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Time to re-visit a classic – UFOs on the Record – a Political Act

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By Victor Viggiani M.Ed.
News Director -The ZlandCommunications News Network

Leslie Kean’s UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.

Author and journalist Leslie Kean may have written a blockbuster on what pilots and generals know about UFOs; but has the mainstream press over-looked this powerful piece of journalism that could change American politics and even alter history itself?

Quite often works on the UFO issue like Ms. Kean’s, rise to prominence then disappear. Those familiar with the UFO issue have witnessed this time and again. After reading a professional piece of journalism like that produced by Leslie Kean most would agree that this work must never suffer that fate – not only because of its factual content and accuracy but for the political fire-storm it could ignite if taken seriously by her peers in the mainstream media.

The Constitution of the United States allows Leslie Kean to state her case – but it doesn’t necessarily grant her the influence held by some who are far more powerful. This is precisely why it is essential that the media re-visit her work – to take the conversation to the people.

Ms. Kean is far too professional to publicly criticize her colleagues in the relentlessly punishing world of the press and big media for ignoring the serious national security issues raised in her work as well as her open invitation to government to participate in meaningful, public discussion and investigation of the UFO matter.

At least a dozen of her colleagues should have rushed into a White House Press Conference – book in hand – presenting it as more powerful than the likes of the Pentagon Papers or the initial news of a bungled burglary at the Watergate building. “President Obama – have you read this?”

The intention of this piece is to rectify this situation by challenging those in the media who are on the cusp of making a dramatic move to propel this issue to the front burner of North American newspapers and investigative news programs. These people do exist.

National Security, Governance and CIA Media Mendacity
Consider this. Be it a Congressional crisis, a Senate scandal, election tampering, an act of terrorism or a US financial collapse, it is expected that the media will grab the issue by the throat and throttle answers from the mouths of elected officials. It is the opinion of many in the UFO research community the evidence and national security implications unearthed by Ms. Kean and many other researchers about UFOs and government secrecy is, by comparison more grave than anyone can imagine.

The shocking and indisputable nature of the evidence provided by Kean goes far beyond filibusters and fiscal cliffs. The evidence gives rise to questions that are not only fundamental to constitutional law, politics, jurisprudence and national security but ultimately raises a substantive question about governance: Who actually runs the United States of America?

Kean’s testimony and whistle-blowers are still poised to precipitate a frightening political train wreck in Washington DC. Sometimes there are certain things that even the most influential cannot keep out of the news.

UFOs – on the Record as it has come to be known internationally, made the New York Times Best Seller List – a circumstance that has undoubtedly not gone unnoticed by the White House and other military and intelligence agencies in the USA because of the book’s decidedly provocative examination of UFOs and related national security issues. The evidence provided by Ms. Kean and Air Force officials has fractured the United States Air Force contention that, “No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security.” In addition to being dated, this statement and large portions of USAF Fact Sheet are inaccurate as well as evasive. The facts presented by Ms. Kean, Air Force witnesses and other government officials clearly demonstrate that the USAF’s attempt to ignore the evidence is both transparent and deceptive.

The elite status and sense of achievement garnered by any author who makes the New York Times Best Seller List is considerable. This kind of recognition is not easy to come by for most authors. In Kean’s situation, the book uncovers what high ranking American and international government and military officials say their governments already know about UFOs and threats to national security. They make it clear their UFO encounters and government complicity remain behind a well orchestrated wall of secrecy; never to be publicly acknowledged.

This adds up to a cover-up the mainstream media refuses to deal with because, if the same set of standards of ignorance and media complicity were applied today to a cover-up or potential national security threat, David Petraeus would still be Director of the CIA, Nixon would have completed his term in office in the 1970’s, and Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein would be covering sports for the Miami Tribune. This all begs the question: Where is the press today on Kean’s national security revelations? (In essence; they’re in back rooms taking orders from the NSA, CIA or NRO not to report any of this – but that’s another story for another day. See Pulitzer Prize Winner Carl Bernstein’s CIA and the Media)

In any case, Leslie Kean certainly must have enjoyed the quiet panic among American government officials caused by her new book as they watched her spectacular and incriminating best seller entitled UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record chug its way up the New York Times Best Seller List to number 29.

Government officials remain quite pleased the press decided not to ratchet up the level of political pressure this book could have easily caused. They may still be a little edgy about its possible resurrection and what the collateral damage might be within an economically staggering Obama administration if the mainstream press engages this issue head-on.

There is no way of knowing how, or if pressure may have been exerted on the ownership of the New York Times to stifle the rise of Ms. Kean’s book up their own best seller list – denying it the possibility of reaching a top 10 or even number one ranking.

If the NY Times connection to the CIA is as cosy as we are lead to believe by an interesting series of e-mails between CIA spokeswomen Maria Harf and the NY Times national security and intelligence reporter, Mark Mazzetti, then Carl Bernstein’s assertion about the co-operation between the CIA and the New York Times adds impetus to the train wreck Ms. Kean’s would have caused in Washington DC had her book risen to the number one position or even the top ten on the NY Times Best Seller List.

Given that manipulation of – pressure on – or “advice” to the literary geniuses at the NY Times is not something beyond the tactics of the CIA in its relationship with all media, then it may not be that much of a stretch to postulate that Ms. Kean’s best seller may have risen farther up the NY Times Best Seller List, higher than reported – eliminating any real possibility that it would cause grief for the Obama administration; pressuring someone in the White House to comment on a book about UFOs and government secrecy that had risen to number one in the nation.

Wait it gets better.

The CIA’s policy has always been to minimize public interest in UFOs and the secrecy surrounding their presence. In an August 1st memo entitled “Flying Saucers” found in the CIA archives, clear statements are made concerning how news about UFOs was to be treated. The memo unambiguously states:

“Notwithstanding… so long as a series of reports remains unexplained (interplanetary aspects and alien origins not excluded) caution requires that intelligence continue on the subject.”

The memo continues:

“It is strongly urged… that no indication of CIA interest or concern…reach the press or the public… of the soundness of ‘unpublished facts’ in the hands of the US Government.”

Given the white-wash treatment of UFOs in two CIA sponsored UFO enquiries; the Robertson Panel and the Durant Report, it can be suggested quite effortlessly that Ms. Kean’s status as a top ten best selling author was tampered with in some manner.

In the context of these alarming connections, even a first-year journalism student would be prone to ask: In whose interest is it to keep politically sensitive revelations about UFOs under wraps and how might the White House react if Ms. Kean’s book were to get a second-wind?

Political Potential
To answer those questions we must ask: Why is Kean’s book so powerful in its political potential? It seems to boldly instigate a conversation about an issue the American government says is non-existent, yet contradicts itself by perversely spending tax payers’ money; funding a cover-up of something that is non-existent. What makes Kean’s best seller a political bombshell that blows this contradiction out of the water?

Well, first off – Kean’s book is relentless; replete with harrowing UFO events that will perplex and bewilder the average reader. It chronicles exceptionally disturbing incidents of ‘close-up’ military, commercial and civilian pilot UFO near- misses, close encounters, near-combat and visual sightings of actual bizarre craft of unknown origin… all told directly in first-hand accounts by the highly credible whistle-blowers themselves. Whistle-blowers cite – chapter and verse – how military and aviation officials imposed strict secrecy and even threats of job loss upon pilots who wished to go public.

In one 1982 incident, Portuguese military pilot Captain Julio Miguel Guerra encountered a UFO for well over 15 minutes as a semi-globe shaped metallic craft paced, then began to circle his aircraft multiple times at immense speed in a large, sideways elliptical orbit between five and ten thousand feet. Each orbit was completed in mere seconds. The orbiting UFO encounter lasted so long that he was able to contact another aircraft being flown by two other pilot colleagues.

Upon arriving at Guerra’s co-ordinates, the two other pilots, stunned by what they were seeing, clearly witnessed the event from outside the UFOs orbit as it circled Captain Guerra’s aircraft which remained inside the UFO’s orbital track. All three pilots to this day remain deeply affected by this life-altering encounter with the unknown.

This gripping incident is just one of the many compelling multiple expert eye-witness testimonies submitted as evidence in what amounts to a comprehensive and controversial indictment of lies, denial and indifference in the public and secretive management of the UFO issue – a rare political act within the world of non-fiction and investigative journalism.

Secondly, a book like this, one that provides case-in-point levels of incrimination, could in fact mean that thousands if not millions of Americans and people around the world will come to recognize – with little or no doubt – substantial evidence exists, that UFOs are real and that the government has covered it up for over sixty years. One can only conclude that Ms. Kean’s compilation of evidence points out how the brilliant tactical minds of United States Air Force specialists and their government counter-parts continue to wallow in blatant public denial – while behind the scenes they remain keenly aware of the UFO reality.

This is a bold political act.

A book like this also raises the political and practical possibilities of more government and military witnesses coming forward. If the last twelve years of former military, corporate and government witnesses coming forward by the hundreds is any indication – then catalysts such as Kean’s UFOs on the Record, in concert with greater media coverage, will accelerate the process of other, even  more highly placed government and military officials to reveal either their part in the cover-up or participation in a UFO related event. This too is a political act.

These same people not only served their country bravely but served as political hostages. They tell of being held in check by threats, direct orders, ridicule and a system of shadowy-governance no one can quite put their finger on but that assuredly exists, much in the same veiled manner as do UFOs. The irony of that situation is almost as intoxicating as it is perplexing.

One man did refuse to be held hostage. Former United States Governor of Arizona, Fife Symington, a pilot himself, witnessed first-hand, the massive craft involved in the Phoenix Lights in March of 1997. Kean devotes an entire chapter to Symington’s own personal witness account. Symington states, “… we want the United States government to cease perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away… Instead, our country needs to re-open the official investigation it shut down in 1970.”

New Cracks in an Aging Cover-up
Secondly, as more cracks appear in the stale and worn American UFO cover-up, the political pressure placed on the American government to fully engage and acknowledge the UFO matter is becoming extraordinary – not simply based on the high quality of evidence in Ms. Kean’s book, but by the carefully crafted political support given to Kean first, by the likes of Fife Symington and then… by the President and CEO of the Center for American Progress John Podesta. These developments demonstrate the cover-up is unwell – sick and festering from inside.

  • Consider these fundamental cracks in the American government’s UFO cover-up:
  • Podesta, co-chair of the Barack Obama White House Transition Team in late 2009, wrote the dramatic foreword to Ms. Kean’s book on UFOs.
  • It is not trivial that Podesta, as President Clinton’s White House chief of staff was instrumental in declassifying 800 million secret documents.
  • If this were not enough political backing, John Podesta, at a 2002 press conference held at the revered Washington Press Club stated unequivocally, “I think it’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it because it’s right, we ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”
  • One of the most auspicious cracks in the cover-up is the cadre of former USAF ICBM missile launch commanders who have provided signed and witnessed affidavits attesting not only to facts surrounding unauthorized incursion of UFOs over American nuclear facilities and subsequent missile shut-downs en mass, but that in virtually every case, officers we told by their superiors never to publicly divulge their experiences.
  • Internationally, governments and the military in countries like Brazil are now in co-operation with civilian UFO organizations – virtual cohorts in the open admission that the  UFO phenomenon is real and worthy of study and investigation. This trend is more likely to expand rather than diminish – where will this leave the US after other G20 countries acknowledge this matter in the same manner?

These kinds of political and military supporters are not easily convinced unless they are convinced themselves. Sometimes the political fall-out and risk for them isn’t worth it. Obviously Podesta, Symington and USAF officers feel very passionately about this matter. We all know what happens when passion meets politics… sometimes the heads that roll aren’t the ones you expect.

What many analysts of Kean’s work have overlooked is that such support by high profile figures has an infectious transition or cross-pollination effect on other political and media heavyweights. A well-timed resurrection of the book’s ideals by the same media that ignored it will clearly threaten the current silence in the White House, at the United States Air Force, the CIA and in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Each of these agencies are explicit in their stand that no ‘credible evidence’ about UFOs exists; a bald-faced lie if there ever was one. Soon however, the position of’no evidence’will be viewed as absurd and irrational if not comedic. The mantra – “the cover-up is over” will move disclosure into its final stages.

This mantra, if heard by an open-minded media mogul, a rogue reporter or a renegade Congressman, could be the mild nudge needed to create the kind of political tempest that just might make the administration too dizzy to engage in any meaningful damage control; especially once the next avalanche of other UFO evidence already amassed by the many hundreds of other keen UFO researchers hits the streets in the wake of the resurrection of Ms. Kean’s book.

In addition to ostensibly falling victim to the ‘Fall of the Roman Empire Syndrome’ in its inept handling of its own economy, foreign policy and social agenda, the United States of America will become the laughing stock of the G20 once countries like France, Brazil, the UK, Canada, Norway, Uruguay and Denmark formally acknowledge the UFO reality in either in a joint statement or through a cascade of individual announcements.

It is obvious Kean and her adept management of inside political forces has brought the UFO reality to the fore-front of public awareness as no other book has done before. The matter of UFOs has taken on a public shape and persona that remains authentic, and not surprisingly, is still sustainable as backed-up by proof and individuals with a history of substantive governance status.

The jury – according to Ms. Kean and her UFO whistle-blowers – is still out that UFOs might be Extraterrestrial. What is certain however, is that Ms. Kean has indeed proven – with out any question; governments know all about UFOs – and they’re not talking. This could affect the US government’s policy of total silence on this matter now that incriminating information like this has stood its ground and the test of time; ultimately becoming part of the public record.

Assailing the Wall of Secrecy
ZlandCommunications – a Canadian UFO disclosure news service takes the following positions on the government secrecy and media complicity in the UFO matter:

  • Mainstream media’s priorities are skewed towards a repugnant banality that anaesthetizes the public.  The possibility that craft of unknown origin are flitting around in our skies with impunity – as told by insiders like pilots, generals and other government officials – is now indisputable news. This could eventually become a public relations nightmare for the American government. It could represent the beginning of the end for the government truth embargo surrounding the UFO matter – the biggest story of the 20th and 21st century.
  • The hand-picked group of experts; upper echelon pilots, generals and government officials called upon by Ms. Kean have established  beyond any doubt that government, Air Force and other military agencies have known for decades about UFOs and have applied extreme pressure to keep this information from the public.
  • This astutely assembled group of government, military and corporate personnel have come forward at great personal risk to themselves and their families to expose factual information to the people of the planet, who by and large remain ignorant of factual UFO information. It is now time for our finest journalists to experience the same moral and ethical imperative. We would support any call from her former colleagues at the Boston Globe and other journalists to revitalize her work so that the press can do its job… to inform and enlighten the public on matters of government secrecy.
  • Clearly, governments and the airline industry have for too long – duped the public – consistently enforcing a tight-lipped ‘no-tell’ policy to keep any of the major sightings and testimony – out of the news and away from the public. This is a clear violation of air safety regulations that put passengers and crews in danger. Ms. Kean remains resolute in her conviction this secrecy must end.  Ms. Kean seems to be going about it in the right way and we support her courage in doing so.

Hope and Caution
It appears Leslie Kean and her witnesses have decided to no longer accept the standard government response ‘No comment…’ or silence. Ms. Kean’s whistle-blower testimony train has been firmly affixed on the ‘iron rails’ provided by the New York Times Best Seller List. Perhaps being readied for re-departure to Obamaland, we will hear “…all aboard!” by some brave colleagues of Ms. Kean who just might have a person like Ben Bradley standing behind them in the White House Press Gallery.

Essentially what Ms. Kean has done – perhaps without necessarily intending to – is implicitly say to the American people, “We don’t need the government to tell us UFOs are real – the facts are self-evident and we are going to talk about it…” Press – take the dais!

By persuading any and all journalists in the mainstream press to re-visit Ms. Kean’s book, to do their homework and have the courage to promote her research – the political and national security issues she raises – not to mention the truth – will cause the media-meltdown of the century; perhaps even re-write history as some researchers have already suggested. No excuse, no lie, no spin, no lounge-lizard smooth talk by any politician will be able to withstand Ms. Kean’s authenticity and the barrage of facts she calls upon to galvanize the authenticity of the UFO matter.

Finally, a cautionary but essential political question must be posed: Are there powers so influential, so far behind the scenes – a shadow government – so dominant, so cloistered they cannot be seen or heard? Yet from beneath a cowl of secrecy they can, with a wink or a nod, rip the pages from any book they do not sanction… including the Constitution of the United States.

This may be Ms. Kean’s next battle.

UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record by Leslie Kean

Web site: http://ufosontherecord.com/

For news on the UFO/ET Disclosure issue visit: The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork


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  • ZlandCommunications

    David – I share your frustration. In several of my lectures that I do in Toronto I attempt to examine how media (and film more recently) have been infiltrated since the 1940’s and perhaps earlier by the CIA and other agencies.

    If you’re interested in how this works – Go to Carl Bernstein’s assessment of the media and the CIA at: http://www.carlbernstein.com/magazine_cia_and_media.php
    It will give you some indication about how they do it and what it might take to crack the glass ceiling to get the word out the public.

    I feel this has been partly accomplished by Leslie Kean, however the forces she and those like her must contend with are very influential.

    The very fact that her book rose so high on the NYTimes Best Seller List is an indication there is a large cohort of supporters and people keenly interested in what she presents.

    This is why the book needs to be re-vitalized in some manner to energize this cohort of people to move her ideas forward both politically and in literary circles all over the globe.

    I remain convinced that all it will take is one brave mainstream editor and one courageous reporting team to go way out on a limp and break the media silence. Also, many senior military officials who were part of the cover-up are the end of their careers – these people could be the next wave of whistle-blowers who will deny their oaths of secrecy in moral outrage at what the cover-up has cost humanity – they will come forward and mainstream media will cover it. Stranger things have happened. Thanks for you comments.

    Victor Viggiani
    ZlandCommunications – Toronto Canada

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