Video – Extraterrestrial life and World Government Policies

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Video of presentation by Dr Michael Salla on extraterrestrial life and world government policies at the Exopolitics Congress 2012 is now available for free online. The Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic from May 11-13, 2012, and was organized by Exopolitika Czech Republic and promoted by the non-profit organization Goscha. The video was recorded by Robert Fleischer (Exopolitics Germany) and is available here and embedded below.

Presentation Abstract
This presentation gives an overview of national government policies on extraterrestrial life. Presentation begins with a popular typology of extraterrestrial civilizations and proposes a motivation for their visitation in terms of how thermonuclear weapons may interfere with the propulsion systems of advanced civilizations in the vicinity of our planet and/or space time continuum. Presentation then focuses on how international responses to visiting extraterrestrials has been coordinated by governments and select global institutions, such as the Bilderberg Group, in the economic and political spheres. Military coordination by NATO member states in implementing shoot to kill orders against UFOs is examined, as is a coordinated response to extraterrestrials among us. Finally, a number of global initiatives are examined including the 1978 initiative by Sir Eric Gairy, Prime Minister of Grenada, to have the United Nations study extraterrestrial life; and the scientific impact of exoplanets being discovered in the habitable region of different solar systems.

Thanks to Robert Fleischer (Exopolitics Germany) for generously donating his time and resources to record and upload this video.

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  • Dr Michael Salla presents about ten cases that document communication between governments and extraterrestrials. There are probably hundreds to choose from historically and the ones he does are drawn from the last 60 years… really from the time of the Bilderberg Society was founded.

    Hundreds of millions of dollars seem to have changed hands when Bilderberg was founded; Dr. Salla tracks the money trail events that occur afterwards with a couple of real shockers that make you wonder how they could have escaped the mainstream press.

    The lecture deviates from strictly ET/Govt content, and this is kind of understood due the nature of the subject. Since ETs have no set definition whatsoever, a little discussion for has to be given as to what an ET is. A quick 5 minute drill has to be given to qualm the millions of opinions that people have.

    Dr. Salla is probably one of the few teachers and not preachers on UFOlogy. He presents documentaton that he feels is historically signicant and this is judged by the amounts of money that are involved and the credibility of the witnesses- seems like a good way to do it. You get a gut feeling that Dr. Salla would like to stir up people into believing that this UFO/Govt relationship exists and that UFO exist for that matter, but Salla doesn’t cross the line of salemanship and sticks to the facts he has pulled from third party sources.

    When a slew of facts seem to buttress a premise Salla resorts to backstepping and asking the audience a series of questions so you can never accuse him of deliberately leading anyone into believing anything. At the end of the discourse, you’d think for sure Dr. Salla would try to seal the deal, especially after he has announced that an acutal class will be offered on UFO Government Policy- but he does the exact opposite! He shows having absolutely no problem in recognizing that despite his resourceful talk there are those who don’t accept any of his findings and he is completely at peace with that. A firm purpose with an open mind. I like that.

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