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Pentagon’s UFO Videos Exposed in ‘The Basement Office’ Docu-Series

Article by Nick Pope                            May 6, 2020                              (nypost.com)

• On April 27th, the US Department of Defense confirmed that the three UAP/UFO videos taken by Navy pilots are genuine. But the DoD maintains that they don’t know what they are. If the Pentagon was hoping that the revelations about the UFO videos might be overlooked by a world focused on the coronavirus pandemic, it was wrong. The story made headlines all around the world.

• With the spotlight on the Navy videos, competing theories have been bandied about. Some think that it was some kind of pilot misperception or a glitch in the infrared cameras. Others claim that it was “black project” drone technology being blind-tested against the Navy fleet to see how they’d react. Some commentators thought Russia or China might be the culprit.

• The theory that attracted the most attention was that the mystery objects were extraterrestrial spacecraft. This writer, Nick Pope, hopes that it is extraterrestrials. The New York Post’s docu-series “The Basement Office”, in which Nick Pope is featured, probes all of these theories and puts some other classic UFO cases under the microscope. (see below for Episode 7: “Pentagon Releases Footage of UFOs”)

• If the Pentagon’s re-release of the UFO videos seems odd, their flip-flopping over the true nature of the DoD’s ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’ is truly bizarre. Since the existence of the AATIP was first revealed in December 2017, the Pentagon has changed its position on the role of the program multiple times. The Pentagon’s current position is that the program was not UFO/UAP related. Rather, it studied next-generation terrestrial aerospace threats.

• The problem is that a Defense Intelligence Agency letter to Congress (see here) listed 38 technical reports produced under the program. None of them related to Russian or Chinese aircraft. One related to the Drake Equation, used to estimate the number of civilizations in the galaxy. When Pope pointed out the disconnect, he was told the Pentagon was revising its line on the AATIP yet again. A new statement is expected soon.

• In a year when our lives have changed in ways that would have been unimaginable a few months ago, could the conspiracy theorists be right and might there be even bigger revelations ahead? Whatever happens, UFOs are now center stage in a way we’ve never seen before, being discussed seriously at the highest levels.


On April 27, the Department of Defense issued a statement confirming the release of three videos showing US Navy jets chasing “unidentified aerial phenomena” — that’s the approved military term for what the public calls UFOs. The videos had been in the public domain for some time, but there was always a degree of doubt about them. The Pentagon statement made it official: Yes, the videos are genuine, and no, the DOD still doesn’t know what these things are — the official categorization is “unidentified”.

                              Nick Pope

The timing of the Pentagon’s announcement drew a lot of comment. Why release these videos now, people asked, with the world’s attention focused on the coronavirus? Was this a classic example of “a good day to bury bad news”? If that was the Pentagon’s plan, it backfired badly. Perhaps because we’ve been so saturated with COVID-19 coverage, everyone was looking for something else. Far from being buried, the story made headlines all around the world.

UFOs generate controversy. The videos were debated furiously and in the resulting skeptic versus believer dogfight, competing theories were bandied about: Some people tried to explain everything in terms of pilot misperception and glitches or misreadings of the forward-looking infrared cameras on which the films were taken.

Others argued that it was “black project” technology being blind-tested against the Fleet, to see how they’d react. One hears a lot about hypersonic missiles and drone swarms these days. Given that such programs are highly classified and deeply compartmentalized, it’s possible that one part of the government wasn’t aware of what another part was doing. Other commentators thought Russia or China might be the culprit.

Inevitably though, the theory that attracted the most attention was the possibility that the mystery objects were extraterrestrial spacecraft. I’m undecided on all this, but I hope it’s extraterrestrials — martians would be much more fun than Russians. Season 2 of The Post’s docu-series “The Basement Office” will probe all of the theories, and put some other classic UFO cases under the microscope.

30:38 minute S2E7 of “The Basement Office” docu-series
entitled “Pentagon Releases Footage of UFOs” (“New York Post” YouTube)



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Will General Flynn Exoneration Impact UFO/SSP Disclosure?

The dropping of all charges against Lt Gen Michael Flynn brings to an end a lengthy legal battle stemming from the Russian Collusion investigation of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his subsequent administration. While there are certain to be powerful legal consequences for the perjury trap launched by senior FBI officials against Flynn, who had just begun his short stint as Trump’s National Security Advisor, what remains to be answered is why was Flynn targeted? Did it have anything to do with Flynn’s knowledge of UFOs, secret space programs and his new position where he could legally gain access to and disclose such information to Trump, who in turn would be able to disclose it to the general public?

It’s important to emphasize that as a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from July 2012 to August 2014, Flynn would have been briefed on an extensive number of Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs) run by or involving the DIA. Perhaps even more significantly, he would have learned about those USAP’s which the DIA Director and his Deputy had been denied access.

USAPs he would have been briefed about included a secret space program run by the US Air Force and the National Reconnaissance Office with the help of the National Security Agency and the DIA. The collaboration of these different Department of Defense entities in USAP’s involving space is discussed in my USAF Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances & Space Force (2019).

Additional USAPs run by major aerospace companies involving reverse engineering captured extraterrestrial technologies would have been of much interest to the DIA Director, despite lacking formal oversight responsibilities, as I will shortly show.

One of Flynn’s responsibilities as DIA Director was to coordinate the gathering and analysis of intelligence data concerning the space capabilities of potential US military rivals. This included China which Flynn had extensively investigated as part of his intelligence portfolio during his military career.

At the same time, Flynn and his predecessors as DIA Directors were greatly interested in what major aerospace companies were researching, building, and deploying for their confidential “customers”.

A clue into just how much a DIA Director and/or his deputy is briefed on secret space programs and the reverse engineering of captured alien technologies behind them is gained by examining the case of one of Flynn’s predecessors, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson, and what he knew of such programs.

On April 10, 1997, then Rear Admiral Wilson received an informal UFO briefing by former Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Stephen Greer, an emergency room physician from North Carolina who would soon after launch the famed Disclosure Project. After Wilson was given information about an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP) involving the reverse engineering of a recovered alien spacecraft, he looked into it and was denied access by three corporate officials even though he occupied the concurrent positions of Deputy Director of the DIA and Vice Director for Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff from November 1994 to September 1997.

Wilson was very unhappy with the situation and expressed his frustration to Mitchell and Greer who both publicly revealed elements of what had happened. In 2019, a 15-page document that Mitchell had acquired of a verbatim interview between Admiral Wilson and a prominent physicist, Dr. Eric Davis, surfaced after Mitchell’s death, providing significantly more details of what had happened.

Wilson had appealed to the Special Access Program Oversight Committee to be granted access to a reverse engineering program run by the aerospace company but was denied. Furthermore, Wilson was threatened to stop his inquiries, or his military career would suffer.

Wilson acquiesced, and after a short assignment to the CIA, was subsequently promoted to Vice Admiral and became Director of the DIA from July 1999 to July 2002. Importantly, Wilson was backed by his superior, Lt General Patrick Hughes, who had sat in on the April 1997 “briefing” along with other DIA officials ensuring that the Wilson incident was now part of the institutional memory of the DIA rather than an isolated incident involving one official that would be forgotten.

Shortly after his July 2002 retirement, Wilson met with Davis in October and disclosed details of what had happened in the hope of learning more about the corporate-run program. I covered the October 2002 meeting in a series of three articles (see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

What the Admiral Wilson affair tells us is that there is a tightly controlled secrecy system in place to restrict access to USAP’s conducted by corporations that are actively reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies. While DIA Directors have oversight of the end products produced for the Air Force and Navy – electromagnetically propelled antigravity spacecraft – they lack the formal power to investigate what’s happening in corporate-run facilities, many of which are situated on military bases according to multiple insiders.

Consequently, it is certain that Lt General Flynn inherited the institutional memory of the Wilson incident when he became DIA Director in 2012. Flynn would not only have been officially briefed about USAPs related to an Air Force and NRO run secret space program, but also learned about which  corporations were conducting reverse engineering programs that he and the DIA did NOT have access to.

The Special Access Program Oversight Committee that denied Wilson access to one of these programs would presumably have similarly denied Flynn access if he had made similar inquiries. Consequently, Flynn would have known that a higher institutional authority would have been required to override the Special Access Program Oversight Committee in order to grant the DIA need-to-know access to such USAPs.

Consequently, the danger posed to the Deep State by Flynn being appointed Trump’s National Security Advisor becomes all too clear. Flynn was in the position to advise Trump to grant the DIA Director and the National Security Advisor need-to-know access to corporate-run reverse engineering programs protected by the Special Access Programs Oversight Committee.

Furthermore, Flynn could arrange for an official briefing where Trump would learn about the secret space program that involved the USAF, NRO, NSA, and DIA. After such an official briefing, Trump would have been in a position to publicly disclose such information if he believed it was in the national interest.

The perjury trap set up by corrupt FBI/Deep State officials against General Flynn was not only a travesty of justice orchestrated by the Deep State to sabotage the Trump Presidency,  but was also to prevent Flynn advising Trump in ways that would undermine the decades-long secrecy system.

The exoneration of General Flynn makes it now possible for him to be reappointed to a senior position in the Trump administration, and to facilitate the disclosure of a secret space program and corporate-run alien reverse engineering USAPs.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Further Reading

UFOs and the Space-Time Bending Technology Behind Them


Article by Tim Hinchliffe                          March 14, 2020                           (sociable.co)

• The Navy has confirmed that the UFOs (or UAPs) seen in Navy videos performing seemingly impossible maneuvers are “real”. But this doesn’t mean they are aliens. It is more likely that they were built by humans under a black budget secret space program. Supporting this assertion is the fact that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has spent $22 million dollars on research into warp drives, antigravity, wormholes, extra dimension manipulation, and more.

• Declassified government research into warp drives provides insight into how UFOs could theoretically bend space-time as a means of propulsion. The DIA disclosed 38 research papers that were funded and created under the Pentagon’s ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’. One of the papers is entitled “Warp Drive, Dark Energy and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions.”

• According to the ‘Warp Drive’ research paper, “Physicists have discovered two loopholes to Einstein’s ultimate speed limit: the Einstein-Rosen bridge (ie: a ‘wormhole’) and the warp drive.” Both ideas involve manipulation of space-time itself. The paper’s authors extrapolate on the work of Miguel Alcubierre who in 1994 theorized that by manipulating extra dimensions, a warp drive could bend space around a craft by contracting space in front of it while expanding space behind it.

• The basic idea is to manipulate the fabric of space in the immediate vicinity of а spacecraft, by creating a bubble of space that is contracting in front of the spacecraft while expanding behind it, in order to create propulsion. Warping space and moving through time is known as “warp drive”. Within its own time-warp bubble, the craft itself isn’t exceeding the speed of light. The craft remains stationary inside this ‘warp bubble’. The movement of space around it facilitates the relative motion of the spacecraft.

• Warp drive manipulates extra dimensions in order to gain control of dark energy. If a technology were able “to influence the radius of an extra dimension, then it would acquire direct control over dark energy, and hence the expansion and contraction of space itself,” according to the paper. “[T]he dark energy density would… change only in the vicinity of the spacecraft, as would the expansion of space.” “[T]he universe would continue to expand at the гаtе we observe today, but that only in the proximity of the spacecraft would space bе “stimulated” to expand at some modified rate.”

• Michael Masters, a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech, claims in his book: Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon, that many UFOs are actually made by humans in the future, whom he calls “extratempestrials.”

• Joseph Agnew, an undergraduate engineer at the University of Alabama and research assistant at the Huntsville Propulsion Research Center, agrees that warp drive is theoretically possible, but that “further advances in quantum physics, quantum mechanics and metamaterials” are still needed to make them a reality.

• Whether or not these technologies are currently ‘operational’, the US government is certainly working on a slew of exotic advanced technologies. In addition to space-time bending warp drive propulsion, the government is also currently researching stargates, wormholes, and antigravity.


Last year the US Navy confirmed that UFOs exist, meaning someone has access to advanced technology to build them. Declassified government research into warp drives provides insight into how UFOs could theoretically bend spacetime as a means of propulsion.

Slowly but surely, the confirmed existence of UFOs is entering the public consciousness.

Leaked video footage depicts Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) making seemingly impossible maneuvers while the Air Force pilots recording the craft looked on in wonder, literally shouting, “Wow! What is that, man? Look at that flying!”

More palatable, perhaps, than claiming these UFOs come from ETs, is the probability that they were built by humans as part of some black budget secret space program.

When you stop to think about the magnitude of what that actually means, you realize that there is advanced technology out there that is way beyond anything that is commercially available at present.

The Navy has confirmed that the UFOs seen in leaked video footage are real UAP, senators have been briefed on UFO sightings, and between 2007 and 2012 the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) spent $22 million dollars on research into warp drives, antigravity, wormholes, extra dimension

          Michael Masters

manipulation, and whole lot more!

As a thought exercise, let’s take a look at one of the 38 research papers that the DIA disclosed it had funded as part of its “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” called “Warp Drive, Dark Energy and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions.”

Therein it explains how an advanced technology could theoretically bend space and time around a craft as a form of propulsion called a warp drive — which doesn’t violate the cosmic speed limit.

“Physicists have discovered two loopholes to Einstein’s ultimate speed limit: the Einstein-Rosen bridge (commonly referred to as а ‘wormhole’) and the warp drive,” the paper reads.

“Fundamentally, both ideas involve manipulation of spacetime itself in some exotic way that allows for faster-than-light (FTL) travel.”



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