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The Hon. Paul Hellyer and Stanton T. Friedman co-sign NORAD Brief to Canadian Minister of Defence Nicholson

Toronto [ZNN] The NORAD Briefing document developed by ZNN indicating Canadian CF-18 jets were scrambled to chase three unknown targets at 35,000 feet has been sent to the Hon. Rob Nicholson Minister of Defence in Canada. The briefing document has been co-signed by the Hon. Paul Hellyer former Canadian Minister of Defence and nuclear physicist and renowned UFO research expert Stanton T. Friedman, as well as by several other concerned Canadians.

The brief has also been sent to Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Thomas Mulcair and Ontario Finance Minister the Hon. Charles Sousa. Minister Sousa was briefed by ZNN on matters related to the UFO/ET issue in February of 2009.

Each of the aforementioned political figures has been asked no less than 10 specific questions about the NORAD UFO incident along with demands that Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau and Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Thomas Mulcair, raise the NORAD incident and issues of unnecessary secrecy in the Canadian House of Commons.

The brief provides an in-depth assessment of the NORAD Secret Status and Events flight log report of 2001. The complex six page log tracks the flight activity of 2 CF-18 Hornets out of COMOX AFB in British Columbia Canada as they were scramble to pursue ‘unknowns’ – targets – captured on radar.

It is clear that interpreting the highly complex, sterile and jargon-laden Air Traffic Control communication log between the CF-18s presents a daunting task for anyone wishing to determine what the aircraft were doing during their pursuit and what the pilots were actually chasing. However – after an exhaustive review and a line by line analysis of the entire NORAD log by ZNN, the events during this ‘Secret Status’ event are more than obvious.

The flight log clearly indicates the following:

  •  As the CF-18s approached the ‘unknown(s)’ a log entry reads “Time to target for CF-18s is 90 secs…”. This statement in the NORAD log clearly demonstrates the CF-18s were in fact pursuing and approaching something.
  • CF-18s made contact with an ‘unknown’ at 35,000 feet. [Log Entry Ref: page three, date index 01/09/12, time index 12:13:54 “YQQ CF18s have contact at 35,000ft.”] No visual description of the target is mentioned in the log.
  • The following page in the NORAD log clearly indicates that another aircraft – an LR-35 MEDEVAC jet out of Anchorage Alaska made either visual or radar contact with the ‘unknown(s)’. The LR-35 jet reported that their aircraft could not ‘keep up’ with the ‘unknown(s)’. This implies intelligent control in straight and level flight by the ‘unknown(s)’ at speeds exceeding 530 mph. [The LR-35 (Lear jet) has a maximum speed of 530 mph – Mach 0.81 in straight and level flight.]

Because these events in the log have now been clarified, significant questions remain as to what the NORAD jets encountered.  Now that the facts contained in this provocative series of events have been thoroughly analyzed, citizens are in a better position to demand very specific answers from elected officials. Therefore, in the brief – each member of Parliament has been requested to respond to questions and demands – for example:

ZNN respectfully requests that you investigate and assess the NORAD SECRET Status Events Report 2001. Please send us the entire results of your investigation within a reasonable amount of time. Please include all results you may obtain referring to log entries on page 3, date index 01/09/12 – time index 12:13:54, regarding CONTACT made by the scrambled jets [<CADSMCC> “YQQ CF18s have contact at 350’,…wm”] 

If the government’s position is that no scientific evidence exists to prove UFOs are real and possibly under intelligent control, why then do the government and the DND classify and mark documents as ‘secret’ and continue to remain unresponsive in public to and entirely silent on the UFO matter? 

Trudeau and Mulcair are challenged to ask these same questions of the Minister of Defence in the House of Commons during question period.

If acted upon by government leaders – the public exposure of the NORAD BRIEFING DOCUMENT will indeed be a confirmation that Canadian NORAD jets made contact with one or more UFOs within Canadian airspace – an explosive event in Canadian history – an event to which the Canadian people have been refused access.

It should also be pointed out that within the briefing document sent to Ottawa, major Canadian intelligence documents uncovered by ZNN demonstrate – again with no doubt what so ever – that the UFO matter is and was considered as a high priority despite government claims that UFOs do not exist.

These documents in tandem with the NORAD BRIEFING DOCUMENT prove that the matter of UFOs were and remain a matter of intense scrutiny beyond public awareness.

The brief can be reviewed in its entirety at: http://zlandcommunications.blogspot.com

Journalists and members of the public are encouraged to send their concerns and questions to these Members of Parliament:

The Hon. Rob Nicholson Minister of National Defence: CLICK HERE
The Hon. Thomas Mulcair – Leader of the Opposition: CLICK HERE
Mr. Justin Trudeau – Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada: CLICK HERE
The Hon. Charles Sousa – Ontario Minister of Finance: CLICK HERE


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