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UFO, Ghost Ship or Submarine? Video of Giant Floating Object Stuns Netizens

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April 3, 2019               (sputniknews.com)

• Video of a long black object hovering over Lake Erie was posted last Christmas. While some speculate that it could be a US Navy submarine, or even a whale floating on the lake, others point out that the object is hovering above the water, and you can see its reflection on the surface of the water. (see video of hovering object below)

• “This is clear evidence of a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) in action”, one YouTube commenter posted. “There’s got to be a base down there…” another commented.


Footage, reportedly from around last Christmas, has emerged online showing an enigmatic blackish object hovering just above the vast Lake Erie, which stretches well beyond the Canadian province of Ontario’s borders, into three US states.

Casting a reflection on the water’s mirror-like surface, the object, which has an elongated shape, seems to be flying a short distance above the lake, with the sight causing some to speculate that it could be a US Navy submarine popping up on the horizon, or even a UFO.

“Some people are speculating that this could be a US Navy submarine surfacing, but it doesn’t look like that and seems like it’s hovering above the surface of the lake”, one commenter said in the voiceover, going on to assume that there might be a kind of underwater base in the lake’s depths. “This is clear evidence of a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) in action”, the other replied.

Lou V44 suggested that the object is, surprisingly, indeed “off the water”.

Yet, there was also room for jokes, with one suggesting it is “his mother-in-law coming”.

Other hypotheses sound more classic, though:  “Maybe it’s a ghost ship… A lot of ships got lost in lake Erie”, another said, picking up on the mystery around the undetermined object, with some users ruling out the version of a submarine surfacing, citing the lake’s shallow waters.


video of large object hovering over lake Erie (relevant ‘thirdphaseofthemoon’ clip ends at 3:00)



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