Skinwalker Ranch Where Cattle are Drained of Blood and Giant Wolves Roam

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Article by Jane Lavender                             April 20, 2020                                (

• 150 years ago, the Native American Utes tribe were fierce enemies with the Navajo tribe. The Utes captured and enslaved Navajo. In return, the Navajo put a curse on the land. Ever since, this region of the Unitah Basin in what is today the state of Utah, in the United States has been rife with paranormal activity due to the shape shifters, known as ‘skinwalkers’, that roam the earth in the guise of giant creatures, according to Native American legend. For over 100 years, reports of strange noises, bizarre sightings, mutilated cattle, crop circles, and giant wolves have emanated from the ‘cursed’ 512 acre Skinwalker Ranch.

• In 1992, the Sherman family became the owners of the Skinwalker Ranch. They found their cattle dead in fields, drained of their blood, and with no pools of blood nearby. A quarter of their herd died under these gruesome circumstances. The Shermans say that they were ‘terrorized’ by strange beasts that would stalk their ranch. In one reported incident, a giant wolf came in off the plains, put his head through a holding pen and started pulling one of the calves out of the fence. Mr Sherman shot the wolf eight times before it let go and ran away. Chasing the animal to a river, Sherman noted that the wolf’s pawprints led to the river, but didn’t continue on the other side of it. “(The wolf) seemed to ‘vaporize’ by the time it had reached the other side.”

• In 1996, the Shermans sold the ranch to billionaire Robert Bigelow who wanted to scientifically study the paranormal events associated with the property. Bigelow recruited an army of experts – several of whom have vowed never to set foot on the property again because of what they found. In 2016, Bigelow sold the ranch to real estate magnate, Brandon Fugal. Fugal has been recording everything that happens on the site including UFOs and ‘light pillars’ reaching into the sky above the ranch.

• Researchers have measured unusually high recordings of electromagnetic waves and radiation at the ranch. Fugal recruited NASA astrophysicist, Dr Travis Taylor to look into it. Dr Taylor’s explanation goes back the 1950’s where above-ground nuclear bomb tests were conducted in neighboring Nevada. Some of the highest concentration of radioactive fall-out was recorded in northeast Utah just 30 miles from the ranch. Travis goes so far as to say, “It’s possible that exposure to radioactive fall-out could cause people to have strange symptoms or hallucinations and see, hear and even do things that might seem abnormal.” Doc Taylor plans to dig further on the site for more clues.

• Ranch superintendent Tom Winterton, however, cautions against digging on the Skinwalker Ranch. Winterton says he did some digging there, and a few days later he noticed a “goose egg” that had formed on the back of his head. By the time his wife brought him to the hospital emergency room, it had spread through his entire head. “My scalp separated from my skull and the pain was excruciating. The doctors didn’t know what had caused it or how to fix it,” said Winterton. “They were telling me that what had happened was medically impossible, and it caused a severe injury. I know I was warned not to dig but I didn’t believe it.”


Mutilated cattle, unexplained crop circles, giant wolves and even reports of UFOs all plague Skinwalker Ranch.

      Dr Travis Taylor and Brandon Fugel

The ‘cursed’ ranch in Utah in the US is the centre of some of the strangest unexplained incidents in the modern world.

Named after an old Native American belief that shape shifters, known as skinwalkers, roam the earth in the guise of giant creatures – and the ranch is said to be right in the path of one such group of beings.

For more than 100 years reports of strange noises, sightings and even deaths have haunted the 512 acre ranch, which is built in the Unitah Basin that was once home to a Native American tribe.

    Robert Bigelow

As early as 1911 there were reports of strange noises coming from the basin and those living on the ranch reported bizarre sightings. By 1979 these had become terrifyingly common.

People living on, or visiting the ranch, have also experienced a raft of strange symptoms from vertigo to nausea and even temporary paralysis.

In 1992 the Sherman family bought the property and things became very dark – cattle were found in fields drained of their blood and with no pools of blood nearby.

As many as a quarter of the herd died in these gruesome circumstances and the Sherman family were so scared by what was happening, the put their home up for sale.

Billionaire Robert Bigelow bought the ranch from the Shermans in 1996 and launched a huge scientific study into what was happening there.
He recruited an army of experts – several of whom have vowed never to set foot on the property again because of what they found.



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