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Humans Evolved on Another Planet and Were Brought to Earth by Aliens

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by Sean Martin        February 3, 2018        (express.co.uk)

• In his 2013 book Humans Are Not From Earth, Dr Ellis Silver claims that his analysis of the evolution of the human race has brought him to the conclusion that human beings evolved elsewhere in the universe and were brought to Earth by an alien civilization.

• Evidence of this includes our sensitivity to sunlight, our wide array of diseases and ailments, and chronic backaches due to our originating from a darker planet with less gravity.

• Dr Silver believes that it is most likely that that Earth is acting as a ‘prison planet’, which would explain our violent nature as a species.

[Editor’s Note] Or perhaps the Earth is a refuge for different human-type species fleeing planetary catastrophes, and were then genetically modified to acclimate to the Earth’s environment as hypothesized by David Wilcock and others. And alternatively, our propensity for violence may be due to negative ET beings employing widespread mind control over the planet to foment war, fear and strife, in order to create a dark energy “loosh” for their own nourishment. Just saying.


HUMAN beings evolved elsewhere in the universe and were brought to Earth by an alien civilisation to thrive, according to a new theory from a scientist who has been analysing the evolution of the human race.

Researcher and author Dr Ellis Silver has been looking at the human race and its physiology and comparing it to other species on the planet.

He concluded the human race was not born on this planet.

The scientist believes there are many differences between us and other species on Earth that point to the fact that we are actually from elsewhere in the universe.

In his book, aptly titled ‘Humans are not from Earth’, Dr Silver highlights the fact that as a species we are particularly sensitive to sunlight – something that other species seem to be immune to.

He said reptiles use the sun to regulate their temperature, but humans need to avoid spending long periods exposed to the sun as it can make us dizzy and cause heat stroke.

This, Dr Silver says, is evidence that humans are likely to have originated from somewhere where there was not as much sunlight.

Humans also suffer from a wider array of diseases and ailments than other animals, which Dr Silver says is another reason to believe we are from a less sunny planet where there is not as much UV radiation.

Dr Silver said: “We are all chronically ill. Indeed, if you can find a single person who is 100 percent fit and healthy and not suffering from some perhaps hidden or unstated condition or disorder I would be extremely surprised – I have not been able to find anyone.”

The researcher also points to the fact that humans regularly suffer from bad backs, which he says is due to the fact that we likely originally evolved on a planet with much lower gravity.



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Dr Ellis Silver, Human Evolution

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