prepared and would remain in the third density so that they could continue their subjugation. But at the same time, they wanted us to develop technologically so that we could be of use to them in their off-planet agendas.

Anticipating a time when they would infiltrate and control humanity on a large scale, throughout our history, the ETs have maintained influence over the best and brightest with the allure of esoteric knowledge through secret societies. These societies would attract the men who would become the political and industrial leaders in the future. By the early twentieth century humanity had reached the point where scientists could comprehend advanced technologies, and our industries had developed the capacity to construct viable spacecraft. At the same time the ETs had managed to impede humanities’ spiritual development. This was the moment they had been waiting for.

The ETs began by infiltrating and controlling the world’s leading scientists in Germany. Relying on telepathic mind control, they created two space programs – one to suit the aggressive Draco Reptilian agenda, and the other serving the more subtle agenda of the Nordics. World War II was a diversion, a smokescreen to hide the fact that the ETs were building a pair of secret space programs and relocating hundreds of thousands of people, mostly beautiful women between the ages of 17 and 24, to South America and Antarctica in order to create an off-planet breakaway civilization.

By the time the war ended, the ETs moved their focus toward the enormous industrial capacity of the United States. They began by telepathically controlling the minds of American government leaders to create a mindset of fear and desperation. Top government officials became convinced that it was in the nation’s best interest to work with the ETs to build a parallel space program to the German’s, even at the expense of the loss of government transparency, individual freedoms of average Americans, and our species’ natural technological development. The world became an artificial construct.

The Truman administration ushered in this era of deception. To question the motives of our elected leaders became tantamount to being an unpatriotic American, lumped in with the godless communists. In the 1940’s, as a high military and government official, James Forrestal found himself in the center of this phenomenon. His heightened spirituality allowed him to see what others could not see – that the ETs had hijacked the national agenda. By the 1950’s the ETs had moved onto commandeering American industry, beginning with the aerospace industry as related by William Tompkins. By the 1960’s the ETs brought big corporations into the fold.

By the 1970’s the Nordic ETs assisted the U.S. Navy in building the Solar Warden guardian fleet as a counter-balance to the Draco Reptilian fleets – but for whose protection? The Nordics have acted as the benevolent ally for the past seventy years while humanity has languished in a false reality designed to suppress us. They’ve stood by and watched the U.S. government squander its excessive defense budget on a secret space program, and then watched as giant banks and corporations pillaged our greater economic resources in order to build its own corporate space program to ultimately dwarf that of the government. It appears that even these “good” Nordics are less interested in helping humanity than they are in maintaining the status quo – one in which they and their Grey biodroids may continue their human abductions, breeding programs, and various genetic experiments.

It is easy for those of us who understand our true reality to feel “boxed in” when everyone else around us have completely bought in to this false reality. But we cannot allow ourselves to succumb to the despair that James Forrestal and Stuart Symington experienced. We must persevere. We must recognize that this is a historic moment in the development of our species on this Earth, and do all that we can, personally, to spread awareness. If we push hard for full disclosure, this will embolden others who are in high positions of knowledge and power to be less intimidated and come forward. We just need to reach a critical mass of individuals who understand our true history over the past eighty years in order to affect a leap in human consciousness.

Let us resolve to complete the job that heroes like James Forrestal began.

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