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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum and UFOs

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Richard O’Connor, M.D.

The fifth annual Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) closed yesterday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Panel presentations and forum discussions took place over January 22-25, 2011. While this conference would normally be of little personal interest to me, this year’s roster of invited speakers at the conference caught my attention. Ufologist Stanton Friedman, journalist and well known British UFO authority Nick Pope, venture capitalist and well known UFO authority Jacques Vallee, and well known science writer, brilliant physicist, and History Channel UFO commentator Michio Kaku were invited to speak at this year’s GCF. The title of their presentation? Contact: Learning From Outer Space.

This is a very interesting and welcome new development.

What other familiar faces were invited to speak at the Saudi GCF? The list is a long one, but to name only a few: former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was invited to speak, the Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. We note that President Clinton’s name and photo were conspicuously absent from the long list of pre-announced conference speakers, but he did stand at the podium and he did speak of our world’s ongoing need for innovation. Perhaps in remaining as inconspicuous as possible, President Clinton hoped to avoid being asked any uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing questions regarding UFOs and the intelligence behind them.

The list of speakers and those who attended this conference is a lengthy roster of the movers and the shakers of our civilization’s global business community. Big companies, big money, big ideas. There is one characteristic about such a group as this of which we can be certain: they would not have their time wasted on nonsense. People whose lives operate at this echelon of human endeavor and responsibility do not suffer fools lightly and they keenly realize that naivety regarding the myriad forces that are at play in shaping our world and our reality is not a virtue. After all, it’s business, and these GCF attendees eat, sleep, and drink business.

Therefore, this unique panel of speakers invited to the 2011 GCF composed of Stanton Friedman, Jacques Vallee, Nick Pope, and Michio Kaku is a highly significant indicator that UFO Disclosure is gaining momentum. With this new involvement of the global business community, Disclosure may be imminent. To many of these business leaders, the term UFO will represent an Unprecedented Financial Opportunity.

The Friedman, Vallee, Pope, and Kaku panel were not invited to the GCF in order that GCF attendees could make fun of them, deride them, and call them “nut cases”. They were not invited to the GCF to provide entertainment. They were invited there because the momentum of UFO Disclosure is accelerating, and a great number of highly influential capitalists in our world now know with certainty that the UFO Phenomenon is real. These business leaders are educating themselves about the UFO Phenomenon, trying to put together their After Disclosure game plan in the light of their new awareness of this unprecedented reality. We should pay close attention to these developments and follow this example.

In his SOTU address yesterday evening, President Obama made the point of how quickly our world is changing. He spoke of plans to produce electric cars, high speed trains, and of America’s need to educate and to innovate. He also spoke of biofuels, “clean coal”, and natural gas as being a part of America’s plan to meet our future energy requirements. President Obama made it clear from what he said, and from what he did not say, that the U.S. government establishment will continue its policy of avoiding acknowledgment of the reality of the UFO Phenomenon, it will not be mentioned out loud in public, and our government will continue to simply ignore the fact that there are one or more civilizations who have arrived here and who have apparently developed a means to produce energy that powers machines of transport which make electric cars and high speed trains obsolete and primitive means of transportation, even before they are produced.

As concerned citizens of not only our nation the U.S., but also as citizens of planet Earth, we must continue to ask when this charade will end. How can we, in good conscience, choose to continue to squander our planet’s limited resources and to foul Earth’s environment in the production of machines of transport and methods of energy production that are comparatively primitive, obsolete, and environmentally destructive when viewed in light of the frequently described performance characteristics of UFOs and the energy which powers them? We simply cannot afford to continue to sweep this new reality under the carpet and continue to pretend that it does not exist. In the 1800′s, Native Americans were smarter than this. When introduced to the relatively awesome power of the modern rifle they did not ignore this new development in their reality. They did not say “now that we know these weapons exist, lets just not tell any of the others about them and let us pretend that they do not exist”, nor did they say “we will just have to produce a better arrowhead”. They quickly recognized the need to completely abandon an old and more primitive technology and adopt an obviously superior technology which would serve their needs to produce the food, clothing, and the defense they required.

If what has transpired at the GCF in Riyadh indicates that the business leadership of our global civilization is at last beginning to recognize the UFO Phenomenon as the highly significant factor in the evolution of our civilization’s future that it will be, we can be thankful for the GCF and thankful that there are some important and influential people out there who are now giving the UFO Phenomenon the attention that it rightfully deserves. Would that the leadership of our own government follow their example!

Here is my suggestion to President Obama and to the U.S. Congress. Tell the budding young scientists presently being educated in our universities that the UFO Phenomenon is real, and task them with the mission to discover and then replicate the means of energy production that is utilized to power them. We do not need to “reinvent the wheel”. We need to take this new information that has fallen into our laps and find out how it works in a program of well funded scientific research undertaken by the brightest minds on this planet, unfettered by the secrecy which has stifled previous attempts toward this end by our U.S. military-industrial complex. I believe that President Obama should set up a task force modeled similarly to the “Manhattan Project”, appointed to make Contact with the Visitors, and have this task force attempt to determine who these beings are who are operating the UFOs; from where do they originate, how they have arrived here, how their machines are manufactured, and what means of energy production is used to power them. We should seek to arrange a diplomatic agreement with these Visitors. This is how our nation, and our civilization, can make serious progress to gain the future President Obama spoke of in his SOTU address yesterday evening, and this is how we can protect the precious biosphere of Earth from further degradation through the use of biofuels, “clean coal”, natural gas, or any organic materials which we must combust for energy production. Those methods are of the past. UFOs are of the future. Last but not least, we should ask them how they make the “Genuine” Crop Circles. They are absolutely astounding in their beauty and their complexity!

President Obama’s SOTU address was masterfully delivered with very important content. His skill as an orator is brilliant! I believe his heart is in the right place and he is trying to do his best for the American people. His joke about the smoked salmon was pretty funny, and we had a good laugh about that one! President Obama is the one who can present the UFO truth to the world, framed in his reassurance that we have everything to gain from the expansion that our understanding of this universe will undergo when we open up to this new paradigm without fear.

UFOs are not funny nor are they imaginary, and I would respectfully ask that President Obama acknowledge their presence in our reality to the American people and to the world in order that we can then move on to our future and possibly skip the part where we have more fossil fuels and their toxic by-products poured into our gas tanks, spilled into our oceans, spewed into our air, and breathed into our lungs.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org

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  • De los cobardes no se escribe.Tenemos que tomar la iniciativa,es la ventaja que la humanidad necesita.A los lideres mundiales,tienen la oportunidad si asi lo desean de unirse y dejar las batallas cabernicolas,es tiempo de demostrar que estasmos en desarrollo,que son civilizados,con miras al futuro,todos los seres humanos nos lo merecemos,no sean codiciosos ocultando para si,lo que ya la humanidad conoce,el primer pais que declare lo concerniente al tema se ganara la reputacion y credibilidad del pueblo,no engañen mas.

  • Great discernment is needed here. Get your ambition of wanting to be the first to great these beings. These beings are taking people against their will and experimenting on them. Yes, they could have destroyed us but why destroy your work force or the resources you covet? Don’t just open the doors to unknown forces. It is very unwise. They have shown us they know how to manipulate minds. Don’t trust them. Move very carefully. Read The Allies of Humanity for the real story. http://www.alliesofhumanity.org

  • There is a war between the extraterrestials. They are taking DNA from us because they need to breed more agression into their genetic make up. Other than that, they don’t need to make contact with us.

  • The only advantage of Obama making the ET disclosure announcement is that we’d know for a fact that the truth is the exact opposite of whatever he’s saying.

    Public officials standing in front of a flag, wearing a uniform, or holding a bible have ZERO credibility.

    If disclosure (so-called) is made by the government, or on behalf of the government, by government approved “experts,” rest assured it will be presented as a kernel of truth wrapped in a many-layered lie.

  • Extraterrestrials are here for the one and only thing they can’t manufacture in factories or nuclear reactors on, or mine from asteroids orbiting, their planets: the unique life forms that evolved here. They’re harvesting us, exotic life forms, and trading us around the universe (Betty Hill’s Star Map of “Trade Routes”). American business will like this if they’re not already involved. A cover-up in this case makes perfect sense. Whoever believes that the Extraterrestrials are avoiding public contact and quarantining us because we’re too violent at this stage of our development to join the intergalactic community is one bottle short of a six-pack.

  • The setting up of a task force to make contact sounds like a good idea, but not a necessary one. I say this because it has been accomplished already by folks like Dr.Steven Greer,James Gilliland and myself witnessed by a Dr. of Psychology and good friend of mine. Contact is possible! I’am waiting for govermental recognition of the fact “of course” and disclosure but I wont wait forever. If disclosure does not happen in a reasonable time frame I will be forced to make contact again and become earths embassador. The earth is not flat, the earth revolves around the sun and I can make contact and you can to if you know how.

  • Dear Dr. O”Connor:
    Thank you so much for your lucid, thoughtful and eloquent presentation! Ever so briefly, I have been very fortunate to have traveled to 56 countries on this planet, the result of which greatly expanded not only my view of this planet, but also greatly enlivened my curiosity about the profundity of life beyond it! Not to carry on and on here, let me simply say that I would consider it an honor if I were to become engaged as a human representative in the contact with beings from another part of this vast and incomprehensibly “BEAUTY-FULL” UNIVERSE!!

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