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Forced & Faked Alien “Abductions” Were Conducted by the CIA Says Renowned Researcher

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Article by Arjun Walia                            May 28, 2020                           (collective-evolution.com)

• Dr. Jacques Vallee, the French astrophysicist who co-developed the first computerized map of Mars for NASA in 1963 and was a close associate Project Blue Book’s J. Allen Hynek, has written several books on the UFO enigma. Vallee has investigated an uncountable amount of case reports regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. He’s been a major player in bringing the UFO phenomenon to the mainstream public. Vallee knows that something real and quite possibly extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional is going on. He is currently a venture capitalist living in San Francisco.

• Credible information regarding UFO sightings, crash retrievals, contact experiences with ‘aliens’, and possible bodies are out there to be examined. But there is a lot of disinformation out there as well. It is well documented that for years intelligence agency and government operatives infiltrated the UFO community for the purpose of deceiving researchers – and for one simple reason: to hide the truth. These disinformation initiatives still seem to be in operation today. On top of disinformation, there has long been an official campaign of ridicule and secrecy as well. Vallee is one of many who have written about the evidence of well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations designed to mislead UFO researchers and the public.

• In one of his latest books, Forbidden Science 4, Vallee makes an entry for March 26, 1992 writing: “I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments.” In the book, Vallee notes that Air Force Colonel Ron Blackburn told Vallee in May 1990 that he was “convinced the government is working on UFOs”. Blackburn said that the chances were “pretty good” that the US government was “fooling” UFO witnesses “by special effects developed by psychological warfare”. “Suppose you shine a week infrared laser into people’s eyes,” said Blackburn. “[I]t won’t hurt them but may induce a hallucinatory state. Experiments have been done where you send a microwave beam through someone’s brain; you pick up the transmitted energy pattern. You can influence people this way, even make them hear things. Holograms have been used too.”

• In 1992, Vallee wrote that he had received a document that the CIA had been involved with staging UFO (alien abductions). There are many examples and evidence that point to staged abductions happening for reasons unknown, and that it’s also continuing today. It’s not surprising if you’ve looked into the CIA’s technologically advanced black budget world with programs like MK Ultra intended to manipulate the perception of the masses.

• In his book, Vallee also mentions retired Air Force Special investigations officer Richard Doty. Doty’s job in the Air Force was to spread disinformation about the UFO subject. Doty has admitted to infiltrating UFO circles along with his colleagues to ‘feed’ ufologists and journalists lies and half-truths so that they would never understand the ‘real truth’.

• Retired university professor Dr. David Jacobs hypnotically regressed people who claimed to have had ET abduction experiences. Thousands of these ‘abductees’ share the same story of forced impregnation and ‘hybrid’ children, among other things. Could some of these forced abduction experiments simply be deep black government projects? Yes. But there are many who have claimed to have had non-threatening or even pleasant encounters with alien beings. Still, even these ‘abductees’ often sensed a military component to the encounter.

• Could the story about President Eisenhower’s meeting with aliens and the secret deal to allow a certain amount of human abductions in exchange for technology also be fabricated? Could all reported alien abductions be military operations? It’s not likely.


Throughout history, the field of ufology and the examination of the extraterrestrial hypothesis has, without a doubt, been overcome with a plethora of

                      Dr. Jacques Vallee

disinformation. Those who have dived into the depths of ufology know this best, as it’s well documented that ‘outsiders’ from intelligence agencies and governments have infiltrated the field for the purposes of deceiving researchers and people who are interested in the topic for one simple reason, to keep them

          Dr. David Jacobs

away from the truth. On top of these disinformation campaigns, which still seem to be in operation today, there has long been an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” (Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Ex CIA director) associated with the subject. This is why I encourage all those reading who dive into this subject to stick with facts, data, and evidence rather than entertain what seem to be outlandish claims that in no way, at all, can be verified.

I’d like to draw your attention to Dr. Jacques Vallee, who holds a master’s degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D. in computer science. The subject of UFOs first attracted his attention as an astronomer in Paris. He subsequently became a close associate of Project Blue Book’s J. Allen Hynek and has written several books on the UFO enigma. He is currently a venture capitalist living in San Francisco. Vallée co-developed the first computerized map of Mars for NASA in 1963. He later worked on the network information center for the ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet, as a staff engineer of SRI International’s Augmentation Research Center under Douglas Engelbart.

                     Richard Doty

He’s a researcher that’s had a very interesting life, to say the least, with regards to researching the topic of UFOs. He’s come into contact with and had meetings with most experts in the field, politicians from around the world, high ranking military personnel and much more. His journey into the subject has led him to investigate an uncountable amount of case reports regarding UFOs and supposed extraterrestrial beings, and he’s been a major player with regards to bringing the mainstream scientific community forward to look at the evidence and data that’s involved with such a serious subject, that, in his time, was largely ridiculed. He is an important reason why the phenomenon has gained as much credibility as it has today.

Valle is one of many who have written about and documented the startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers, diverting them from the UFO phenomenon itself, what’s really going on.

In one of his latest books, Forbidden Science 4, he shares a record of his private study into unexplained phenomena between 1990 and the end of the millennium, during which he was traveling around the global pursuing his professional work as a high-technology investor. It’s a bit of a diary, documenting his experiences and encounters/meetings as he tries to examine and explore the phenomenon.



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