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Necro Nomic Con Shares Experiences of Paranormal, UFOs

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Article by Rozanna M. Martinez                October 25th, 2019                   (abqjournal.com)

• Necro Nomic Con is a paranormal and UFO convention that was held October 26th and 27th at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Founded by Jim Burleson, the event featured panels and ‘meet-and-greets’ with people who shared their UFO and paranormal experiences.

• According to Burleson, New Mexico is a center for paranormal and UFO activity. “Every famous ghost hunting television show or UFO hunting show has all been in New Mexico, where out of the 17 UFOs confirmed crashed, 12 of them have been in New Mexico. We’re kind of the hub for all this craziness with Dulce and Los Alamos and Sandia.”

• Travis Walton whose UFO abduction was documented in the movie, “Fire in the Sky”, spoke on Saturday, October 26th. Six episodes of the new season of “Beyond Roswell” tv series were also screened. Burleson noted that the audience got to see brand new episodes that were still in post-production in Los Angeles.


The fascination of things that go bump in the night combined with the lore of unidentified flying objects will be at the center of Necro Nomic Con.

“Necro Nomic Con is a paranormal and UFO convention,” founder and promoter Jim Burleson said. “We’re highlighting the paranormal aspects of New Mexico and the community that is here in New Mexico. For local ghost hunters and ghost tours and things like that, New Mexico is a big draw.”

                  Jim Burleson

Eventgoers can attend panels and meet-and-greets with people who will share their experiences with the paranormal or UFOs during the festival on Saturday, Oct. 26, and Sunday, Oct. 27, at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino.

“We’re including realty stars from the Ghost Hunter TV shows,” Burleson said. “We have several ghost hunting companies that are appearing to do some live ghost tours on site. We’ve got vendors that are selling things that reflect the industry and the fandom of the paranormal community. We actually have a Catholic priest who is going to discuss exorcism.”

Self-proclaimed UFO abductee Travis Walton will be in attendance to discuss his experience and experiences since then at 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26. Walton’s alleged abduction was documented in the movie “Fire in the Sky.” Author Ken Hudnall, who has written over 80 books on the subject of the paranormal and monsters, will be at the event. He will hold a discussion at 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26.



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