Author, Scientist Highlights Reported UFO Sightings in Montana

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by Mike Ferguson             May 10, 2018                  (

• Joan Bird, the author of Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials, tells of a couple of the more famous cases of Montana citizens seeing a UFO.

• In 1950, Nick Mariana and his secretary watched two silver objects moving together across the sky. They took video of the spinning discs, but nearby Malmstrom Air Force Base officials took Mariana’s film and “removed the good stuff,” said Bird.

• In the summer of 1940, Udo Wartena was in the Confederate Gulch in Broadwater County near Montana state capitol, Helena, when he heard a humming noise and spied a 100-foot saucer hovering over a meadow. A saucer landed and an occupant came out of the saucer. The ‘alien’ apologized to Wartena saying, “We didn’t know you were here. We need water. Can we take some of yours?” The human-looking alien (who also spoke English) invited Wartena to board the saucer and showed him two counter-rotating magnets that the aliens used to nullify Earth’s gravity.

• “They were men just like us, and very nice chaps,” Wartena told his daughter. She said her father “felt remarkable love or comfort in their presence and did not want to leave them.” Wartena told his story to a few people but suffered ridicule afterward.

• Citing the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, Bird says a majority of the 3,500 people claiming contact with extraterrestrials said following their encounter they felt increased compassion, a deeper interest in spiritual matters, an increased concern for the welfare of the planet and a conviction that there’s life after death. What they felt less of was a concern with material things, an interest in organized religion, a fear of death and the desire to become more well-known. Only 15 percent reported having a negative experience, she said.

[Editor’s Note] This incident in the summer of 1940 could be one of the earliest cases of an encounter with the “Space Brothers”, members of the German Vril Society space program, which was a benevolent group led by Maria Orsic that promoted peace and brotherhood as a counter-point to the emergent and malevolent Nazi/Draco space program. See this past ExoNews article for more on UFOs over Montana and the Nick Mariana UFO sighting.


Joan Bird believes in UFO sightings and stories of human contact with extraterrestrials, but after immersing herself in testimony and research, “I sometimes have to back off and go watch birds or something.”

“There is a limit to how much we can take,” the Helena author told a crowd of about 45 people Wednesday at the Western Heritage Center. “I know this is a lot to digest, but keep chewing.”

A trained zoologist and biologist with an earned doctorate, Bird wrote the book “Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials.” She’s scheduled to speak again at noon Thursday at the Western Heritage Center in a talk sponsored by Humanities Montana.

With a smile, she noted her book “earned me a five-saucer review from UFO Magazine” before the periodical ceased publication in 2012.

Bird’s talk focused in part on people claiming UFO sightings in Montana. One, Nick Mariana, who was working in 1950 for the then-Great Falls Electrics minor league baseball team (now the Voyagers), shot film that purportedly shows two silver objects moving together in the sky. Mariana’s secretary said she also saw them.

Bird’s research showed that Malmstrom Air Force Base officials took Mariana’s film and “removed the good stuff,” she said. The original film reportedly showed the discs spinning.

Closer to home, Udo Wartena said he was prospecting in the Confederate Gulch in Broadwater County during the summer of 1940 when he heard a humming noise and spied a 100-foot saucer hovering over a meadow. He said someone came out of the saucer apologizing. “We didn’t know you were here,” the alien told Wartena. “We need water. Can we take some of yours?”



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