Extraterrestrial Science through Understanding the “Etherians”?

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What are some of the basics behind the different kinds of ET craft that seem to come in and out of our physical reality frame, to counteract gravity and inertia, to create MACRO QUANTUM effects and so on? All ET may have to behave according to some rules and most seem to be respectful toward us. Perhaps a minimum degree of a more ORGANIC consciousness would be necessary to be allowed to operate on Earth (and inside) whether positively or negatively inclined.  That consciousness would go hand in hand with a science that probably makes use of a realm that transcends and includes what we normally experience as the “Physical Realm.”  


To understand who is positive and primarily in “service to others” or negative or primarily in “service to self” would be innacurate based on the more dichotomous judgment standards we employ along with a common sense and science based on our classical physical experience. We would need to beging to understand retrocausality applicable to the Physical Realm but ultimately stemming (along with regular time-forward causality) from a higher non physical symmetry. However (as a brief comment diverging a little from the main theme of this article) I think that there should be much more recognition of benevolent extraterrestrial groups, similar in typology to Earth humans. By “benevolent” I mean respectful of consious free will choice and not only of subconsious free will. Also respectful of a preparation for contact process.



In spite of the interest in abductions (whether Et or human made) and a sense of reality that only validates an “us vs. them” mentality) these friendlier, conversant, respectful contacts (which have been ridiculed and misunderstood) are also real and would be highly beneficent for humanity helping us to (re) insert ourselves into a vast cosmic community; a vast galactic “family.” Those ETs of similar typology and human demeanor,  character and ‘feel’ may be for us (at this point in our individual-collective awareness) easier to contact as was the case of the 1950’s contacts. However, not all ‘space brothers’ need to be “Nordic” as mindlessly repeated in some places and eventually not all of them need to be human. And -while still benevolent and quite sufficiently human-looking – not all of them need be as easy to relate with psychologically as the kind space ‘friends’ George Adamski met. But that’s another theme. However, don’t miss it:  Carefully check out www.adamskifoundation.com and check out Steckling video interviews like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z39tL4m6Vm4



Now, regarding the “Ethereans” (Etherean ETs) sometimes referred to in (non classical physics “nuts & bolts” limited UFO literature): This should be clarified to get a more scientific idea of it so that people may not think that space brothers (blond human shaped or not) is not a wishful thinking situation: Thinking about “ethereans” for some years I think that various rates of physical density (degrees of limitation into time forward space time experience) exist as the larger Physical Realm (a realm predominantly organized according to specific space time principles, material causality and its logic) interacts (in corresponding various degrees) with the Subtle Realm (also organized under space and time inclusive principles, another form of material causality and logic). In the Subtle Realm interiors (subjectivities) and exteriors (limiting material correlates to experience) would be causally co-equal and posses another form of substance; a space and time transcending and including “mental substance” (some of its sublevels are called the ‘astral subplanes’).



The nexi or intermediate combinations between the space time exteriorly experientially expressed Physical Realm and the null space time exteriorly expressed Subtle Realm is what we may call or experience as the “physical” etheric planes. They are stable intermediate states that retransmit the vivification of experiential menaing from the Subtle Realm into the Physical. They are actual but only perceived as potential from our ordinary causally time-forward, conscious experience. However, these intermediate “etheric” states transduce the retrocausal aspects (transcended and included under a higher metaphysical symmetry in the Subtle Realm). These retrocausal aspects are needed to materialize physical substance under space time parameters. They are expected under some quantum mechanical solutions that incorporate Einstein’s relativity (like the Klein-Gordon solution to Einstein’s original equation which in itself included physical momentum under a square root that gave a positive time-forward causal result and  time-backward causal solution). http://www.sintropia.it/thesis.pdf



The internal, non-local, holographic universe would originate in a Subtle Realm state prior to an experiential subdivision of time-forward and time-backwards complementary causalities. Also, inasmuch as the time-forward and time-backward physically relevant causalities cancel each other, we experience a partial return to the Subtle Realm state from which physical experience and the Physical Realm stem from.   Both degree of duality experience (and experiential decoding/interpretation (or epistemology) and exterior reality (ontology) co-exist inextricably. Only pure, non-dual “Consciousness” includes them both (and is not limited to subjectivity and epistemology).
The ETs are of the Physical Realm which is subdivided into various “densities” and rates of vibration according to how it stably relates with the Subtle Realm. Many ETs (while still physical and within space time exterior material causal predominance, thus still needing physical technology) originate in less “dense” alternative stable physical sub realms, with less inertia, entropy and other space time dependent physical parameters. The subtler (or more connected with the Subtle Realm) a physical reality is, the more negentropy, syntropy or self-organizing (converging) tendencies are experienced in a conscious manner from what could be today understood as “quantum potential retrocausal influences.”
We may perceive almost as spiritual forms and-or as luminous forms (from our ‘denser’ perspective) some of the less physically dense ETs (beyond what’s been termed “4th density” which still experience 3 Space directions of ‘distance’+ 1 Time rate of experience combining time-forward and time-backward to various degrees for the conscious mind). These can more easily be called “ethereans” (especially from our less etherean perspective) as some early contactees and researchers (Mead Lane comes to mind) did. However, we would also be “ethereans” to a lesser degree that normally limits us experientially to a linear (time-forward related) causality, greater exterior inertia (and less of its opposite “initia”) and so forth.  However, as said, even if the more etheran ETs can make more conscious and psychic use of Subtle Realm causality through a more conscious mental aactualization/manipulation of (normally subsconsciously experienced) retrocausal physical aspects, they are not purely Subtle or discarnate beings.
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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.


  • One method would be to start at the beginning. It does appear that there was a big bang of sorts, but this appears to have been more of a temporal leak. The singularity from our perspective exploded faster than the speed of light (BBC News). This would have produced an explosion in time as well as space and the result is two universes one with a prevalence of particles cast into the past, and one with a prevalence of waves cast into the future. Because light bounces back and forth between these two universes, sometimes a wave and sometimes a particle, it pulls these two universes closer together. As they are both linked to the singularity you have a triangle with a 60 or 90 degree angle and light bouncing back and forth. Time travels around this triangle and the singularity itself represents the ‘now’ a sort of stasis bubble in time.

    The thinking is that we are physically in the particle universe but our minds may come from the wave universe. As our universe was cast backwards through time we have a fixed future and are heading towards the big bang which is thus the alpha and the omega. Our minds however may originally have come from the wave universe (hence Reverse Speech and the answer being given before the question is asked). Light comes from the singularity and is not entirely present in either universe. I am confident therefore that the speed of light barrier cannot be breached.

    There is a possibility that if our minds come from the wave universe (thus being a sort of hybrid mixed creature) that other forms of life that exist entirely within the wave universe may somehow be able to independently visit our particle universe or be visually present by manipulating the light that bounces back from their universe to ours. These creatures would be energetic not physical but may be able to become physical for limited periods of time. Their good behaviour may be to avoid some form of temporal paradox and the danger of a snap back.

    The universe is more complex that we currently understand. Gravity and Lifeforce like Electricity and Magnetism may be at right angles to each other allowing human levitation. Where Electricity and Magnetism merge together at high intensity to form light, Mass and Lifeforce may merge together at high intensity to form ‘the winged disc’ an energy at right angles to a special form of light emitted from stars that go super nova, and this could lead to a form of panspermia with creatures being raptured onto the light and sent out into space (to avoid the death of their star), leading to possession effects as well as focussing the energy at the centre of hollow planets due to the curvature of the shell (thus Jehovah).

    And so on…. etc. etc. General sources here are the Tarot cards. There is a lot because we know so little. Our science is very poor. Hollow planets lead to Death Stars and the universe may be a dangerous place. The speed of light barrier is a great protection but there may be others from elsewhere as suggested.

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