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Tic Tac UFOs Belong to USAF Secret Space Program Says Intelligence Specialist

The famed Tic Tac shaped craft captured on video and sighted by multiple US Navy pilots beginning in 2004 are advanced US Air Force spacecraft capable of traveling at 500 mph underwater and 24,000 mph into space according to a former intelligence specialist in electronic communications.

Mike Turber claims that he served with the USAF as an intelligence specialist and later with various defense contractors where he had Top Secret security clearance and access to various Special Access Programs (SAP’s) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) projects.

Turber came forward in two interviews he gave on November 4 and December 2, 2019, where he presented information he has received from “official government” sources that the Tic Tac sightings are USAF hybrid aerospace craft capable of traveling underwater, in the air and into outer space.

He says that the incredible speeds the USAF craft can achieve both in the atmosphere and underwater is due to its ability to utilize the principle of supercavitation [timestamp 39:40], where a cavitation bubble is created around a craft moving water molecules out of the craft’s flight path and eliminating friction as explained by Wikipedia:

A supercavitating object is a high-speed submerged object that is designed to initiate a cavitation bubble at its nose. The bubble extends (either naturally or augmented with internally generated gas) past the aft end of the object and prevents contact between the sides of the object and the liquid. This separation substantially reduces the skin friction drag on the supercavitating object.

According to Turber, the Tic Tac craft were assembled in Palmdale, California at a highly classified Air Force facility called “Plant 42”. According to Global Security, a number of major aerospace companies operate out of this enormous facility:

Air Force Plant 42 is at Palmdale, CA, north of Pasadena in Los Angeles County. It is operated by Lockheed, Rockwell International, Northrop, and Nero. AFP 42 is located in the northeastern portion of Los Angeles County, California, within the Antelope Valley of the Mojave Desert, approximately 80 miles north of Los Angeles. It has over 6,600 acres (the government owns 85%) and includes approximately 4.2 million square feet of floor space (the government owns 45%). The site includes multiple high bay buildings and airfield access with flyaway capability. The facility also has one of the heaviest load-bearing runways in the world.

The most well-known corporation is Lockheed Martin’s famed Skunk Works which moved to Plant 42 from Burbank, California, in 1989.

According to Turber, he worked at Plant 42 after his Air Force career and realized that some of the craft being secretly constructed there were related to the Tic Tac sightings which he first learned about in 2005. He says that at the time he worked with the Air Force and was analyzing radio communications from Navy pilots discussing their sightings of UFOs that could maneuver both in the air and sea.

Turber says that he knows of at least three models of hybrid air, sea and space vehicles that have been built at Plant 42. He asserts that at least 20 of these had been built and deployed during the time he worked at Plant 42. The largest is 46 feet long which allows it to be easily loaded onto trucks for easy transportation along California’s highway system.

He asserts that the USAF Tic Tac craft use advanced stealth and invisibility technology, and that the USAF deployed them near Navy ships to test pilot reactions, and to essentially “mess with the Navy”.

Turber says that the Navy has now developed similar craft, and that major nations such as China and Russia have developed the exact same craft [timestamp 17:50]. China’s hybrid spacecraft are more evolved than Russia’s and quickly catching up to the USAF craft.

The Tic Tac craft are not reverse engineered from extraterrestrial spacecraft, according to Turber. Instead they were first developed in the 1950s from civilian sources such as Dundee University, before finding their way to institutions such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (timestamp 32:25). In contrast, multiple insiders claim that advanced aerospace technologies were reverse engineered from captured extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Turber says that several of the Tic Tac shaped hybrid craft were deployed over North Korea in November 2017, to intimidate its paramount leader, Kim Jung-Un, and President Donald Trump was informed of the craft’s deployment and purpose.

Turber’s testimony is important since it explains the origins and performance of the Tic Tac UFOs that major media outlets began to report in detail back on December 16, 2017, after the New York Times and Politico covered the issue in major stories.

According to Turber, the media’s tepid response to the revelation was a major factor in him coming forward. He insists that rather than being a whistleblower, he has been encouraged to come forward by official sources to reveal his testimony and prepare the public for the major revelations that lie ahead.

Unfortunately, Turber has not shared any official documents confirming his Air Force career and work with different military contractors. This is puzzling since other former USAF personnel and corporate employees, such as Edgar Fouche, have publicly released such documentation when they have come forward to reveal their insider knowledge of the TR-3B and Aurora Project without suffering any repercussions.

What Turber did share with his interviewer, Jim Breslo, was data from the Google Maps timeline feature that showed that on November 18, 2017, his phone recorded a flight from Ontario, California to the US East Coast that lasted one hour and 24 minutes [timestamp 1:17:40]. Turber alluded to the incident as objective evidence that he was involved in a highly classified aerospace project at the time but was not able to reveal more details.

The phone data timeline indeed does corroborate his core claim of having worked on classified aerospace projects since it is difficult to explain how anyone using a conventional aviation transport can travel from the West to East coast in 84 minutes. Nevertheless, the Google Maps travel timeline isn’t sufficient to corroborate what his “official” sources told him, so hopefully Turber will share some of his documentation to substantiate his military and aerospace career.

Breslo brought up the remarkable similarity between the flight performance of the Tic Tac craft and a Navy patent for a Hybrid Aerospace Underwater Craft (HAUC) which I have previously discussed, and which Brett Tingley and Tyler Rogoway, writing for The Drive, have connected to the Tic Tac incidents.

The Navy patent explains how the craft is able to travel without friction under water and through the air by creating a quantum vacuum bubble around it: as explained by Tingley:

In the Navy’s patent application for the HAUC, it’s claimed that the radical abilities of propulsion and maneuverability are made possible thanks to an incredibly powerful electromagnetic field that essentially creates a quantum vacuum around itself that allows it to ignore aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces and remove its own inertial mass from the equation. Thus, the ability to generate such high-frequency electromagnetic waves is key to the alleged abilities of this theoretical hybrid craft that can soar near effortlessly through air and water at incredible speeds with little to no resistance or inertia.

Turber dismissed the Navy patent as bogus [timestamp 36:18], yet the principle of a quantum vacuum around the craft being generated by electromagnetic energy makes for a compelling explanation for how such craft could achieve supercavitation when traveling through different mediums such as water, air, and space.

Turber’s testimony is very helpful since it directly points to the Tic Tac craft being part of a USAF secret space program, and that these assets are now in the process of being handed over to the new Space Force, just as predicted in the US Air Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force. That means exciting times lie ahead as Space Force unveils the secret space program it has inherited from the USAF.

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Further Reading


‘Black Triangle’ UFO Sightings Around the World Span Decades


Article by George Knapp                        January 28, 2020                            (krqe.com)

• Huge, silent, black triangle or boomerang shaped craft have been reported and even filmed flying over populated areas all across North America and Europe for decades. In the early 1980s, hundreds of nighttime sightings were reported in rural New York. In 1989, ten thousand witnesses watched and photographed several huge black triangle craft fly silently over Belgium. Belgian Air Force F-16 jets couldn’t keep up with the triangles’ virtually impossible maneuvers. In 1997, thousands watched a gigantic triangle-shaped craft fly across the Phoenix night sky. Military officials first said they hadn’t seen anything, and then claimed that it had been a National Guard unit training with flares at night. The public didn’t buy it.

• Large black triangle craft were seen over Russia as early as the 1970s. Recently, the mystery triangles have been seen in every US state, flying low and slow over cities. The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a private Las Vegas organization, has a database of more than 1,000 black triangle reports. NIDS’ Dr. Colm Kelleher headed a four-year investigation of the black triangles. He notes that “These things are huge …football-field size. [S]ometimes they’re stealthy, but a lot of the times they’re flying with extremely bright lights. They’re always silent.” Radar have documented these craft dropping 20,000 feet in a matter of seconds. Said Kelleher, “Why would unacknowledged aircraft be flying at 500 to 1,000 feet over populated areas? …If they’re a classified military project, why are military jets scrambled to go after them?”

• In 2019, Las Vegas journalist Cateland White watched as a dark behemoth flew over her backyard. Said White, “It was triangular shaped, and there were rectangular reflectors. There was no interior light coming out of it at all. …It was really slow. And I couldn’t figure out how it was staying in the air.” It seemed to be heading toward nearby Nellis Air Force Base. When White contacted the base, a base representative told her, ‘Ma’am, I’m going to tell you one more time and this is the last time I’m gonna tell you. You will forget what you saw. And you won’t tell anybody.’ “The man said, ‘I don’t want you to talk about this anymore’”.

• These black triangles have often been seen near military installations. One huge craft was spotted on a runway at Groom Lake (Area 51), part of Nellis Air Force Base. Some speculate that these are secret advanced military blimps, capable of carrying large deployments of troops or tanks to remote locations. The Pentagon has awarded three contracts for the development of big airships. Others think that the Department of Homeland Security may be using them to spy on suspected domestic terrorists within the United States. A high tech airship could suck up every fax, phone call and email as it passes over.

• The NIDS database shows that in the past two years sightings of giant triangles over major cities have skyrocketed. Whoever’s flying them isn’t worried about their existence being known. When NIDS posted its study online it was swamped with nearly 100,000 inquiries, mostly from the aerospace industry. “So there’s a tremendous amount of interest in this topic,” says Kelleher. “Are these aircraft ours are they somebody else’s?[And] if not ours, who’s?”

[Editor’s Note]  In chapter 15 of Dr Michael Salla’s 2019 book: US Air Force Secret Space Program – Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances & Space Force, he discusses the origin of the US Air Force’s top secret Aurora Program which developed the TR-3B triangle craft, able to perform both in the earth’s atmosphere and in near space. Salla cites Edgar Fouche who confirms that the TR-3B, code named ‘Astra’, was a tactical reconnaissance craft developed in the 1970s and built by private aerospace companies for the Air Force during the 1980s. Fouche served with the US Air Force from 1967 to 1987 and then spent another eight years with defense contractors working on a number of classified aviation programs at Groom Lake Area 51.

From November 1989 to April 1990, prototype black flying triangles, approximately 250 feet in length, were sighted and photographed in Scotland and Belgium by hundreds of witnesses including police officers. On March 30, 1990, the Belgium Air Force sent F-16 fighter jets to intercept a flying triangle. According to Fouche the 600-foot wide model TR-3B became operational in the early 1990’s, and three were flying by 1994.

The TR-3B employs a “Magnetic Field Disrupter” which rotates highly pressurized mercury-based plasma around a circular accelerator ring, reducing the craft’s weight by a factor of 89%. Three rocket engines using conventional fuel sources like hydrogen, oxygen and/or methane provide the thrust. The TR-3B is a high altitude, stealth, reconnaissance platform with an indefinite loiter time. Fouche claimed that the TR-3B was able to silently hover for at least 10 minutes and gave off “a corona of silver blue light” that glowed around it while hovering.

Corey Goode asserts that the TR-3B was a “hand me down” to the USAF’s military space program and to cabal “elites” from an even more highly classified space program controlled by NASA along with the Antarctic German Space Program.


Huge, silent, unknown craft have been reported flying over populated areas dating back decades. What are they?

Black triangles or boomerang shaped objects, some larger than any known aircraft, have been documented, even filmed, over cities all across North America, as well as in Europe. If they’re a classified military project, investigators wonder, then why are military jets scrambled to go after them?

                 Dr. Colm Kelleher

“They launched on several occasions top-of-the-line military aircraft against these things and they were left in the dust,” says Dr. Colm Kelleher of the National Institute for Discovery Science. “One minute they’re overhead, and the next they’re over the horizon.

Dr. Kelleher managed an investigation of the black triangles back in 2004, which coincidentally is the same year the U.S. Navy encountered a now-famous UFO known as the “Tic Tac.”

So what were those black triangles, and who, if anyone, was flying them? A special 2-Part report, only on mysterywire.com.


MYSTERY WIRE — In 1997, thousands of eyewitnesses watched in awe as a boomerang-shaped formation of lights cruised slowly and silently over the city of Phoenix.
“They’re lined up in a pattern,” one witness said as a camera recorded the event.

                 Cateland White

Witnesses first thought these were separate lights flying in formation, but quickly realized the lights were all part of a single gigantic something. Military officials were asked about the Phoenix lights but said they hadn’t seen anything.

Months later, they explained that a National Guard unit had been training with flares near the city. The public in general didn’t buy it.

Eight years earlier, the airspace over Belgium was repeatedly violated by huge unidentified black triangles. Ten thousand witnesses saw them. Several of the triangles were photographed. The Belgian Air Force dispatched F-16s to intercept and destroy the unknown intruders, but the triangles performed maneuvers that seemed virtually impossible.

Research scientist Dr. Colm Kelleher recounts the Belgium incident. “On several occasions they launched the top-of-the-line military aircraft against these things, and they were left standing. They were left in the dust.”

“One minute these things are overhead and the next minute they’re on the horizon,” Kelleher said.

Kelleher spent several years with the National Institute for Discovery Science, or NIDS, a private Las Vegas science organization. A four-year NIDS study of the mystery triangles has found that these craft have been seen for decades all over the world.

In the early ’80s, there were hundreds of nighttime sightings in rural New York. Belgium was inundated in the late ’80s. But more recently, the mystery triangles have really come out of the closet and have been seen in every state, including Nevada, flying low and slow over cities.

“These things are huge,” Kelleher said. “These things are football-field size, sometimes they’re stealthy, but a lot of the times they’re flying with extremely bright lights. They’re always silent.”

NIDS now has a database of more than 1,000 black triangle reports, 17 of them from Nevada. The witnesses often say the craft seemed to float like a blimp or airship. But they’re also capable of aeronautical magic.



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