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Gen Andrew Goodpaster Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review

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Part Four in the Channeling Series (Part 1Part 2 Part 3)

by Duke Brickhouse                                                                                          

All that I did as a military official was diluted and undermined all along the way by ongoing mind control, which I resisted to some extent, but not totally.” “I see now I was totally a tool of the…“dark spirits who are behind the negativity, wish to prevail in our realm and see this grand [human] experiment fail.”

Every living human today…(is subject to)…various levels of [mind control] subjugation.” “Most are simply duped entirely and are under total suppression.” ‘At the suggestion that we might all be under alien mind control, however, most people “will look at you in amazement.” “It is a mind lock so to speak.”

In this installment of Denny Hunt’s “Why Is This True?” YouTube series featuring renowned channeler and hypnotherapist, Karl Mollison, Denny interviews the spirit of influential Cold War U.S. Army General Andrew J. Goodpaster who died in 2005. General Goodpaster served as a decorated combat engineer in Africa and Italy during World War II, and helped draw up the invasion plans of Japan for the War Department. After the war he became a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and assisted in the formation of NATO. In the late 1950’s he became a close advisor to President Eisenhower in the White House. In the 1960’s he served as Deputy Commander of American Forces in Vietnam and participated in the Paris Peace Talks intended to resolve that conflict. By 1969, Goodpaster became the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO until his retirement in 1974. Thereafter he occupied several prestigious academic positions in institutions including the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, the Citadel, and his alma mater, West Point. This distinguished career gave General Goodpaster a front row seat to the progression of the United States’ military and political system from the 1940’s to the 1970’s.

Initial Subterfuge

Subsequent to World War II, General Goodpaster was privy to above-top-secret intelligence that extraterrestrial beings were presenting themselves to the political and military leaders of the United States. According to Spirit Goodpaster, “The coming of advanced extraterrestrials offering to partner with [the United States] to give us an advanced technological edge… was quite appealing.” “It was billed as a peace-building operation.” ‘We were reassured of “our old-world perspective of peace through strength being the ultimate answer.” ‘The extraterrestrials gave us “the impression [that] …we were deserving as world leaders and trustworthy to share such secrets for the purpose of maintaining world order.” “The [ET] alliance was under way, and …we thought that this was a great breakthrough that would lead to the final supremacy of the U.S. as a world power, and would eventually completely obviate the need for war as long as we held the reins.”

At first, uncertainty and anxiety… was being impulsed to us by Divine Realm to give us some warning…[that] we needed to be very diligent and scrupulous in obtaining as much information and reassurance as we could. But this was over-ridden by the information from the field and those involved directly in those doings that there was great progress being made in the cooperation with the extraterrestrial visitors, and that this held tremendous promise for our weapons program and for the cause of peace.”

   General Andrew Goodpaster

This, of course, was quite naïve” admits Spirit Goodpaster. ‘The extraterrestrials’ tactic is to instill in us “a false message and a corruption of the true nature of [our] relationship on a very deep level, by first building trust and complacency and then exploiting it to the hilt. So we were taken in, as were others. [We] had no reason to doubt their trustworthiness in the beginning.”

The warning signs became more and more severe and this was appreciated by Eisenhower that things were out of control in terms of government oversight. This caused immediate consternation for him. But he came to see its broader implications in not just having lost control as the supreme leader, but the portent for the future in having a force within the U.S. itself, and within the heart of the military and intelligence community, that represented an alien civilization. [Eisenhower] began to suspect it might be a subterfuge.”

So this is the view I inherited as well and came to hold myself, but was powerless to do much about as I quickly saw the cards I was dealt and saw that my demise would be immediately forthcoming… if I became disloyal… and began to speak out. So there were a few of us (embedded light workers) who held the secret and who kept a flame alive and attempted to work around the edges to push back and to bring some information to the few in government we could trust to begin sowing a bit of skepticism among them. What we found very quickly was that very, very, few people would listen. This is the frustration for all would-be whistleblowers that when they finally work up their courage to speak out and then finally cross that line… to share their story, they are met with disbelief or indifference. This happens again, and again, and again.”

And so this was the sad learning for us, that we were surrounded by a sea of robot-like minions who were dedicated to the current status and were unwilling to see anything amiss. [They] turned a deaf ear to us whenever we began to discuss a possible alternative view of things.” Thus Spirit Goodpaster laments,“There have been many whistleblowers who have come forward from the government and military both, but [were unable to] reach someone in a [top]position… willing to spread their information.”

This is why change from within is so unlikely. There is a rigid wall around the minds of all who serve the government and military intelligence… This is not an accident. It is not only that the primitive thinkers gravitate to those positions. The opposite is the case. Only people who are in command of themselves can rise to positions of authority with such great levels of responsibility. It is the inherent corruption they are subjected to in the form of mind control that results in this state of complacency. They have simply lost the ability to reason and mount a counter argument. This is a kind of inner blockade that certain concepts and ideas are not allowed to be supported within the mind and are summarily rejected. It works quite well and you can see this across the board among your compatriots who may wish to go to the press, for example. People will simply hang up on them when they hear the word extraterrestrial.”

So this is all a kind of game that is playing out. We were pawns on both sides, unwittingly. It is a tug of war, in a sense, where each side gains and then loses, and then may gain again. You have the light tugging on one end of the rope and the darker forces of the spirit realm and the dark extraterrestrials are tugging on the other end. And so this is the ongoing contest. The media will not embrace nor will they even discuss such concepts. The mind control simply will not allow any person in… the public arena to embrace such ideas and allow a fair exchange of information.”

Karl Mollison, Channeler

This channeled interview with Spirit Goodpaster was conducted by Karl Mollison who, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, was a hard core scientist working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Being in the medical industry, Karl was always looking for insights as to new methods of healing. Rather than turning a blind eye to the mounting empirical evidence of psychic and hypnotic healing, Karl decided to explore this himself by taking classes in hypnotherapy. To his surprise he discovered that he was especially adept at channeling the Divine Source and higher beings.

                     Karl Mollison

By 2006, Karl had made hypnotherapy his vocation. Since then he has conducted hundreds of channeling sessions. He’s developed a trust in certain Spirit Realm sources and has honed his channeling protocols to achieve the most honest and accurate of readings. With each channeling session, Karl will set his intention in genuine love and goodness, without ego, fear or self-interest. Then he will begin by falling into a lucid trance, contacting the highest Divine Source and working his way down to the particular spiritual being that the interviewer wants to channel, while making sure that no outside negative forces elbow their way into the conversation. During a channeling session, Karl is able to monitor and recall these channeled conversations as a third party witness.


Suppressing Eisenhower

Spirit Goodpaster describes the mindset of the compromised intelligence agents, ‘While it was all “subterfuge and manipulation by the extraterrestrials”, the U.S. intelligence apparatus at the time believed that their secret collaboration with ETs in transferring alien technology into U.S. control would be the key to the superiority of the West, and the U.S. in particular, to maintaining its military dominance. To the intelligence agencies, the world peace that would result from this inter-species collaboration was far more important than any single leader who threatened this collaboration.’ [It] was viewed as most important and urgent for the intelligence and military to safeguard this resource, and even to view a current leader as prestigious as Dwight Eisenhower as expendable.”

General Eisenhower was a lightworker… working for the cause of liberty. It was the revelation of how far things had gone down that [dark] path that stirred him to action.” “[Eisenhower] was such a towering figure, and his history in the command of the Allied powers made him a perfect man of action to be bold and to take on the dark forces directly if need be.” “This was a huge threat (to the dark extraterrestrials) for him to take charge and perhaps undo the alliance. A plot was put together to diminish [Eisenhower’s] reach and prevent him from throwing a mighty wrench in the works in trying to unmask the cooperation between the dark extraterrestrials and the U.S. military and intelligence apparatus. A decision was made to simply destroy him and start over with a more naïve leader… and inevitably one less powerful.”

               Dwight D. Eisenhower

At first, the compromised intelligence agents plotted ways to remove Eisenhower and ostensibly replace him with his Vice-President, Richard Nixon. “They wanted great turmoil to be in place and unfolding during the start of that (1960) election year. This would have served to sow discord and confusion and great fear among the voters, and this would have kept the focus on… the mature hands, the old guard so to speak, and would have favored a Republican follow-on candidate and not the younger forward-looking Kennedy administration.”

In 1960, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency was Allen Dulles, whose relationship with General Goodpaster “was both a professional and a personal one”. [Allen Dulles] was a person of great power and influence and a natural ally… because as an Army official, it was the intelligence apparatus we interacted with, for the most part, on an ongoing basis. …There were many briefings done by lower-level representatives, but by and large, most of our time spent with the civilian sector was with intelligence officials.”

The interesting thing about [Dulles] was the extreme skill he exhibited in walking a fine line between appearing to work in service of the United States but also in serving the darkness. This was unwitting at first, but came to be more total. What [I] would say in his defense is that he was co-opted along the way, as all are who hold positions of power. …If it cannot be arranged with sufficient reliability and rigor, the person is replaced either by assassination to move someone else into that position or, if there is a need for greater hands-on manipulation, they may be replaced by a Reptilian imposter. No one can be trusted in a position of power. It is that simple, for all are under control to a greater or lesser degree. Those few who escape eventually are reckoned with and shunted to the side at a minimum.”

The intelligence community’s non-lethal plots to remove President Eisenhower failed, however. Consequently, ‘the assassination of President Eisenhower “was set for the late 1950’s prior to the election.” “At that time, the Secret Service was corrupted by Reptilian impostors to a large degree. Most people would never have thought of these trusted guardians as a menace and a grave danger to the leader. But in fact, that was true then and is true today as well, and has been true throughout all of history of the United States and going back through all of recorded history. In the past, the palace guard was the ultimate point of access to the rulers of the day. It is only because most rulers who achieve any kind of power have already been heavily corrupted or replaced by impostors that there are not more instances of overthrow.”

Spirit Goodpaster continues, “This was what conspired and [what] was set to play out.” “But the case of Eisenhower was somewhat different. Owing to the work of the light endeavoring to keep him safe, some uncorrupted people were among his retinue.” “Some of us got wind of [the assassination plot] and brought together a small group [of light workers] to head this off.” “It was the work of the Secret Service [agents] who were truly uncorrupted who were able to keep the wolf at bay.” “This was done through warnings given to [Eisenhower]- interposing friendly compatriots to deflect those who would tighten the noose.” “The deflection of any kind of suspicious intruder was enough to keep him safe.” “And once the alarm was given, the opportunity… to do a simple assassination was lost.”

              Allen Dulles

This [plot] was kept at bay long enough for [Eisenhower] to finish out his administration and hand the reins over to the subsequent President. If it were not for our efforts, he would have been killed and things could have gone downhill from there.” “We were able to forestall that for a time.” “If the administration of Eisenhower were to collapse in chaos from an assassination, it is quite likely that there would have been a nuclear war with the Soviet Union and the United States in the early Kennedy years. This would have destroyed much of humanity and set it back a thousand years.” “This did serve the light, as the ascendancy of the subsequent administration was able to allow a furthering advance in the agenda of the light to bring more love and more sanity to bear on human affairs and to dial back the war rhetoric. As it happened, this led directly to the tipping of the balance away from nuclear war.”

With their plot to assassinate Eisenhower thwarted, a last ditch effort to ruin Eisenhower was hatched in May 1960. “The downing of [a U-2 spy plane over the   Soviet Union] was orchestrated by the intelligence community. …This was done directly to cause problems for Eisenhower and his diplomacy efforts. This was very much a deliberate subterfuge to create a situation resulting in international embarrassment for President Eisenhower, in particular. This was arranged through a leak of information and was orchestrated to cause the downing of the spy plane at the worst possible time, in order to undermine a meeting intended to begin to smooth over diplomatic relationship between the Soviet Union and the U.S.” Although this incident didn’t have its intended effect, “This was a good example of the reach of the interlopers in bringing about specific events that can derail human betterment.”

Wars and Political Control

This was a very dark time unseen by the public, but was one of those times that flirted with great disaster, for if the United States were thrown into terminal end chaos it could well have happened that a control of the military at that point by darker forces might have ensued. There would have been enough combined military strength for world domination… [by] the West. So this would have been the next chapter in causing world disruption and chaos.”

All wars throughout history have been mounted for no real purpose other than to destroy human potential, human initiative, human growth, and happiness. This was true of World War II and is true of all conflicts currently ongoing. They serve no one. They are only icons of attachment to old misguided notions, misunderstood and misinterpreted agendas and loyalties. No one who is aligned with anything resembling morality, let alone a religion, has any business supporting the killing of innocent people.”

Here, Spirit Goodpaster makes a daunting observation, “And so all wars are corrupt. All warriors become corrupted. This is one of the saddest outcomes [of] my service in the Army. Even in times of peace… we persist the myth that killing will be needed and is a laudable goal and a way to serve the nation and the cause of humanity in the highest fashion. So the war hero is revered and honored. There is no question that their service in the face of personal tragedy and risk is gigantic and above the average in courage needed and level of sacrifice. The [war hero’s] loyalty, however, is almost always squandered on a false cause and is always done in service to the darkness.”

Within all institutions and all organizations there is constant discord and constant mistrust,” says Spirit Goodpaster. “There is always an alarming discord and mixed nature of agendas that will never be fully understood. This is one reason that the varying branches of the services do not trust one another and there is so much bad blood and animosity. The deeper reason, of course, is this is desired by the darkness and ginned up by them to sow chaos and disorder and mistrust. So this is a microcosm of the world at large. …This is how these [dark] beings wish it to be, and humans are manipulated to make it so.”

There are some situations where a great degree of chaos is desired, and then some organizations and individual departments within government or military might be exposed to public view and thrown to the wolves, so to speak, and result in a seemingly satisfying housecleaning. But this again only serves the darkness, as it lowers expectations, it undermines public confidence, it sows discord within the organizations who feel betrayed, and it only further creates within minds and hearts the awareness and possibility of even greater depths of depravity. And over a period of time, [these false efforts] become more and more acceptable and seem more and more normal.”

[Government] fact-finding commissions, investigative probes and so on… are a sham. They are always a subterfuge to create the illusion of self-determination and self-control and a reckoning by the public in having a kind of oversight… to the best interests of the country. The opposite, in fact, is always the case. The [government] investigations and inquiries are always a subterfuge designed to serve the darkness, to create the semblance [that] someone is on the job and someone is seeing to things. The knowledge and information (gained in public disclosure) is always thwarted in the end. And so things taper off and eventually die down. This is what is truly wanted (by the dark side entities).”

So this is how things operate.” “This [is] simply the flow and flux of history unfolding, with another round of human manipulation set to be triggered and sow further discord and disruption.” “You have seen the same set-up in place multiple times. This happened during the Obama administration very much within recent memory where, inexplicably, crazed would-be violent people achieved access into the White House itself or at other times in the public when they were able to get close proximity to the President. This was not a lapse in security through inattention or ineffectiveness in coverage and oversight. These were deliberate incidents designed to set up an assassination. So there can be, time and again, the undoing of leaders who are serving the light in some way. This is one of many strategies that can be brought to bear to undo the work of the light in supporting a leader who wants to help and truly serve humanity.”

World control… is always the ulterior motive of those in true power who manipulate everyone else as pawns. This is what is happening and has been going on throughout history. There is no historical period on record that has not been a product of behind-the-scenes manipulation. At every level in human history, all of the leadership, all of the culture, has persisted in spite of and often at the hands of interlopers who control everything taking place, allowing certain things to flourish, to keep enough spirits above the fray to enable human productivity but not enough to be a threat to their grip.”

Mind Control

Spirit Goodpaster confirms the extent of mind control pervading our planet. “[Mind control] is done across the board with all individuals who have any position of authority. This is nothing new. It has gone on throughout all of the past history of humanity.”

Keep in mind that these extraterrestrials, from their first appearance here tens of thousands of years ago, were already well-advanced technologically and they have used this time productively to learn about humans and their makeup in great detail. We (humans) differ only slightly from them, and that is because all advanced beings are largely re-workings of a similar template. These beings are DNA-based, as are we. They are soul-based, as are we. They have similar needs and desires as we do. The difference is they had a head-start chronologically and developed an advanced level of technology, an understanding of energy, and an ability to communicate telepathically, for example, and to use their intuitive reach for interaction with one another and also with humans once they came into our sphere… This is Creator’s handiwork, to generate many iterations of organisms for varying reasons in varying settings through the universe.”

In addition, there are [ET] psychics (constantly meddling) at the subconscious level of every person’s mind they choose to reach and interact with and corrupt directly. This is not a fantasy, this is quite real. And anyone in a position of authority receives special attention. This is how they subvert the (terrestrial) channelers, because as the channeler reaches out intuitively, the imposter steps forward to speak with them. [This] is a particular evil that gives [the ETs] great reach and a great ability to keep an iron grip. This is true of would-be whistleblowers as well, that every attempt is made to subjugate them in this way, to undermine their freethinking and create doubt, create fear, create conflict about what they are undertaking, so that doubts creep in. And this gives them pause, and they may lose their taste for the battle, so to speak, and back away.

This [the negative ETs] did to me, as well as all other individuals in the military and civilian intelligence work and government officials. [These officials] keep the illusion of their independence by being allowed to follow their natural inclinations politically, for example, through choice of religious affiliations, through their personal likes and dislikes, choice of hobbies, choice of organizations that appeal to them, and so forth.” Nevertheless, “All have become puppets on a string.”

This is nothing that happened overnight… This was technology present all along the way and used to advantage by [the ETs] to keep humans suppressed. All humans alive today are manipulated by multiple kinds of energy being beamed at them nonstop, 24 hours a day, through all electronic media. All interaction with the media brings with it a message from the interlopers. It is an electromagnetic frequency that is broadcast and picked up within you by transducing elements that have been ingested by you through the interaction with the environment. And these messages then are transmitted to your subconscious mind, and the subconscious is unable to discriminate the source as being different than your executive-level consciousness. And so the views are unopposed and become incorporated within your belief systems.”

Divine Test

Spirit Goodpaster points out that while we humans on this planet have been and are still subject to direct and constant mind control, “all appears normal on the surface. All of the surface discord is allowed because that maintains the illusion of free will and autonomy when all, in fact, are being subjugated to lesser or greater degree.” But the dark ET beings cannot subjugate all human activity under total mind control. “The [dark beings] have tried mightily through the ages. (But their mind control efforts are nevertheless) suppressed by the Divine Realm to help the humans have a path to overthrow their manipulation. As long as the light is helping, humans can go the rest of the way.”

The thing that is missing is the direct interaction of the more advanced humans among the lightworkers and the whistleblowers to choose an active collaboration with the Divine Realm, for the light will not do this unilaterally. The whole exercise we have been living with down through the ages is a kind of test… to see if human beings can be trusted with total autonomy as a creative force, and have their free will always serve the cause of love. This has been a struggle all along the way because of corruption by the ego, corruption by the temptations of power and control over others, to bring riches and other gratifications, to subjugate and control the weaker individuals, and to manipulate, and to enslave in some cases.”

So this is one of the hazards in being human. This is something you can ask to have blocked or removed, but will require Divine help in most cases to do so. This is another reason that you need assistance to escape from this paradigm. It is so deeply entrenched it is difficult to do on one’s own. Those who still can envision the possibility of freedom are the ones for whom this has not yet created an iron grip. The resistance varies greatly among individuals. Most are simply duped entirely…blocked by the programming… and are under a total suppression in bringing forward any idea [that] something like this going on.”

Shift in Consciousness

The times we lived in (during Goodpaster’s time) were very much like today. The awareness of the public was less and people were more naïve in believing in their institutions, but this is a human dilemma that is intentional. There have never been human institutions that could be trusted, as all have been heavily corrupted down through the ages. So this is the current state of affairs and is no different from the past except… the light is gaining more power and leverage to shift things for the better. Everything we did in supporting Eisenhower led directly to the continuation and survival of humanity within a modern civilization. Without that, a further acceleration of the Shift in Consciousness would be impossible as the level of despair would be so huge it would not be possible through human consciousness to support an improvement of that magnitude.”

This is the balance that [now] needs to be added: human positivity and belief in the future, and in particular, the possibility of the light helping [humans] achieve their destiny. So we set the stage. We were, in a sense, only the finger in the dike, but it turned out to be an important finger after all. We are quite proud of what we did behind-the-scenes as unsung heroes, to work with a few trusted individuals and be instrumental in deflecting a downward spiral that could have resulted in catastrophe.”

The lessons gained in “my personal life were a tremendous source of learning and growth for me, [and] in the growth of my soul. Everyone is growing and expanding their soul’s reach. Even the darkest of failures, disappointments, and painful suffering will serve [an individual] greatly in the future. That is the ultimate lesson I see now from the light, that my participation [as] an instrument of the light… has advanced this cause. And the cause is still alive and well.”

                           Andrew Goodpaster

Spirit Goodpaster offers advice and encouragement to those of us currently occupying this Earthly realm. “The growth in the light’s reach has increased… and is continuing to grow. What you are seeing in much of the current world discord is the last gasp of the darkness. They are becoming more and more desperate because they see the tide is turning. This… make[s] them particularly dangerous. This is not a time to be complacent.”

This is a time for action on the part of all, not to pick up arms and go to the battlefront as in a war, but to side with the light with the perspective to not accept anyone’s negativity as having value; to look for love in everything, and when love is absent, find a way to bring love into the picture. If everyone would do this in some way in their day, the Earth would change quite quickly. It is that simple. It is not something needing advanced technology. It is only the service of love within, and by each person, that can make the difference.”

We have done our part in coming in and taking the risks, to shoulder responsibility and be in harm’s way. You need not do anything on that scale to make a difference. Few [individuals] have any real say or power. The power will come by banding together in the thoughts and in the consciousness, aware of the power of love flowing from the Divine. If you line up on the side of the light, on the side of love, the collective power [it] brings will turn the tide and will overthrow all the technology arrayed against you. It cannot stand up to the force of Divine Love as expressed through billions of human beings and what they represent as an extension of the Source Energy.”

Everyone [comes] in with a purpose in mind to bring in some light to add to the world. How you shine your light then becomes up to you. You can leave the shade on, you can throw a shroud over your light so none emanates, or you can shine your light brightly into the world. Each person has a choice and the choice is now yours.”


The Spirit of General Andrew Goodpaster depicts technologically advanced negative beings that have studied and cultivated humanity for tens of thousands of years with a goal of world domination. Then there are the spiritually advanced benevolent light beings that inhabit the Divine Realm who would like to see humanity avoid domination by these negative beings. The light beings, however, follow the galactic protocol of non-direct interference in human affairs, a dictum that the dark beings routinely disregard.

It would be counter-productive for the dark beings to openly reveal themselves to humanity. This would consign them to serving as wardens for 7.5 billion unmanageable prisoners on Earth. The dark side’s tactic has been to remain hidden from humanity and control the population through its own governmental hierarchy. Throughout the history of our current civilization, these dark beings have controlled the seats of human power through direct telepathic mind control, or by substituting those humans who have risen to the highest positions of influence with Reptilian imposters, placating the rest of the population through false telepathic channeling and mass mind control to believe that this is all the natural and autonomous progression of human development.

With the spike in human industrial and technological achievement in the twentieth century, the negative beings accelerated their human manipulation to their greater advantage. They successfully infiltrated and influenced the German political and military leadership to make war on one hand and to facilitate a secret space program on the other hand. Then after World War II, they did the same thing with the United States.

The U.S. government and military leaders’ perspective that world peace can only be achieved through superior weapons technology, a mind-set formed during the Second World War, was reinforced by the dark side. They created a “threat” in a former ally, the Soviet Union, to serve as justification for a strong and aggressive military posture. They pushed this agenda through the highest levels of government while maintaining the public’s illusion of self-governance through sham committee hearings and federal investigations. By the late 1950’s, the dark side’s influence had shaped a deep state governmental policy wherein nuclear war with the Soviet Union was essential for world peace.

Modern Mind Control and Manipulation

Consistent with Karl Mollison’s previous channelings of James Forrestal and Dwight Eisenhower, the prevalence of mind control on the human population is reaffirmed by Spirit Goodpaster. “[Mind control] is done across the board with all individuals who have any position of authority. …It has gone on throughout all of… history.” “There has been no historical period… that has not been a product of behind-the-scenes manipulation… at every level in human history.”

Technologically advanced negative ETs have spent tens of thousands of years studying the human psyche “in great detail”. As a result, the dark beings will allow a human’s individual political inclinations, religious affiliations, personal opinions, hobbies and so forth in order to project an illusion of independent thought. But in reality, we are all “puppets on a string”.

The sowing of discord and deceit has long been a tactic employed by the negative beings to control the halls of human governance, as revealed by Spirit Goodpaster. “Within all institutions… there is constant discord and constant mistrust.” “There have never been human institutions that could be trusted, as all have been heavily corrupted down through the ages.” “All wars throughout history have been mounted for no real purpose other than to destroy human potential.” “The [war hero’s] loyalty… is almost always squandered… in service to the darkness.” “All wars are corrupt.”

Spirit Goodpaster explains that while the negative ETs will implant a dark political agenda in the minds of top leaders, they will also allow these leaders and institutions to otherwise function independently, creating the illusion of free thought and action. This in turn “creates the illusion of self-determination and self-control,…allowing certain things to flourish, to keep enough spirits above the fray to enable human productivity, but not enough to be a threat to [the dark side’s] grip.”

This would explain how an elected official could forsake the public interest in favor of self-serving corporate interests and believe that he or she is doing so in the best interests of the people. It would explain why our elected officials are so intent on allowing corporations to make a profit from health care. It would explain how our government officials could be complicit in assassinating JFK, very nearly assassinating President Eisenhower, and bringing down the World Trade Center towers. And it explains why nobody seems to have a care.

Spirit Goodpaster delineates between the dark side ruling class (Archons perhaps) and the Reptilians who carry out the ruling class’ larger plan. Sometimes the Reptilians will serve as human “imposters”, literally replacing top level humans who cannot be easily manipulated through mind control. Does this presume that Reptilians can shapeshift into the physical appearance of a human? Or is this also done through mind control so that anyone looking at the Reptilian sees a false image? Close friends and family members must be further mind-controlled to ignore or rationalize any suspicious signs that the person they know intimately has somehow changed.

Spirit Goodpaster confirms that negative beings are ‘manipulating the mass population by beaming an electromagnetic frequency at us “non-stop, 24 hours a day, throughout all electronic media.” “All interaction with the media brings with it a message from the interlopers…” transmitted to the human mind in a way that automatically integrates it into the human belief system.’

Negative beings have intentionally structured our political and economic system so that people are under constant pressure just to afford to survive. And through a controlled media they witness ever-increasing crime, war, and atrocities at their door. The result is a society of people who only care for their own selfish needs and maybe those of their family. Poverty, disease and starvation provide mighty distractions to learning who is truly controlling our lives. Most people don’t know and don’t care. They have been programmed to view anyone exposing the truth to be tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists. The negative beings have us right where they want us, in a constant state of ignorance and apathy.

The vast extent of mind control on the human population explains a lot. Whenever the subject of extraterrestrials or UFOs comes up, most people’s eyes immediately glaze over in disbelief or disinterest. Most people cannot stay focused on anything for very long anyway. They can hardly watch an entire movie, much less stay focused on an hour-long YouTube documentary or even spend the time to read this article. Spirit Goodpaster notes that every living human today is subject to “various levels of mind control.” Most people are “duped entirely and are under total suppression… blocked by the programming.” If someone manages to remain conscious enough to see what is going on, most people won’t even bother to listen to them. “They have simply lost the ability to reason.”

This mass mind control explains how an otherwise peaceful people as the Germans could carry out such brutality and atrocities during World War II, and how the leaders of the United States could impose upon its own people a Cold War bent on manifesting a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. And it explains why the ‘conservative half’ of Americans would rather revert back to those times than move forward in a progressive society.

Mass mind control explains how Americans can continue to support an aristocratic two-party political and electoral system. It explains how people can be so tolerant of a corrupt banking and economic system. It explains pervasive crime, senseless violence, religious fanaticism, and perpetual war, as well as the complacency that people have toward such depravity so long as they themselves are not directly affected. It explains why there are so many self-centered jerks and people who simply don’t care about anything or anyone besides themselves.

Our Destiny in the Light

The emerging truth is that we humans are a frail and feeble-minded third density species, genetically bred and easily manipulated both mentally and biologically. It would seem futile to go up against such technologically superior beings who have the capability of replacing a human with a Reptilian imposter, either physically or through mind control. But the Divine Realm identifies those who are able to see or at least sense our true reality, and keeps nudging them a little at a time to stay just beyond the ultimate control of the negative beings. These folks are referred to as light workers in these channelings. President Dwight Eisenhower was a light worker, and so was General Goodpaster.

Spirit Goodpaster relates how he and a small group of trusted light workers effectively blocked attempts by a “sea of robot-like minions” to undermine and then assassinate President Eisenhower. But it wasn’t until he had the perspective of the Spirit Realm that Goodpaster could comprehend what a tremendous service to humanity they had actually accomplished. By ensuring that Eisenhower survived his Presidency, this allowed for the election of the progressive Democrat, John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was there to avert the Cuban missile crisis and “dial back the war rhetoric.” Spirit Goodpaster is confident that “this led directly to the tipping of the balance away from nuclear war… [as] the next chapter in… world disruption and chaos.

Apparently, we Americans have no idea just how close we came to nuclear war in the early 1960’s.We are quite proud of what we did behind-the-scenes as an unsung hero,” boasts Spirit Goodpaster, “to…be instrumental in deflecting a downward spiral that could have resulted in catastrophe.” But Spirit Goodpaster’s current perspective reveals that the stakes may have been much higher still. If the planet were decimated by nuclear holocaust, “the level of despair would be so huge” that humanity could not have hoped to achieve the positive shift in consciousness that we are now close to experiencing.

It appears that humanity’s future timeline shifted with the Kennedy Presidency, allowing the light side to gain “more power and leverage to shift things for the better…” and then to continue to expand. This resulting increase in consciousness has prevented the dark side from total subjugation of human activity. The dark side is “becoming more and more desperate because they see the tide is turning. This make[s] them particularly dangerous. This is not a time to be complacent.”

The key to shifting our consciousness is “to look for love in everything. And when love is absent, find a way to bring love into the picture.” The collective power of love flowing through the Divine will “turn the tide,” overthrow all the technology arrayed against you” and ultimately defeat the dark forces. Negative beings “cannot stand up to the force of Divine Love as expressed through billions of human beings and what they represent as an extension of the Source Energy.” “If everyone would do this in some way in their day, the Earth would change quite quickly.”

Pointing out that “we have done our part,” Spirit Goodpaster urges “the more advanced humans among the light workers and the whistleblowers” to “band together” by choosing an active collaboration with the Divine Realm in order to maintain this positive momentum and see our shift in consciousness through. The history of humanity has been a Divine Test “to see if human beings can be trusted with total autonomy as a creative force, and have their free will always serve the cause of love.”

Part Four in the Channeling Series (Part 1Part 2 Part 3)

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