Letter: No Weather Balloon

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May 9, 2019                       (pilotonline.com)

[Editor’s Note]    This is a Letter to the Editor from the Virginian-Pilot, the local newspaper for the Norfolk/Virginia Beach region, from May 9th.

Re: “Navy to take UFO sightings seriously” (front page, April 26): I was so pleased to see that the U.S. Navy has decided that UFOs do exist and they will be investigating the sightings.

In May 1968, while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, I encountered an object in Atlantic Beach, N.C. I was within 50 to 70 feet of the object when it landed and actually seemed to welcome my interest. It made no noise, no thrust, no nothing. It moved around like a laser dot on a screen, an approximately 24-inch-diameter ball of light but left a much larger imprint on the ground. The encounter lasted maybe 15 minutes.

There were four others who witnessed this event. They wanted to report the event, but I refused. I didn’t want to be labeled as some sort of nut. However, the next day I was summoned to a meeting with a Marine Corps captain from Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. He stated he was representing the Air Force’s Blue Book investigation and asked if I wanted to report a UFO. I said to him, “I’m reporting either God, an angel or a UFO, something that flies that we don’t have.” He said I had seen a weather balloon and to return to my duties.

It was no balloon. Ladies and gentlemen, there is something more powerful and knowledgeable than the United State, Russia, China, North Korea and the world combined.

Reginald E. Stubbs, Jr.

Chincoteague Island



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