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Video Shows UFOs Flying In Formation Over Cincinnati

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Article by Inigo Monzon                           April 9, 2020                         (ibtimes.com)

• In 2019, Samantha Mains was in Cincinnati, Ohio and video recorded five strange lights hovering in the sky that appear to be in some sort of formation. Three of the bright orbs appear next to each other, while a fourth one hovers over them and a fifth orb stays below the cluster of orbs. THen they all disappear from the sky. Then the objects appear again in a similar formation but a slightly different location. (see 1:16 minute video below)


A woman in Ohio was able to capture videos of strange lights hovering in the sky. According to an expert, the objects appear to be a fleet of UFOs that were flying in a strange formation.

The videos of the UFO sighting was captured and shared on YouTube by Samantha Mains. According to Mains, the sighting occurred in 2019 but she was only able to upload the videos earlier this week.

As noted by the uploader, she was in the city of Cincinnati when she spotted the bright objects hovering in the sky. Based on the video, the objects appear to be bright orbs that have the same sizes and brightness.

In total, five bright objects appeared in the videos. Three of them appeared next to each other while a fourth one hovered over them. The fifth orb stayed below the cluster of orbs.

The objects remained motionless for a couple of seconds in the video. Then, one by one, each of them started to disappear from the sky. After a while, the objects appeared again but in slightly different locations.

1:16 minute video of strange lights over Cincinnati, Ohio (YouTube)



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