5 Disturbing Conspiracy Theories That Were Further Confirmed by the New JFK Files

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November 4, 2017       (collective-evolution.com)

  • The recent release of the JFK Files has revealed many disturbing things about the CIA. Here are five of them:

  • (1) The CIA plotted methods of terrorizing Cuba. They included sabotaging Cuba’s food crops with biological agents to cause a famine, and instigating a widespread chemical outbreak.

  • (2) The CIA published “hit-lists” with the different bounties they would pay for certain communist leaders, including Castro – a tactic they still use today in Afghanistan.

  • (3) The CIA routinely worked with the Mafia, and Chicago boss Sam Giancana in particular. The CIA enlisted the help of the Mafia to assassinate Castro.

  • (4) The CIA used mind control techniques “ for influencing human behavior”. One document refers to the CIA’s testing of equipment designed to measure “physiological responses in human subjects”.

  • (5) The CIA firmly controlled the mainstream media, from newspapers to books to television to movies, through Operation Mockingbird.

  • [Editors Note] Of the 3,100 JFK  files that were scheduled for release on October 26th, only 2,800 were actually released.  But if this is the kind of information that the agency is allowing us to see, what might the other 300 documents reveal that the CIA doesn’t want us to see?


Although decades of independent research—in spite of endless government gag orders—revealed a litany of information about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the newly-released “JFK Files” have nonetheless brought some damning facts to light.

And beneath the spotlight is—you guessed it— the Central Intelligence Agency, implicated in executing mind control operations, colluding with the mafia, assassinations, and outright terrorism.

The 2,800 files still require much combing over, but independent researchers have already discovered plenty, including the following 5 damning revelations.


  1. Biological Warfare Reminiscent of Monsanto

We’ve all heard of the chemical warfare being waged by Monsanto that’s left crops decimated, but many years ago, the CIA was already engaged in the practice.

Described as “agricultural sabotage”, the agency plotted methods of terrorizing Cuba by “producing crop failures by the introduction of biological agents which would appear to be of natural origin.”

Called “Operation Mongoose,” the intention was to inhibit food supplies, an effort that could have left countless Cubans in famished.

The documents even describe a willingness to create a widespread chemical outbreak, insofar as “they could be completely covered up.”

  1. CIA Hitlists

Governments aren’t supposed to be creating and actualizing hitlists, yet that’s essentially what the CIA did, according to the new files:

“Leaflets will be designed to indicate phases.

“For example, the first leaflets will contain only names of communist leaders; the next leaflets will revise the names by job; i.e. cell leader, informer, party members, etc.; any of the above or subsequent leaflets will announce the amount of the reward, how and where it may be collected.

“One final leaflet may be deemed advisable and that one announcing a .02c reward for the delivery of Castro.”

The “hitlists” acted like bounties, giving financial incentives to locals to rat out others—a tactic employed by the US in Afghanistan.

  1. CIA Colluded With the Mafia

In what should earn it the new title “Criminal Intelligence Agency,” the CIA also appears to have colluded with the mafia to get Fidel Castro killed.

The first page of the archived files reveals two important documents referencing “plans involved a number of bizarre schemes and, in at least one instance, involved some contact with organized criminal elements.”

Of the contacts, one of them was the infamous Chicago mob boss Mooney Sam, aka Salvatore Giancana:

  1. CIA’s Mind Control for “Influencing Human Behavior”

MK ULTRA is nothing new to conspiracy circles, but the JFK files make direct reference to the CIA’s use of what sound like mind control techniques.

In a document titled “Commission on CIA Activities Within the Unites States,” there is a direct admission to the ““involvement in research on techniques for influencing human behavior and on methods of protecting Agency personnel against hostile use of drugs or ‘brain working’ techniques.”

Other references to “testing of equipment measuring physiological responses in human subjects” make the implications much more sinister.



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