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Von Braun’s False Flag Alien Invasion – A Genuine Warning or Fourth Reich Deception?

From 1974 – 1977, Werner Von Braun began privately telling Carol Rosin, a colleague at a major aerospace company Fairchild Industries, about a sequence of contrived global false flag “cards” such as asteroid impacts and extraterrestrial invasion, which would lead to the militarization of space and usher in a New World Order. Now more than 40 years later, the sequence predicted by Von Braun appears to be on the verge of playing out as mainstream media increasingly speculate about asteroid strikes and an alien invasion in what many believe are cases of predictive programming.

Given Von Braun’s background as a former Nazi and the existence of a breakaway Nazi colony in South America and Antarctica in the post-World War II era seeking to establish a Fourth Reich, a key question is whether Von Braun’s warning was genuine or whether it was part of a deception by the Fourth Reich.

In answering such a question, it’s important to understand why Von Braun went to work with Fairchild Industries, where he learned about the planned sequence of false flag cards being discussed at boardroom meetings as described by Rosin in Part 1 of this series.

After NASA made the decision to end the Apollo Program, Von Braun decided to retire on May 26, 1972, six months before the launch of Apollo 17, the last moon landing mission. He had been the Director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (1960-1972), where he led the largely German engineering teams designing the Saturn V rockets that would power the Apollo Program.

Von Braun joined Fairchild Industries as a Vice President for Engineering and Development. Fairchild Industries was one of the aerospace contractors that was secretly involved in building a ring-shaped “Von Braun” space station based on Von Braun’s early designs for the USAF and the National Reconnaissance Office, as explained in chapter 13 of my book, the US Air Force Secret Space Program.

What is not widely known about the Apollo Program is that it was used as a very effective cover for massive amounts of funding, resources, and personnel covertly being transferred to Antarctica to help the expansion of a breakaway German Space Program hidden in underground bases.

In chapter 12 of the US Air Force Secret Space Program (2019), I detail how the Apollo program was used as part of an agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and the Antarctica based German colony, also known as the Fourth Reich.

Von Braun’s job at NASA was to mislead the US public about the potential of rocket propelled space travel, while ensuring the German space program in Antarctica had all the resources and personnel it needed for its electromagnetically propelled spacecraft to start space colonization on the Moon, Mars, and elsewhere in our solar system. Put simply, while the Apollo program got Americans to the Moon, it got Germans to Mars and beyond.

In return for its covert help through the Apollo program, the US military gained scientific assistance in its efforts to study and reverse engineer captured extraterrestrial technologies from former Nazi scientists who were brought into the US under Operation Paperclip (1945-1959). Many were secretly working for the Fourth Reich either voluntarily or were coerced to do so.

Werner Von Braun was among a select group of Operation Paperclip scientists who were asked to evaluate the remains of the 1947 Roswell Crash for the US (Army) Air Force as revealed in a leaked Majestic 12 document called the Counter Intelligence Corps/Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Report:

Select scientists from the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission, most notably DR. J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER, was interviewed at LZ-2 (second Roswell UFO crash site) as well as other members. Among PAPERCLIP specialists identified at LZ-2 were DR. WERNER VON BRAUN (Fort Bliss); DR ERNST STEINHOFF (AMC [Air Materiel Command, Wright Field]) and DR. HUBERTUS STRUGHOLD (AEROMEDICAL LAB, RANDOLPH FIELD).

This leaked Majestic document has an authenticity rating “Medium-High Level of Authenticity” according to a scale developed by Dr. Robert Wood and his son Ryan using a number of criteria developed for evaluating leaked government documents.

What helps corroborate the document’s account of the role played by Von Braun in evaluating the Roswell debris as an expert scientific consultant is a former NASA Spacecraft Operator, Clark McClelland, who asked Von Braun about the Roswell UFO crash.

Von Braun told McClelland about the incident on the condition that no details would be revealed until after his death.

Dr. Von Braun explained how he and unnamed associates had been taken to the crash site after the bulk of the military personnel had left the scene. They did a quick once over of the site, Van Braun stated. He related how the exterior of the space craft was not metal as we know it, but appeared to be made of something biological, like skin….

And yes, there were alien bodies which were being kept in a medical tent near the UFO. The beings were small, very frail, and reptilian in nature. Von Braun compared their skin to rattlesnakes that he and his group had encountered at White Sands.

 Von Braun was puzzled by the nature of the debris. The material was very thin, aluminum colored, similar to chewing gum wrapping, according to the scientist.

The leaked Majestic 12 document and McClelland’s recollection does show that Von Braun and other Paperclip Scientists were actively advising the US [Army] Air Force on recovered alien technologies from Roswell and other locations from July 1947.

Dr. Arthur Rudolph was also a German rocket scientist that was brought into the US in Operation Paperclip. He worked at both NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center as the chief architect for the Saturn 5 engines that powered the Apollo program and as Von Braun’s Special Assistant up to January 1969. Rudolph has been identified as working with the US Air Force in studying and reverse engineering a captured extraterrestrial spacecraft, especially after his “official” retirement in 1969.

David Adair, who designed an “Electromagnetic Fusion Containment Engine” for the US Air Force in 1971, describes how Rudolph was leading a highly classified scientific effort to reverse engineer a captured extraterrestrial spacecraft stored at Area 51. Adair described how Rudolph had authority over senior Air Force officials and was being actively helped by the CIA.

So, if German Paperclip scientists were helping the USAF study and reverse engineer alien technologies, were they genuinely assisting, or were they double agents sabotaging US efforts?

William “Bill” Tompkins, a draftsman/engineer with Douglas Aircraft, TRW, and other leading aerospace companies during the 1950s-70s, describes how the German Paperclip scientists occupying senior corporate positions would sabotage industry efforts to build electromagnetic and torsion field propulsion systems.

And even at Douglas and over at TRW, and all these other companies, General Dynamics included, some top-level people were throwing negatives on everything that we were attempting to do. So, you must ask the question: “Why do we have so much of this sabotage happening at such a high level in technology in the country, and in the whole military?” And, who is telling them to try to stop everything, try to cut it down when we’re trying to help ourselves? (Selected by Extraterrestrials, Vol 2, p. 92)

The power of a mysterious Fourth Reich over Operation Paperclip scientists, some of whom were forced to sabotage US R&D efforts is illustrated by McClelland who says he personally witnessed the former Nazi SS general Hans Kammler in the mid-1960s at the NASA office of Dr. Kurt Debus, head of the Kennedy Space Center. Kammler had escaped from Nazi Germany before its collapse to South America and Antarctica to help the Fourth Reich expand its underground bases there.

McClelland described the powerful influence exerted over the German scientists working for NASA who feared Kammler and the shadowy Fourth Reich:

I opened his office door and saw two people I had not seen at KSC [Kennedy Space Center]. He introduced me to both men. He only gave me their first names during the introduction…. One was introduced to me as Sigfried and the other was introduced as Hans…. Both had the look of Nazi High Command Officers…. Today I am certain of who these two men were. I eventually learned from other German scientists that one of them me was Siegfried Knemeyer. He was a very high ranking Nazi Oberst Officer in the Luftwaffe… The other man was difficult to recognize until I saw an older photo of him after he had later entered the USA. He was in my opinion Heinz (Hans) Kammler…. There were rumors after WWII that Kammler had made a deal with General George Patton to turn over German Top Secret technology for his support in getting Kammler into the USA. That may have actually happened. I personally believe it did happen. (The Stargate Chronicles, ch. 15).

What emerges from the testimonies of Adair, McClelland, Tompkins, and others is that the US military industrial complex had been successfully infiltrated by the Fourth Reich using Operation Paperclip scientists who were either forced or willingly working as double agents.

While the German scientists appeared to be providing technical assistance for US rocket and other advanced aerospace programs, many were sabotaging US industry efforts to replicate the advanced aerospace technologies the Nazis had reverse engineered from extraterrestrial spacecraft.

This naturally raises the question of whether Von Braun had truly broken free of all Nazi influences while heading the Marshall Space Flight Center and building the Saturn V rockets for the Apollo program, or whether he was a double agent.

Adair’s recollection of a warning given to him by Von Braun about Rudolph does suggest that as the inaugural Director of the Marshall Center, Von Braun was being handled by Rudolph who was the project director for the Saturn V rocket, and later Von Braun’s Special Assistant:

The thing is, von Braun warned me that if during my rocket work, I should encounter a man named Dr. Arthur Rudolph, I should be extremely careful because he was so dangerous.

It appears that Von Braun and other German Paperclip scientists were intimidated by Rudolph – an ardent Nazi – who was almost certainly recruited by Kammler as a key operative for the Fourth Reich. Rudolph’s covert mission was to coerce Paperclip scientists to do the bidding of the Antarctic Germans or face severe consequences.

If Von Braun either voluntarily or was coerced to work as a double agent for the Fourth Reich, this raises the question of what his true agenda was when he met Carol Rosin at Fairchild Industries in 1974.

Was Von Braun truthful to Rosin in warning her of a Deep State plot to stage an alien false flag invasion to justify space weapons, or was he attempting to sabotage US military efforts to one day bridge the defense technology gap with the German secret space program?


The Apollo Program took away valuable resources from scientific research and development of electromagnetic and torsion field propulsion systems, which the Germans had mastered for their Antarctica space fleet described by various insiders as the “Dark Fleet” or “Nacht Waffen” (Night Weapons)

Understanding Von Braun’s true role in the US Apollo and German Antarctic space programs is vital context for analyzing his subsequent opposition to space weapons, as recalled by Rosin. Was Von Braun genuinely committed to eliminating weapons in space as he convinced Rosin during the final years of his life, or was he a double agent secretly working for the Fourth Reich Antarctic Germans?

Just as Von Braun and other former Nazi scientists convinced the US Congress and the scientific community that rocket propulsion was the key to future space travel, as a distraction from the true potential of electromagnetic and torsion field propulsion systems, was Von Braun sowing the seeds for handicapping a future US military space program that could one day threaten or rival the German’s Dark Fleet/Nacht Waffen through advanced space weapons?

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Will Deep State launch False Flag Alien Invasion after exhausting global control cards?

Shortly before his death in 1977, Werner Von Braun, a pioneer in both German and US  rocket programs, warned that a group of global controllers, aka Deep State, would systematically move through a series of false flag events or “cards”, that would be played in a sequence designed to ultimately militarize space and usher in a New World Order.

Von Braun gave his famous warning to Carol Rosin, who, from 1974 to 1977, was a corporate manager at Fairchild Industries, Inc., a major aerospace contractor that Von Braun had joined two years earlier. Rosin says that Von Braun asked her to be his spokesperson after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and revealed an elaborate plan by the US military industrial complex to weaponize space.

In a recorded video interview from December 2000 for the Disclosure Project, Rosin described the following sequence of false flag events Von Braun explained to her:

The strategy that Wernher von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had ‘killer satellites.’ We were then told that they were coming to get us and control us — that they were ‘commies.’

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism.

Then we were going to identify Third World-country ‘crazies.’ We now call them ‘nations of concern.’ But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based missiles.

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point, he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids — against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up the last card. Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.

As to identifying the group orchestrating this series of contrived global events, Rosin was reluctant to give names but said:

The room was filled with people in the revolving door game. There were people that I had seen once in a military uniform and other times in a gray suit and an industry outfit. These people play a revolving door game. They work as consultants, industry people and/or military and intelligence people. They work in the industries and they revolved themselves through these doors and right into government positions.

Rosin’s description of what was taking place in the boardroom of Fairchild Industry is very revealing about the company’s key role within the military industrial complex, and how the Deep State operates by manipulating global events and mainstream media narratives.

The sequence of contrived global events described by Von Braun reflected how far forward in time the Deep State projects its plans. Now almost 50 years later, we see the sequence described by Von Braun being played out in real time.

Russia, terrorism and rogue nations have collectively dominated decades of news cycles. More recently, we are witnessing an increasing number of stories of killer asteroids just missing the Earth in the mainstream media. The most recent examples are three massive killer asteroids heading towards the Earth and predicted to fly close by on June 6,8, and 20, any of which could cause cataclysmic damage.

Additional “cards” can be found in the Deep State playing deck described by Von Braun back in the 1970s. This includes a global pandemic, which was discussed in the City of London by a high-level group of bureaucrats in 2005 as part of a covert Deep State plan to usher in a New World Order.

Von Braun’s warning alerts us to the threat of an alien invasion being used as the final card in a long sequence of contrived events that would justify the weaponization of space, and the establishment of a New World Order desired by the Deep State.

Now there is a steady stream of news articles pointing to the possibility of an alien invasion in a post-COVID world. The potential for such an event occurring in the run-up to the 2020 election is a distinct possibility given the Deep State’s determination to remove the Trump administration by any means possible.

A paper leaked on October 18, 2016, allegedly by a major Democratic consulting firm, the Benenson Strategy Group, discussed the possibility of a staged alien invasion keeping Trump supporters home and helping the Clinton campaign win the 2016 election.

The paper reviewed some of the advanced holographic technologies that could be used in staging such a false flag event. While the paper’s authenticity remains disputed, it nevertheless showed how the alien invasion card could be used for electoral purposes.

As we approach the November 3 US Presidential Election, could the alien invasion card be played as Von Braun warned about back in the 1970s? Or did Von Braun have an entirely different purpose for telling Rosin about the alien invasion card being used by the military industrial complex?

Rather than heroically attempting to prevent the militarization of space, was Von Braun a double agent for an Antarctica-based breakaway German Colony wanting to prevent the US military from ever threatening their secret space program?

To be continued.

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Bob Dylan Releases 17-Minute Song About the JFK Assassination


Article by Chris Wellman                          March 26, 2020                            (variety.com)

• On March 26th, Bob Dylan released a new ‘song’ called ‘Murder Most Foul’. The epic track, which runs nearly 17 minutes, focuses on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Said Dylan of the release, “Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty over the years. This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting. Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you – Bob Dylan.”

• Whether “a while back” means Dylan recorded the song months or years ago remains a mystery. It is Dylan’s first self-written song release in eight years. It contains minimal violin, piano and light percussion backing his quiet vocal tone. (see YouTube music video of ‘Murder Most Foul’ below) There’s literally half an album’s worth of lyrical material for Dylanologists to dissect. (see Editor’s Note below for my own dissection)

• The lyrics speak extremely literally of the Kennedy assassination, with a bent toward conspiratorial takes on the event. As the song goes along it breaks more freely into a pop-culture fantasia, referencing 1960s and 70s events with catchphrases such as “The Beatles are coming, they’re gonna hold your hand” and “I’m going to Woodstock, it’s the Aquarian age / Then I’ll go to Altamont and stand near the stage.” Dylan invokes myriad cultural references, from Buster Keaton to Houdini, ‘Gone With the Wind’ to Nat King Cole, Marilyn Monroe to Patsy Kline, the Eagles to the Allman Brothers. (see the song lyrics here – and NPR’s list of the 74 referenced songs here)

• Occasionally, Dylan directly marries his pop-culture references and the assassination, as when he sings, “You got me Dizzy Miss Lizzy, you fill me with lead.” Or: “What’s new pussycat, what’d I say / I said the soul of a nation been torn away.” When it comes to the actual assassination, Dylan doesn’t skimp on the details, describing the kill shot and frantic exit from Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Dylan does not shy away from provocative lines such as “We’ve already got someone here to take your place” and with regard to Kennedy’s brothers, “we’ll get them as well.”

• In 1964, only three months after the murder, Dylan and entourage reportedly drove the President’s route through Dealey Plaza so that Dylan could determine for himself what happened on that fateful day. He’s had 56 years to think about it. Writes Dylan: the killing of JFK was “right there in front of everyone’s eyes,” but became the “greatest magic trick” — one he thinks still has some relevance in 2020.

[Editor’s Note]   It is telling that among the few words that Dylan has said about this song, ‘Murder Most Foul’, he exhorts us to “stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you.” For me, Dylan’s opus marks a seminal moment in human history. I can feel the change happening in our society as the false reality that has been the mainstream narrative since World War II is being stripped away. It is a glorious thing to behold. And with this release, Bob Dylan contributes greatly to this paradigm shift.

There are very few artists with the star-power to be able to pull this off. The mainstream media cannot ignore this level of celebrity. As a cultural icon, he is now regarded as a ‘wise elder’ in American society. He is someone we believe has not been compromised, and whom we can look to for the truth. We can assume that as a major celebrity since the 1960s, Dylan has been exposed to truths at the highest level. And, courageously, Dylan uses his renown to call out the deep state government jackals who murdered JFK, cementing their sinister grip on governmental power for their own ends.

In this opus, Bob Dylan clearly blames a conspiratorial group of men for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Being led to the slaughter like a sacrificial lamb,
He said, “Wait a minute boys, you know who I am”
“Of course we do, we know who you are”
Then they blew off his head while he was still in the car

There’s no mention of Oswald. The assassination is depicted as a professional hit job, “Perfectly executed, skillfully done.” Just who was this group of men that Dylan accuses? Public ridicule and mocking are notorious tools of the deep state, as UFO researchers well know. In perhaps the most obvious reference to the deep state government, Dylan alludes to Lyndon Johnson being ‘put in office’ by them:

We’ll mock you and shock you and we’ll put it in your face
We’ve already got someone here to take your place

In verse 2, Dylan assures us that he is familiar with JFK assassination lore and knows what he’s talking about. “There’s three bums comin’ all dressed in rags” is a reference to the ‘three tramps’ who were arrested at Dealey Plaza, said to be Chauncy Holt, Charles Rogers and Charles Harrelson (the actor Woody Harrelson’s father), who were deep state operatives deployed there to sow confusion after the shooting.

Dylan also manages to randomly include the work ‘bannister’ in verse 2 – perhaps alluding to Guy Bannister, an FBI agent turned private investigator who recruited Oswald to the intelligence community in New Orleans. As an FBI agent, Bannister had been charged with investigating several UFO sightings in the Idaho/Montana area. Of course, every sighting was dismissed as a hoax.

Toward the end of verse 2, Dylan asks: “What is the truth and where did it go? Ask Oswald and Ruby, they oughta know.” Oswald and Ruby were two of many related to the assassination who were subsequently silenced by the deep state. Says Dylan, “There’s a party going on behind the Grassy Knoll.”

Verse 3 continues with Dylan’s blatant references to “they” who plotted Kennedy’s death. “I’ve (JFK) been led into some kind of trap.” “They mutilated his body and they took out his brain. What more could they do? They piled on the pain.” This refers to persistent evidence that Kennedy’s brain had been replaced for the autopsy, with his real brain kept as a deep state souvenir.

Kennedy’s soul was the soul of the nation. “But his soul was not there where it was supposed to be, For the last fifty years they’ve been searchin’ for that freedom, but only dead men are free.” Dylan is saying that fifty years after JFK’s death, freedom still doesn’t exist among we the living.

Then Dylan shifts to the point of view of Kennedy: “[Y]ou filled me with lead, that magic bullet of yours has gone to my head.” Of course, the ‘magic bullet’ is a fiction used by prosecutor Arlen Specter of the Warren Commission to support a ‘single bullet theory’, in order to draw attention away from the true deep state culprits.

They killed him once and they killed him twice
Killed him like a human sacrifice

Dylan is saying that the deep state killed Kennedy, the man, and they also killed Kennedy, the dream. Kennedy’s dream was to overcome the deep state tyranny and ‘splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.’ But with the assassination, “[T]he age of the Antichrist has only just begun”. With “Johnson sworn in at 2:28”, the fate of America was sealed, and the American people may as well “throw in the towel.”

Verse 4 is devoted to the American culture that consequently suffered under decades of deep state rule. Among these pop culture references, Dylan mentions Jack Ruby and Marilyn Monroe – both of whom were connected to the assassination and were poisoned by CIA/deep state operatives. (Monroe was told of the extraterrestrial presence by Kennedy, and threatened to reveal it to the press. Dallas nightclub owner Ruby was a bagman for the deep state tasked with killing Oswald before he could talk. The deep state then killed Ruby in turn.) Dylan may have also included an extraterrestrial being among those affected by the assassination, citing “the man with the telepathic mind”.

Toward the end of the opus, Dylan reminds us that “They killed him on the alter of the rising sun”, just as America was rising with the consciousness of the planet. Then, Dylan invokes the Kennedy brothers, Bobby and Ted, to characterize the deep state’s utter contempt for rule of law and the American public.

Don’t worry, Mr. President, helps on the way
Your brothers are comin’, there’ll be hell to pay
Brothers? What brothers? What’s this all about?
Tell them, “We’re waiting, keep coming, we’ll get them as well”

The deep state’s ruthless and invisible hand suppressed the Kennedy brothers and taunted the American public. Where was the public outrage against the plotting deep state operatives within our government? The public proved too intimidated or brain-washed to stand up against this evil cabal. Being all powerful, the deep state only continued to threaten anyone who dared to question their authority: “We’re waiting, keep coming, we’ll get them as well.”

It is very unusual for a celebrity to put a target on their back by coming out and bluntly revealing such dangerous truths. It is said that Dylan worked for years on the wording for this composition. Why then did he choose to release it now? Is Dylan telling us that the time has come for a shift in human consciousness? Is Dylan aware of the imminent downfall of the deep state? Of the arrests? The termination of the Federal Reserve? The global financial reset? Is Dylan aware of an awakening within the mainstream public? Such an awakening will invariably lead to further revelations of the existence of advanced technologies that can transform the planet; the existence of secret space programs, bases and colonies throughout the solar system and beyond; and not only the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations, but the fact that they are all around us, and that it is time for the human species on Earth to join with a thriving galactic community.

To be sure, Dylan’s presentation to the American mainstream establishment of the truth about the JFK assassination by a deep state bastion within the government represents a fundamental shift in our collective consciousness. I commend and applaud Bob Dylan for his courage, his patriotism, and his fidelity to the people, as opposed to the uber-elite cabal and the deep state military industrial complex that usurped our democracy for themselves when they eliminated a President who would return the legacy of this planet to we, the people.


                     John F. Kennedy

For years, Bob Dylan fans have spoken in a sort of hushed awe about the longest song he ever released,

                            Bob Dylan

“Highlands,” an album side-length 1997 track that ran 16 minutes and 31 seconds. Now, 23 years later, he’s slightly outdone himself. As the clock struck midnight on the east coast Friday morning, Dylan released a new song, “Murder Most Foul,” that has a running time just seconds shy of the 17-minute mark — and it’s an epic free association on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Little information was given about the surprise track, except for a brief statement from Dylan himself:

“Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty over the years.

“This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting.

“Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you.

“Bob Dylan”

A Dylan representative said the statement was all the information they would be releasing about the song, so whether “a while back” means a matter of months or many years remains a mystery.

Dylan’s tender vocal tone — a trademark of his more recent shows and recordings — and elements of the song’s minimal bed of violin, piano and light percussion quickly had hardcore fans guesstimating that the tune might actually be of fairly recent vintage.

His last album of original material, “Tempest,” came out in 2012, although he has released three sets of his interpretations of songs from the Great American Songbook in-between, the last of which was the triple-album “Triplicate” three years ago. Rumors have been rampant that this year Dylan might be releasing his first album of self-penned songs in eight years, but there’s been no confirmation of that.

The lyrics of the monumental track will fascinate Dylanologists who’ve waited years for something fresh to dissect, since there’s literally half an album’s worth of lyrical material just in one track here.

In verses that proceed freely enough that it’s not always easy to break them down into separate stanzas, the lyrics often speak extremely literally of the Kennedy assassination, with a bent toward conspiratorial takes on the event. But as the song goes along it breaks more freely into a pop-culture fantasia.

16:56 minute – Bob Dylan’s ‘Murder Most Foul’ official music video (‘Bob Dylan” YouTube)



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