Abnormal Figure Emerging from Pacific Ocean

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by Svilen Petrov                   April 16, 2019                     (maritimeherald.com)


Evidence of alleged extraterrestrial origin no longer appear on the internet, so it’s no surprise that news portals continue to share with the public photos and videos of UFOs or aliens disguised as humans, have you seen the footage where conductive shows your reptilian identity?

According to the UFO SPAIN, a huge dark triangle recently emerged in the Pacific Ocean, this event was captured by the infrared channel of a NOAA satellite.

Like this event, there are many others that awaken the most crazy conspiracy theories. Recently we showed you an image in Machu Pichu that shocked several internauts for the clear sample of the alien existence.

This case was reported by a UFO researcher when he was studying data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA). The specialist admitted that he cannot find a logical explanation for the huge and mysterious object.

4:23 minute NOAA satellite video of black triangle hovering over the Pacific Ocean



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