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Amazing video of multidimensional object filmed over Mt Adams, Washington State

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James Gilliland is the founder of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) Ranch established at Mt Adams, Washington State. Over the years since its founding, James has filmed some of the most extraordinary videos of UFOs and/or multidimensional beings ever captured. The videos have been featured in a number of documentaries and witnessed by hundreds of individuals. Scientists from different government agencies have visited to examine the UFO sightings at his Mt Adams retreat. Below is an amazing video of a UFO/multidimensional being filmed from his ECETI ranch on August 13, 2010.

For more info read the following article: "Amazing UFO video supports claim of alien base inside Mt Adams, Washington."

To learn more about James Gilliland & ECETI visit his website at: www.ECETI.org ..

James is a featured speaker at the 5th Annual Earth Transformation Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dec 29 to Jan 2, 2011

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Comments (8)

  • The footage is impressive on its own, without the “woo woo” music which detracts from its credibility, but which is easy enough to mute. Looks like something under much better control than a “wind-blown plastic bag”.

  • Nobody likes good evidence better than I do. This is an interesting bit of footage. More data would be of interest. Weather data, audio signals, radio emissions, radar (not necessarily airport, but maybe automobile radar), other RF signals, non-infrared photometry,etc, etc, etc all would be helpful. To beat a dead saying into the ground: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I am NOT saying you did not see something amazing. I am not even being as skeptical as I should be, honestly, just trying to hold our own standards to the  very high intelligence we assume our visitors to have themselves.

  • The interesting thing is the claim that one has to be at this ranch to see these "dimensional entities", which is not true. As Exopolitics have been advised previously, these phenomena are not new, they are studied here in Australia (without donations expected or taken) as research for 2 years and no response from the emails to your organisation, so why should  I  respond to your flippant regard to gain donations for your continuation?
    If you want to see real study and images captured by FRJS Research (Australia) with full frame HD stills and video and infrared, then maybe check my research and this is also not new to many that capture these entities on video on a daily basis around the world, TRUTH.
    So if your interest is truly to "Disclosure", then your organisation would be doing more than trying to raise donations for research which is already being carried out, wouldn't they?
    Maybe like approaching a mainline media network to actually show the public what is actual reality would be a start.
    Jim Strong

  • interesting. i had to turn the audio off so i could concentrate on the video. please let the video speak for itself and don't add music that is not related or that distracts.

    to me, evidence of multidimensionality is when the object phases in and out of sight, suggesting a change of frequency and/or a change of dimension. i see no evidence of that in this video.

  • Mr Gilliland!
    You have to do better than showing some decrepit object with the vodoo chant, to impress me.
    For myself, I am beyond hypnotic suggestions, evangelical halliluyahs, and all the other bullshit.
    My journey in this life is above idiocy, just a hint of the intelligent being that I am, just don't  refer this conversation to some crap-head psychiatrist used by the state to enable, arrest and conceal  the truth of alien or other life-form of which the earth is only a part in this universe.
    We are in the age of information technology, nothing is a secret anymore, artificial intelligence will make a full disclosure with the aid of the seven horsemen. Who or what is the seven horsemen?, the human race will behold them, aliens or not aliens, spacecrafts or not, but they will be unstoppable by the military defence systems when the time is right, be patient, we don't need a bag of tricks to convince the human race.
    It will come to pass in this lifetime, and no earthly powers can stop the 'revelation', attach no religious persuasions to this.
    The message has been handed to us through the ages, but the state and it's power-brokers have succeded to blind and enslave the human mind of our dimensions.
    "I told you so."  

  • "Is this a light being or is it a light ship?" is the question asked.
    Surely THE LOGICAL QUESTION would be "What is it?"
    Don't get me wrong, i'd like to know what it is. Some peeps are just so desperate for salvation that they see alien life everywhere. Others are onto the game and know that they can make money/kudos out of it.

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